Avoid factions – Katele


MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba has appealed to members to avoid factional meetings that are likely to be misconstrued as campaigns for the party presidency.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Kalumba advised them to heed President Mwanawasa’s directive to stop the debate on his succession for the sake of unity in the party.

“There is a good reason why the President directed as he did, there is discipline in the party and all members must obey the leadership. I do not wish this meeting (by Western Province politicians) to give rise to panic and finger pointing,” Dr Kalumba said.

Some prominent people from the Western Province are alleged to have met on March 4, 2007 to identify a leader to succeed President Mwanawasa.

Dr Kalumba said he had spoken to senior members of the party who were reported to have attended the meeting, among them MMD national chairman, Michael Mabenga, who assured him that this was not a matter that should alarm members.

“The national chairman assured me that he would not be party to any attempt to create regional factions and that he did not subscribe to the objectives of the meeting,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said although it was understandable that people in different regions would be sitting in caucuses to consider their political options, President Mwanawasa directed that the debate over his successor should be halted.

“My appeal to our members is that they should avoid associating themselves with meetings likely to be misconstrued as being campaigns for the party presidency,” Dr Kalumba said.

He said as members, the people of Western Province would have an opportunity at the right time to consider their political options like any other province.


  1. As much as I condemn regionalisation, I also condemn the person who is giving advice. This is a person who was with LPM in South Africa.A chap who has been out rightly labeled as one of those who misappropriated national funds.A man who can still stand with his head upright and offer advice.Who in their real senses would listen to a thief.Of course the people of western province will take his advice as a joke.This chap should not be given any chance to address a forum.He is a bad example to the upcoming generation.

  2. There is nothing wrong in various interest groups or factions as they may be called in beggining to identify a candidate to sponsor.What better time than now.Better to have succession disputes much earlier so that by the time of the convention polarisation would have already occured towards the most suitable candidates. If an MMD candidate has to have realistic chances of winning they need to have an Idenified candidate to start sparring with other known candidates way before the presidential polls.

  3. The Barotse Royal Establishment and the Kola Foundation are a danger to the peace and stability of our country.

  4. #3 BORN RICH is correct.Tribalism will always be bad however well you try to sugarcoat it.Let`s try and promote politics that are issue based and not tribal inclined.ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

  5. #3. CITIZEN
    I am told Ba Nkana were given a good beating (3-0) by wanderers? What is happening pa chilata?

  6. Katele is a snake in the grass and any one who would believe what he is talking about must be damn thick in the head.If I were Levy, I would not be bothered as to who my successor would be that is why they should learn to institute ‘succession policies ‘as the rule.To shut people from discussing important issues like this is paranoia.Let people say what they feel is best for them and if you are men of laws respect their independence and freedom of expresion , speech, privacy and interaction.I see nothing wrong people coming out and saying their minds but what is wrong is these ‘tribal’spittles coming out from these phatoms.Mabenga is another Joker,LPM is just surrounded by Jokers since he himself is a comedian.

  7. #6. KuKu
    Just how Free is “Freedom of Expression”?
    Don’t you know that we are also exercising freedom of expression by condemning these proponents of tribal politics?

  8. Freedom is not absolute. There is no such thing as absolute freedom.
    Freedom must be exercised within the confines of Law and acceptable norms of society.

  9. #7&8 mwaice born rich that is why I included a piece todo with law,freedom of expression must be dealt with withini the confines of law there is no exception to that rule but infinging on people fredom is already a tresspass at law and LPM must know that.

  10. Lets try and put things into context here. No need to tribalise the quest to indentify leaders. MMD goes for a convention to elect its leaders. Delegates come from all the 9 provinces. I think its prudent for MMD or PF provincial offices to hold coucases to come up with candidates they wish to suppport at the convention. This should be encouraged. If a province cant find someone within their ranks to support then they should look outside the province. You cant just support who ever is standing. People should have a say in who should be their leader. Lozi’s should be allowed to debate and if they can come up with a candidate they should float his name. Political Maneuvering is a healthy tenet of democracy. WP today is the least developed province. Yet of 106 graduates in Zambia independence 80% where Lozi’s. I think they have trusted and supported other tribes before. in 1963 UNIP beat ANC because the Lozi’s and mostly bembas got together. and what did they get? So GIVE THEM A BREAK.

  11. Latest news Ghana discovers oil on the cost. Already the west doesnt want them to build any refinary at home. WhY?. Is this not we robbery in daylight again jobs meant for Ghanaians would go to england ór somewhere else.

  12. #11 Awe mwaice ifwe tatwakata inshita yakonaula, its either you dont work or ethopia creeps in at home.We take life seriously that is why we shall make better leaders than these security guards appointed politicians.Ifwe we understand what it means to manage and to lead and apportion time wisely.There is time for business development,generation, retention and then time to relax after all these, that is why when we sit on the blog ninshi natubomba not aba abaice abena Namulambe,I will even tell radio Yatsani to cut him out from being patron of the yatsani fans he is a stupid *****.

  13. #13 Even Angola doesnot refine its own oil,you know these OPEC chaps are criminals, they still want to control the equilibrium in the world market promoting the economies indirectly of their european nations.

  14. #15 you cant blame the west for everything. If Zambia can refine oil how come angola can not? They just dont want to invest in refinary equipment. Do you know that Saudi Arabia imports all its refined oil.

  15. #17. Obviously, there are more than 1. But that is not the issue here.
    The very fact that we have started to think that our provinces can only be developed when we have a president who hails from our area is a sign that we have a big problem.
    And that is what we must seek to address.

