Lenshina sect members thanks Mwanawasa for welcoming them back


Disbanded Lenshina followers have hailed President Mwanawasa’s government for accepting them back into the country as free citizens.

The followers who went in ‘exile’ in 1964 to Democratic Republic of Congo, by then Zaire, sent their gratitude message to the President through the Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development, Gabriel Namulambe, who visited them in Mufulira yesterday.

Lenshina sect, originally from Chinsali district, is now working with other Faith
Based Organizations in the district under the name Lenshina Support Group.

Chairperson of the group, Lewis Chanda, said the sect is willing to work with the
government of President Mwanawasa to improve their living standards.

Mr. Chanda lamented that Mama Lenshina’s members can not sustain their living
because they have no basic education as they were forced out of the country by the
first republican government.

He said they have suffered enough as a result of their faith that government by then
did not recognize.

They appealed to government to assist them settle and empower them with survival
skills as citizens of the land.

The regrouped support group is staying in seven different locations in the district.

Mr. Namulambe however encouraged the members to work so that government can only
supplement their efforts.

Lenshina sect was disbanded by UNIP government in 1964 for unlawfull religious acts.
Mama Lenshina was their spiritual leader from Chinsali district.

The sect came back into the country during the second republican government of
former President Chiluba.



  1. we definately welcome them back as zambians and we can not discriminate among ourselves.Though theres need to make sure they now adhere to the laws of the land, we can not allow primitive acts in this day and age.

  2. Ba Joze, mwamona Chuchu nomba alabwesha ifipondo mu calo.Bushe filya fyalecita abena Lenshina, ukwipaya abantu, caliweme? Advise chuchu ba Joze pantu kuti abwesha na bantu ba kwa Welensky mucalo. Anyway, I don’t know what chuchu thinks about people who rise against the government of the day and cause confusions in the country. The Mushala people fled to Angola, let them come back too because Zed calo cabo.

  3. Lenshinas are equally Zambians.Man is subject to reform where space has been created. I applaud President Mwanawasa and his administration for their magninimity on the fet of these fellow zambians who ranguished in Congo for Generations but with a few assimilated in our societyth. As long as they are put in check and prove self contrition, i see nothing wrong. Society must mature in tolarating diversity so long its not a detriment to national security and unity. We have Sata there a hardcore Lenshina cult member liken only to the KKK of America where tribal hatred is concerned. But time has condoned him even risking to bring him in the limelight of power politics.

  4. Do u know John Koni of Uganda. He is hiding in the bushes of DR.Congo making attacks on Uganda. He kidnapps kids and train them soldiers.If you refuse they cut your fingers, your arms, your legs and leave you dying slow.Girls are raped and sexual abuse. Lenshina should show good behavoiur or else the society will not accept them. Zambia needs peace and development.

  5. Followers of Mama Alice Mulenga Mubisha Lenshina (Regina) have been back from Congo for many years. Even in Kaunda’s time between 1985 and 1988 they were returning from the then Zaire, and ZCCM in Mufulira laid on trucks to fetch them from the border and they were received very warmly in Mufulira. I don’t think they can cause the same trouble that they did in the past. I personally went to Zaire with my folks to seek out a family member who had been exiled. As a child, the experience of going to the village in Zaire where these guys lived left a very deep impression. It was like going back in time to the biblical era. They grew a lot of food and they were building an ark just like Noah’s. The indigenous Zaireans were extremely jealous of them and were agitating for their expulsion. Mobutu finally expelled them in the 1980’s. I am surprised any of them stayed on!

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  7. Ninshi nomba ba Lusaka times ilyashi lyapwa. twakulalanda na pali ba lenshina. These pips have been arround for years all of a sudden yaba ni news. Give us some meat in your stories. i’m sure there is a lot happening in Z to talk about. A blog is for important news not ba lenshina.

