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Chiluba’s pension, assets frozen

Headlines Chiluba’s pension, assets frozen

chiluba.jpgTHE London High Court judgement has finally been served on former President Frederick Chiluba with a court injunction freezing his pension account and two properties in Ndola.

But Dr Chiluba has said that he would contest the London judgement during its registration in the Zambian High Court.

Ministry of Justice officials delivered Judge Peter Smith’s judgement together with the freezing order on Monday at Dr Chiluba’s Kabulonga home.

This is in a civil case in which the former head of State and others were found liable of defrauding the Zambian government of about US$46 million.

This was in an action in which the Zambian Attorney-General commenced civil proceedings in the London High Court against Dr Chiluba and 19 others to recover funds that were allegedly stolen using bank accounts based in London.

The specific claim against Dr Chiluba was about US$2 million.

Judge Smith’s freezing order is against seven defendants who include fugitive former Zambia Security Intelligence Services (ZSIC) director-general, Xavier Chungu, fugitive former Zambia High Commissioner to the United States, Atan Shansonga, former minister of Finance permanent secretary, Stella Chibanda, and Lusaka businessman, Faustin Kabwe.

Others are Nebraska Services Limited and Congolese businessman based in Belgium, Raphael Soriano, also known as Katebe Katoto.

Judge Smith’s freezing order prohibits Dr Chiluba to access his pension account at Barclays Bank’s Longacres branch in Lusaka, his properties in Ndola at 5 Kanono Road and another property at 20 Kabinga Road, until further order of the court.

Part of Judge Smith freezing order reads; “If you Dr Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba, Mr Xavier Franklin Chungu, Mr Atan Shansonga, Ms Stella Mumba Chibanda, Mr Kabwe, Nebraska Services Limited or Mr Raphael Soriano, disobey this order you may be held in contempt of court and be liable to imprisonment or fine or to have your assets seized.

“Any other person who knows of this order and does anything which helps or permits the respondent to breach the terms of this order may also be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized”.

Judge Smith following an application by the Zambian government granted the freezing injunction on May 4.
The order was made at a hearing without notice to the defendants although they have a right to apply to court to vary or discharge the order.

Judge Smith warned that the defendants should not in any way dispose of, deal with or diminish the value of any of their assets whether they are in or outside England and Wales.

Dr Chiluba, Mr Chungu, Ms Chibanda and Mr Kabwe have each got frozen assets in the sum of US$25 million.

On Mr Shansonga, the order attaches assets valued at US$2,220,000, Mr Soriano’s at US$20,500,000 while Nebraska Services Limited’s assets are valued at US$72,000.

Judge Smith stated that for the purpose of this order, the respondents’ assets included any he had power, directly or indirectly, to dispose of or deal with as if it were his own.

The assets seized from the other six defendants range from bank accounts, farms, residential houses, companies and shares in some companies.

The order also provides that the defendants should within three days of service and to the best of their ability inform the Attorney-General’s solicitors of their assets world-wide exceeding US$5,000 in value whether in their name or not.

Judge Smith ordered that if the provision of such information was likely to incriminate the respondent, they might be entitled to refuse to provide it through legal advice in that wrongful refusal was contempt of court, which may render such people liable to be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized.

He also said within seven days of service of the order, the respondents should swear and serve the Attorney-General’s lawyers an affidavit setting out the information on their assets world-wide.

Dr Chiluba’s spokesperson, Emmanuel Mwamba, said the former President would seek that the judgement together with the order be set aside during registration in the High Court.

Mr Mwamba said Dr Chiluba had noted that the judgement had come with other orders that sought to freeze his pension account and two of his houses in Ndola.

He said once the Attorney-General puts in motion the registration of the judgement in the High Court, he would seek that the entire ruling together with the order be set aside.

Mr Mwamba complained that the judgement was “dropped” at Dr Chiluba’s residence gate on Monday at about 16:30 hours by officials from the Ministry of Justice.

“They dropped what appeared to be normal mail but later it was discovered that it is the London High Court judgement.

“We wish to express our worry at the manner of the service of the documents because they were not given to Dr Chiluba, his representatives or agents but just left at the gate with the guard,” he said.