  16. Latest news Ghana discovers oil on the cost. Already the west doesnt want them to build any refinary at home. WhY?. Is this not we robbery in daylight again jobs meant for Ghanaians would go to england ór somewhere else.it well, can you complain about that? Even without oil, we are doing so well, already. Now, with oil as a shot in the arm, we’re going to fly.”

    One oil analyst, who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed that the finding marks a significant discovery.

    Tullow Oil holds a 22.9% stake in the West Cape Three Points licence and just under 50% in the Deepwater Tano licence.

    The move comes as foreign firms are increasingly tapping into Africa for oil.

  17. #18 the reason behind our African oil,its a heavy hydro carbon and need specialised machinery for processing but one wonders why that same specialised equipment cant be brought to Angola, if mining equipment can be brought to africa.Zambia’s oil is not from Africa but europe

  18. #17 i’m trying to draw you to the fact that Zambia has 9 provinces but politically we have 4 at the most 5 dynamic regions. You can not ignore that. I agree we shouldnt be using tribe and development in the same breath. If Musangu Villege on DRC and Z boader was electrified and people from Malole dont even have a road that connects them to Kasama, one cant help but wonder about tribal issues. I’m from Malole it breaks my heart to see that the area hasnt changed since Cicil Rhodes days. Thats why we now vote independent. We have come to a conclusion that these political parties dont represent us. We have also come to a conclusion that the only way we will have a road is by constracting it ourselves. Do you know that PF lost in Malole?
    #18 bringing Equipment to angola is not a white mans responsibility. The angolans should just get their act together.

  19. #19 look at from this way what did KK do for NP?What did Grey Zulu/Christon Tembo do to Makeni? or is it FTJ to Luapula? Kamanga, Rupiah Banda, dingiswayo to Eastern?Kavindele,Mulemba to NW? We must look beyond reginalism for the head of state.We need a leader who is selfless,torelant, understands world economy or has great passion for it but not theoreticians ,someone who respects his electorate and puts their interests prime,some one who is able to engage and listen to his electorate, not bafyumbu munshololwa ingamwabolola kano pali na ba MARS mupepi, and of course a GOd fearing person but of course not Nervous Mumba,Imakando, Pule,Benny hynn,

  20. #22 as for Angola the draw back, I think could have been the civil wars that rocked the country since 1975,but now that peace has slowly returned and the country is stable after the demise of Savimbi, Iam sure this area will be one of the preference to process their oil on their soils and this will do Africa pride especially in the region.

  21. LPM wasnt floated as a tribal candidate but i think he is the worst tribalist Z has ever seen. So when Lozi’s see that they become disinchanted. Talk about MPs connected to the president. Katele has built a road and brought electricity to chiengi. FTJ electricity to DRC oops Musangu. We have what we call CDF. These funds are selectively disbursed. Depending on who is in the dog house. Some MPs get more than they need while others from WP,EP and Malole get nothing. call it what you want. The Lozi’s have just realised that they are a strong power base. they also realize that whosoever aspires to be in the dog house needs their help. If you come to such a conclusion and you cant Leverage your position, then you are dumn. The Loz’s have done their math. WP+X=PLOT 1, x is the unknown.I would encourage them to use their new found strenth to lobby for developmental projects and funding. Infact they should make it plain clear. “NO DEVELOPMENT NO VOTES”.

  22. #25 unless they are not dreaming of featuring the current Ingambela the way KK did to Chief Inyambo.LPM stinks,eats,sleeps, wakes up tribalism,he is the worst culprit in this area.WP has been let down by people like akashambatwa and his sister inonge, these are characters who should have held on to a mantle to put things in place in WP but they are failures despite having sacks of degrees and talking too much on National Television.WP if you have someone credible of course not Mabenga , the Nakatindi and the husband some in the likes of Nalumino Mundiya I will support you 3000%

  23. Latest news Ghana discovers oil on the cost.

    Already the west doesnt want them to build any refinary at home. WhY?. Is this not we robbery in daylight again jobs meant for Ghanaians would go to england ór somewhere else.it well, can you complain about that? Even without oil, we are doing so well, already. Now, with oil as a shot in the arm, we’re going to fly.”

    One oil analyst, who chose to remain anonymous, confirmed that the finding marks a significant discovery.

    Tullow Oil holds a 22.9% stake in the West Cape Three Points licence and just under 50% in the Deepwater Tano licence.

    The move comes as foreign firms are increasingly tapping into Africa for oil.

  24. You need strong regions to have a strong country. This brings us to the one point “federalism” The Lozi’s should have the capacity to make their own decisions. Lozi’z are not tribalist. in 1996 i went WP to work at LGH this is what i found. Deputy minister, bemba, Perm sec bemba, Chief medical off bemba, Hospital admin Bemba, Pharmacist Chewa, Chief lab tech bemba. This is mongu folks. You cant find that in NP. Strengthen the provinces . give them the means to initiate development within their boundaries. Let part of the taxes collected in WP remain in WP. Let them elect their own police chief and their provincial Governor . in short let them determine their own destiny.
    # 26 that’s why they are holding these caucuses. They are in search of a leader. Before Andy’s death who knew HH existed? The political giant has awaken.

