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London judgement historic, says Blair

Headlines London judgement historic, says Blair

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has described the Zamtrop and BK conspiracy judgement by the London High Court as a historic victory for the people of Zambia.

Mr Blair said the judgement against former president, Frederick Chiluba, and others, was a great victory for Zambians and showed Government’s commitment to making those who stole from the State account for their actions.

Special assistant to the President for press and public relations, John Musukuma, announced Mr Blair’s congratulatory message to President Mwanawasa and Zambians in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday.

“This is an historic victory for the people of Zambia and it shows both their, and your commitment to bringing those who steal from the state to account, whatever their nationality no matter how powerful they are,” Mr Blair said.

He added: “I am glad that the money that was plundered can now be returned to the Zambian people.”

Mr Blair’s congratulatory message to President Mwanawasa and the people of Zambia came barely two weeks after six European governments and the United States of America welcomed the London High Court judgement against Dr Chiluba and others as a historic victory for Zambians.

The Western countries said it was courageous for the Zambian government to have pursued the case, especially that a former head of state had been held accountable for corrupt practices.

This is in a civil case in which Judge Peter Smith found Dr Chiluba and others liable for fraud and abuse of office in which US$46 million was stolen from State coffers.

Judge Smith ordered the defendants to pay back the Zambian government 85 per cent of the stolen money within 14 days.

Two of the six Zambian defendants, Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu, have since appealed against the judgment while Dr Chiluba refuses to recognise the judgement, calling it a political conspiracy against him.


  1. the Brits, what kind of interest do you have in zambia?the judgment of FTJ by British courts is a truimph for zambian people? In which way?do you even care for us?see how you treat our people whne they want to visit your country?the arrogance of the embassy staff?leave us alone and deal with our issues. we know for mwanawasa to have an oponion from Balir kind of justifies his so called war on corruption but for most of us who believe in our independence we feel this comment of Balir is an insult to the zambian people

  2. This Chap Blair should also go to jail. He has killed so many people in Iraq. A culprit like him has even got a zeal to write that “London Judgement historic for the people of Zambia”. To hell. This chap has failed to complete his term of office due to his wrong doings. If the world was fair, this is the guy who needed to pay back to Iraq and not only that but also be jailed.

  3. It does not help either way – insult Tony Blair or Chiluba, Zambia still remains cheated.
    For London to accept to take this case was a way of support for Zambian people, not Zambian goverment, okay, am I getting across?
    All that money which the previous goverment abused could have built more homes, schools and hsopitals in Zambia. It would given our country standing and opened us to the international trade market. But since we choose to deal in dirty business, no Zambians are being allowed to enter the UK without proper checks, let us agree with the terms. If anything, there are no illegal Zambians in the UK than you would want to admit. Why are they thre illegal? Why has Tony Blair not kicked them out of the country yet? If he chooses to do so, he could go door to door to and deport all illegal Zambians, or shame them by doing community service by sweeping the home office gardens in broad day light. Our government previou government was in the wrong, that is why visas were imposed.

  4. # 1,2,3 and 4, you are all fools and *****s. No wonder the white man will always remain ahead and more advanced. Chiluba is a criminal period. You dogs, is it because you are his relatives or something. Go to hell, i assure you will never enjoy the stolen money. I know what chiluba did during his rule than you do. All the cheating he did on Vera, the money he handed out to vistors, including visting American Pastors. No wonder during one of their fights, Vera managed to sqeenze Ka Chiluba’s private parts requiring a trip to the same Blair’s country you are insulting. Chiluba is smarter then you all, no wonder he sent all his kids to the same country you are now insulting. He also did his shopping of his high shoes from there. You failures, you disgust me so much.

  5. #7ulicipuba sana, elo ulichikopo sana, you claim to know more about FTJ and yet you dont know even where his shoes were being bought from.How dare you call us dogs?One thing you chap you will die a pauper, it does not pay to insult on the public fora, what have you achieved?You are so backward who even allowed you to use their PC, you are a time waster?Kapenene uko ukwine bakwishiba, we mpofu we


  7. People muleimweneshamo,

    Why do you always have to fight each other over matters that need your unity.

    As always, I say that Blair’s comment is an opportunist one as his country has played a greater role in the poor state of the Zambian affairs.

    Chiluba also should have known better not to steal the money entrusted to by the Zambian people. By stealing from Zambians.

    Chiluba was simply saying that Zambians are stupid to have put him as their leader because he was not worth it and he showed them by stealing the little they have

  8. #7 Kuku wambaza sana go and take a nap te? I will handle these imimbuluma like #6,and #1. iwe ka Aka, who do told you that ‘mwana zed’ want to go to expensive and useless countries? iwe chi #6, dont drink pombilo weka maningi ukusabaila te? next time chosa data with facts not ya lutuku te?

    Kuku ndepula mailo pa-ndoligan straight ku konkola mukutamba pola. twalaima at 24 hrs, so ifi iwe taulala, so inkakugata pa masala at 03:00 hrs te? dont worry ni free ride but you will pay for the ticket mu staduim te? plz promise me to meet u pa masala te? I will carry some manzi yamoyo, dont want te?

  9. I think Tony Blair should concetrate on rebuilding his tarnished image and failed policies.I beg to disagree with #5 AKA who seems to imply that Zambians should be gratefull for having been allowed to either stay or work in England.In fact,it should be the other way round because Zambians are positively contributing to the British economy through their jobs either skilled or manual.What we Zambians abroad need to do is suck as much resources as we can and reinvest in our beloved country so as to minimise our dependance on countries like England.In as much as I agree that FTJ should be made to account for the allegedly misappropriated funds we`ve got to allow the courts to do their job independently.I would like to remind people that the burden of proof in a criminal case is far much higher than civil.In a criminal case, proof is supposed to be beyond reasonable doubt and that`s why I think FTJ will walk free.

  10. Greetings,
    Well it seems the apple does not fall too far from the tree! Some of us had an issue with the the british high commissioner commenting on this case and now lo and behold his boss has the courage to step over our bounderies. If this is what Globalisation entails then we might all be one country. This is a very sensitive matter and please we ask again to the imprialists ” leave us alone”. Blair should worry about the log in his eye before he tries to take the spec out of ours. No person in thier right minds supports FTJ’s crimes, Guilty or not but thats our business and the mother empire should show respect for sovriegnty.
    In as far as this being a victory, true it is but it’s nothing to warrant a pat on the back it’s a sad victory. A reality we would like to conclude. LPM good job however we now ask please translete this into a true benefit for the Zambian people recover what you can and invest it in our beloved Zambia.
    One zambia, One nation
    loadist out!

  11. #10BaJoze uyu umwaice Nkhataboy nalenga nomba ati ninebo kazizi , he was laughing at me ati I crush at 22hrs so yesterday after bola UK vs Brasil nalibaza sana bakaamba mpaka 02, kwafuma no mwaice umo ati musomali wafwaka ibi sana ukucila na gk.Mudala mailo ingawapula ndoligan ukandishishe ka phone #097888888 pakuti tukaye tamba umpila pa Bancroft(Chillies).
    I will meet you at Main Masala then tokacite proceed ku konkola.
    Muleisa na Jude or Daka?
    BaJoze sort out this rude boy #6,he is sick no mutima.

  12. I would have been surprised if an African Head Of state had praised LPM for the London Judgement. The only praise he has received so far is from European countries that issued a joint statement and a Local Newspaper. African Leaders understand the ins and outs of this case and would rather keep quite. So far none of the African Leaders have voiced their happiness because they know that LPM has betrayed his own country. Do you think for instance President Robert Gabriel Mugabe or General Kabila of Congo DR would congratulate LPM? Right now as we write on this Blog Robert Mugabe cannot travel to Europe and most developed countries. Ask yourself why?

    Don’t tell me that African people are so stupid to understand when their sovereignty has been surrendered to a foreign government. Comments from no.6 are obviously coming from the heart and not the brain.

  13. #13, Kuku boyi, uyu mwaice gk ala kwena napesha. i think ifi yesterday yali ni full moon he was locked in his bedroom. thats why achita disappear pa lusakatimes and he smokes umubafu that dries in banana plants (makali wanu)and i think ala ndosako natu powder twa white.
    gk lishilu mwebantu bonse.

    #6 plz give respect to elders and that shows where you come from #6 ati umusalula is normal. imagine ba FTJ ni bawiso, bushe kuti watemwa umunobe ukubasalula te? be sensile chinyamata. i think that sweat you produce makes you suffocate and lose senses ya respect nokwamba imiponto. come on go take a shower and be humble. see now you now twisting the neck kwati ni nkoko sufering from new catle disease. chinyamata go and take medicine and be umuntu winewine.

