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Lion still alive, says Mwape

Rural News Lion still alive, says Mwape

 ZAMBIA Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has refuted claims that one of the two lions  terrorizing villagers in Kapiri Mposhi has been killed.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS from Kabwe, ZAWA Public Relations
Officer, Maureen Mwape said that the two lions were not yet found.

She said her officers where still on the ground looking for the lions which were still in the area so that they could control them.

“The villagers in the affected area are reporting whenever they see them but when
the officers go there, they are only finding footprints of the lions meaning that they are somewhere around the villages,” Ms Mwape said.

She said apart from the five goats that were killed and eaten by the lions two weeks
ago, no other killings have been reported.

Ms Mwape however, appealed to the villagers in the affected area to be careful in their movements as the animals were hovering around the area.


  1. Cant ZAWA just put these animals to sleep and transfer them to a game reserve. ZAWA should know better than to kill the animals.

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