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GOVERNMENT has set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the death of 12 soccer fans.

Headlines GOVERNMENT has set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the death...

Government has set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the death of 12 soccer fans in a stampede at the Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe on Saturday.And President Mwanawasa has called for a thorough investigation into events that lead to the death of 12 soccer fans.

The stampede followed an international match in which Zambia beat Congo-Brazzaville 3-0.

Minister of Sports, Youth and Child Development, Gabriel Namulambe, said at a press briefing at Protea Hotel in Chingola yesterday that the ministry permanent secretary, Bob Samakai, would head the commission.

The commission would submit its finding to Government on Friday, this week.

Mr Namulambe said this after he and Copperbelt Province minister, Mwansa Mbulakulima, visited Konkola Mine Hospital for an on-the-spot check of the survivors.

“We are appealing for public calm as we wait for the outcome of the commission of inquiry…I expect to be furnished with information by Friday,” he said.

The deceased are a girl, four boys, a woman and six
men. A total of 50 people were injured during the incident and 36 were treated at the Konkola Mine Hospital.

Eleven survivors were discharged the same day while one is still in hospital.

And President Mwanawasa has conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families.

Mr Mwanawasa said this in a statement in Lusaka issued by his special assistant for press and public relations, John Musukuma.

“As we mourn with families, it is important that events leading to this tragic accident are thoroughly investigated and that measures are put in place to avoid a re-occurrence of similar tragedies,” he said.

President Mwanawasa also said the death of the 12 people had shattered his spirit of victory, as the lives were greater than the Zambia national team’s achievement.

“I have learnt with deep sense of sadness the tragic loss of 12 nationals who died and several injured in a stampede following our national team’s victory in the Africa Cup qualifying match against Congo-Brazzaville,” he said

And seven bodies of the 12 soccer fans who died after the stampede have been identified.

Chililabombwe district commissioner, Timothy Musonda, confirmed this in an interview yesterday.

Mr Musonda said six of the deceased were residents of Chililabombwe while the other one was from Lusaka.
He said the bodies were still lying in Konkola hospital mortuary.

However, Mr Musonda said the government was making arrangements to transport the body of the deceased Lusaka soccer fan to the capital city.

Mr Musonda also revealed that the Office of the Vice-President was assisting the families of the deceased with funeral expenses.

Meanwhile, several soccer fans who sustained injuries during the stampede were treated and discharged from the hospital in Chililabombwe.


  1. What investigation ! it’s the lack of planning on the part of FAZ and the govt that needs to be investigated! can some lawyer please sue this incompetent regime! Create a DMP disaster management plan ba FAZ ! all you interested is counting the gate takings….and we all know what happens?

  2. #1 You seem not to understand this whole issue, read this….

    “As we mourn with families, it is important that events leading to this tragic accident are thoroughly investigated and that measures are put in place to avoid a re-occurrence of similar tragedies,” he said.

  3. Does Health and Safety exist in our country????..Condolences to all the families…
    #2..measures should already be in place!!!!

  4. As usual, just for a few commisioners to cash in in sitting allowances at the expense of the dead, but it won’t add anything.

    When 10 people died at Independence Stadium on June 16, 1996 – in very similar circumstances, an inquiry was instituted and the recommendations are well known: Zambia needs 21st century modern stadia not pre-1964 stuff! The latest inquiry (with due respect to our dead) is just a waste of time. I concur with #1. It’s about time that the negligent lot, FAZ/GRZ, are sued skin-deep to jilt them to take correctional measures about the state of our sports facilities

  5. Condolences to the families.

    These commissions are a watse of time and resources.Build new stadia thats the answer.Most of our stadia are old thats the reason.Even if the commision gives the causes so what.Govt should take the responsibilties, no proper stadia for int. games.

    Again, condolences.

  6. My sincere condolences to the bereaved families and all soccer loving citizens.

    Why is it that every one must always blame Government.
    This was a pure case of negligence and incompetence by the stewards who opened only one Gate. People panicked and stampeded due to the late hour.
    Clearly the stewards are known and must be prosecuted for criminal negligence.

