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Mwanawasa denies U-turning over Constitution-making

Headlines Mwanawasa denies U-turning over Constitution-making

PRESIDENT Mwanawasa says he has not back-peddled over the Constitution-making process as alleged by the Oasis Forum spokesperson, Musa Mwenya.
In a letter to Mr Mwenya dated June 1, made available to the Times in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mwanawasa said the fact that he would vote against the Constituent Assembly (CA) did not mean that his Government was against the will of the Zambian people over the Constitution-making process.
While the Government did not necessarily agree with all the recommendations in the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) report, it accepted that the CA be provided for in the current Constitution.
Mr Mwanawasa said he did not agree with proponents of the CA, which appeared to suggest that issues of national development and prosperity should be subordinated to the constitutional review but that did not mean Zambians would not get a desired Constitution.
“People need education, health services, shelter, agricultural subsidies, improvement of infrastructure such as good roads and I was not satisfied with the inadequacy which currently exists in these area. This inadequacy posed a big challenge to our fight against poverty and backwardness,” Mr Mwanawasa’s letter read in part.
The President said the process for the inclusion of the CA in Article 79 of the current Constitution should be made if such was the wish of members of Parliament who were the only institution empowered to effect an amendment to any part of the Constitution.
On the successful holding of the census and referendum, Mr Mwanawasa reminded Mr Mwenye that the Government would use all its best endeavours to facilitate the amendment of Article 79 and to mobilise financial resources, but stressed that there would be no shortcuts in the implementation of the Constitution amendment process.
The President, therefore, wondered in what way it could be said that he had now departed from the position which the Government and the ruling party took all along.
He was saddened that he was being viewed with the same lenses, which were used to assess his predecessors, and was also accused of not meaning well for Zambia when the opposite was true


  1. LPM, i thought we lived in a free democractic society where different opinions are supposed to be valued? what a shame!

  2. Do you people really expect anything good from a person that is scared of his own shadow? To say the least, our government is a big let down.

  3. zebigge man kuku, lelo wachelwa? Constitution is a weapon that government uses to fight its enemies within the boundaries of its power. So its not amazing for me to get it that lpm is now showing less support for it to be in the hands of the masses. Mind you there is no real democracy under the shadows of this modern world. But we only strive to achieve it, that which we wish could exist to empower every member of society. Its a pity.

  4. WARNING TO TONGA BULL- You are being warned that u should not, never again redecule me in public. Im not what you called me “gangster”. I have no personalities to insult on this blog and if it hurts you that im doing fine, then im sorry. I enjoy my life and have a prestigiuos proffession for your own information. When I speak bemb and slang, I just like it. I dont mean to hurt you or any reader on his blog. If you attach me once more, I will not use a rifle to shoot you, but a nuclear war head which russia recently tested.

  5. WARNING TO TONGA BULL- You are being warned that u should not, never again redecule me in public. Im not what you called me “gangster”. I have no personalities to insult on this blog and if it hurts you that im doing fine, then im sorry. I enjoy my life and have a prestigiuos proffession for your own information. When I speak bemb and slang, I just like it. I dont mean to hurt you or any reader on his blog. If you attach me once more, I will not use a rifle to shoot you, but a nuclear war head which russia recently tested…

  6. Number 2 i greet with you the man is so scared.He taken the lawyers from the task force with him to London for the G 7 meeting to meet Smith.You get the
    money from Kafupi,Smith did he party.This now more than 21 days

  7. BU , i agree with you,he has even taken the lawyers from the task force with him to the G7 to meet Simth in London. Smith did he part,please get the money from Kafupi.Why should our GRZ lawyers fly every month to meet Smith.


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  9. The man is now just waitig to finish he 5years.We are not developing. Umwana ashende atasha nyinaukunaya.
    Just look at our university children sleep 8 in one room.The money the lawyer’s are using to fly to meet
    Smith can go to build some more room’s.You don’t need
    a degree to think of this issue bane

  10. I will try to stay within context to avoid my personal view of LPM block my ability to be objective. What we as Zambians are looking for is a constitution that can stand a test of time. We have advocated to having the CA as the means of adopting the constitution. LPM objected and fought the process, now he has come to his senses. You have to be human to yield to pressure. I don’t see any point of us focusing on whether LPM U-turned or not. We have a constitution to make so let’s direct our energies to process. Don’t full ourselves this is just the beginning. And for LPM welcome to the right side where 99% of Zambians live. Let’s move forward with jet like speed, and do all we can not to have another election under a colonial constitution. Let us enshrine in our constitution that no Zambian will be take to another country to stand trial, unless they have committed crimes against humanity.