  25. #20& 27 Iwe Easy mwaice what is your problem?why are duplicating messages?We have seen it but we are currently debating on leadership fillers not oil for leadership.STOP it , we have taken note of it but as for now its not worthy any discussions.You are welcome to join on Western Province after all that is where you hail from, teller us the pros and cons of your leadership crisis in WP

  26. Kuku#29 I have a woman from kwahaye so I dont have problems. In my village the owner of the shop people depend on his from the East. The Med.doc is Namwanga, A number of teacher are lozis. The agriculture officer is from nabulaywe. But the village headman are from the area. my neigbors are mixed couples from Zimbabwe and central p. For my dear bro I have no problem with whom I sit on the table and share food. The only problem with our cousins from the Baroseland they still think of in lines of a protectorate. That is what they should learn from Sata who campaigned only in Mpika where he comes from. All we need is a mixture of intellectauls who will devilver when it comes to economy requirements. A system of a like a rainball is all wht is needed. Independent cand, PF, UDA, New generation party come 2011. Kuku this is a technical problem you what I mean if I send a msg and it not going then I have resend it.

  27. Gentlemen,we need to be very careful with these tribal inclinations.Such ideas have brought civil wars and that is the last thing Zambia needs.The little peace we enjoy can be scuppered at a moments’ strike.We do not need leaders that can preach regionalism so openly.Whether it exists now or not,at least keep it amongst themselves because it send out a very sticky message.Whether you are Tonga,Lozi,Bemba,Ila,Lala,Lenje,Soli,Swaka etc one thing must is paramount is that you are a Zambian.We need leaders that can develop Zambia for all Zambians.Development will not be achieved if we start electing leaders based on tribal lines.We need leaders that can unify the nation and foster development.Which reminds me.I hate to hear campaign rhetoric such as,if you do not vote for such and such a party(esp. the one in power),you will not see dev. in the area.That is utter bullshit.Zambia is not just one region.If you become President you are answerable and responsible for dev.in and for any Zambian

  28. The only solution here is to go Federal and let each province govern itself. human beings are bigger, better resources than mineral resources. let each province grow from its own resources. This will make all provinces to utilize their natural resources effectively

  29. KC ..good to hear from you. Issues like this dont come up out of nowhere. Certain parts of Zambia have never seen development since Cicil Rhodes time. The only way you shift peoples attention from looking at the presida as a source of development is when you empower the local and provincial authorities. “FEDERALISM” why do we need the office of the IG? The whole police force is designed to serve one institution. “THE PRESIDA” Why cant we have provinces running their own police services. What is so difficult about pumping water from the river that you need the president who has never been and will never be in your district to plan how you should pump your water.Why do we need someone in Lusaka to decide how markets and bus stations should be run in Kasama? Why do you need someone in Lusaka to decide when to fix a port hole in Livingstone. We are and will keep being undeveloped for as long as maintain a wrong political system that is designed to appease one person.

  30. All countries and nations that base their leadership or leaders on regions have or are falures. We are all Zambian’s and Zambia is for all of the inhabitants of the 9 provinces. What we need is not a leader from a province but a leader with a vision and determination to see Zambia succeed.I would be happy to read that our leaders are talking sense than talking of “MMD been anointed by God” and “tribalism”. Zambian leaders are now behaving like Sunni’s and Shia’s in Iraq.

  31. This will be an interesting development. We expect fire works in 2011 most of it tribal-regional alignment and re-alignment.

  32. #33 SAGE… I see now you are missing Cecil Rhodes etc.
    You see,those guys came with a vision for Africa and the world,to see it a better place,how much i just wished they continued ruling.
    Rhodes had a vision to have a rail track from Cape to Cairo,and many ideologies that would have changed the entire africa without basing on race,tribe and region,see how they changed RSA,Zimbabwe etc till selfish and thuggish leaders took over the country and you can now tell the difference between then and now.

  33. Kayata.. Any one you choose will come from a region. And as long as our political system remains the same, The focus of development will be the president. If you want to aviod regionalism then abolish provinces and lets have one big province called Zambia. The truth is people come from regions. We just have to harness and strenthen the regions. You and i talked about federalism lask time. If we redirect the resources to districts and provinces people wont be talking about Lozi’s or Tongas. But the current system does not represent the aspirations of the citizens. It all started with the radio station being surmoned by the litunga for playing bemba music.. What you are seeing are symptoms of a very serious illness. People are sick and tired of being exploted. They want to determine their own destiny. Read what i wrote on #28. Lozi’s have realised they have political capital and they intend to spend it.WP+X=PLOT 1, They might not have a Lozi is the dog house but they will have a say.

  34. Ihuu Ba SAge 37# You are out of the line what you are talking about is culture the lozi are right to preserve their culture. I would also complain if ZNBC starts playing music from the carribicans. There must a balance that is why set cultures have been whiped away. Radio, TV are minor issue here we need unit and talk about issue which brings development for Zambia as whole. If people are satitified with someone thing they have right to raise their voices. for me if conquer disease, hunger, shelter, education, transport and communication I did see Zambia dividing. We should not take people for granted. kC31# avoid fueling everything. Maintain line of discussion dont go to far we dont have Namulenga here in Zambia like in Rwanda who just harted each just by looking at you. Zambia will remain composed as long as we want it plz blog by giving ideas so that who are offices can start doing something for their pipo.The idea of a decentralization has never worked in Zambia we need to improve

  35. #12 Ba SAGE, let us not allow tribalism come into Zambia. As much as i agree that the convention is represented by people from the 9 provinces of Zambia, it is not automatic that those representing northern province are bembas. Kaunda did good by posting people to different provinces so that they can inter marry and become “One Zambia, One Nation” not a devided Zambian. What will happen in my house where my wife is Lozi and am Bemba? What will the children who are Bemloz do? Remember it happened in Zimbabwe during Nkhomo and Mugabe where Shona fought battles with Ndebele because each tribe supported there own. Let us chose a Leader who can serve regardless of a Poiltical party or tribe.