  1. Things begin to fall apart for Chiluba. The centre cannot hold.
    Now we are seeing results, The SHORT MAN has been squeezed where it hurts most……his vanity

  2. Fred,word of advice……just give back what you can and tell those that obviously took advantage of your naivety to do the same.Life is too short to be going through this circus day in day out.Pay the money back, get your passport and travel the world in peace. Your health will probably improve as well.Repay the faith Zambians once had in you by setting a precedent for all future leaders to take note of.Chances are Zambians will forgive and forget and look to the current administration to account for their actions.In turn, forgive all that have judged you harshly.

  3. If Chiluba would for once be humble and remorseful he would know that there is such a thing as

    You agree to pay back quietly with the Government. You retain your integrity and dignity and enjoy the rest of your years in peace with Regina.

  4. This is what wehave been waiting for.hope it will serve as a lesson that crime does not pay.Please let all the proceeds of crime be seised from Chiluba and the co accussed.Why should they go on dancing and jubilating while we wallow in poverty becoz of their evil acts.Let the law take its course,no mercy!!!!!!!!!!! Criminals know today that not all days are sundays, your days are numbered,one day the law will catch up with you.

  5. NOT yet finished,its the begining of the finishing of the traunt,the spoiler kapenda,the small zambian mafia,the fedinand marcos.
    Where IAM sitting right now,I feel the sigh of relief almost coming out.

    THE HOUR !,the people of Zambia had given you the chance to govern and control the economy,but you plundered it and declared our parents redundered.

    Let me remind you,your action increased prostituion(aids,HIV),ORPHANS,CRIME,UNEMPLOYMENT AND we are were we are beacuse of your theiving.You said we tighten our belts,when you and your children and Vera,you were loosening them.

    It takes ONLY THOSE INDIVIDUALS that enjoyed your share to support you.

    But for those still hitting the streets,living on one meal,and even anxious to join the Zambia police when at certain time the job was meant for Grade 9,will really enjoy seeing you pay back our money.


  6. VIVA Great gk!! i can feel the rythm of your joy. You seem to be very patriotic ofcourse not patriotic front.Arange a security company to empoloy kafupi as a security guard(night shifts only)

  7. #6 and 2 wembfi mwe? umunanu alecula imwe mule-cebrata te? iwe ka gk wabula ifi umweshi walayingila te? mwaice plz kwata umuchishi kubafyashi lya banobe te? iwe chi pink waba pinky somewhere. bushe iwe kuti mwatemwa ukucula te? be humble and sensible mwaice.plz baice kwateni respect to elders like ba sata and bashi tito.

    Warning ku mbifi, dont kutezula iminyombo ya senseless kwati ni sizelizo yama over size. moreover you will be mutetema in the kalugava and lidovafu te? baice vokeni tilizi yazelu not amakavalaze.(Kayata plz bro translant to bad boys my lingua)

    BASHI MIKO, dont worry everythung will come to pass like waves on antlatic do te?

  8. Pipo you are talking sense even God forgives his children who turn to him after committing sin. Dr. Pule is one of them he repented I hope he has remarried his wife. Chibula should start seeking reunion with Vera. Remember can also punish that is why he sends people to hell. FTJ do you want to go to jail on earth then to hell instead of going to heaven. You declared Zambia a christian nation just admit yor wrong doing you will be forgive. LPM has a soft heart he asked you to repay just 85%. Remember to read Job 3 starting verse one maybe it will give you strength. Maybe God want you to be a roll model please act on before the law of man catches up with you. Remember Saul was killing christians but he came to his senses accepte christ. Do it now, lord help this poor man spiritually.

  9. Why do you boast in evil o mighty man?. The goodness of god endures continually.
    Your tongue devises destruction,like sharp razor working deceitfuly.
    PSALMS 52 VERSE 1 – 7

    You love evil more than good, lying rather than speaking righteousness. Selah
    You love all devouring words you deceitful tongue.
    God shall likewise destro you for ever;he shall tke you away and pluck you out of your dwelling place, and uproot you from the land of the living;Selah
    The righteous shall see and fear,and shall laugh at him saying
    “Here is the man who did not make God his strenth,but trusted in the abundance of his riches and strenthened himself in his wickedness”