  14. I appreciate the values Blair and the US stand for. In my view, Zambia has a great deal to learn from the UK. UK has a greater historical background dating centuaries, the base on which it continues to stand today. Zambias relationship with UK should not be viewed as imperial. Things have changed and accept it, we must move with time. It is time UK is jugded on merit, not the past.

    Today, we are able to freely express ourselves and critise our leaders. Whose value is it? Is it a value of an African king or leader? Isn’t a value for which Blair stands? Today, In other parts of the world just to say ‘no’ to leader brings not only ones end but the end to ones beloved. As Zambians it is time looked beyond our border and have a global view.

    I appreciate Blair’s effort in bringing the plight of Africa to the attention of the other world leaders. He has choicen to help Africa in any way he can. In my view Zambia has a lot to benefit from Tony Blair.

    God bless you Mr Blair

  15. #16, chinyamata you are brain washed te? eg when you read busokololo (Bibble)to understand it you must read the all book te? nomba iwe chi #16 wasendapofwe incushi te? tell me, bushe idol obe uyu tony kuti ba LPM bamutwala ku court for the deaths in iraq te? why has he stepped down? ni pleasure tata te? iwe chi #16 developed countries must pay for what they stole from africa te? mwaice go back to grade 1 and learn to read ndongo na nsundu.

  16. #16 alabiba brainwashed, just because ali pa UK he feels like he is a muzungu, akwikala fye mu comfort zone one day bakakana ukucita renew work permit ukesa namenso che kwati ni kolyokolyo.This tony blair is as evil as his fore fathers who came with whisky and rum just to confuse chiefs who sold them humans this is what they have started again.Actually we Africans we must stand up and support Mugabe in the fight against neo colonisation.Of course black man to black man violence we condemn it but these are things Tony blair and his mother Queen must be held accountable.Iwe #16 you drive on potless roads and yet ifwe where the copper was stolen a pothole is a luxury we have craters like volcanoes on the roads and that is where we drive our auto recs from Japan.We need comfort just like you do, tell your neighbour mama queen and TB to refund Mugabe and also us in Zambia not just paying legal fees to a UK lawyers for chasing FTJ, we have been riped off.

  17. #16 you make a very good interllectual arguement however thats all it is. Actuality is not always theoretical. The truth is we appreciete greatly what these foriegn governments contribute towards our welfare, this does not give them the right to infringe on our right to self governess. What Blair has done is not acceptable, he is passing judgement on all zambian people. What we elected a thief for president? Who is he to say that? His courts maybe of that view and so are many Zambians. The courts can say it fine , we went to them for guidence and like wise Zambians can say it becuase it is self critisism.
    Qeustion when Clinton was impeached fine he was not convicted or when Carter resigned did Blair or the leaders of Britain then issue a statement? Please provide that to me and I will rest my case.
    Lets not allow them to Prosecute our own while we stand aside and look!
    # 16 think deeper than bread and batter. Dignity and self respect is equaly important.
    Loadist out.

  18. one interesting thing l find on this forum is people who are emotional and use bad language. when you dont agree with an idea bring your point other than use insults. it just shows how cadres react. l guess most of you should have benefited from chilubas plunder or are benefiting from the present regime.

  19. BaJoze bola nayikosa, yacitampa 16:10 Zambian time.
    Iwe UK Man do you have a way you can come to Zambia and see me or BaJoze?You seem to be out of touch with reality.
    Loadist#19 what is at play is Africa has got AU similar to EU but there has been no official statement from this organisation, this self inflicted poverty has actually cost us our sovereignity ,its bizare to say the least,its time we turned things round like singapore which forty years ago was nonetity but today its a commercial country.BaJoze go and study more dont let bena Jean benefit from govt scholarship because there will be very little value added.Tonga bull take note what Tony Blair is doing to our independence and when we tell him to keep his pink nose he complains.He has failed to hand back Thailand Premier and yet the chap is wanted for corrupt practices not $46m but $1.9bn and has even allowed freedom to spend his cash in UK, is that fairness?

  20. Blair would have to be first among world leaders to comment since the judgement was done in his country. Many see the judgement sensible,it will never be all. I mean if you are a relative to FTJ or beneficiary in one way or another you can choose to see the ‘wrong’ side of it.Chilubas supporters have the following weak points to support their irresponsible position
    1. sovereignity: They ignore the fact that FTJ set scotland yard on Kauda.
    2. Bemba tribe: They pretend FTJ is bemba when he is infact Not
    3.Ill health: they have a small point in this one, but he is not ill enough to fail to stand trial

  21. #6 BoyforZambia,please learn to control your emotions. We do not need such outbursts in this day and age. Our country has lagged behind so many other countries as a result of poor management of public resources and a deliberate policy by the West to keep us where they think we belong. It is ideas on this fora that give an indication that Zambian youths are wary about their surroundings and are eager to change their present and future for the better. Who is Blair to be annointed as a demi-god.Do you ever think what would have happened to FTJ if he was the one that declared war in Iraq. A war that was condemned worldwide because it lacked a basis. Who is Blair now to point out what is a success for Zambians when the majority of western policies have been a detriment to development in our country. Who is Blair today, when our compatriots are denied a stupid visa to the UK where our people are even exploited working in underpaying factories. where is our dignity as Zambians?

  22. alot of your cadres rush to personalise issues. we are saying we have zambia at stake. You mean if a high raking Brit was to be judged by the zambian court do you think the brits will be in the streets celebrating? some of us are not cadres or even close relatives of chiluba but we feel the man is being unfairly judged. we are investing a lot of resources to get back the plundered money but nothing is trikling to help the lives of the zambians. few individuals are benefiting. what we are saying all these energies we putting to ensure that the short man is in jail let us improve the lives of the zambian by providing quality education, good heallth care etc. let us try and put up a consitution which wil prevent future leaders to plunder. our current consitution vests alot of power in the executive and anyone who occupies the seat is likely to abuse it. we are not mmd or that party we just want our beloved country to move on than personalising issues or even tribalise them

  23. MWEBAICHE MUMANO, it does no good in your minds to insult leaders who have little bearing to your social being.Its better for you tthink of how to make extra kwachas than demish your thinking capability to insults which will add no value to your life.REMEMBER; what ever you are doing now,is a deposit to your future status.staying abroad or home has nothing to do with your future.Its the choices that one makes that makes him or her a great person.

  24. continued.

    FTJ may have messed up in financial areas, but at least he respected the sovereignty of other nations. Something that Blair does not have. It would be good if he restricted his comments on poverty. We do not need to kneel before this demi-god just becoz we receive support from his country. They are simply paying back what they stole from us. We cannot be begging for something that belongs to us.

  25. Ba Joze bola Zambia 3 Congo 0 kanshi lelo ni beer mudala, no kaloba,
    Zambia go ,Iwe Mwaice Nkhata boy what has happened today?Are you sleeping already? Wake up

  26. Our greatest foes are our own zambian politicians. If our corrupt and weak justice system has failed to punish the theives…. then let somebody else do it. it is high time our leaders become more accountable. Here we are arguing amongest ourselves over the right and moral thing that was done? an example has to be set! remember what happened to Marcos! In marcos’s case the army stepped up! I thank God for the British courts.

  27. KC.. what kind of respect are you talking about? chiluba had no respect or feeling for his own people! a matter of fact! people that placed him in plot one! no wonder human nature is hard to understand?…. no wonder,”there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  28. Sly Mwanza..! no matter how hard you try to ingnore the reality? it will still come back to haunt you! that’s why ba vera bale mitaka. That’s why that zairean business man was allocated a million dollar contract to supply the zambia army some uniforms. continue having that same attitude….enjoy your soccer?

  29. Kuku boyi, sports results uganda2 vs nigeria1:south africa4 vs chad0. ala yakasaka league table. nomba naya mukibika utongola.

    Kuku be incharge pa liba lusakatimes,naya mukuchilisha nomba.
    #25 suluvester mwaza, be specific mumilandile yobe te? or just go and finish watching “find me guilty” movie iyo wandika sana, oh by the way suluvester, you can watch good movies: babel, apocalipto, blood diamond(crap), guru, exocist of emily. there you can pass good judgement pa ma-movies not here mwaice.

  30. #32 Tonga bull the floor is yours mwaice.this Sly Mwanza from the East must not bother you, he is watching soccer over a roasted rat.No wonder his head is Oxagonal.
    But where he comes from in Petauke its like Uk there is no corruption.So very soon Petauke will be twinned with Islington in London and Mwanza will be coming in and out of UK like he does when he is attening Kulamba kubwalo or is it Ncwara?