  8. All you PF cadres,
    Does Sata have any moral credence to disparage Lozis alleged to have met in Western province on regional unity basis for him to take it as any opportunity to vilify the conveners? Does he think Zambians have forgotten why he failed to canvas winning votes across the nine regions in the run up to Decision September 28,2006? Does he think Zambians have forgotten how he immorally championed causes of the Luapula plunders only that wrecked our country’s resources now before Judge Smith? This is the Sata that shamelessly exhibiting and belabored to taint the anti-grafti as a tribal battle. He tried but in vain to vilify Zambians and Levy over their resolve to clean the rot Sata created with Chiluba? Does he think Zambians have forgotten his recent remarks in Kapoche against Conservative Easterners for their political allegiance? Has he forgotten or missed the implicitly of his public stand that all other languages are “ifitundu he can’t hear”? Zambians that distasted his tribal causes in 2006 when found abusing the “KORA FOUNDATION” as a tribal front, are the same today impossible to manipulate. If the March 4th meeting was tribal, Sata should be reminded of his marriage with the Kola foundation and why PF is 95% Northern and Luapula. We thank God MMD got more seats in Northern than his PF tribal front.

  9. If PF is a democratic party rather than a tribal front to champion plunders’ causes Zambians have come to prove, Sata should go for a convention to democratically allow democracy to offer his party a people mandated front runner in 2011.Its not normal to hold the party Presidency with fists without people’s mandate from 2001 to 2011. Such characters are a danger to democracy, national Presidency, and unity.

  10. #10 and 11 Paparazzi. First of all PF, UPND and most opposition parties in Zambia are not democratic. They are vehicles to help certain individuals (Sata, Hichilema, The Kaundas, etc) to win ‘the prize’, i.e. State House. The biggest problem that Zambia faces is lack of a credible opposition – one that concentrates on issues. All of them are just interested in 2011 and as far as they are concerned they have already ‘selected’ their presidential candidates. How depressing! On the issue of Westerners, no one has the right to demand that a president be Bemba, Lozi, black or white. If the choice is left up to the people, they will vote for anyone they like. Even a white man or an Indian if they so wish. So as far as I am concerned, Lozis, Tongas, Bembas or anyone else have no business dictating to the rest of the Zambian population. As for Sata, I still find it hard to understand why people cannot see him for what he is. He would destroy even the little progress that Zambia todate.

  11. #10 and #11 Paparazzi. I know we have diverted from the subject at hand, but it is worth pointing out that if opposition parties were run by individuals with no presidential ambitions, the parties would be better run and more effective. Party managers would concentrate on recruiting members, and developing and publicising their manifestos. Their MPs would concentrate on taking the government to task in parliament. Those with presidential ambitions would openly sell their personal manifestos to the people without tearing their parties apart. Nearer to the election date, the presidential candidates would apply to their parties for adoption as presidential candidates. One candidate would be elected through an open and transparent election and losing candidates would be persuaded to either fall in line or to leave the party. In other words, the party should be stronger than one or a few individuals.

  12. Am sure KUKU and JOSE have a lot to contribute on this Leshina topic for obvious reasons. i will be happy to know why their families didnt go in exile with the other followers.

  13. Paparazzi stop confusing people here as much as you well informed an have access quicker to news plz try to stick the topic discussed here. Look at the headline again and read it. The issue here religionous segregation.Remember religion has the waste conflicts on earth,it is no easy to change someone on what he believes in. What is important is as we try to live together we must try to create a living conditions that will bring development and peace to the nation. Look at Palestine, Afganstain, Iraq, Nigeria, Uganda, Somalia, all those who act by killing they are saying the doing it in the name of what they believe. That why we have terrorist, fundamentalist,Sect, all these do this in the name of religion. We need to be tolarent to each other, discuss things and find a common ground. In Zimbabwe you heard what happened on 12 March 2007 people were beaten up because they tried to make a gathering in the name of church service yet the agenda was different.

  14. Concerned #15, your confusion is unfounded. What makes my remarks in article # 10 & 11 off in your best perspective? Sata is a Lenshinite so are the majority of PF members. I would give you 10 PF MCC (members of the central committee) their central organ with past or current membership in the Lenshina sect. FYI, I am not ignorant on the true colors of your so called leaders. I call mischievious people by their charcater without malice. Sata with his Kola foundation conspiracy over our national unity has nothing that i have not known about over the years. I see nothing wrong in Lozi legislatures convening on unitary and strategic platform to best give development to the impoverished electorates. I see them more transparent than the Sadistic Kola foundation hijacked by PF membesr in the name sof Rev. Sampa Bret, Rev.Mutale, Josaya Chisala,Chitalu Sampa, Peter Machungwa and Sata to mention but a few.