  36. We have many, very many causes for self-gratulation in that for a number of years past we have not been rent by contending factions, those who once did sow the dragon’s teeth have passed from this scene of action to display their capacities in a wider field. Like Rwanda and Burundi. We are fortunate in that our lives have fallen unto us in more pleasant places and more peaceful times let us wisely improve the present for it is ours by avoiding regionalism, tribalism etc.

  37. every one has a right be a president as long as her or she is a zambian be it from north ,south or central ,east or west so dont say tribal what what …… and the west looks very hot this time

    A clergyman on the copperbelt has urged the church not to support calls to adopt the enactment of a new constitution through a constituent assembly.United Church of Zambia copperbelt presbytery Bishop Committee Njase says churches should not support calls for things they do not understand.And Bishop Njase is lobbying government to enact a law to allow castration of men who defile girls and rape women.He said such punishment will deter others from committing such offences that have continued to destroy Zambian future leaders.He said this at an induction service for Reverend Mkuzi Banda at Kawama East congregation in Mufulira yesterday.Gracing the occasion Mufulira District Commissioner Dyford Muulwa said government has the political will to put in place a good constitution.Mr. Muulwa said adopting the enactment of a constitution through a constituent assembly will cost a lot of funds that should be used on other sectors such as health and education.

  39. #42, Surely that pastor does not represent the word of God but that of his stomach. The man is preaching an eye for an eye, when Jesus was against that. Mr Njase(BA PASTOR) just go and beg properly without involving yourself in things you know little about.

  40. I know Committee Njase is an MMD and good friend to LPM.It is no surprise for him to say that. So let us pray for him so he be delivered. We respect his opinion if it is genuine.

  41. #37 SAGE.. Federalism will and can’t work in Zambia and Africa in particular for a simple reason.We can’t unite. Federalism has been possible in Asia,Europe,Australia and America because the ruler does not have all the powers whilst in Africa,it is a different case.In principal, federalism is on paper,but because of the central govt wanting too much power and influence,all provinces have been weakened.WP has been the worst hit because KK saw it as a threat because of the barotse agreement,and end result is it’s the least developed in zambia.
    African politics goes beyond politics.Our culture is the biggest drawback,once we change how we behave in our homes as in encouraging independence and free thinking for our children would we be able to see these “provinces” develop and the central govt left with the responsibility of just been an”overseer”.

  42. Zambians we are not going to develop our country if the so-called veterans continue running the political and economical environment of our country. We youths need to take up the positions from these thieves (veteran). Why are they looking for the successor at this time because they want to choose a leader who is going to support them when it comes to steal national resources. Its time for you guys to rest and lets youths with fresh brains run the country.

  43. Kayata .. you just hit the nerve. Too much power for the president is not good for anybody. We have to reduce presidential powers. The problem with former British colonies is that presidnents behave like kings. Do you see how people behave in the presence of LPM? People literally bow before him. How do you explain PS neeling to the president during swaering in ceremonies. We should just realise that Z is not a kingdom and the president is servant to the people and not the other way round.

  44. #42 Njase jump in the lake, this chap he is a womaniser,adulterer and may be a paedophile and he is scared of the unknown.How can a clergy man only isolate an area that is sexually oriented and base his arguments over it?Njase indeisa ku Kitwe uko ku St Margaret ulicipuba sana, we muntu wabulo ubuyo, walaba apapeni wakwete scandal ya adultery?This man deserves to be ex-communicated, he is a sex maniac, his wishes are for the devil not of the Lord.Wafita inuma

  45. Zambia needs a uniter and not a divider.The answer to the current leadership vaccum is floating someone who has substance and calibre to bring development to the entire nation.We`re already experiencing some of the effects of tribalism in the dispora.For a person to simply get a passport renewed through the embassy, has got to fight hard and raise some hell if you don`t belong a certain prefered tribe.That`s why any Zambian that means well should speak out aginst this terrible vise before it establishes itself within our society.That`s why I think we need to have a provision in our electorial laws to RECALL any MP who doesn`t perform according to expectations for us to see any tangible and meaningful development in individual constituencies.We shouldn`t just wait for 5 years to have someone answerable for their inefficiency.The answer is not getting a tribalist to fix a particular area but a performer and someone that has the heart for the entire nation.

  46. Former Enron exec gets 27-month sentence
    HOUSTON (Reuters) – A U.S. federal judge on Monday sentenced the former CEO of Enron Corp.’s broadband division to 27 months for securities fraud in the company’s 2001 collapse.

    Ken Rice, 48, pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud in 2004 and assisted prosecutors in other Enron cases.

    Enron, once a high-flying energy trader that tried to add broadband Internet access to its portfolio, inflated revenues and earnings and collapsed in a 2001 accounting scandal.

    Rice, who was allowed to remain free on $3 million bond pending assignment to a prison, could have received a penalty ranging from probation to 10 years in prison.

    U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore also ordered Rice to forfeit more than $379,000 in cash and assorted cars, jewellery and real estate found to have been ill-gotten gains.