  31. #33 Ba Joze naya ku Lubuto mukunwa, Tonga bull take charge since Nkhataboy is nowhere to be seen.I think umwaice abaku Japan time difference, nalala.
    Musomali mwaice not filya walesabaila mailo be sensible today,Silvester continue blogging not just commenting on football which you have no faintest clue whatsover.Enjoy your supper with lumanda and tobwa

  32. # 7,10,15,21 and 24, I warn you not to mess around with me you dogs of Chiluba. Remember politics is not for boys and girls like you. Dont push me too far. Right now I have a thief to deal with who stole from poor Zambians. Mind you, I am rich and secure, guarded 24 hours, not from stolen money.

  33. I get so confused why Iraq war and Zambian politics became a pair. The problem with us africans especially zambians,we have a tendency of not tackling our own ground problems than blame other forces.CALL A SPADE A SPADE.If we are talking about what the Chiluba regime did, lets just look at that.Chiluba did some good, to say just a little to blind fold us so that he could steal a fortune from us Zambians. Am so mad with the Chiluba regime for making us leave our beloved country and families and be here. Does Chiluba really think pipo who are abroad are living on fantasy Island? He and his crew need to rot some where that us pipo will not be reminded of their EXISTANCE AT ALL.

  34. I fully support boyforzambia. We need strong characters like him to help zambia. Keep it up.

  35. #36 walipena taulimuntulu, why should we mess with you when you are already messed up?Its shame you cant see it yourself but us with extra senses have seen that you are not yourself.You are on the wrong blog try Sky News blog where there holigaans like you, no wonder Tony wants the immigration rules changed because of sickos like #36.Walapena ingataulekele ifyamba fyamubulangeti.

  36. Nalengo USA…! the spade has already been indentified? our spade is the failure in leadership?

  37. kuku i was about to sign off nomba iyi mbifi chi #36, chilwele sana sana, iam sure chilandosa powder ya-white plus nokunwa sana kachina. oh everything is answered yesterday yali ni full moon, so he was not locked up.

    Kuku nalonga cargo nomba naya mukubukapa ubwalwa. plz deal with #36 boyi.

  38. 36# I am also guarded by my dogs 24 hours and that does not make any different. we do not need to hear all that! if you have a thief to sort out …go head do your job! The only time i can respect you …is when you bring out chungu and shasonga from their hide out. right now continue pursuing and sorting out your small time crooks.

  39. Ba Joze and Kuku,Whoz side are you on.Are you writing this incognito? TELL US. Is this kafupi. Expose yourselves.

  40. #43 iwe Nalengo who told you FTJ or Levy knows how to use a computer?You are a coward, atleast Queen Eliza has an Ipod.Kuku is the only legend who speaks the truth not the nuisance your Post Newspaers write.
    Nalego what are your fears mwaice?Uletucelesha ku bwalwa Zambia nayiwina mwaice 3-0 so lelo nilelo nicokakoweka. Ulecindika ba Kateka mwaice kuti baisa mukucita inshi pa blog? Uleita Bashi Tito ati Kafupi baice imwe mwacimwa maningi.
    BaJoze uyu #36 takwete incito tiyeni musefya pa ngwena ku lubuto.
    Mwaice Nalego join forces with Tonga bull you are doing night shift today.Chao.

  41. bravo # 7,everybody knows that ftj and his banda have stolen from zedians,and it really amaze me to see some people so defensive when someone says it, thieves defend thieves, # 7 go to heaven, and piss them some more, you rock

  42. I must have hit the nail on it’s head.I like it when you react.it just means one thing. YOU GOT THE MESSAGE.By the way,here, you earn what you put in.No computers when you are working kuku. Have a life, what do you do?

  43. FJT said that some of the money he used to pay school feesfor his kids to study abroad, guess kuku is one of the kids

  44. Long joe….! I can tell from your language that you are some where in the usa. see how you learn things even without knowing it! you mentioned the 5th amendement… not even the self proclaimed wise guy “Nkhataboy” know what it means? I guess he is doing his research right now!

  45. I can`t believe it that they are some people like kuku that can`t see anything wrong wit ftj wrongs doings to the zedians

  46. #24 sata said and i cote ,lpm hates the bemba, the hell you are talkingt about? you hate the truth*!!!

  47. when we look at some facts presented by kuku , we can see that kuku is castro chiluba, just take close a his analysis

  48. NO one hates ftj we just don`t like what he did,cheap minded pipo like kaka or kuku or ba joze will be offended

  49. kuku and ba joze. Leadership is all about advocating for the poor and helpless in society. When of the responsibilities is protecting assets intended to improve people’s living standards. I dont understand people like who are standing for Chiluba. In the USA, the founders of Enron, worldcom, Martha stewart and even congressman were treated like dogs for one simple reason, “stealing”. Americans hate crime and any thief pays to the fullest. In America immediately you qualify as thief, everyone leaves you including your wife and family. It does not matter wheather you take a 5th (right to remain silent and not incriminate oneself) or not. For you own info, I am related to Chiluba but I refused to recieve any of the stolen money.

  50. I would like to advise some contributers to this blog to be open minded and deal with issues with an elevated mindset.If a Doctor is treating a patient,he doesn`t just target the symtoms but the actual cause of the ailment.We should desist from just focussing on who committed such and such a crime but deal with the source of the particular trepidation.Our energies as people who`ve been exposed need to be on making sure the there`s total separation of powers Judiciary,Executive and Legislation.We`ve given the Executive too much power and as a result tend to circumvent the Law at will.If FTJ is found guilty then the Law should take its course.Then what next,do we have to wait for the Post newspaper`s next witch hunt.Let`s try and go beyond this current quagmire and sort this problem from its roots.

  51. #56 Boyforzambia, whether you are related to Chiluba or not is a non-issue. First of all, tell us your real name since you are espousing something related to principles. Secondly, how can we be sure that you did not enjoy the plundered resources with FTJ? Or maybe the man just shut you out and now you are trying to get back at him. We do not deny the fact that Chiluba erred in his capacity as President and therefore should face the law. What we are trying to educate you about is that Blair is the worst culprit to talk about Chiluba. Why can’t he concentrate on saving his name which his dullness has tarnished. He has lost popularity in Britain and that is why he is stepping down this month. He has avoided a coup within his own party coz they have realised his incompetence. We do not need a white pig to tell us what is or is not a success for the Zambian people. Why didn’t he talk about a new Constitution if he really wants to see success. Shame on you.

  52. I see no reason why people are saying tony blair was wrong in commenting on the verdict.Gentleman and ladies, lets have one resonable understanding, just because blair was an acomplice in the war in iraq, it does not disqualify him to comment on such an issue, do you guys honestly think blairs comments would influence anything? remember we already have the verdict in this matter.If you feel for chiluba, thats fine and ok to do that but let the law take its course, if chiluba wanted he could have apeared before the courts and exonorated himself.You my brothes and i have familiy members that are suffering today because of yesteryears government .Much sympathy for chiluba but if he knows he is innocent let him prove so,till then he will remain a vilain in most zambians eyes.

  53. #6 boyforzambia, Your insults are intolerable. You are still under the custody of your parents or guardians because you are a toddler. But how do you know about squeezing of balls? Did you see it happen from those who are keeping you? Foolish young man.Respect Dr. Chiluba and his former wife. You can’t expose thie matrimonial secretes like that. Don’t penetrate their bedroom What happened between Vera and Chiluba is thiers in terms of marriage. You have no respect at all. If you can say that to old people like Vera and Chiluba what makes you believe that you have not said it to your biological parents? Mad boy! What wrong have we done i.e #1,2,3 and 4 to warrant such insults in your blog? I am the size of your father. So whatever insult you refered to me of course you know who you were refering it to. Any way children make mistakes but they are forgiven. So I being your step father that you have insulted I have forgiven you as long as you promise not to insult again.

  54. #1,2,3 and 4 voted pa bwaato! sata’s cadres…! they are only ones that don’t see anything wrong with chiluba’s doings. God works in so many ways, let justice prevail……! one zambia one nation….!

  55. #36 boyforzambia, You have done it again.How many times am I going to forgive you? Your insults are intolerable!You hopeless street kid.You do not even know how I am suffering to raise all that money to pay for security for you to be guarded for 24hr/7.You are even stealing chances to use my computer in the study room in order to insult progrssive people on the blog.I will start locking the study room to prevent you from using the computer.Your insults are beyond the size of your age.Being incacerated for 24hr/7 does not mean one is rich.That implies being in prison and being stressed.In order to get rid of stress in your prison, have you seen what happens? Insulting, becareful u’ll go mad.Out of all those who sent in their comments you are the only one who is insulting.Why?It means there is something wrong with you and your parents.I think your language in that 24hr/7 guarded prison is full of insults but nothing else. No logic at all in whatever you contributed.Son of a gun. Stop it

  56. My apologies for using bad lang. sometimes. Elders please forgive me. Uncle Chiluba I am sorry for exposing your bed room secrets. Vera did that to you in secrecy because of your high libido and I have no right to tell the world. Sorry for calling you a thief. A better more respectful term, would have been Ka short conman, who swindled Zambians. Good night Uncle and say hi to Auntie.