  11. we, the young citizens of the republic of zambia, will put things right when our time comes. However, we are taking note of the deeds of the present masters. So its a great challenge for those on the battlefield now, to fight tooth and nail to get to authoritative levels where they can make decisions for our people.

  12. # 9 Chapi says:
    “It`s so unfortunate that we are led by demagogues” Quote

    My question is aren’t you a spinless troll yourself hallucinating in blogs only without any results on the ground. Zambia saw a brave lawyer of Levy in the run upto multipartism.

    Levy was the only lawyer that dared UNIP and offered his services to offer legal representation to pro-democracy advocates then. He risked his profession, family, investments and life then.

    But Where were you or are you on the ground today rather than ranting in blogs only trolled by us in the Diapora?

  13. sosa,sosa,ichalo chilekumfwa.we got freedom, but economical emancipation is still a nightmare to the masses…lets work towards bridging the gap between the poor and the rich, and also learn to eat cassava which is there even when there is draught. There has actually never been absolute hunger in zambia, coz when rains could be so eratic, cassava could be so abundant. chal blog…its been boring,..im out too.

  14. #17 Paparazzi,I would advise you to calm down and just make your points without being personal.May you kindly give answers about your companero LPM to these issues.How did your BRAVE and HONEST man LPM pay back money he owed FRA(K250,000,000.00).Where`s ISSA GALEDOU`S property(LPM`S former client).Has he returned the land he grabbed from UNZA?How was his Teka farm electrified?Why is he still holding on to the 150 vehicles they bought using stollen funds?The list goes on and that`s why we need this entire system cleaned.Just for your own information,don`t scare people back home about the Diaspora because there`s nothing special about that.

  15. #17 Paparazzi,it is not about LPM sacrificing his life to enhance multi-party politics. We needed every right thinking Zambian to join in the fight against a tyrant. Personal sacrifice was not the key. Didn’t FTJ et.al sacrifice their lives for the common good? Aren’t we pursuing him for his misdeeds while in office. That sacrifice has been rendered futile becoz of people like LPM.We,the bonafide and qualified masses have also sacrificed for our country by being subjected to mediocre leadership, poverty,limited job and education opportunities, dilapidated hospitals etc. We simply do not have the confidence in these leaders. LPM should have been very exemplary in adopting a new constitution. He has just shown us that power is sweet and definitely corrupts. The reason we need a good constitution is to curtail the excesses in Executive powers.Now is the time for us to do something really worth our salt.Anything short will confine us and our children into perpetual poverty.

  16. #15 SAGE,
    I must admit I truly admire you focusness I think you mean good for our nation.This is the more reason why I would like to engange you on this important issue of the constitution.I think we must proceed with caution and demand honest and integrite.My fear is that if we make this process as a refrendum on one indivitual we risk to be influenced by the pipo that have personal gradge against one person.On either side govn’t and opposition we have pipo whose interest is to settle old scalls.We have here pipo that can not meet the gov’nt face to face and challenge them that we have to disregard the current one.In my oppinion that is total chaos because suppose the Ca adopt the constitution are we saying that each time we have tomake amendments we have to create onother CA.The world and human being are dynamic,what is good today might not be good tomorrow and certain povossion might be outdated or overtaken by development.I am not in Z maybe iam missin something.

  17. SAGE
    I am all for what is good for my country what I don’t want to see is a situation that as soon as we pass this constitution whichever way then we shall see how we have been duped or then we will come to our senses to see the mistake that we have made.Levy can not be an impedement to the pipo’s constitution but the pipo’s ignorance is the major challenge.the implication or the aftermath is really what matters. Where are we goin to be as soon as the constitution is passed.Are we going to have improved infrastructure reduced poverty, improved social welfare etc.

  18. Kambilombilo, your option on the costitution making process is a little shallow.Is not about having gradge against LPM or any person.What pipo want is a costitution driven by the pipo themselves and not by the govt and its party (MMD.If you think pipo are ignorant you totally wrong or just hallucinating where ever you are.Look at the develop world, eg Britain Pipo pay tax in order to improve the quality of life.What we see in Zed is politicians getting richer and richer instead of serving the pipo who elected them into office and pay tax.Buying expensive vihicles for themselves when infact they dont even visit their costituecies only whn elections are near. The govt has the responsibility to provide essential basic needs to its’ pipo,such as Education, health, Food and shelter etc.Pipo want to be part of govt and to be heard and this can only be achieved whn you have a good costitution by the pipo, for the pipo and to the pipo.There is too much power invested in the executive.