    Among forfeited items were a house in Telluride, Colorado; a platinum, sapphire and diamond necklace; a 1995 Ferrari; and investment

  47. SAGE.. the President has too much powers such that even selling ESCO buildings in Lusaka requires his approval. This bowing and kneeling down all starts from our homes/houses,to greet an elder we need to kneel down which is all useless,why kneel to show respect,when this same elder has no respect for him/herself.Total Nonsense.
    Imagine that in some parts of Zambia/Africa,when a chief/king dies,some people are buried alive beneath the chief/king.It’s the culture that has drawn us backwards.
    Even people when they greet the Queen do not bow that much like African’s do.Did you observe when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip came to USA,Bush didn’t even bow, he even made jokes with her.It’s all “Freedom”.SAGE it’s not about been a kingdom but our “ruthless” culture which all started from “Shaka”. Why do people go bowing,kissing the ground and rolling when going to see the Litunga? They say culture and tradition is just one’s person’s liking of doing things.

  48. #51 Kuku..when your company in Lubuto expands,you take advantage of the govt and then abuse your connections, these are the results.Luckily enough your “bottle store” is in Zambia,the Judge will just demand crates and free entry from your “DownTown Lubuto” club and the case is dissolved on luck of evidence from the tax man.
    Have you floated your Main Masala business on the Bonano Stock Exchange so we can expand Ndola further.
    Those Enron guys deserve no mercy together with their UK partners from Natwest,and that chap who killed himslef should resurrect to serve his sentence.Money is sweet,but too much sweetness is bad.

  49. “Zambians should avoid regional politics – HH” Quote

    Look at unabated hypocrisy of an ***** ranting without shame of his platform.This is why he is another one that will end up the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula way void of political success because of his lack of consistency, principles, and ideological belief. Had he not come tribal platform, does he think he could be UPND President

  50. You see passion and emotion drive us all. Intellect is a way of
    rationalising what we ‘feel’
    There are powerful ideas here on this blog,they are being shared as a gift to
    help,challenge,and stimulate.All for one purpose,to build and
    create value for each other
    what must our leader be come 2011:
    -Well for sure, they must have a strong vision that must solve the need people have,
    people are motivated by solving their needs or moving away from what will harm them(poverty eradiction,good health facilities ,access to good education) The true purpose of leadership is to create an improvement in the lives
    of those you accept responsibility for.
    -Must connect with the peoples values and beliefs, releasing energy from within them
    -One’s integrity must be trusted – if we are going to take risks to change
    something – we need to know you are what you say you are!
    -One who must sense the momentum – everybody want to be part of something
    exceptional, if you have energy, passion and action to sustain the effort,
    you will draw the right people to you
    -good attitude and belief
    -The true leader understands the true purpose of their endeavour. What ever you do professionally, view it the same as you do to your family. You are more forgiving of the little errors your family make, you are more patient when they struggle, you support them more, you build better relationships with them – in short you invest far more of
    yourself in their success and happiness. You see in placing the improvement of others before your own needs, in doing so you in fact meet your own needs too.
    Finally ,We need a Zambia that combines collective security with individual opportunity. A Zambia that achieves these things through social responsibility, not state control. And a Zambia where a strong society gives everyone the chance to shape their own life, making the most of all that this amazing country, in this amazing century, has to offer.
    The top-down days with abnormal bureaucracy are over, Our collective security is not just about the economy, or crime, or separateness,It is also about the fabric of our society. A cohesive society, where Zambians means inspiring people with a love of country, not bullying them with instructions to integrate, or insulting them with cheap ‘flags-on-the-lawn’ gimmicks.Let us show that we are in the 21st Century
    Remember the old saying….

    Success leaves clues

  51. KUKU#55.If what you`ve just written is what you passionately believe.My bro,you`ve got to seriously contemplate putting your campaign team together for 2011 because the nation needs your service.

  52. Learn to be truthfull. Zambians dont like each other much anymore. Had it not been Kaunda, I doubt these tribes would have made un effort to integrate. The division is distinct. Some tribes are less trustworthy. The negatives are too much and this has made the lozi to come out in the open. The tongaz have always been honest and upfront and ready to go separate ways. the bembaz are corrupt and liars and more likely to stab you in the back. the nyanja are preocupied with Malawi and playing as traitors. Since these four Major tribes are at cross road, it is time the politicans start taking notice and change the collision course.
    We are watching

  53. #53 Kayata actually this is what we want to avoid after 2011,we have failed to separate on what is personal and what is for the govt.Thieves today use police guns to rob and then return the guns at a fee,why should the judge be left alone starving?Until we build a society that will have feelings for one another Zambia is heading for catastrophy as KC stated above.Zambia has alot of cleansing to be done and we need a leader with the right attitude and belief.K.n.o.l.e.d.g.e=96% A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E=100%

  54. #56 Chapi , I really get scared when I read people’s contribution on this blog, some write like they PA’s for those who are slowly promoting divisions in our nation but you wonder for whose benefit?We have seen so many countries sinking just because of such attitudes,Ivory Coast was once a haven of peace where is it today?We need to change and must be ready to accept change, we are the change the world needs

  55. Frankly speaking, where is the unity where it is eveident we are not agreeing on national issues. The President has always stepped on other tribes especially those who never voted or opposed him.
    This definitely has made all tribes to consider demanding the presidency

  56. #60 sichilyango the answer lies in you,use your vote to choose wisely, educate your relatives about how costly it is not to vote and above all, hold accountable your MP,LPM was not democratically elected and has not taken any measure to correct the absurdity surrounding his ascession to power.The greatest challenge this country faces today is reversing the social breakdown we see all around us. And strengthening families is the best way to do it.”