  57. @6 Che u’re rite,We don’t have to blame and blast other leaders who are able to bring culprits like Chiluba and rest to face their own dwells.Am not interested in what policies have failed for the brits and americans,am interested in my own ZAMBIA.So lets just face up to our own problems.kuku naulala.Excuse my Bemba, it was’nt my major.

  58. #62 Tonga Bull, How are you dear? We meet again on a differnt topic. It is not being blind to Chiluba’s activities. It is merely being concerned on how the whole thing is being dramatised. It is a pity that you didn’t go through the National Service. You are taught that if one is injured, divert the concentration of pain by hitting very hard some other part of the body. That is where your injured colleague will pay attention. If you understand that simple logic, that is what Blair and LPM are doing. Blair is running away from issues of Iraq. LPM is engineering the constitution but in order to do that he has diverted our minds to concentrate on Chiluba,s case. By the time we come to realise, the man will be going through for the third term.

  59. #35 Kuku, I had travelled to an area where I could not access internet. You know that Gwembe Valley is under developed as such in some spots you can’t be connected. Otherwise I am back though disappinted with what my step son has done insulting us on this blog. Any way, I have forgiven him hoping he will refrain otherwise he risks being trailed because we have the mechanism.

  60. Nkhataboy..! I don’t think LPM has such intentions. Anyway everything comes back to the zambian people….we accept anything. we think voting will change things!…but,it simply changes leadership… one fortune seeker to the other….!

  61. kuku this is not a bemba site please use good english then dont think that we dont read the shits that you write please think before you write

  62. # 1 kuku you dont have respect do you know what ton blair has done for zambia do you i agree with #69 chise please think man

  63. Lil’ Tony( B ) and Young JB neva ever visited Zed,and neva will.They don’t give a damn.That msg was just junk.Thats why them guyz don’t meet Big LPM when he travels to the UK.The best Big LPM meets are maybe town mayors,or if he is lucky some deputy mimister,but surely not a minister.Big LPM can’t say nothin bout what goes on in the UK or States coz he is their Yes Bwana.Now am sure he even feels so proud of himself,now that Lil’ Tony has opened his month….

  64. Tonga Bull, I will be back in 45 minutes time to blog with u. Going for my breakfast now.I think an Italian one will do since it is sunday today. C’U.

  65. Yangu abaice babulamano pa blog,kids with the exception of Nkhataboy and Tonga bull you are a nuisance, which matric grades are you doing?No wonder you are placed in the lowest sets in school because of your dullness especially for you in the UK.All afro caribean kids in the UK you are the most dull children UK has and you are always placed in poor sets especially maths because of your poor reasoning.Iam and employer as well as a trainer when you parents relocate that is when the effects of your stupidity will come to the surface in Zambia.You will speak your english but cannot add or subtract shame on you chaps.Ifwe baice twalisungapo that is why we can not leave Zambia, Iam going to employ your clans when your relocate back.Its a shame to have un reasonable kids like yourselves at this time and age.Discuss issues like your fellow kids mala musana wandalama or Titus.Nkataboy mwaice since this blog is being infiltrated by children ,I have resigned from this blog for good.

  66. #73 kuku…Ba Kuku mwa zanda….This is free speech,we need pipo like you who think otherwise..outside the norm.I thought you said politics was for big Girls and Boys. Were do we place you now? With or without the kukus of this world Chiluba deserves CAPITOL PUNISHMENT with the rest of his A TEAM,PARTNERS IN CRIME.

  67. #69 Chise and and #70 voice of uk, Please, understand that old people are venerated in socity. You do not come up from nowhere and start telling Kuku off without giving us a suggestion of what you think about the other side of the topic. It shows how limited in thinking you. We know that you are with Blair because he gave you and your parents assylum. You and your parents cheated to find yourselves in Britain. Originally you registered that you were from Congo because they were not going to give you assylum status if you and your parents had said you were from Zambia in that there is no civil strife here in Zambia. I pit you because you are attacking Kuku out of frustration. He is not the one who caused you to be working in the kitchen cleaning plates or the green houses as a human combine harverster and earning the minimum wage of casual workers of 6 Euros per hour. Meanwhile you have to pay rent per week equivalent to 90 to 120 Euros. You are suffering you just come back. Blair is

  68. Cntd #69 and #70, enjoying alone.I will tell Kuku and other bloggers that we contribute money for your air tickets the two of you because you can not afford.You should have come out in the open to say u need financial aid other than insulting Kuku.I feel bad in that you can not even sacrifice 40 minutes behind the computer so that we can blog on a given topic.Meanwhile Kuku is able to do that.All you can do is jet in for a second and disrupt the morale and thereafter disappear.Very retrogressive human beigns.Be careful next time you put that index finger of yours on the key board that it should be inputting right keys to out-put sense and not junk of insults. I am very grieved over your comments.Let us attack each other mildly and with sense of course suggesting an alternative to what you are disagreeing with.Not, do you know what Blair has done for Zambia? Could that be a contribution from a normal person who claims to be in a developed country where judgement of Chilub was done?Shame

  69. Hey!!!Wonderfull people may you please snap out of these kind of contributions based on personal attacks.This is an intellectually charged blog and as such,myopic individuals should refrain from being personal.The simple reason people opt to use abusive language is their inability to put express themselves.Free advise I`ll give is that we always remember to engage our brains before we put our tongues or mouse in gear.

  70. Hey!!!Wonderfull people may you please snap out of these kind of contributions based on personal attacks.This is an intellectually charged blog and as such,myopic individuals should refrain from being personal.The simple reason people opt to use abusive language is their innability to put express themselves.Free advice I`ll give is that we always remember to engage our brains before we put our tongues or mouse in gear.

  71. #50 Tonga Bull, If there is anything I can be proud of this time is not even to disembark the plane and meet you in America.I am better of meeting you in Belgium, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany or Nordic States because of guranteed peace.We are worried because we do not know whether you will come back alive.I do not therfore need to know the temrs of the executive, juducial or legilastive wings that are used in such inscure places.Remain with your 5th amendment.Did you see what was reproted on CNN over the oil pipe line that was at risk by the the terrorists at JFK airport? Is that something to be proud off? Just do your studies quickly and come back. I had won a jack pot on the green peace card to relocate to USA but I turned it down after considering so many factors.Maybe if I had done, I would have known the fifth amemndment.Otherwise I know a lot about the Schengaan and Nordic states issues, South America and the Far East Asia.So be yourself young man dont fear.

  72. #79 Chapi, Thank you for your progressive advice. We need people of your calibre on this site. please continue with your outstanding behaviour and guide us always when need be. You are a good person worthy associating with not #69 and #70 who are on drug thera-ies.

  73. Personalizing issues won’t take us anyway? it would be sad if some regulars disappear from the blog. we supposed to learn from each other’s ideas. much of these young men and women will disappear come monday.

  74. Nkhataboy..! I know how to select my battles? I would rather be on side! but that does not mean i will have to agree with whatever you say. later my friend have a nice day.

  75. #16 dont be a begger for ages. Dont think Tony and Impanga junior should be ur role models. Do u think they care about u?the fact that their economies are upstanding should not drive u insane. Nabalanda kale, why have other african presidents kept quiet? So its not plizing at all for someone to become ur model in a stupid way like that. Chilubas case is still on, so before it gets concluded, its important that no outsiders comment. infact did u know that impanga was not good at school?he does not even have manners and does not fear God. who gave him the power to bring the so called peace in sadams land? so do u think these guys have anything good for us?

  76. #81 Tonga Bull,
    I agree with you. It would be sad to see people like Kuku disappear on the blog because of incorrigibles like #69 and #70. I just saw their names today and never before. Apparently Tonga Bull, the chaps have already disappeared and that is disapperaing for good. The blog is becoming boring. I am disappearing too.

  77. To all on the blog, whether ya have a 1000 opinions or less,what matters is free debate.All newcamers are wellcome.It takes a Village….

  78. ati “apply for citizenship usa” why? we are proud to be zedians, we’ll work and study in usa but we are not going to apply for citizenship. ninshi? bachepa aba kuya kukondo?

  79. Long joe #53, please stop raising tribal issues, there is nothing tribal with FTJs thefts. Sata had to talk like that to get the bemba vote, thank God he did NOT and lost. You can NOT quote a shameless tribalist like Sata and think you are making a good point, look for credible people to quote.

  80. I have a dream for zed that one day, everyone will have enough food and good health with clean water to drink. A dream that one day pipo will love and respect elders including their leaders. a dream that zedians will run their own affairs and go to school in zambia, not like me who has been out for many years and has been home once.What we learn outside, the good things of course, we shall integrate them in zed and help to build a modern zambia with a new face. a zambia that pipo around will marvel at and say its a blessed land with peace loving pipo. a zed where zebigge kuku will buy any plot he can afford from his labour. Only Him knows, but its my dream.