  10. What ever happens,iam thousands of miles away but I can feel the heat Kafupi is feeling in this COLD WEATHER.I know how zambian Judicial system is,its got no mercy when it comes to such matters.NI CHIMWEMWE CHABE.BASHI MIKO,TITO,CASTRO MUKWAI BWESHENI ULU PIYA MWAIBA.(i hope this will motivate you as I salute you with respect)

  11. Mwebantu mulekwatako ulese. Mulefwaya uwali kateka engile inchito yabu sempya?? Nga ifichitika nga wafumapo bushe ukwiba kuti bwapwa ?? Fred nasebana already,no credibility and only a weak heart to show for it.Nomba tufwile twafwanta balya abaibile mweshina yakwe !! Balya bantu ninchenjeshi bamusha Fred at our mercy….not fair!!!

  12. CITIZEN,that last reading-line #13,makes sense to Kafupi situation,I doubt that man if he can do what you advised in #4.He is so sturborn.

  13. #16gk wabwela te? plz mwaice kwatako respect kubafyashi ba FTJ. bushe ifi wayamba ukuvoka iminyombo iyabula pazundu can make you mutetema wa oversize and to let you pipinyaz uwa no style. mwaice be sitwaye nokuvoka ama-plaudiz.

    Bane umucishi ulefwayika pa blog. ba FTJ kuyuma yuma, it will pass.

  14. Bashi Tito mwamona nomba nabakabola umupwilapo balamuseka, eyo chacine batila ba Kolwa basekene ifipato. Ishi pupu shapala nga Chi CITIZEN,gk and others.

  15. #19 iwe chi citizen, talandolo tawishibe kuti umuchishi usuma. bushe isho ndalama bwabepesha ba shi Miko bushe kuti shamufumya mu poverty te? mwaice citizen bika pola pashi and mina amate to be a good citizen.

    Kuku ulikwi? awe imbifi shacilmo kumipoto. Nomba ubwafya bwambi tacisabailako kuli chuchu. plz mwembifi you must also hammer chuchu (LPM)

  16. FTJ is dead,very soon he will expire,but gk spare the man .Wabe T,you are a sadist, you must have suffered alot ,we will see where this money will take you as a person.Shame on you mate.Ukafwa na bwima

  17. Too bad for FTJ, I feel sorry for him. May God give you endurence as you thru this period of repayment. God will vindicate you if really you are innocent as you claim to b.


  18. #20 Ba Jose ala Kuku abutuka insale shakwa gk and neci batila chi Citizen ichabula ubuyo. And you chi Intoto #21 shame on u for wishing FTJ dead. My dear inshimbi ni inshimbi, FTJ baume mwakula tunafye ne nsele shenu shakula mubwelela.

  19. INTOTO,whatever animal you are.I never suffered in zambia,I have been privileged all the way,THANKS TO MY GOD JEHOVAH.Its individuals like you and many more that I cry for and myself because Iam a responsible Zambian.I was paying TAX at the age of 19 when I started working in Zambia.So for me to stay put and not advocate against a criminal is tantamount to being stupid and un caring.By the way you MONK feel your dick where you are right now,it feels almost like your fathers.Next time you dont insult pipo that you dont know,may you come and contribute positvely.SILY MONKEY BOY.yOU STRAPPER.

  20. #23 AM,abaice bacilamo iminyombo especially chi gk and citizen kwati balalila insele. imweebaice lekeni ukundosa insuko sha-white nokupepa ifyamba fyaku Malawi. Bashi Tito, kuyuma yuma hayisha. Wait ba sata baleimpula plot 1 and iyi rule of vengency baleta ba Mudidi (MMD)it will finish on Chuchu.

  21. Ba Jose have u read careful what Intoto #21 insults, I think bakalamba this pipo is sick. gk #24 pls dont return insults to insults, the Bibles says bless those who curse u and u will be blessed.

  22. Good advise AM,no hard feelings,if someone feels he is safe behind the net and able to insult other,he should expect same.We are zambians and should be happy to net and contribute positively.Other freinds from other countries meet and have built societies beacuase of the net.why IFWE UMUFIMBILA,please we cant develop.