  15. #17 Paparazzi. You had valid points to make about Sata in particular as a person. He is not fit to be president. However, you seem to be dragging all Bembas into the usual discussions typical of this forum. You sound like an appologist for tribalists as long as they are not Bembas. Tribalism is tribalism. You cannot condemn Kola foundation, while applauding tribal based politics among Westerners. When are we going to go past tribal politics and actually concentrate on fighting poverty on behalf of all Zambians regardless of which tribe the guy in State House belongs to. Investment in Western, Northern or any other province will come if there is something to invest in and investors can be made to feel safe. No amount of political meddling will force investors to put their money anywhere especially in provinces where their workers may be harrassed if they happen not to belong to the local tribe. We have seen Bemba songs banned in Western province. What next?

  16. Ba lusakatimes plz bring good stories,iyi story mwatugiva yalenga Paparazzi ibange apepele kale ukwinduka and he’s all over the show talking amailele (nonsense). Dr HK, am giving you orders to restrain and chain Paparazzi to bed.

    Lumapa weee !!! where are you? your fellow remnants are finally here and now you can expand that sect to state house and major mukunua imisu as part of your ritual of protection from the devil.

    #6 easy mwaice iwe amano tayapaka, ala ulikakopo sana. dont talk about uganda with your scanty ideas on the rebels, talk about Alice Lenshina remnants. They are Zambians just like the late Robert Kaunda, the elder brother of KK who was deacon of that sect was welcomed to Zambia and they must leave their sect behaviour ku DRC.

    #14 Msana wabula style, thanks for insulting my family.just attack me not my family. watchout next time.

  17. Ba Joze this how things start I remind you of Rwanda genocide what sparked it is not someone killed in 1957 and this saw Banamoola(Tusis) being deliveren away from their home. 800 000 pipo were killed in 4 days. Zambians get educated the wars on the continent are deadly. Beware this in mind The west use such conflicts to get out they wantout of africa whilst you are still fight. Look at the cholonogic war we have Somalia,Rwanda, DR Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone. The Motto is let them fight themselves whilst to amass the raw materials. This Lusakatimes they have not contact adresse we dont know who they are what interest they have on Zambia. Not information is good information. Talking about Leshina today is of no interest when Zambia is abducted in poverty. You see everyday Ba Joze something new just to divide us. Zambians wereever you are promote unity and show love to mother Zambia. A Zambian shall lead us in 2011 no influence from the externe pressure. `Peace!!!!

  18. #10 & #11 Paparazzi.You`ve raised a number of valied points but were you`ve got all wrong is failling to denounce this TRIBALISM being perpetrated by the WESTERNERS.I `m sure you must be knowledgeable enough to know what cost HH the presidency.His name was floated in a similar way by Sejani and his cohorts and I `m sure you know that he couldn`t even hold on to the seats(mp) Mazoka left him.Why do you think UDA was formed?Mazoka was trying to sell his party as a national party (UPND) instead of a southern party.Learn to call a spade a spade.Zambians wouldn`t have a problem having a Westerner running whose candidancy is floated based on issues unlike tribal inclination.Let`s try and promote the ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION slogan and the principle behind it.

  19. Why can’t people discuss the topic at hand? Talk about the Lenshina, who they are, why they were banned from Zed, why they should or should not be accepted back? This is an important issue to look at seriously. I would be happy to hear a bit from the father of the nation KK, or anybody who has some historical information about this group.

  20. #20 easy mwaice, for the first time on this blog “wavaiba”(talked)sense. if we go back to “one zambia one nation” which was abolished by late lemmy mushota pantu ba UNIP used it during 1991 campaign was a stupid move. after all its on the Zambian court of arm. Chuchu must start preaching it to bring sense to pipo like Paparazzi, HK, ci gk (this boy ala alipesha kwena), lumpa and ci citizen.