  81. Nalengo you are a frustrated chap living in America without a green card. You went to America with the view that you will prosper whether educationally, sports wise or in any form now that things have gone like Kalampa, you want to tell us we dont know. Get a break and come to zed. Mwaice pipo are getting richer and richer. Ask Br Kuku, bajoez and hexagone brian chipata boy about the developments. By the way Nalengo do you live in Alabama one of the deprieved areas in USA. Maybe you are suffering frm Paranoid Schizophrenia and Borderline personality due to probs. You need mediction before you come to Zed.I’m sure you will get confused and lost of words in Zed.If you dont mind I can employ you as my Houseboy.The problem is servants you interfer wth ur bosses’ marriages. Get well soon, I know Problems in a foreign country compounded with your mental health probs can make you hyperactive. see you. BaJoez I will invite you to welcome our lost Br frm USA.

  82. I find it strange that after 42 years of independence we are still pointing fingers at colonialists for our problems. The same colonial conditions which existed in Africa, also existed in Asia. The Asian countries put history behind and come up with solutions to improve their economy. Look at the progress they have made! Instead of Africa moving forward, it is moving backwards. If you go back to History, in 1972, the economic factors in Zambia, were similar to Singapore and other Asian countries. Zambia has not made signifcant progress, but see how Singapore and other Asian countries have developed. We need all Zambians to contribute to economic developments.
    There is no need to lambast our Zambians working abroad. For your own informations, the remittances of these individuals amounts to Billions of Kwachas per year, which contributes to national development.
    Let put the Chiluba, Tony’s etc stories behind and come up with concrete steps of how we can develop Zambia and raise standar

  83. All of u complaining about visas, do you know that visa fees from people visiting Zed is a major source of income for the foreign ministy, ask Spencer in the Uk zed embassy.
    However Kafupi should be made to face the music if he stole. He was donating big bucks to churches in the UK like all those street kids sleeping in the cold back home did not need help.

  84. I envy all of you guys at home.You are enjoying freedom of expression.As for me I am in a war-tone country and being here makes you appreciate a lot about Zambia.Let us share ideas on this blog without insulting each other.Long Live Mwe Bena Zambia.

  85. I have to concur with #95 (Mulenga). The vitriol directed at Tony by some people can be interpreted as some of kind of inferiority complex. He has said something – so what? These days no one listens to what he has to say anyway. The problem is that in Africa we still stand up and get exercised when a white man speaks. On the other hand we couldn’t care less about real African issues like Dafur, where Arabs are still slaughtering people just because they happen to be Africans. We need to put Tony’s comments into perspective. He only went to Sierra Leone and South Africa because they don’t want him in the Middle East and no one listens to him in Europe. By the sound of things, he was right to come to Southern Africa. Mr John Musukuma could not wait to tell his boss the good news from the ‘Great white chief’.

  86. #95 Mulenga, I entirely agree with your sentiment of focussing ahead and burry the past.However, I disagree with you on the comparison of Singapore and other Asian countries to Zambia. While our economy could be compared to that of Singapore at that time, alot has happened to both ends to detrmine the descrepancy now.Zambia invested alot in the region confusion in oreder to bring about peace.Being a land locked country, major routes to the sea were closed eg: lobito bay, Durban due to UDI in Zimbabwe.This led to openeing up of the white elephant TZR.As all this was happening, ASIA was advancing in its green revolution.In addition, through money speculation by big guys in the USA and Western Europe enhanced the Asian Tiger economy to grow tremendously. There was more money which was injected into the Asian Tiger economy thru money speculation than what IMF and World Bank put in. That saw the economies of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand etc to grow tremendously.Meanwhile the

  87. #95 cont: regional conflicts and the 1972 oil crisis entirely crippled the economy of Zambia that we had to start borrowing hugely from the World Bank and IMF in order to make ends meet. However, these borrowings had stringent conditionalities. As such we were merely toys that these financial instituions were experimneting on using which ever model they developed. A model that worked in Asia did not mean it could work in Africa because of social,culture and traditional differences. But these finacial instituions pushed such on us. On the colleagues working abroad and over seas we do not dispute that they are not contributing to the GNP.But how much pecentage is it that they are contributing to the GNP of the country. Simply saying billions does not give a picture. How many are in formal employment outside the country because we hear many are in informal businesses and others mere destitutes but just a name that they are abroad or overseas. Shame.That is why we are developing negatively

  88. 12 soccer fans die

    TWELVE soccer fans were killed yesterday in a stampede at Konkola Stadium in Chililabobwe after an international soccer match between Zambia and Congo-Brazaville.

    Police and hospital sources in Chililabobwe confirmed that the dead included five children – four boys and one girl.

    The other dead were six men and one woman.
    Hospital sources also said that over 20 other soccer fans have been admitted to the hospital with varying injuries that include fractures, cuts and bruises.

    Most of the dead are yet to be positively identified because they did not have any identity cards on them, but some of those identified were from Lusaka.

    The incident was triggered in the aftermath of Zambia beating Congo 3-0 (see full report back page) as the fans trooped out of the stadium that had been filled to capacity.

    Reinforcements of about 50 officers were called from Kamfinsa Police Mobile Unit in Kitwe to control the excited crowd but by the time they got to the stadium the dead and injured had already been taken to the hospital.

    Hospital staff had a torrid time attending to the injured as the euphoria of Zambia’s win was replaced by anxie

  89. #84 HK, iwe ka Dr HK, walefwaya ine ukuti ivane ku konkola stadium te? actually i suffocated and Dr HK extracted two teeth. iwe ka HK ulimbifi sana, we lost 12 soccer fans nomba iwe ule celebrata te? i will talk to Dr Kalanda from UTH and give me your ID. i think you were fired for slapping a nurse on duty plus going for work na hung over ya-number 1(lutuku) te?

    #69, stop ukundosa insuko sha white. give ba FTJ and ba Sata respect wembifi lyamuntu. Dr HK deal with loose #69 addict wa insuko sha-white by castrating him pakuti abe humble te?

    Nalego mwaice, iwe satanist uwashupa sana. kwata umuti ma real “zedian” like Nkataboy, tonga bull, PLUS NA MR KUKU. mwaice nalego intambi in intamba, nomba iwe walufwa intamba nokusanguka chiwelewele te?

  90. Following up #95 and #101. The Zambian government seems to be reluctant to acknowledge the positive contribution made to the economy by remittances from Zambians working abroad. I don’t know why. There are so many Zambian academics doing good research in Universities around the world. Some of them are even professors! Most of the new emigres to the UK are qualified nurses who would otherwise be going for months without pay in Zambia. It always puzzles me why these Zambians are derided so much back home. LPM even called them failures for leaving their country to work abroad. Egypt, one of the most advanced economies in Africa, earns billions of US Dollars from remittances sent by Egyptians working outside the country (i.e. US$3.93 billion in 1988). Is not time Zambians accepted that in order to survive as a people, we need to be prepared to do what it takes. The Irish left their country in huge numbers. Now Ireland is a net receiver of immigrants.

  91. #102 thanks nkataboy for that rich info.

    Lets pray bane:
    mwe Jehova give us strength to conquor the power and works of the devil. mweshikulu nimwebo mweka mwalengele umulu nensoda eyicho kashi takwaba ifingacifwa your power. Kashi shikulu we ask you to give strength ku ma family aya lufwa ifubusa. let you will be done and we surrender everything that we have and we allow Jesus to be in our Hearts. AMEN

    What a sweat win, what a bitter ending.
    Joze signing off with a heart broken.

  92. I wish to comment upon another point that has been made here before. Some people have reminded us that other African presidents have not commented on Judge Smith’s ruling, as if somehow these African presidents are more informed than the European governments that have commTony Blair. As I have said already, Tony has his own agenda. So I will not dwell on that again. However, these other Presidents are reluctant to comment because most of them are not clean. The AU has a policy of non-interference in each other’s affairs. This means that even if we had a president in Zambia who was killing Zambians the way Idi Amin killed Ugandans, all our neighbours would be busy looking the other way. No African president will condemn another. I am sure even the Sudanese president would a very warm welcome in Zambia, despite his known dislike for Black Africans.

  93. Kuku, Be a man. Why shud u shun blogging because of these two little toys #69 Chise and and #70 voice of uk, who are from from another planet? These toys were merely following your contributions waiting for the right time to pounce so as to annoy u. Forget the whole thing. Come back we are missing your live comments. Or is it that you are nursing an HO? M. Daka is mising and can’t also contribute because u are not there. Chitapankwa had also missed it is only now that he has resurrected.