  57. #58 Kuku,why can’t we introduce a procedure in the Govt,where each time a business day begins,leaders bow down and pray to their God,whether they are Muslim,Christian or whatever religion they are as they do in New Zealand,then shall we see leaders having feelings for the suffering population.It hates me alot to see those street kids in town centre,and homeless when other govts in africa,their social service ministry accomodates every citizen that really,really becomes in need of a shelter as in Namibia and Botswana.
    Our leaders are having “loans” of USD50K when the 98% of the population is unemployed.Hence the search for a leader as you have mentioned should focus on intelligence,vision and zeal to end poverty in the country. This poverty in the country is just a Man Made one.We have the riches,but we are not wealthy.
    God should just turn Africa upside down sowe could begin afresh.
    Why should Poverty and War mean Africa?
    Because of regionalism,tribalism and nepotism.

  58. KUKU, Mwanawasa is only part of our problem. Our problem are far beyond. LPM. The Fabrics of unity have been destroyed and their is no need to pretend we are united when it is evident that, people is busy saying Wakumwesu, Muntu Wesu, Wakwitu in dark corners. FACE the trueth and dont expect a proble solve itself. The Lozi are determined, and they are not the only ones.

  59. #57 Sichilyango,
    you are promoting tribalism and separatism etc.
    KK is actually the person who brought about the “One Zambia One Nation” but was he practising it.?
    He is one of the contributors to these problems,because he was a big prentender in the name of a motto and liberation struggle.He promoted nepotism in companies and through his humanism concept encouraged laziness. Because wealth was not distributed equally,these are the results.Now everyone thinks that by been in power,we’ll you have access to that wealth.
    I see no basis i would support your view on KK,and immediately you describe a tribes characteristics’ that tribalism itself.

  60. #62 Kayata ,I believe that the greatest challenge this country faces today is reversing the social breakdown we see all around us. And strengthening families is the best way to do it.Our country has failed us in all areas,during privatisation people were retrenched with out proper social safety net in place,little girls have been thrown into prostitution because of family break downs,lack of food, support etc and no one has come out to strategise on the reversal of such a break down,we are human beings because of dignity of others.Attitude is the only answer to most of these leadership paralysis, even if we introduced ‘prayers’ before the house sits, as long as the people sitting have no right attitude then we are doing a zero momentum race.True Leadership mindset must demonstrate passion and remain resilient to the idea of improving things by solving problems for their electorate and communities.I wonder if LPM takes private visits to Cairo rd at nite,its pathetic

  61. #63 can you please go to my qualities of a leader and then place LPM against those qualities which ones can you evaluate him against?Now if is he a leader and cant see what is going on in the nation is he worth being in leadership?You to be harnessed to understand things

  62. #59 KUKU.I totally believe what JF Kennedy said about the fact that it`s not what our country can do for us but what we can do for it.The best selling book on the planet(bible) says the sons of ISACAR(excuse my spelling) understood the times they were living in and what they ought to do.For a time such as this,it calls for a radical change and a paradym shift in the thinking of our people.Only the ones that can rise to such a challenge should answer this kind of call to lead.

  63. #66 Kuku,The good part with FTJ is he used to comeout of that Plot 1,and drive himself to Nando’s Cairo Rd,City Market,and even drive further to Ndola alone, ofcourse spied unnoticed. Stop by at Masala market and buy some sweet potato’s etc and that way you know what out their in the world it is like and how they feel as compared to LPM and his accomplice’s.
    The ground situation in Zambia is terrible,why do we have the Community Ministry et al?
    Is it possible to have a parliament like in Taiwan where they believe what belongs to the people is for the people and if they are denied through the debate,they resort to fighting,not as with guns but hands…?

  64. #70 I have always and will still insist that FTJ was second to none when it came to PR.But marjority of those MPs are dagger smokers like Mulyata, they will be no parliament if a fight broke because it will be an endless fight.If any party has to win the hearts of people they must do alot and must attract the right personalities for the job, not people who cant even spell their names , what more explaining the party manifesto?Its a shame really,Kayata naya kuma order we shall link up tomorrow.Iwe Nkhata boy what is happening to you ?Are you in Western province with Easy?Dont do Kuomboka alone there is no water in the zambezi you will be eaten up by wopani?

  65. #68 Chapi,who has to educate the people on the need for change? The Govt has that responsibility,isn’t it?Only the Govt has the capacity to change the thinking of the people.The same govt told people not to work because we have copper and these colonialist have come to grab our belonging’s etc..
    Nowadays,other Govt are educating their nationals on climate change and global warming and they are leading by example.
    Africa is the most affected by these changes,but what are we finding,the leaders are driving 4X4 vehicles and such. You know stories we’ve been told about such vehicles.
    We should also introduce rules that enable the electorate to take to task the govt on national issues than wait for another 5 years,should we always wait for elections to correct govt’s.
    Removal from power should not be a solution,but the last alternative.

  66. #49 Chapi those comments make sad reading, until the family tree is uprooted we shall never see light or is it an on coming train on the tracks?I read on one blogger about the students plight in China where a Zambian student fell pregnant and our embassy was in the fore front to make sure she returns,do these chaps understand their roles?