    Let me give you a brief history of Alice Lenshina if I miss something Chitapankwa will spice the story. lenshina resurrected after 2-3 days and told the pipo that god has sent her back to serve the pipo. she formed a sect which was steadily growing and KK brother (robert) become a member. it was at that time when zed was one party participatory democracy and that sect became like a political party and kk banned it and he differed with his brother robert. they used to drink urine, smeared amafi to protect them from bullets.

  21. Lenshina Mulenga Mubisha, Alice
    c. 1924 to 1978
    Lumpa Church

    Prophetess Alice Lenshina Mulenga Mubisha was the founder of a powerful African independent church movement at the time of Zambian independence. Beginning as an antiwitchcraft movement, it clashed with the new government when it rejected secular authority.

    Lenshina was a baptismal candidate with a Presbyterian mission when she received a series of visions in which she believed that she was taken to heaven and given divine messages instructing her to destroy witchcraft and sorcery. She claimed to have died and been resurrected four times. In 1953 she began a movement called Lumpa (meaning “better than all others” in Bemba) in a town that she renamed Zion. She took the name Lenshina, meaning queen. Despite her claims, a Presbyterian pastor baptized her, an event that seems to have had a profound impact on her intensifying her visions. She and her husband were expelled in 1955, however, and began their preaching mission. Crowds of adherents soon joined them, and by 1959 there was an organized church with ministers and between 50,000 and 100,000 members, most of whom had left either Presbyterian or Catholic missions.

    Lenshina preached a basically Christian doctrine but with baptism as the only observance. Baptism was a special ceremony administered by Lenshina herself. She attacked witchcraft and sorcery, which placed her in the long tradition of witch eradication movements in Central Africa, but to these she added the condemnation of alcohol and polygamy. The Lumpa composed spirited Bemba hymns, far superior to the wooden translations in use among Protestants and Catholics. The religion gathered its members into villages where the hymns and rejection of traditional religious practices created what she promoted as a new, cleansed society worthy to receive the Savior when He came again. The grand cathedral built at Zion in 1958 has a pillar upon which Jesus Christ was to descend for His second coming.

    The problematic teaching of the Lumpa Church for the government – both colonial and independent – was its opposition to earthly authority, a doctrine it seems to have accepted from the Watchtower Society, itself a splinter sect of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    By 1958 Lenshina had rejected government registration of her church as an approved organization. The Lumpa also rejected taxes and formed their own villages which threatened the traditional authority of the chiefs. Lenshina also challenged the dominant nationalist party, the United National Independence Party (UNIP) of Kenneth KAUNDA, which witnessed a decline in membership when her followers withdrew from political groups. The UNIP regarded Lumpa as a rival, and there were an increasing number of violent clashes between the two groups.

    At Zambia’s independence in 1964, the Lumpa Church constituted an open challenge to the new government’s supremacy. Lumpa followers fortified their villages, and the subsequent conflict resulted in the death of 700 church members during police and army attacks. The skirmishes lasted for three months, ending with the banning of the church and Lenshina’s arrest. She was released in 1975 and was arrested again two years later for holding a church service. By that time, however, the movement was effectively dead. Lay movements, such as the Catholic Legion of Mary, reclaimed many of the former members of the Lumpa Church for their churches, often by incorporating the very hymns that had resonated with Bemba national feelings.

    Norbert C. Brockman

  22. So, why were they sent out of the country, instead of just banning their practices? Is it the whole sect that ran away or some remained around and did some private pratice and now they want to go public?

  23. Talking about Lenshina cult is alright, we can not be like ostriches to bury our heads. Few things have to be established, have they renounced their membership or disbanded their organisation all together?

    will Sata ever campaign in western pr anymore? going by his fight against lozis, it appears he has discounted one province already. Its Not suprising looking at his familiar strategy of trying to be voted in by ‘bembas’ only. If i were sata, I could have said ‘I will fight the tribal leaders from western province’. Fighting the whole province makes him more tribal than the tribal group that met in west

  24. #27 read 23. they didn’t want to abandon their doctrine so they trucked to DRC. The majority went to DRC and those who remained like the late Robert Kaunda didn’t practice their rituals. Their doctrine was practiced public and most of them were barbaric like:
    1. drinking your own urine
    2. smearing your own feaces as protection for bullets
    3. sticking your body with wax and plug feathers and climb a tall tree attempt to fly and see god. a lot dead.