  19. Kambilombilo,If you visit Zed hospitals, schools you will feel sorry for the pipo.No medicine, lack of staff or demoralised workforce, Chemists have medication and you have paid for consultation jst to be told by your clinical officer where you can buy meds.How can you buy vihicles for MPs and DCs when hospitals have no Ambulances, medication, and lack of staff. The priority must be serving the pipo and not themselves. Is this what you say probity/ diligent taken by govt.Im not saying the govt should not buy vihicles but the question is its’ priority. There is alot to learn frm other countries who enacted their costitution whn they thought theirs were not fit for purpose in the 21st century.Yes they maybe some shortcomings but those are the things you have to expect in any process and sort them out. If pipo are going to be given the right information by the churches and NGOs about the costitution making process, they will choose the right way forward.


  21. Kochamitanda go back and read what I have written and just try to understand after you have disenganged your emotions by trying to be soffisticted and calling me shallow.Egnorance is not whether you have been to school or not but whether you have been expossed to the material.You probably know what is in the constitution but there are a lot of pipo out there who are going to affected by the constitution and they don’t understand a thing about what is in the document.Broaden your perspective and deal with the issues that the constitution is going to solve.Let me take you back into memory lane,1990 MMd was formed as a vihecle to change the constitution from 1 party to plural the promise was that when we change to multy party then we shall have drugs,good roads no poverty and everything that u are expecting to get. Once the costitution is adopted whichever way u want.Pipo didn’t even know what to expect in pluralism.MMD took them 100 of steps backwards

  22. Continued
    You are talking about govn’t officials to be corrupt,and yousay pipo pay taxes so that the govn’t can improve there lives may be you know alot about z politician but how much do u know about british official u just judge by development and conclude that they are different.When you have a chance to live in these so called developed countries u ‘ll appreciate that, if the pipo are not watching them they are just as dangerous as our pipo.The diference is that pipo are sensitise and paticipate vigorously in day to day running of the gov’ts.We can adoped the constitution by CA and still be poor and corrupt.

  23. no # 17 paparazi,get your facts right LPM was not the only lawyer who stood up against KK and or sacrificed his life and family. The fact that LPM was one of those whose did, does not mean that he is infalliable and is above criticism. Dont immortalise LPM ,he is just a man who has grown big headed and is about to supress us

  24. Kambilombilo You are jst ***** who lacks substance on this blog.When I gave example of Britain it was jst one of the examples how their costitution works. power in with the pipo and that why politicians worh hard to meet the pipos’aspirations and needs. full stop. A goood costitution is a backbone of good governance

  25. Not so bad for LPM to accept his position and the majority of the voters.It takes a great man to accept his failures and implement what the masses ask for despite not wanting in the first place.Leaders are tested and will always implement the desires of the people.

    We cherish Kaunda for accepting the change,we will also cherish LPM for accepting to improve our constitution for the betterment of the rule of Zambia.

    Sturborn leaders are die hard,they prefer to go the grave without effecting any positive change or appologising.The likes of Taylor,Ferdinand Marcos,Pinochet,Amin,Bemba,Bush,Abacha and no doubt Kafupi.

    For LPM,thank God their is leadership in you I for see our constitution changing for the better and no other future leaders will take advantage of the Zambian people.

  26. People please if you have nothing sensible to say on this blog, go fishing.

    We have to put forth meaningful arguments because definitely the constitution is a paramount tool in the well-being of zambia and we can not afford to leave to political psychophants like Mulongoti, whose only interest in the constitution is to save their job and not the interest of the ordinary Zambian who has continued to sacrifice through being exposed to mediocre leadership.

    Zambia will only be able to move forward meaningfully if a constitution that can stand the taste time is put in place and not these mickey mouse constitutions which are changed for political expidiency.

    And it is only the ordinary zambia people who have true patriotism and if they can unite, these so called leaders can be shown just where to get off.

    Can some tell me if LPM was to step down or anything happens that will bring an end to his leadership, what will the ppeople remember him for? Loopsided corruption fight?

  27. Levy is not coming back 2 power he has had his time so if u think he is not the right man for the job wait
    for the next king whoever it will be not making noise
    like uneducated fools

  28. #33, Levy is definitely not a blessing to Zambia. What has he done to turn around things in Zambia after his Benefactor and corrupt friend Chiluba ran down the country.