    Procedure is normally that all the stadium gates are opened at least 10 minutes before the end of the match to permitt those who want to leave early. This was not done by the stewards.

    We must learn to hold individuals accountable instead of always blaming Government or FAZ.

  7. sorry to use this page, there is no page to express my veiws over the LPM. where on earth does the head of picks up the phone to a spokesperson of the organisation. This is very shameful, disgrace to the nation. This more less washing dirt in the public. LPM broke the protocol.

  8. Number 7 you seem to have information leading to the culprits in this matter.Yours is welcome, but it is time our Govt. and FAZ built modern stadia.The number of people has incerased and so should be various sports facilities.Let us all unite as we mourn.May the Souls of the Departed Rest in Perfect Peace.


  9. sincere condolences to the bereaved families. Please prosecute those bustards who were manning the gate, and what type of facilities do we have in Zambia that cannot have floodlights. Wake up call for laxity government they only want to act when there is a disaster, prevention is better than cure. Can the govt be serious for once and start thinking about repairing the independence stadium.

  10. Commission of inquiry to enrich the members’ pockets. Nonsense.

    How old is Zambia? 42 plus years old and yet we as a country can not find ways of dealing with safety at football matches. Shame.

    The cause of the death of the deceased compatriot (MTSRIP) is the type of leadership at both FAZ and Government. This boy NAMULAMBE talks too much without action.

    This not the first time we are losing inncent lives due to poor or lack of planning from the powers that be. People should have learnt from the 1996 death of fans at the dilapidated Independence Stadium. It is really sad to be zambian.

    People lets wake up and challenge the government and faz seriously on this one. We can not let lie for the sake of the future of our soccer.

  11. What is happening God? The hand of death have caught us again during the regime. How many more before the term of this regime come to pass. Hardly six months passes without this country having to experience a catastrophe of some kind. Who is sacrificing the souls of our innocent pipo? We are now paying for putting devil worshipers in decision making? May the true God help.

  12. #2, you are the one that has missed the point. This is not the first time that a stampede at after a soccer match has happened in Zambia. Remember we had one soon after the Zambia-Sudan match at Independence stadium. We do not need a Commission of Inquiry to tell us that there are a few exits from the stadium, or that fans were excitedly eager to get home as the match ended late in the evening. How much are we going to spend on these Commissions? We can surely use that money to extend the capacities of international stadia we are using. Why should Zambians be so forgetful? We are a nation that believes is curing a problem rather than preventing it. Yet we spend so much money curing the problem. We never learn do we. Having said this, I wish the bereaved families and the country my condolences.

  13. We should start playing our home games in one of our neighbouring countries,say Zimbabwe, until the govt builds a modern stadium or else we will continue having STAMPEDE stories, we wont be the 1st ones 2 play home away from home after all Burundi play in Rwanda and beat Botswana. We should just swallow our pride to prevent a future STAMPEDE.

  14. its really a bad development for zambia and the cuplits should be punished seriously or be given a death penalty for the carelesness of handling the gates.that will be the most fair punishment for the the relatives of the deceased.let the culplits be hanged like sadam hussein

  15. Fellow Zambians,
    What happened was a tragedy, our condolences to the families that lost loved ones. While tragedies are a part of life we can not and shouldn’t get used to them. Perhaps this could have been avoided perhaps not in any case may the grace and comfort of our God be with us all in this dark period.
    Why is it that every time our level of soccer is about to turn a new page sorrow tends to set a cloud on us? Garbon after mauritius, Now sad Chililabombwe after Congo.
    Let us not place blame until we know if there was neglegence on anyones part and even then may we have the strength to constructively apply our efforts into making sure that such a disastor does not happen again.
    Even thaugh no amount of money can replace the value of life we ask that our government helps provide some form of finincial compansation so as to ease the pain and suffering cuased by this. May God be with the families that have lost and since we are all one family as Zambians me he be with us all.

  16. What findings is the commission going to submit? Even a child would tell you what went wrong and what could have been done to avoid the tragedy. We dont need the commission of inquiry , it is all but an excuse to run away from taking on the responsiblity of what happened.