  25. Heys this is history that is taught at any junior secondary level. So you dont know Mushala also.If its just to educate each other then its okay then we should discuss on but we should remain united. Zambia real Africa a land were milk sugar and honey flows. Preserve Zambia. For yout own info Mushala was another rebellion from western province.Soldiers after him telling stories that he could change himself in bottles. Sometimes he could leave KK a note in stay house not to allow that he had come to have dinner with me. So Ba Joze how dis Leshina die? Plz not tribal war hier. Nkataboy where are you Kuku is missing you.

  26. #30 BaJoze aba abaice bale doubta data mulebapela te, KK na lenshina bali same school.

    But the most typical attitude towards the Lumpa episode among the Zambian elite has been one of embarrassment and silence. One gets the impression of a home truth that one is not at all keen to share with outsiders. The rising was not only a national crisis but also a crisis in the home ties and kin relations of UNIP’s top leadership. Chinsali district, where the conflict concentrated, was the home both of the nationalist leaders Kaunda and Kapwepwe, and the Lumpa foundress, Lenshina. Kaunda and Lenshina had been at the same school. Robert Kaunda, the President’s elder brother, was a top-ranking Lumpa leader, whilst their mother, the late Mrs Helen Kaunda, was reported as having been ‘close to the movement’.[8] But it was not just childhood reminiscences and family ties that made Kaunda’s decision, three months before independence, ‘to use force against the Lumpas…. as he told me at the time,

  27. mwaice easy, shalapo nomba napaluka(going) pantu abo abanua sana ink ba nkataboy bayamba kwendala patambe ya phone elo nokwimya ifipeya kwati aba first zed product. iwe inkataboy kuti wacita match naba Ellis Chipimo iwe kudyobo (english). nkataboy be humble. Abena Chisala Kalusa balimbile ati “ukowaya wikatuka bantu” nomba iwe ka 3 piece suit aka ufwalila pa sunday, akapapatila kumubili ekakupamya te?

    Ok nkataboy shalapo. Kuku watchout na nkataboy imilembele yakwe imoneka kwati ni-regadra (gay). am pissed off you nkataboy.

  28. I knew ba Jose and ba Kuku had information about this topic. Thanks alot, your data has been very enlightening and insightful.

  29. Easy boy #31, Mushala was from North-western province. Western is the neighbouring province, the 2 are different.
    of corse he was a terror…..

  30. Ba Joze, I am not a door bouncer. I believe in freedom of speech. I remember telling young SAGE on this forum about the lenshinaz and mushalaz who were almost distabilizing our country.
    Keep a watch on them. We dont want another MUNGUKI behaviour in Zambia.

  31. #34 Ba Joze,
    All I am begging from you is respect. Once that is done then I will reciprocate. Let us behave like elderly and mature bloggers.

  32. #31 Easy,
    I am around Zambia now. But only to be greeted with insults of well come by Ba Jose. I am registering disappointment of high order to Kuku over Ba Jose.I never expected him to behave that way to me. Any way I forgive him because he was very drank when he was blogging. As such he didn’t know what he was doing because a mixture of chibuku and dobo blacks out somebody. Good day Easy, Greet Kuku and Ba Jose on my behalf. I am around let us start all over again.

  33. #25 KUKU thanks for this exellent contribution. This is what we expect from you facts and not conjecture you normally give us.

    In addition KK’s brother Robert Kaunda become one of the Alice Lenshinas trusted leutenants. Curiously a few days before KK as Prime Minister ordered the security forces to attack the Lumpa follwers, Robert was quietly moved to Lusaka.
    This is also where the state of emergency we lived under for twenty seven yers stated

  34. Counting down…two days to go before the judgement is enforced. Help us get back what is ours. Let us not lose focus by talking about the lenshina issue. Its a thing of the past.

  35. Its not a thing of the past! Nomba ninshi history twalailabko? We learn more from the past. The past give gives us more knowledge because we will correct the mistakes, if any, they made. Trust history or lose your direction.

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