  67. Over the years i have taken keen interest in studying Zambians with ties to ethnic origination across our land. The findings have been stunning. Empirical evidence has shown than Luapulans are failures, lazy, thieves, liars and unsuccessful manipulators. A few Zambians have not done much in knowing much about these criminals who added absolute nothing positive to our country but plunder and crime. They have labored over the years to conceal their criminality by hiding in the Bemba identity. Bembas are very descent, dignified and patriotic Zambians who have collectively contributed positively to the Growth and unity of this Country from Businesses to focused politics.Look at all key plunders: Chiluba, Chungu FX, Chungu Aaron, Faustine, Stella Chibanda all Luapulans. BY Mwila stole his wealth from the Army when he was a Quarter Master, Machungwa the ZK 2 Billion brief case thief, Katele Kalumba, Army plunder G. Musengule, Apostle Dan Pule the sexual maniac. The list goes on. Zambia is better off without luapula.

  68. Over the years i have taken keen interest in studying Zambians with ties to ethnic origination across our land. The findings have been stunning. Empirical evidence has shown that Luapulans are failures, lazy, thieves, liars and unsuccessful manipulators. A few Zambians have not done much in knowing much about these criminals who added absolute nothing positive to our country but plunder and crime. They have labored over the years to conceal their criminality by hiding in the Bemba identity. Bembas are very descent, dignified and patriotic Zambians who have collectively contributed positively to the Growth and unity of this Country from Businesses to focused politics.Look at all key plunders: Chiluba, Chungu FX, Chungu Aaron, Faustine, Stella Chibanda all Luapulans. BY Mwila stole his wealth from the Army when he was a Quarter Master, Machungwa the ZK 2 Billion brief case thief, Katele Kalumba, Army plunder G. Musengule, Apostle Dan Pule the sexual maniac. The list goes on. Zambia is better off without luapula.

  69. Guys the Lozi’s have a right to spend their hard earned political capital. They know they have a say in who goes to plot one. This has nothing to do with tribalism. When you realise you have a say in who becomes president you have to capitalise on it. Its common sense. Bembas are trying to go to plot one. when you look at the polical reality a Lozi probably wont win but they can align themselves with a party that will listen to their demands. You can all come in the blog and be hypocrits. in the last 2 elections zambians have voted on tribal lines. Of course its not something we support. But thats the reality. People with common grounds are comming together forming aliances. When sata called on Saki he was trying to get the Lozi vote, thats the reality.

  70. Wonderful, power is sweet.tribal and regional politics is a cancer to our nation.If one has to ask a good question about today’s politics we will see that KK and Chiluba tried to balance ministrial appointments.LPM has failed in this area to check and balance.In the editorial post, some pipo have even draw a family tree for LPM and his pointments unbaln see cabinet ministers, PS, Army, Zaf, police, Auditor general, ZEC, ACC, DEC, just to mention afew.It is either tribal mates or cousins in any form.No wonder the Lozis decided to start consolidating their position.They have seen that no one has raised this raised the question of LPM driven tribal political appointments. LPM can’t see the danger he is creating and he has failed to comment over the Lozis’meeting. Having said so, I do not favour politics based on ones tribal or regional affiliation.We have enjoyed peace and tranquillity living side by side regardless of tribal lines.This what makes special.One Zambia One Nation

  71. sichilyango, I have lived in Mbala, Isoka and Nakonde
    If your name is real and you come frm these towns as a Mambwe or Namwanga I think you are one of tribes in Zambia who believe in tribalism. point blake. NCU was full of Si even if they don’t have qualifications and thts why the stealing was rampant.KK demoted GM sichalwe for the same. No wonder you are support tribalism .In mbala ask who own the builds in town centre Mambwes. You are traitors and conservative. I have worked wth some good pipo frm your area but very difficult to deal with.

  72. SAGE 76, I concur with you, tribalism has been here with us from time in memorial absh hypocrites. It got out of hand in the Chiluba era all sincere Zambians attest to this sad thing. If you sincerely look at it during that era, all Diplomatic: Ambassadorial and High Commissioner jobs suddenly turned into posts of Luapulans with other tribes in as support staff patched in to save faces. All Defense Chief Jobs suddenly became the heritage of Luapulans irrespective of the incapabilities of their tribesmen. Lozis, Tongas, kaondes, Lambas, Ngonis, lenjes, true Bembas especially those from Chinsali and kasama including solis were all purged out of the inclusive system with some hideously assassinated records exist. In 2006, UPND was for Tonga causes, PF for disaffected Bembas and Luapulan plunders’ causes while Easterners collectively aligned with MMD rejecting Sata for his betrayal in their dark year under Chiluba a Luapulan mercenary.If you look at the owners of infrastructures in Lusaka along Cairo, Chachacha and freedom way including major farms among black Zambians in Lusaka, easterners own them. This is a fact you can investigate. Over 27 years Kaunda empowered Easterners more than any other tribe.Ndola urban properties are mainly owned by some Bembas like the Putas, Easterners like Tom Mtine, Lupiya Banda current VP, the Willima brothers and the late Abram Mokola uncle to the Mwanawasa family besides the Asian community friends of KK. So folks, lets not pretend because tribalism has been here with us from time in memorial. Analytically, on aggregate Easterners have been winners in all the three regimes gaining in jobs, and wealth because of their collective stand to bargain for the regional vote.That said, Lozis are in order and doing the needful thing. Abash hypocrites.

  73. Date: 29-APR-1995 16:28
    From:Stephen Isabirye peacetoallhomosapiens Description: TRIBALISM IN AFRICA

    President Moi of Kenya has characterized tribalism as a cancer. This is an accurate description of a demoralizing challenge that we face in Africa. As an urban raised African I too saw tribalism as an evil that we have to overcome. Increasingly lately I have come to regard tribalism both as a cancer and also a tool that can be used to propel Africa to a new dimension of development.