  23. So you people you reckon FTJ will surrender his hard earned/stolen money just like that? Mind you he’s surrounded by those quake lawyers ( sangwa and simeza), they too want to eat. Its gonna be a protracted case, appeal after appeal, application for adjounment after another etc until they are certain the little one has been milk of every ngwee. Thats when they will surrender him to chimbokaila posthumously, of course not in our life time. Hard luck zambians.

  24. Am sure there is no money in the freezen banks accounts, all the money have already being diverted some way alse or under the pillows.

  25. kaka fupi patala…..
    What an *****…not even is substandard zambian lawyers know what is going on.. On what grounds will they seek to set the judgement aside?
    Ema lawyer bafuma ku Unza nomba aba? Thank God i left….

  26. Sup my poeple!!
    What goes up must come down and for sure the ball has droped. FTJ! there comes a time in ones life when only the truth and forgivness can set us free. For you the time is now. You have backed yourself into a corner in which for once your arrogance can not save you. The law has no means of retraction. The wheels of justice will continue to move forward eventually you will have no room to back up anymore.
    To the rest of us time to move on to more pressing matters, yes we will observe with intrest but this should not be our prime issue. Speaking of the proposed pardon I say yes, even FTJ deserves a pardon. Recovery not punishment should be the main motivation for this excersise. At this point we just want our money back. God in his own way will teach the accused thier lessons.
    Message to all those that might ever habour such ideas in the future the patience and goodwill of the Zambian people can be limited. We shall not always forgive.
    Loadist out!

  27. mala – msana wandalama (*28)you indeed have a point there. lawyers are minting from these cases although when questioned they always say they have yet to be paid!!! Since 1991 lawyers have made obscene amounts of money. There is a lawyer at every corner in Lusaka,even those who operate in pubs (Rhapsody and Times) are making money.Zambians now appreciate the role of these learned comrades and it is interesting to note they are driving the most expensive cars and almost all of them are building!!!! The situation makes one wish they had done law at campus!!! Could they be a growing parasite in our society or is it their turn to enjoy??

  28. Mweba londo (Sycophants)ba kwa kanabesa FTJ ba Jose naba nenu ba AM.

    Please read PSALMS VERSE 52 Chapter 1-7 on my #13

    You may understand the prophetic words and interprate to your master Chiluba.

    May the good Lord have mercy on his Soul

  29. FTJ has no diginity. The man is naked in the eyes of the whole world. His own supporters are his fellow plunderers and those who dont think beyond boundaries of Kaponyaz.

  30. The Government is already preparing for inceration of Chiluba and his coterie of thieves.

    Commissioner of Prisons have been Changed. Chimbokaila has been dicongested, inmates reduced to 450 in order to accomodate Chiluba.

  31. Citizen(35)what a hilarious comment!!! If Fred is going in it won’t be for long.He does have a rather “weak heart” you know !! As for his “stronger” colleagues (assuming we find them)Chimbokaila would be a befitting place to think over their unbridled rape of our meagre resources.

  32. Be wise in your days of your leadership regardless of your level of leadership. The guys 12 bank accounts each. Wow! Swiming in $$$$!!Now i believe the guys are the biggest plunderes.

  33. I’m suprised how did this bus leave Micheal Sata behind? If I recall he was very instrumental during the first and most of the second term. No wonder he is quiet.
    Since when has Mr Sata shown such restriant. Remember the wheels of justice once set in motion continue to turn. Maybe we should set up a kind of truth and reconciliation commission and all those that might be in the way come forward pay back and be forgiven.
    Loadist out!

  34. Well, what we have been talking about is about to happen. What we want to see is a situation where the recovered funds are invested in something ICONIC for all to see that the stolen money was recovered and used wisely. May be complete the building near Katima Mulilo roundabout (FTJ Institute) using the recovered funds and name it as ‘Zambia Institute for Anti-Corruption Studies and Crime Prevention’ with its motto ‘ Corruption does not pay – We are here to help you understand how to deal with it’. Such a big banner near UNZA would be quite befitting and would send a very clear message to whoever visits Zambia. Just a thought. Another ideas – setup a revolving scholarship scheme to sponsor the best students in Law and Police studies, name it the ‘Fight Against Prize for the most promising Lawyer or Policeman’ each year. The key is to keep the spirit against corruption in every Zambian’s mind.
    What do others think?