  94. Chitapankwa thats a good observation. Indeed there so many Zambian abroad, who are willing and prepared to be remitting something back home. I have no problem sharing my humble hard earned money with my fellow Zambians, however, i wouldnt be so keen to be remitting e.g £50 every month to go and buy a VX for Tetamashimba. I would be prepared to face the law for non-remittance when i go back home. In countries were this is practiced e.g Egypt and Phillipines, they have acceptable levels of trnsparancy and accountability, and a reasonable level of confidence in their leaders. #104, #95, #101 good point, but the problem is bakabwa nsekete we have for leaders.

  95. …perhaps Tony Blair should not have commented on this matter because he is white..that is what it seems like reading all these comments..maybe you will react better if it were the chinese PM congratulating the zambian people???

  96. Hey! forget about what Tony said. Lets debate important issues. Whats wrong with him commenting, when did you ever complain about receiving aid from Britain? Not once, so why should you muzzle him, hes a tax payer of the the same money FTJ stole. You’re so annoying you hypocrites.

  97. I doubt its ba real kuku insulting all of us. In any case tabasha watukana. ta………. mutanda ukalala.

  98. #107,Nkhtaboy mwaice, I was mourning with the deaths,now look at #111, this is now becoming cheapish and uncalled for.Whoever has posted #111 will be traced through your IP address and will be dealt with accordingly.Nkhataboy can you investigate whoever has done this?Children of GOd you are becoming hopeless and you die failures in life.You are the most uncultured persons Zambia has ever produced living in assylum.#111 you are cursed and never ever use my name for such foolish and disgruntled comments.Nkhata boy track down the IP address for this

  99. #113 Ba kuku am glad u’re back.We need pipo like you who put up a strong debate on issues affecting our beloved country.As for you #94 kocha mitanda,you just aired your hunger frustrations too bad i understand but i cannot dwell in that kind of debate.

  100. #116 Mkulupe ba Joze teti bafwe he is immortal,Nalengo#117 mwaice stop what you are doing its not worth it.How dare you post hopeless messages like that in#111? Nkhata boy is still investigating.I went to Konkola to just join the grieving families.Its a lesson for FAZ they should not just think about money but put safety measures to protect the fans.Its time the ticket selling was computerised, this is unacceptable.What was joy is now a misery.MTSRIP.
    Baice mweba ku USA you are worrying me, you cant concentrate in school, you just cant do anything what is really wrong.
    NALENGO MWAICE TELL YOUR FRIEND ‘BOYZFORZAMBIA’ TO BEHAVE AND STOP POSTING SUCH MEDIOCRE MESSAGES PUT THE NAME OF ELDERS LIKE ME IN VAIN.You need me for all your youth life otherwise very soon you will join the gang culture.So please let us show maturity, we were once like you and we respected our elders with all our hearts.
    BaJOZE moneni aba abaice baubula ama visa ku USA efyo batampa.Tonga bull can you join Nkhata

  101. #116 and Dr HK you are cursed and continue dwelling the shadow of lucifer. mwembifi mwe te?

    Nalengo, mwaice repent and respect elders coz we dont know when and Jehova bakageta our lives te? Think of those friends who dead ku konkola stm, MTSRP.Read lukalamilandu chap7 vs 5-11 and kokanyapo busokololo chap1 vs 9. Imfumu Yesu Kristu ebe nawe penape.

    Kuku nalaima pa 02 hrs ukuya ku queque kuma orders.shalapo boyi ba Yawe mukulu balekungu boyi penape. Before you go to sleep Kuku, say ipepo lya “My Lord is my shepard …te?

    C U kuku and pipo be friends and not enemies we have one common enermy who have to fight daily, the devil. But Christ in us we can be victors and in togetherness we are one. God we are all yimbifi in your eyes but ngatwasamba in blood of Christ we are pure and ready to enter your kingdom.

    C U pipo and to those who got offended with my words plz forgive me and Lesa abanemwe mwebana Zed. BYE

  102. #114 Mala mwaice wamona nomba abanobe abena Nalengo na long joe(with short legs) efyo batampa?Tell them to show us their communication skills not disparaging remarks like #111.If they continue with this they will bore the elders like me na ba JOze plus Nkhataboy.Mwaice Nkhataboy you will incharge of reforming all USA disgruntled chaps and make sure before their visa finish they will be credible persons like Tonga Bull.
    Nkhataboy naciya ku Church kabili today its Trinity Sunday elo naya pa Konkola.God bless you all

  103. #120 Bajoze travell well but remember to declare all the goods and dont use the bush pantu kwaliba ama land mines ayengi.
    But nomba uyu umwaice Nalengo bushe limbi ni gk or Dr.HK.
    He needs deliverance sure.
    Okay baJoze I will be off the blog for now abaice tabalefwaya ukusambilila ku bakalamba since they think they will remain teenagers.Plan your future otherwise you will be calling your classmates who will excel ati boss?

  104. #119 kuku,Am very disappointed with you,the least to say.I for one will only participate in real debate not insults. I like humour not insults displayed by #111.If you go back and read my views would you really think am the one who sent such nuisance.By the way am not in the USA,just close to Zed.USA-UNIFIED SONS OF AFRICA.

  105. #123 Mwaice Nalengo,since you have spoken ,we take it its not you but join me to condemn whoever put up #111.
    If you are near Zed then I will be seeing you soon.I have a small project in the Caprivi and will be there so many times.
    Keep well but Nkataboy is investigating until the IP address of that #111 is found.You are cleared teach ‘BOYZFORZAMBIA’ manners it doesnot pay to insult we leave in a civilised world only small minds discuss personalities, let us direct our efforts to help FAZ put up a compueterised ticket selling programm so that only avaliable seats are sold.

  106. #124 kuku we now move on to real issues.It all comes back to all our leaders.This tradged at konkola has happened because our leaders want to manipulate and slave it’s pipo.If their was a system that all gov and it’s affli were computerised,non of this would have happened including billions stolen by Chiluba and his GANG. Believe me not I hate this guys with a passion too bad kuku their are your relatives.I tell my sons 1 in high school the other in college that the only good the can do for me when am gone. To see justice done to our BELOVED ZAMBIA.

  107. Our government has to set it’s priorities right! we still have a long way to go! our own police force is not computerized! how can you run a police force without a foul proof system..! for instance in the usa indiana… just from running your number plate .. the cop will know your address,your driving record and if you have any outstanding warrants! FAZ computerizing it’s ticketing system… i really don’t know! it everything will be on computer how do you expect them to steal! that will never happen!
    All they interested in, is buying VX’s for themselves at the expensed of the poor? Come next elections we poor folks willl be lining up to vote! vote for what! baka bolala…..! allocating themselves huge allowances and yet people go without adquate treament in our hospitals! bane inga balwala they go to J’burg… baka bolala! continue voting pa bwaato and things will never change.

  108. Joze, good to see that you managed to get to the oxygen mask. I watched the match on TV and It was serious ashaming to see how un serious these Zedian cantekorous are. This shows high level of irresponsibility on the part of FAZ, the Government and the First Aid or Emergency preparedness. Come on you dont expect the police to keep the peace at the same time conduct emergence rescue.
    Condolense to the families and thanks Joze is alive. But I remain in serious condemanation of FAZ and organizers of the Venue. Zambians have not celebrated for a long time and this win was a rare thing.. Unfortunalatel some life was lost.
    Ba Joze, I rarely understand your Kaponya and street kid Language!!!.

  109. Why is that the Suppliers of Mopani opposed to the computerisation Supplier and Purchasing System. . These cultured thieves have been falsifying supply documents. Receiving money without delivering the goods or the correct quantty or quality of goods.
    No wonder every Kaponya want to become a mine Supplier. Within a short period of doing business, You see these seasoned thieves in luxury cars, Chains all around their neck and perpetual boasting and bozing.
    When the mines collapse they are the first peson to complain and condemn a Govt of they day when they are directly responsible in reaping of the mines. They are pests indeed and need to be fumigated by this new computer systesm which will sift all the illegal and fake suppliers.

  110. HK..! you right my friend! they do not want to an updated system installed! at least most of the fake government suppliers in lusaka have been visited by our under paid corrupt police officers! LPM under his management has tried to stamp out the corrupt government officials. His next stop should be CSO (central statistics office) lusaka. where is the former director David Diangamo, that is one chap who needs to be visited by our corrupt system!

  111. I wish to remind #129 Tonga Bull that an allegedly corrupt person in the name of LPM can not adequately fight such a vise when he is entangled in the same.How did he settle the K250,000,000.00 he owed FRA.Has he given back the land he grabbed from UNZA?How about property belonging to his former client ISSA GALEDOU.How was his Teka farm electrified?The list goes on and that`s why we need to critically look at how to clean the entire system and not personalise this fight.