  17. This commision is a waste of money. We already know that, FAZ, the Police and Organizers of the event were irresponsible. This negligence happens all the time, because pipo are always looking at squeezing money out of such huge operations. Zambia, we are ****ed up and disgusting.

  18. #13 KC you are right on the spot, What we should be doing is educate the people to excercise patience when and calm whenever they are in a place where there is a lot of people or a huge gathering. A stampede can happen in at a shopping mall. I was in South Africa the in 1998 when there was a stampede at Aris Park stadium. Now that is a world class facility but more than 20 people died. The power to stop or avoid a stampede is in the hands of the funs and not the authorities. All though sometimes people maning the gates can create anxiety in the funs. But the bottom line is educating the funs. It doesnt hurt to wait five munutes. These things happen every where in the world. You remember the rangers stampede in europe. I can go on and on. LPM is doing what politicians do when such things happen. But the solution to the problem is educating the masses how to behave at a gathering.I know some of you cant help it, you want to attack LPM even when someone chocks off a glass of water.

  19. Even if the Government builds modern stadium with twenty gates as long as the people manning these gates become negligent and open only one gate, they will still be a stampede and deaths.

    We must learn to make individuals accountable for negligence and irresponsibility. If no individuals are punished they will be no deterrant for others.

    I Don’t know how FAZ or Government could be responsible for stewards only opening one gate.

  20. Good point SAGE, with one qualification-Ellis park is/was not a world class stadium by any stretch of the imagination.

  21. Commision of inquiry chilabushiku.what ar u going 2 be inquiring in2 when u know the causes.govt alone is not 2 blame.we need 2 partner 2 solve the problem.that is partner with faz,the private sector,donors etc.dont be shortsighted.the commission report will be done with recommendations that will gather dust on the shelves. And the bureaucratic implementation process thru cab memos is a headache and not 2 sing abt costs and the so called budget.we do not need parallel structures.make use of whats available and partner.corporate social responsibility.put it in the d.a

  22. One of the solutions to this is putting video survillance cameras.So as if people die in such a circumstance those people who caused death.Are to be dealt with.It should made that nd even though its an accident in stadia that who ever does this will be put to book.May the inquiry take place and find a lasting solution also.And feed back should be given,it shouldnt die a natural death.It pains me much especially when i hear women and children die in such,as there the most vulnerable in society.
    And of course there should be health and safety regulations.And people responsible should as well be held responsible for people lives in the section they are working in at the stadia.SAGE #20 thats a good point the masses should be educated how to behave in large gathering.Before the Match starts people should be taught with the help of Public addressing systems.And
    May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.In the name of the father son and Holy Spirit.Amen

  23. SAGE, you statement is quite irresponsible and want to lay blame on the fans. Who do you think should educate the fans. You????. Who has that responsibility to enlighten the fans and do the right things????. it is FAZ, and all other stakeholders who organize the event. the Event managers.
    Look here, Accident are caused, the dont just happen. If you work or worked in the mines you would be able to know what I mean.
    To be a good Event Manager you need to anticipate disaster and evade it. it is you characters who are fond of accusing God for such stupid negligence. Our whole National team and crew died because of the same I dont careattitude and shifting the blame and failing to take responsibility.
    Soon we will hear that, this would not have happend had Sudanese Refrees arrived on time. Com’on, Such calamities are all to do with Mediocre, Selfishnes, Corruption, theft, and negligence.

  24. Investigations,then what? I have not read the above comments to get the mood am on my own mind.We dont need the inves. if nothing is going to be done after.KK 11, had an enquiry,after it what happened? Chembeshi metals victims had an enquiry,after it what happened? Kawambwa school children had an enquiry,after it what happened? Many incidences i can recall which the authority put in an enquiry but they die as quite as the innocent souls involved.That what we are good at in zambia,TALK & TALKING as if we care for the victims,shame.I can bet this incidence will occur again,at the same place,same time,with the same pipo responsible in authority as long as it deos not affect there families in fall on deaf ears.WE ARE HOLDERS OF DISASTER MANAGEMENT DEGREES,NOT PREVENTIVE. My soul mourns for zambia.