  35. FTJ now sues HH for K20 billion in a case filled in Lusaka Hight Court. I guess this is to offset his losses through theft. Chiluba is going down fighting.

  36. jojrop433ur409uj9ofopjf99ujdjil3u3io2hyth2hoihr3o2rt3ioh4iohojgo4ghiofihoi43ighnekdu943oqhgp0oqhoplehgkhhi4y094hg3oyu43yjkhlayr32poyieognhfjekyy82o3iqguwfeuiwret3289tjky4ty489ofh897rklsu97328ywkwao7a4orijfkhg894trgrfuiaglg4iuyrq8t93fqbgoqi8ghrghgtg

  37. #41 & 42 this bahaviour only fits somebody who has not been to school.Are you a maid in sweden or you were taken by those volunteers to go and father coloureds in the clan?You are hopeless and continue being in those slams of sweden.Aim hundred percent sure you must be a sex worker in sweden.Shame on you.How dare you waste precious time for everyone here? Damn fool

  38. #41 I respect scandinavian countries and am not sure they would accept the likes of you within their boarders. We need a break, go and get yourself a job or follow ba JOZE ku ma order. You’re so annoying.

  39. FK
    Am very surprised that instead of contributing on the issue at hand,people are busy insulting each other.Chiluba took what belongs to zambians and if anything he shud hang.cus what he did is as good as killing innocent lives.the money in question could have been used to educate people like abena Jose,AM and kanalelo so they could have not been as illiterate.lets contribute positively and lets call a spade a spade and not a big spoon.FJT took what did not belong to him,so let him give back VSE!!!

  40. Abena what happened to your brains? Maybe one one of your kindreds is/was a beneficially, man just be real and come out in open! Why is it that it hates you the most when you hear someone condemning your man(kafupi)for stealing! What kind of a fool to think that Zedians we let kafupi go scotfree with millions of $

  41. the bible says stealing is bad so chiluba MUST SUFFER .and God will panish him if he does not pay back.and you people who suppots stealing must repent.PLEASE GOD IS CALLING YOU .

  42. the bible says stealing is bad so chiluba MUST SUFFER .and God will panish him if he does not pay back.and you people who suppots stealing must repent.PLEASE GOD IS CALLING YOU . OK

  43. and what is wrong with our judicial system?its a shame that kafupi was found guilty by scott in london when the case has been in the zambian courts for ages,just talking about petty issues like shoes,gold chains and the like.where are the LLB graduates from Unza.please help the old man PLM.

  44. Hon Mulongoti why in the Lusaka High Court again?
    You see what the M15 can do to a nation. This smith
    is just a M15.Soon the lawyers will get back to meet
    Smith. Mumba Milila mwana be carefull because your also
    flying using tax payers money.Why don’t you let Kunda
    wayambile icani to finish it. Boss you get the money
    from Chluba now,KK also has 600,000 dollars.If he pays
    ni naoalibile. Chiliukotuleya Bamayenge

  45. Whatever u say, you pipo who are outside zed, I and my fellow kaponya will still appreciate the work and change FJT brought pa zed. Some of you have been gone for a long time and dont even know how our country looks like. You are busy cleaning old people or working as maids, g/boys in foreign countries, (despite that you went with degrees, which you have pack) u have left ur gradies and mothers sufferring in poverty. Some of you ran away to other countries thro dubious means and u left the zed to us kaponyas to run affairs of this country, so dont complain how we do it, it is not our fault that u, because of your selfness ran away from zed. But us kaponyas are so brave we have stick to our zed thro thick and thin. We have made enough money for ourselves, but we never run away from our sweet zed, only coward and self pipo do that.

  46. “51”U really dont no what your talking about.pipo like you make me SICK.If all was good in ZED sorry the whole of africa do you think we would have left?I FOR ONE ARE ONE OF THOSE PIPO CLEANING OLD PIPO and do you no WHAT i enjoy my job it has built me (1) 3 big houses (2)I send money to my family.So please tell me if i was back home what would i be doing “business” dont forget your luck is not mine.Not all of us are hair Heads you no.Yes we are suffering in the sence that we live for the day that africa can get rid of people like FTJ.So please have RESPECT for some of us.We are doing what we have to do.