  112. kuku as big are u are behaving like chama chakomboka ? thats why zambia cant do fine with people like you please do u understand economy ? who buys copper right now you cant even oil .why do we want outsides to do it for us .NO qualified man power ? HAVE GOOD PR .HOW CAN TON GO TO HELL USE THAT MAN .PLEASE STOP TELLING SHITSS MAN . BE RESONABLE


  114. #131 CHISE,May just kindly make your point without being personal and no need for foul language.This is a blog for intelletually sound individuals just for your own information.





  119. where are you brains u ***** losers.Go and help yourself by been productive or read something that will give u something worth spending electricity on the conputers that you are using.You can do well just to rot in hell or be fed to the lions and sharks.Where are you brains,probably in your pants.Let the pipo that are using the brains to continue making a difference.You know youselves kuku jose and co

  120. #139 which ones? do you want to behave like lpm who called zedians abroad failures? I hope not. Otherwise i give em props them niggaz outside coz we are here. Men its bling and all. Doing great in what we do all day and making it big.

  121. Iwe loadist, nalikwishiba sana. Elo uli chakolwa. I mean you are my next door neighbor. Will see you at work on Monday.

  122. Iwe loadist, nalikwishiba sana. Elo uli chakolwa. I mean you are my next door neighbor. Will see you at work on Monday.

  123. #135 CHISE,I believe there`s a big difference between sanity and sanctity.Take a moment to think about that because I `ll not lower myself to enter into any confratation with you.Our energies are supposed to be directed on positive developmental issues.Remember the ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION slogan.

  124. My message is to LUSAKA TIMES and all the intellectuals in this blog. We have poeple like CHISE using insults in this blog that is a shame. I think all development minded people like Kayata, chapi, KC,HK, anonimous,KUKU etc and not forgeting my beloved sister Ms Daka we should arge Lusakatimes to start bloking some of these people. We welcome a difference of opinion even political affiliations. that is the very essence of democracyBut to have people like Voice UK or shall i say “VOICE OF STUPIDITY” using this kind of language, its a shame. even back home we dont talk like that. Guys we should boycotte this blog if this insanity continues. Chapi and Chise have differed, as civilised people they not using un becoming language like VOICE. They are just trying to put their points across mind you are are ladies in this blog so mind you language. I you dont change we will all stop contributing lets see if its going to be fun talking to yourself.

  125. #11 thats a lot of sense from what i have read from you ot really shows how wise and educated you are and a person who has a vison for Zambia.You are the people we need in society.I believe we shall work together to make zambia a better place to be.
    And what you have mentioned about FTJ i see it the same.
    #56 please pay atention to the way you make your arguments.Or if its difficult to formulate them just try to use slogisms.Anyhow you say “Americans hate crime and any thief”,Who likes thieves,europeans,australians,Asians? on the other hand you do have some valid points in #56 to be particluar.especially 3rd and 4th sentences.#58 you sound like you are FDD,thats exactly what Nawakwi was telling me far before the last elections.One thing for sure that is the truth.We must fight the root cause.(dont get me wrong am not FDD i was just talking to her, and am not saying vote FDD)

  126. Br Nalengo, I found you to be a reasonable person and very mature.Br, it sad to see our country ruined by few individuals who have no love or passion for the poor. All we need is to invest the little that we can afford where we are whether in construction or any form of business to develop our sweet home.Thru this we can create short term employments for our Brothers and sisters to change their shuttered lives by selfish pipo. pipo have finished their teaching courses in 2004 upto now they are not offered employment but those wth relatives in govt they finish this yr december ,Jan next yr they will be employed. What a divided society. Finance minister telling pipo tht it is not the responsibility of the govt to create employment for everyone.So what is the responsibility of the Govt? No wonder LPM is having fear to be accountable, responsible and answeerable for failing to fulfil his promises by refusing to support the costitution making process thru CA.1 ZED I NATION.

  127. Ba voice of Uk and Titus…! ama guyi yabufi….! bu guyi bwapa blog! whom are trying to impress with your stupidity! baiche ba chinonsiku that’s why you die young! as you have no respect at all? In our days we called guys like yourselves “ma guyi fala” or ” guyi mbuma?”…! Kuku and nkhataboy are sensible individuals who have opted to remain quite as “people might not notice the difference”. we sensible contributions and not your fake gangster cramp! Go to J’burg (Hillbrow) and witness the real hard core OG. nga mwatuka bakalamba nishi mwaba ba gangster “making real doll” even using the “N” word pa blog….ati guyi! muli fwe ngwele bwaiche!… talk to me when grow up! pull your pants up and remove your fake gangster attitude….and get a job!

  128. Fake gangsters…voice of uk and titus..! try to learn something from Trigo….that is what we mean by sensible contributions!nga mwabomba ama double nishi mwaba ba gangster…. with pants from dollar general and fake nike shoes from NY …. grow up baiche! osa iyi taya wrist watch!

  129. Kocha Mitanda..! that is what we get for electing fortune seekers who have no idea of what true leadership is all about. I thought Leadership was all about indentifying and meeting the legitimate needs of the people,creating opportunities,empowering others, and willing to take blame when govt is not able to deliver or perform as expected. the minister should be fired as he has shown us that he lacks leadership qualities. it is high time we started electing leaders basing our choices on qualities and not affliations (Pa Bwaato or Pa ncoloko, or nkumuma yuma UNDP). Come next election people will still vote for the same minister… one who has nothing to offer. fellow zambian let us make our leaders accountable for the things they have done and also for the things they have failed to do. do not sell yourself cheap….! do not accept cheap political gimmics (buckets of chibuku) your vote is far much worth than that…..it worth a VX to the ministers with nothing to offer.. wake up!

  130. Chapi..#130! can you name any of our previous leaders who didn’t take advantage of his position? By Zambian standards that is acceptable as we allow our leaders to plunder our resources while you and I are watching! we simply do not have the guts to speak out…mwenso! like i indicated previously … there’s a price for everything! it’s either we condemn the govt and get locked up? or simply watch from the sidelines whinning and complaining, or vote at every election hoping that things will change and yet we not taking the initial steps needed to bring about the desired change? LPM is not better than the two we have had! I wish we could vote for Nuns to run our nation as they believe in sacrifice and service!

  131. #95 MULENGA NOW YOU ARE TALKING.That is the spirit we want we do not have to blame others lets put such things behind us.the we forge ahead to build Zambia like that will progress.Know always that whenever you blame someone you are only making them better.Its time to stop blaming people and to work hard and smarter to build our mother zambia.If all of us here can have the same Vision.Then we are ready to develop.We can be better than all other countries on the planet.Just an example look at Dubai,one of the states in U.A.E it attracting the whole world because of whats its doing.They’re a people with a vision.

  132. what is the real problem Blair , Visa`s or being happy
    that justices has been done i think it`s visa`s u zambian`s like things

  133. Crimes against humanity!! who deserve to be tried between Tony Blair and Charles Taylor? Tony should leave his imperialist ideas back home. They are the same chaps who have over the years underdeveloped our countries this side of Africa. He better spends time mending his tattered image elsewhere. Useless Chola boyi for Bush!!!

    Viva Zambia! We will develop our own Zambia soon.

  134. I am very sad to read comments from #138-143. This forumn is to exchange ideas and not to insult each other. People who insult each other are uncivilised. Interrectuals read and ponder over the comments of others to see their view point. If these are the leaders of tomorrow we have in Zambia who will insult the nation, then we are going wrong way. I would like to see constructive debate on how we can develop Zambia. The country is ours and it is up to us to do something. I hope this is the last time we would see such kind of responses.

  135. You ****ers from no where you have just infiltrated this blog after smoking weed and then go on to insult innocent souls.You cant even contribute interesting issues like they used to , you are jokers and stink poo in your brains.#158 Mulenga is right starting from 138-143 with afew exceptions you are all nuts.Stop this USA gang mentality to defray the intentions of this blog.Its only that the owners of this blog are also not serious as to black out stupid fools like BOzforzambia,Voicefor Uk,bam-bam, so far Tonga bull has acted differently.You fools posting stupid comments you will be dealt with accordingly, soe of you cant even write good english, you stink

  136. chapi i agree with you 100% that statement is real man one zambia one nation .and please am not a thug as people have put it. we must think positive like the phylosofa ben carson puts it .man no beef . am out

  137. mr kuku you are a man and peace to you i can call you a responsible man .please sorry for all those comments

  138. ntoni are from the villege . what do you know were a that came from man just mind you bussines

  139. mr kuku you are a man and peace to you i can call you a responsible man .please sorry for all those comments ok boss

  140. Chise #162..! I salute you my friend..only a fool dies with his stupid pride. That is what separates the men from the boys.”we learn through interacting with others.” peace be with you mr friend.