    By the he is not doing us a favour by being our president but its us who are doing a favour by allowing him to rule us fraudulantly (rigged election).

  29. # 33, By the way, all the people who write to this blog seem to be eduacted. So what is your point? Education is necessity and not a luxury that should be used as a symbol of status.

    Educated or not, every zedian deserves better leadership not this mediocrity we are witnessing now.

  30. Us the elite know what LPM is capable of doing and what he has done. You can not compare LPM to Chiluba or Kaunda. LPM is learnt. Chiluba was a street thug who was capable of buying clothes worth over USA$1 million. This is one difference with Chiluba and LPM. KK-wa-muyayaya was a murderer. LPM will make sure that the new new constitution is implemented before he leaves office. The Zambian eceonomy is its best right now – take it or leave it. Compare it to the times of the street thug and the murderer…

  31. LPM, do it the best way u know how. All these people making noise are just being childish. Dont let them retard your progress. Today they are making noise, tommoro they will thank you. Bravo.

  32. POINT BLANK-ELITE AND FOR KEMPS-FACTS HELP THOUGH PAINFULL.LPM by assenting to the refferendum is a good thing to the Zambian people,as long as no rigging involved at the end of the day,as the Zambian people will have the chance to change the constitution for the betterment.Kemps lets remove the bitterness here and lets face facts,LPM can become what ever he desires,he may as well beome Mugabe,Taylor,Abacha or any other leader you may think of.But as for now he has allowed us to push him so we can get what we want,which at the end of day we will get.
    Elite POINT BLANK,Kaunda is a MAN of the people,KK IS ADMIRED BY LPM,CHILUBA,MANDELA,MUGABE.BLAIR,even you,you would wish KK was your grand pa.KK gave in to the demand of the people,Chiluba invoked and forced his way against the will of the people by putting LPM.
    Though his planning is working against.So please lets advocate for good and LPM will give us.

  33. #36 If you want comparison, Chiluba & KK had human heart, your LPM has animal heart, who cant even express himself comperly. KK listerned to pipo (maulti party), (FTJ listerned to pipo (third party) If FTJ is street thug, KK the murderer, LPM is Kabeki (cabbage). I can compare him to the comedian Chuchu in looks (remember soap NO ONE BUT YOU) Muwelewele has done nothing for this country to write home about. He has made more misery for the people. KK give you free education. FTJ gave you free houses + democracy. What has Muwelewele given you – none, apart from grabbing land from vulnerables.

  34. It is not worth my time to be discussing LPM because him and all those singing praises for him do not make sense to me.

    My stand is to overhaul Zambian leadership. We leaders not stranded people who have failed to make money for themselves in their private ventures who then turn to the Zambian people through government to look after them.

    We need independent,successful and selfless people like myself to rule Zambia.

    Abash mediocre leadership Abash handpicked fraudulant leaders.

    How can we praise leadership when it fails to do even the basics like planning for the safety of soccer fans. What does it reflect? Poor leadership. Chiluba killed our national team and now his handpicked successor is fighting not to be left out. Shame on you people for you can not see light.

  35. would be leader after LPM?Sata?or the charismatic KATELE KALUMBA?Do you think one day the PF and MMD unite?

  36. I did not intend to engange u poor soul Kochamitanda I am sorry that we have pipo like u who are trying to vent their frustration by attaking the very pipo they want to help with the constitution.U don’t exhibit the qualities to be heard because of ur idea bankrupcy.Getting back to the dabate,My point is that if we do not learn anything from history then we shall never see development.In the passed we ve had amendments to const.but each time has always prompted with the challenges that we ve faced as a nation but how much have we accomplished afterwards?Those in power when they see ignorance being shown in emotions they push us to the edge so that we loose he opportunity to get it right.The rhetoric from govn’t and interest groups serve no purpose if the pipo who they both claim to serve donoteven know what is at stark.Disengange from emotion remove political affiliation,personal gradge and everything keeping us think those in gov are enemies we are one fighting to reach common caus

  37. Titus #7&8…! you know what they say, ” perception is reality”… people will judge you by the way you present yourself/act out. If you felt disrespected…then i extend my sincere appologies! I am not the one to decide/judge what type of language one should use? … least to say…let us have respect (mutual) for each other. Thanks for being professional this time..! peace be with you.