  47. leave ftj alone you you jelous pipo just buying suits and shoes is a problem with u. u can talk and talk but u will never see the benefits even if ftj pays back only those who belong to!!! will enjoy what they will reap from ftj

  48. “53”you must have enjoyed with him.Maybe its your KIDS that were sent aboard? TO BECOME what?This man SHOULD BE HANG.He SOLD ZED AS IF IT WAS HIS to sell.Yea its true maybe we wont see the money.But let us enjoy the ride and see him SUFFER because when you look around and see the jobless,pipo stealing just to get a meal.Do you think that funny?

  49. #52 if I make u sick then go and throw youself in the nearest ocean, because you are just talking without doing anything or contribute something to mother zed. Those 3 bigs houses u are building are for you and yours. If you real wanted, there so much you can do here at home, instead of leaving investments to the Chang Cheng Chong, you can come and invest your $s in zed, instead banking them in foreign banks, your $s can do alot for the nation. Now just want to critise from outside without seeing what is at stake. At least I, Kaponya have done a lot for mother zed, I have invested all my money in zed not in foreign countries. Shame on u zed pipo outside who are not doing anything for your country, but busy critisesing us.

  50. AM(55) you have been too harsh on Witness(52+54).the guy has built 3 houses….that means he provided employment for local bricklayers and casuals: he sends money to his family…..that means fewer street kids/adults on the loose.Assuming the houses are on rent Witness pays 15% tax on the rentals….another contribution to our economy. Don’t you think we should encourage Witness to build commercial properties now, so that more infrastructure is available for people to trade from ?? Witness is doing his bit lets applaud and encourage him/her. Would you prefer he got a mortgage wherever he is living, thereby depriving Zambia of his newly found wealth ?? we should encourage those who have left, to re-invest in zambia and not treat them with contempt.

  51. You guys lets leave FTJ alone. Surely harassing a former president for $2m and clothes, when he received $9m from other well-wishers? This is an embarssment to the nation. No wonder no reasonable African leader has commended LPM for this circus. Anyway we know that so much has been spent on this Task Force on Chiluba and they have to show at all costs why set it up – to preserve themselves. Apart from harassing this individual what have they done to improve the country? What a shame!!

  52. #56 Pundit I am just telling the truth if you zedian who left long time could come back and invest their dollars in zed, we need even invite the chang Cheng Chong of this world. If only all those doctors, professors, engineers, teachers who went away in the later 80s and early 90s to Namimbia, Botswana USA UK could come back and pay our dear country (ecomonical) which educated them, it will may a difference. Come and particant in politics of your country. Dont just talk on net without any meaningful contribution.

  53. AM, tell them. they are good at talking and we are good at voting. come 2011, ba sata straight plot 1. wina azalila 2011.

  54. This is the worst freezing of assets ever seen in the world. I thought the assets to be frozen would be the one’s FTJ and company bought using the USD$46 metres.
    Freezing assets he already owned shows that the state had no “Evidence”.

  55. lpm what r u doing in the uk? I guess u got more work at home than to go and talk about white man to help u get money from man chilu.. \those guys have a hard issue between states and russia to sort than u think can have time to listen to ur cry. just came home, but remember to see ur doc those ends before u get another stroke. good G8???hell no…

  56. Am
    you are already freaking me with your stupid comments.the one talking is beng/meng in electrical and electronics.but that does not mean i dont care about zed,No!ya ofcourse am not yet in zed but thats my homeland and for you guys to support a thief makes me very sad.

  57. #39 very good contribution.
    But why i am still shocked is how king cobra sata has got away with it. I meam the man was part and parcel of KK’s last years in goverment. point of mention KK did not plunder apart from misguide the country, blinded by cold war policies. Kafupi was like a monkey incharge of a maize field. True. The only thing Kafupi did +ve for us was he introduced press freedom. Which was a novelty. That was while he was selling off Zambia at wholesale prices.
    Now going back to Sata , he was one of the king pins in kafupis group. He stood the watch as chiluba and his gang raped Mother Zambia. He must have corruption writen all over him. How has he escaped ???. The man must be brilliant or clean, He was nothing but a watchman while Zambia was being raped.
    Which one is it???