  141. It is with great sadness to read that some people are impersonating Kuku Mukwai, an accomplished blogger and indeed other bloggers. Please leave him alone. This is what happens when people have an unfettered freedom. You them a mile they take two. I really don’t know what the web master can do to prevent this situation from getting out of hand. I believe he/she has read the complaints of people who are committed to intelligent blogging.

  142. Kuku, I have great respect for you and admire your love for mother Zambia. Don’t let failures stop your dream of communicating in a mature manner for the sake of sharing ideas, for the benefit of all people who believe in a free society.

  143. Voice… if you cant see sense in what i’m saying @ #145 then you are beyonnd redemption. Honestly do you think using insults in public is acceptable? We all grew up in Zambia and when boys are drining by themselves certains words are acceptable. but when our sisters are listening we change our language. You can go about using abcenity in this blog and hope no one says anything to that effect. Just discuss issues with out insults. I believe you are an intelligent man and you can put your views accross in acceptable language.

  144. I have been folowing the debate about Chiluba and have done alot of research to find out what he stole. Can someone mention to me what chiluba stole apart from the shoes, pants and suits that were diplayed by the task force. I do not agree with Judge Smith because if he knew that Chiluba stole and had invested in Europe,he would have ordered all those investments to be repossed and handed them to the Zambian Governments like the case of san abacha of Nigeria. Now nothing more than what we know has been mentioned. So if you have 100 suits you are worth $46 million. Tell us? Twebeni twanaka ukufwaya ukwishiba ifikulwa bakwatakunse kwachalo.

  145. tonga bull mind your words, for your own info im a very educated chap and i just have fun with my words. So the blog is open for anyone to speak in anyway they want. I have settled my dust with personalities on the blog and u want to pick a bone with me now? I dont have time for you okey.

  146. what do mean failures do you know who you are writting to no so dont call people failures who you dont know am done with school man then am on my pc

  147. what do mean failures do you know who you are writting to NO. so dont call people failures who you dont know am done with school man then am on my pc



  150. Damn,why are u people makin a bazz ova Kuku like he is a ka god,or genius or wateva?U busy hero-worshipin’ him n stuff….P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C….Now I see how u guyz,includin M.Dake have started bootlickin him..I think Kuku is campaigin or wateva.Dude wanna get into politics,find a find,but to do just that,he needs booliqorz like all u people on this blog……..Damn………………

  151. #175 Playa,
    I did not realise that you are so dull that you can not tell from the writing that one is intelligent. Kuku is intelligent because he writes and argues about the actual things that go on in life. He does not pretend like some of you do. We thus want him back for his reasonable suggestions. Please I beg from you to have respect for him. If 95% of the bloggers are for him and only 5% are aginst what would be your conclusion? Unless you are mad you [email protected] say 5% but…

  152. #175 Playa,
    I did not realise that you are so dull that you can not tell from the writing that one is intelligent. Kuku is intelligent because he writes and argues about the actual things that go on in life. He does not pretend like some of you do. We thus want him back for his reasonable suggestions. Please I beg from you to have respect for him. If 95% of the bloggers are for him and only 5% are aginst what would be your conclusion? Unless you are mad you will say 5%.

  153. Nkhataboy is Kariba so is kuku and joze,playa #175 bro please just contribute or visit the site for updates,.let those halucinating remain halucinating.THE HOUR,YALI-LETA ULUNTU.

  154. is zambia indipendent or we are still under england? why can´t do we do our on jument on chiluba? think twice that why why have our on court that where we can go if we have promblen. maind you its not easy to get the england visa if you are a zambia then whyyyyyyyyyyyyy let england juge the zambian people.no no noooooooooooooo let do it our on way.

  155. Emma, I also have difficulties agreeing with all the theft associated with FTJ. All we have heard that was stolen from Zambia are suits. What shame, taking a former president to “court” for clothes. Until we are told which assets he owns outside etc. We are also told that those who got the $20m for military equipment did tell the “creidible whitemans court” that they actually did receive that payment and inspections by military staff of these equipment were actually done but payment of outstanding amounts was not yet made. Probably this explains why chiluba is only asked to repay only less that $3m out of the so publicised $40m+. And what about the much talked about $9m from well-wishers. The mathematics done hasnt made sense. Task Force on Chiluba should do a better job. Anyway they also have a lot to show for the money they are sharing as they sort out Chiluba. They know that should they fail to convict Chiluba its them to be in hot soup as they would have been pretendin all this tim

  156. Joe #180, Its the money that was stolen to buy suits. Not the other way round, whats so hard to understand with this.
    #173, which part of UK has free internet services?

  157. Thanks VOICE thats the spirit. I Believe after 2011 we will meet in Paliament. Its our time as the yonger generation to start retiring these old guys.
    If you read the bwana Smith Judgement carefully. You will realise that apart from the money for suites and Childrens up keep FTJ is being held responsible for the ineptitude of the entire government and ZIS officials while he was president. I dont support FTJ on how he run the government and more especially the financial management. But i totally disagree with the government by passing the “Incompetent” Legal jurisdiction and taking the case to UK. Guys countries fight to have their nationals be tried in their own countries even those accused of serious crimes like murder. We are going in the wrong direction. If our prosecutors are inept, send the to scortland yard or FBI for training. If your kids does sothing wrong you dont send him to your Neighbor for descipline. We should just mature and start fixing our own problems internally.

  158. where is Kayata,Kuku,Nkhataboy,Mme Daka and Ba Joze?This fora is boring nothing to excite me.Some people cant even express themselves well, what is wrong with some of you?#179 do spell check your lingua is that of Dongo na Sundu.
    Let us face it this blog is boring witout these guys,I used to relax over their articles but the current crop of blogers leaves much to be desired,you wonder whether they are in primary school or not at all?Can you bring life to this thing?Three months ago there were intellectuals who propounded ‘thesis’ material not the quangalas above


  160. #184 ,185 to me you appear to be the same person,you english is horrible too, try to paraphrase before posting.You are equally boring to say the least,there is nothing you guys are doing on this fora, if I were you I would refrain.You are not intellectuals to share anything with, your combination of words is just as hopeless.Why are you forcing yourself into these shoes?In life of you cant evaluate yourself as to what best suits you ,you will die like a lock which has lost keys.SAGE#145 IS VERY RIGHT ABOUT THE CHARACTER BEING EXHIBITED HERE, LUSAKATIMES MUST BE INFORMED TO REGULATE THIS,IT STARTED WITH A BANG BUT ITS ON THE SLOPE SIDE

  161. I believe that there`s a longing in our beloved country for fresh and inspired type of leadership.If one is to make an honest assessment of the current leadership both in MMD or the main opposition PF,the conclussion is that there`s nothing inspiring.I honestly believe that the votes PF got in the previous election was an anti LPM vote.I mention PF because there`re the ones with a realistic chance of forming govt.This brings me to the conclussion that Zambia currently needs a 21st centuary type of leader.One that understands the global market and can take advantage of Zambia`s geographical position in terms trade.That`s why Ladies and Gentlemen on this blog,we need to answer this call to serve our nation.I agree with what JF Kennedy said,that it`s not what your country can do for you but what you can do for it.We might not neccesarily be all politicians but we can all find our own little ways in which we can make a positive impact in our nation.SAGE #182 see you in parliament 2011

  162. I do not see any point at which our sovereignty has been compramised by a few comments from the Mr Blair, I wonder also why we should fight over somthing we altermatly have no control over because Mr Chiluba’s case ;like it or not has a life of it’s own I do not know the end of it al but the altermate issue should be that Mr Chiluba should pay for all the wrongs he did. When I was a school boy I came accross Castro Chiluba a few time in some of the night spots we used to hang out in and the guy was realy a problem s we all know but this was because he had support from you know who if truely a leader should lead by example then the example Chiluba gave was realy bad, it’s all poetic justice in any case you reap what you sow. frankly I will watch to see the end of this but its a lesson to all our leaders if we can set the standard I hope that we never have to go through this sort of thing at least not on such high level as our own President stealing from us its such a disgrace

  163. Please Zambians, do we want our money back or not? what is the point of pointing fingures at blair for the comments he made? Why cant we unite and fight for our money back. Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that if Chiluba and the others dont pay, we as Zambians will continue to suffer and they will still be showing their very undignified faces around town and continue enjoying tax payers money. Believe me the stealing will not end here. Chiluba is a disgrace to this nation and should be made to pay so that other leaders out there who have the same intentions should know that us Zambians are tired of such be haviour and we will not tolerate it any more, let us unite in the fight against corruption and not just waste time talking about what tony blair said when it is the money that we want, mind you, Chiluba has chosen to ignore the judgement, what are we Zambians doing about that? are we in agreement of that, i wonder.

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