  38. LPM we the majority want a CA so as govt of the pipo pliz harken to our cry.whatever has to been done to hold a CA and make sure b4 you leave office that a new constitution is ready.u are the one who started this process therefore end it in peace.this is your only way to leave a good name.

  39. Let me take this opportunity to enourage my fellow patriotic and galant bloggers who are getting attacked for been intelligent and demostrate leadership on issues.Leave these intellectually bound pipo alone cause if they do not have it together they ‘ii not get on this blog.Keep the dialogue to the pipo that will help somebody who is not yet born or under the care of these good for nothing emotionally challenged and ida bankrupt elements.ther are some good oppinoin that pipo have brought out on this blog.

  40. LPM we the majority want a CA so as govt of the pipo pliz harken to our cry.facilitate whatever has to been done to hold a CA and make sure b4 you leave office that a new constitution is ready.u are the one who started this process therefore end it in peace.this is your only way to leave a good name.

  41. Whats so evil has LPM DONE to call him an animal #36,I havent benefited anything from LPM under his rule and have not been in the country ever since he took charge.Can someone substantiate facts instead of name calling and comparing in terms of a free council house benefited under chiluba.Out of the 10 million zambian people,how many got free housing as compared to yourself,howmany got jobs ,how many became succesful farmers,meaning had their farm produce sold,how many kids went to school without much ado.
    Even if you have to build an economical trend for the 3 leaders,chiluba s trend will nose dive.So lets incourage dialogue and advocacy.Leadership is God given(KEMPS).if you have to become a leader not even satan will stop you,as for now its our duty to see that the constitution is properly done.

  42. #40# Hear hear i agree with you 100%.Am i with you because i see the light.WE NEED SOMEONE WITH A HEART.CAN I BE YOUR VICE PRESIDENT?

  43. Kambilombilo… Thequestion of how the constition gets adopted has arisen due to the many failed CRC and the fact that who ever is in the dog house (state house) tries come up influence the final out come primarily for 2 reasons.
    1-Consolidation of presidential powers
    2-The means to rigg the elections.
    Any constitution that tries th transfer some powers from the president to the people and also tries to eliminate or rather seal the holes in the electral act will be vigorously fought by the PIG (party and its government). We have come to the conclusion that a sitting government in Zambia can not be trusted with the constitution. This is a fact. we have hard CRC’s from Chona to Mungomba. And every time Zambians see the PIG manipulate the final out come of the constition and our elected MP’s only represents us during campaigns there after we are on our own. So my friend there is genuine cause for mis trust. We must be vigilant and keep pushing until we get a new constitution. tbc

  44. gk (#47), check your facts very well. Check what I wrote in Posting #36. I stand by my comments – take it or leave it. period.

  45. Poor Zambia has a leadership crisis. What a current crop of political “leaders”. Only Zambia can afford to waste so many years managing a “Task Force of on an individual” at the expense of all development. Issues of importance such as constitution changes are secondary. Shame on these leaders. Right now we are losing so much from copper earnings and no one is moving swiftly to tax the mines more just because they fund their campaigns, but all at the expense of natinal development. The leaders have no sense of urgency at all. Terrible leadership crisis!!

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  46. The white man belive what ever he or she say about
    africa is always right. Look at HI/ADIS here in the US it is like now one has it and yet bamamba abalwele bad.
    Sorry tabase kaumunobe,but why say ADIS is only in africa and we agree with them,LPM also agrees.Now ati
    we lost alot of MP’S in Zambia and Malawi from ADIS.
    Soon we be saked to pass a law to allow our children to
    marry boy to boy and girl to girl or no development help from the White.Please take note of this issues’
    soon you will start here of them in meetings

  47. #43tonga bull, apology accepted. looking foward to warm relations as we keep forcusing to discus what affects the pipo of zambia and the way foward. I give respect to the browsers and urge everyone to contribute without fear. lETS BE FRIENDS and politely critisize.

  48. Titus # 53..! Way forward my friend! let us continue to participate in discussions that continue to bring out the problems that we are facing as a nation. let us utilize our civic duty by expressing our opinions in meaningful debts. It is through our exchange of ideas that can and hopefully lead us to our desired outcome. Bohlman-” where there is widespread less public paticipation, illiteracy, apathy, or ingnorance, free self government is less likey to work”.