  59. What Chiluba has allegedly stolen may not be as much as that which Chiluba knows was stolen by the people who worked and stood around him. In this case government should use Chiluba as bait to bring out those he knows have stolen. The Americans are good at making deals with some criminals so that they can get more criminals. Let’s make a deal with Chiluba that we know he is an alleged thief and we want him to reveal those people he worked with. If he does, he will be spared by the wroth of the courts and if he does not take that deal, he will be reduced to poverty.

  60. Wow..what a Zambia…u guys do u really understand whats going on here…oohh oohhh ..chiluba was president of zambia.he is accused of stealing zambian funds…by a person he appointed to the throne…using the same stollen funds…these guy mwanawasa spill the beans not that he didnt know..let him not hide behind that vail…then LPM fails to prosecute him..he transfers the case to Tony Blair..how on earth iam zambian and i seem to be lost about all these fuss and govt mess..look we are supposed to act on our national affairs..i didnt know we are still a province on London..who allowed that..maybe we shud ask the same judge smith to look into whether mwanawasa was properly and duly elected..then u guys who keep commenting about this look chiluba is under a pension paid for by YOU..his legal fees are paid for by U ..so u think his lawyers will abondone him..better think 99 times please know and understand ur system its like most of us zambians dont know our system..do u know whathe get

  61. so what i was saying is its really annoying and embarrasing to take a case commited in zambia by a zambia..to uk..even though they used accounts there..dont u see what i see its politics at play here..those guys wud only have been called to testify..for argument sake..iam working for shoprite and embezzle some funds say $100,000.00 and transfer them thru a South african bank account do u think they will send my case to cape town..that will be a mocally of justice and is a sign to say we dont know what we are doing…i believe those people can only be called to testify..and let the zambian judicial system take its course ..hey u guys whats happening to our lawyers are they all scared by mwanawasa..iam sure we need to revamp the entire legal system..this one has failed us..judge smith may have ruled but chiluba will continue to receive his pension ,his package as a former head of state..and who pays for that u..and me..i think all politicians need to be jailed,then they will learn some

  62. # 53..! it is a pity, ” we have suckers like you born every minute.” we are not complaining about chiluba’s suits and high heeled shoes!….who gives a damn! we are talking about the waste of the much needed resources that would have helped to improve the living conditions!……. continue voting ba bwaato.. bana ndola!

  63. Some of the comments I have seen here clearly in support of Chiluba though pathetically concealed in so called imperialism imposing Mr. Smith’s judgment on a “Zambian” who committed offences in “Zambia” nearly made me cry. We all know the courts in Zambia are rotten down to “below the bench” and stink right to the heavens in the skies above. Only a few years ago, one stupid Thief Justice going by the name Matthews Ngulube was caught ready handed wallowing in Chiluba’s stinking pocket oozing wealth plundered from you and me. Now, if the head of the judiciary in the country could wallow so deep in the convicted thief’s spoils, who in the legal system could claim to have been upright, none. The only gallant judges of the bench like Kabazo Chanda or Musumali were either hounded off the bench or died, what remains in stinking hyenas of all smells who have been only too willing to play out Chiluba’s case in our courts “until Jesus Christ comes back”. They are all scared that if they convict him, and the evidence is overwhelming, he might spill the beans.

    Here is where you have to respect a seemingly slumbering “Li Cabbage”, he smelled a rotten rat and sued in London where the crimes were committed, money laundering! Abena “Judge Simisi” and our defense lawyer Blair are literally made of steel and no arrow of stinking corruption thrown by ka Chiluba could never pierce their “machete” skin”. Now that they have convicted him, you have a “munyololo” of Luapulese Janjaweedos claiming Mr. Simisi is a racist because FTJ “alelila fye muibala” so “a tolele fye”. Well, this stinking “kaca” of yours will lead your stinking hero to Armageddon. Ni lwakwa Noah tate, kano lunyeeee!!!

  64. Imwe, FJT is an incompetent little thug who abused our trust and threw good governance out the door, soon as we voted him in. Simply put, what goes around comes around.

    As for ba mayo ba Regina, ulupiya lwamiletelela, mwasha umwaice Mwanza ku Ndola just to nurse a little ailing criminal…

Comments are closed.

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