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Get correct data on constitution – Mulongoti

Headlines Get correct data on constitution - Mulongoti

CHIEF Government spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti, has advised the church to equip itself with correct information on the constitution-making process so that they can actively and effectively participate in the debate.

Mr Mulongoti, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said yesterday that the church should feel free to visit Government offices to get the correct information on the constitution-making process.

The minister said this in Lusaka when he attended a church service at the Ebenezar African Methodist Church in Chilenje.

Mr Mulongoti also said Government was concerned about the leadership wrangles in some churches.

He said Government leaders felt uncomfortable to seek the authority of the church on how best to govern the nation because some of the leaders were always quarrelling.

“We do not feel comfortable to come and seek authority from you when you are always quarrelling. How can you seek dialogue when you are quarrelling?” the minister asked.

Mr Mulongoti also said politicians sometimes avoided to dialogue with church leaders because some of them unnecessarily attacked the State.

“As a strategic partner, the church should help Government with information on how to govern the country in a fair and just manner,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti advised the church against being found in the company of people who had ill-motives, as this would not help Government to develop the country.

“The church complements Government’s efforts in areas like education, health and monitoring of development programmes on the ground.

The church also helps Government in implementing development projects in various parts of the country as it is closer to people, sometimes even more than Government,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti said Government wanted to see the church participate more effectively in matters like HIV/AIDS interventions and governance.

“Among the many areas in which the church complements Government’s efforts are the running of schools, clinics and hospitals and humanitarian missions in times of disasters.

The church also provides education extension services and participates in governance activities at a local level, like monitoring elections and spearheading civic education,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti said Government maintained that the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation should remain a guiding principle to govern all decisions made by the State on behalf of the people.

And Ebenezar Methodist Church pastor-in-charge, Reverend Newton Musunga, said people should not be surprised when the church invited Government leaders to pray with them.

Rev. Musunga said Government leaders should be interacting with the church because they needed God’s guidance for them to run the nation effectively.


  1. Mr Mulongoti what you should know is that, the church is only hope and shelter for hopeless and shelterless, so stop advising them wrongly, that they should not be found in the company of ill-motives pipo. By the way who gave u authority to advise the church as to who to be found with or not, the church has its own advisor who is Jesus Christ, not you bwana minister. You should consetrating on speaking on behalf of Muwelelewe, your master. The church’s master is Lord Jesus, the savouir of all mankind.

  2. Seeing that the church in Zambia has failed to keep out of politics, it is no surprise that the minister has the audacity to advise the church. It is the duty of every christian to stand by the biblical principles..the church leaders should be out there standing by the bible teachings rather than what party is going to give them money. The church has become just as corrupt as the political parties themselves.. why would seek advice from a fool? are you not a fool by doing so? Why would stand in the company of evilmen if you do not agree with their motives and plans? The church lacks leadership, it lacks vision and certainly has its mission – to act as a conscience on society, a thorn in the wayward leaders.Bah!

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