  25. Commission of enquiry is simply political mileage. Waste of time re-inventing the wheel. As mentioned above, Independence Stadium enquiry should have provided answers which should have been in place, this is pure negligence by the organizers, FAZ, they should be taken to task, families should sue FAZ, whose responsibility it was to oversee SAFETY at the VENUE – of course they did subcontract the event to the owners of the stadium, together with whom they should be sued. People will only start taking things seriously once they realise that they are accountable to all their clients, whether huge or small, whether institution or simple individual!!


  26. HK… my friend i’m not blaming the fans. And i very much agree with you , FAZ and GRZ should take the leading role in educating the fans. The point is these things happen even in the first world countries as long as you have people being over taken by anxiety these things are bound to happen, however enlightened the society may be. To take this sad development and hip it on LPM is being unreasonable. Ofcourse GRZ and FAZ should be prepaired in the event disaster strikes, to make sure they minimize casulties and make sure there is emergency evacuation plans.
    You are all here against the COI. The purpose of an inquiry is to study the events that happened in order to prevent or reduce the impact of the same events should they happen again. We are talking about educating the masses. How can GRZ and FAZ achieve that without first studying the problem and then coming up with solutions to the problem. Yes it will cost a lot of money , but the ojective is to save lives next time arround.

  27. Sage, I agree with you in principle about the efficacy of a COI. However, we have had prior events (stampedes) and I am wondering if the findings were of any use. Why can’t we refer to those findings and implement solutions based on them. I am sure there is no significant difference in the events that led to the Independence Stadium stampede and the Konkola Stadium one. Why should we waste money on reports that will and are just gathering dust? My feeling is FAZ should simply appoint a 5-man fact-finding team that will even make recommendations as to how we can improve the security situation at these matches. Even my 2-year old son would know that, either proper security measures were not in place or the fans were just plain negligent in their after-the-match behaviour. I agree with your suggestion that we need to educate soccer fans about the importance of security, however, the most effective way would be for FAZ and Stadium owners to develop sound security measures at these matches.

  28. KC, my friend if you have followed COI’s worldwide. They make public the findings of the COI but you will discover that the recomendations are usually broad in nature which can not be implementated by just one organization. In this case you are dealing with hypothetically speaking;
    1 – Readyness of the emergency units
    2 – Renovating the stadium to increase gates and create easy exits for fans
    3 – Recruiting and training new employees to man the
    gates instead of the police who are part of the problem
    4 – Developing a software system for ticket sales
    6 – Employing facility managers and FAZ inspectors to make sure the facilities meet the standards
    7 – Public awareness Through (TV,RADIO) etc
    The list goes on and on, But all these issues can not be implemented by FAZ alone you will realise that when you scope through the possible measures you need GRZ,PUBLIC, PRIVATE AND FAZ to accomplish these tasks.
    even then you can not eliminate stampede you can only reduce the probability

  29. SAGE, I agree with entirely. However, my point is, why should we institute another COI when the Independence COI recommendations have been shelved. Example, what has happended to the plans to reconstruct DAG? A new government will come into office and the problem will still persist. We seem to have the appetite to implement things but not the energy to execute. How long has it been since a COI into disturbances at UNZA and CBU submitted it’s recommendations, ages? Has anything been done about it? No!When we constitute such groups, let us also have the will to implement recommmendations. We cannot continue doing things hapharzadly. We are wasting money. It is better to measure a piece of cloth ten times and cut it once, than to measure it once and cut ten times. I am sure you understand my reasoning. Good day bro.

  30. My thouhts and prayers to those who have lost love ones. May the loving and caring Lord give them strengh and courage through this difficult time.Old habits die hard when is our govt going to improve stadia. Heath and safety officers is a way forward not from FAZ but ministry of sports or sports council .

  31. My thouhts and prayers to those who have lost love ones. May the loving and caring Lord give them strengh and courage through this difficult time.Old habits die hard when is our govt going to improve stadia. Heath and safety officers is a way forward not from FAZ, ministry of sports or sports council .

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