  49. BD # 52! How much help do we still need from the G8 nations,when our own leaders are capable of spending millions of dollars on high heeled shoes and gold chains? It simply tells us that we have (or should i say we had) the resources/potential to remove ourselves out of the partially self inflicated poverty stricken condition we are in? Our Leaders are the worst culprits,and not the G8 nations.Do you ever imagine what the 41 million dollars would have done if it was allocated to a dedicated and competent government! Every Zambians would have been 2 milion dollars richer and who would have cared if our leader decided to buy more shoes and suites with his change… nobody!Jokes aside! what Zambia needs is credible leadership and not fortune seekers that revolve from one party to the other(sata, nakatindia,
    Mwaanga) and of course jokers like webby chipili whose dream was to ride the BMW motor bike from Durban to Kitwe!though he has never thanked us for making his dream a reality.

  50. Did i miss out on something ?Can somebody educate me more on what is in the new proposed constitution… ! I have noticed some differences in opinions between Kambilobilo and Kocha Mitanda.

  51. Tonga bull my argument with kocha mitanda in #25 is coming out like the adption of the constitution by Ca is going stop pipo from been corrupt and is going to motivate nurses at UTH or make teachers have books in school and put drugs in the hospital.In my opinion the costitution is just going to give pipo the power to challenge authority and keep them honest.The issues of economy are the matters of policy which will be determine by whoever we elect.If we elect a fool under a good constitution we shall still be demotivated with no drugs in the hospital.Our focus must be trying to know what is contained in the const.

  52. SAGE
    Your points are well taken u understand the destination that we should take ie issues and not referendum on LPM. He should not take center stage like he is doing us a favour we know what we want and we will get it period.

  53. The President of any democratic country on earth is employed by the citizens of a country they preside over. Therefore an employee should not tell his employers what is good to them after they have issued instructions on how to go about doing the business of the company that employs that person, in this case the Zabian citizens. Also MPs are elected to serve the interested of the constituences not the government.

  54. #59..! If the proposed constitution will promote a bit of honesty in government,why should it be opposed?
    Ain’t character one of the primal aspects we look for in leadership? and once people have the authoirty, much of the decisions .. i presume will be towards the common good of the people and not the few in power? that way we can have the power to decide on how much our politicians will earn?
    # 60.. Kunda! Zambia is a nation and not a small family enterprise where decisions are based on a take or leave mentality? Zambian leaders need to understand that leadership is a service and not a get rich quick scheme. Only a handfull of MP’s are in politics to serve the mandate of their constituences.

    That is why we need a system that will protect the interests of all! we all entitled to good quality medical care and good education? why should these basics be avaliable to only those in public offices?if our generation has already missed out, then let our children enjoy!

  55. A good constitution can make a difference, but we need good men and woman to Lead the country. I always say that political parties in Zambia are run like a chicken yard of conformity. Only a few people are allowed to think the rest just follow stupidly. This include (PF,MMD,UDA) etc dare to think outside the box and tomorrow you are expelled. This is one of the biggest threat we have to national development and our young democracy. The solution to this problem i believe is creating a strong alliance of independents. This framework should pool resources to support independent candidates so that they can effectively compete in the elections with polical chicken yards(paties). Remember an independent is only answerable to the electrolate and his/her conscious. If independents can control parliament, then we can start seeing some accountability. as things stand forget it. Its like i’m keeping your money, i come to you to ask for some money but i will spend it even if you say no.

  56. hey guys come onthe only way to have a constitution thats gonna stand a taste of time is to have all eligible voters take part..me as a democratic its okay for the president to declare his side..but what is wrong is for him to block others having there wishes done…in this case mwanawasa who came to power thru dubious means we all have conveniently ignored..shud not BLOCK any means to amend the constitution by popular vote..by CA…i hear there may be a referendum…okay all eligible zambian voters must take part ..NOT a sample cecsus..i just hope the OASIS FORUM are reading this..by the way how can i reach the OASIS Forum men we need to wake there in zambia….otherwise our country will take 200 years to develop when it can only take us a 100 yrs…i want my next zambian generation not to live like me..struggling all the time though i never went to school it sucks..come on guys

  57. Good day,I rlealy enjoy examining your blog post, I need to to go out of a bit of remark to aid you together with hope that you’ excellent extension. Wishing you the finest connected with good luck for all of your running a blog work.P90X

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Mpika to benefit K22 million COVID – 19 relief funds for the vulnerable

The government with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has set aside more than 22 million Kwacha to cushion the impact of...

Kapiri mposhi farmers receive inputs

Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Smart Mwila has disclosed that over 22,300 small scale farmers have collected their farming inputs under the Farmer Input Support...

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