    The majority of Africans are not able or willing to forsake their tribal allegiances so what do we do with this mind set. How can we channel this tribal energy into a national mainstream. We need to understand the tribes before we impose nationalism on them. Tribes are a contradiction in todays Africa they are an evil if your tribe is not in power and a benefit if your tribe is in power. This is due to the nature of our political and government systems whereby there are no checks and balances. This fosters a climate of absolute power resting on the Executive and by extension to the Executive tribe. So what should be done?

    The first step to getting rid of an ailment is an acurate diagnosis and an admission by the patient that he has something that ails him. Once the diagnosis and admission have been made then a course of treatment is initiated that allows healing to begin. We need to admit that Africans are by nature tribalistic and this in itself is not inherently evil. Fact: tribes had institutions and systems that catered for the welfare of all the tribal members. Could it be that African States by totally disregarding tribal institutions and systems have weakened themselves? Could it be if you weaken the family you weaken the nation? Africans traditionally belonged to extended families, which in turn belonged to a clan, and which in turn belonged to a tribe. In our haste to make the absurd partitioned Africa (Berlin Conference and the partition of Africa) into nations we chose to totally disregard this established socio-political order to our own peril. So we have tried and failed at making the great leap from individual tribal members to national citizens. For one to have allegiance to a nation the benefits must outweigh those of belonging to a tribe. In most African nations you are defined as a citizen only in paper your primary designation is that of an ethnic group. For example on paper you might be Rwandanese but your benefits or ill fate is determined by whether you are Hutu or Tutsi. This schizophrenic national mind set permeates Africa and its denial only compounds the problem.

    African States need to form governments and institutions that have their power base in the tribal institutions because this is where the real power emanates from. i.e. Most Africans respect and have primary allegiance to the tribal structure. The central government is viewed as an outside force that is often hostile and not relevant. I submit that the national government would have more legitimacy if all tribes were represented. All issues in government would be examined using dual standards; a tribal and a national standard. Balance both interests. In most parliaments an upper house should be formed consisting of statesmen who command the most respect and support from each tribe. All tribes would be designated two members very much like the US Senate. This group will balance the State interests versus the tribal interests. An equal representation will ensure that the rights and interests of minority tribes are not trampled upon by majority tribes.

    Africa has tribes for better or for worse. If given lemons make lemon juice. It is the hand we have been dealt let us play it to our advantage; turn our cancer into HEALTH. Fellow Africans let me know what you think.


    #78 Chitoba,your points are wrong,mambwes,lungu,namwangas like the Lozi and tongas are proud of themselves.They will communicate in their language and hence you will feel that they are difficult to communicate with.Iam lungu,from mpulungu.I was brought up in TONGA land,but I had to acclamatize my self to the tonga,I dont have a problem with the tonga,I can do business with the tonga or work with them proffessionally.Please dont translate your failures into other people by blaming,you are the people that are boiling this tribalism topic to extreme.


  75. Issues of tribalism in Zambian politics were recently strengthened by Mr Satas attempt to get elected using a tribal stunt. He ignored all provinces where there are people who did not matter to him and concentrated in Luapula/Northern and kept generating tribal comments.

  76. gk # 83 asks Where is this tribalism issue coming from?

    Tribalism has been here from time in memorial. Worsened in the Chiluba era, insulated by Sata’s brainless and desperate divisive political opportunism in the run up to elections 2006.Did you follow his vain defense for plunders and revelations of their sealed return package come September 29 in the last days of the campaigns? Today he has has his tail coiled after the London judgment and revelations.Suddenly he is vilifying his bankroller he danced for at airports.

  77. For me, the statement below, which is an except from someone’s views on Tribalism is Africa clearly explains why there are these tribal tensions comming up from time to time:

    “Tribes are a contradiction in todays Africa they are an evil if your tribe is not in power and a benefit if your tribe is in power. This is due to the nature of our political and government systems whereby there are no checks and balances. This fosters a climate of absolute power resting on the Executive and by extension to the Executive tribe.”

  78. isn’t it interesting that the american secretary of state has traditionally been the preserve of americans of Jewish ancestry!!! the exceptions were of course Colin Powell and Condi Rice !! Powell was in the forefront of invading an enemy of the Jewish state(Iraq) and Condi Rice was a lecturer at a Jewish funded university!!! The Scots are very happy Gordon Brown is taking over as Prime Minister!!! Tribalism/regionalism is a global phenomenom…..interesting observation don’t you think!!

  79. #88 PUNDIT.Does it mean that if the bazungus are doing it then it becomes right?We really need a paradym shift in our thinking and issue based if we`re are to see any significant progress in our country.

  80. Ba Chapi(89), i was merely highlighting the “global” proportions of tribalism/regionalism.The thread of the blog gave the impression this problem is an African one only…….well it isn’t!!! I am curious to hear suggestions on how to limit the influence of tribalism on our everyday lives.

  81. #90 PUNDIT.Point of correction noted.There`s a common saying that charity begins at home.In the same light, when our kids want to get married the first question shouldn`t be which tribe the person comes from but focus on love between the two.When we deliberately continue breaking the stigma of intermarrages within our society,then this talk about regional politics will have less impact among us.It`s so unfortunate that majority of the voters in our country are the uninformed and the resulting effect is the quality of leadership we currently have.If there`s a deliberate move to educate the electorate in our nation,tribalists and mere talkers will have less of a chance to be voted but performers would have field days during elections.We also need to clip the excessive presidential powers so that it starts sinking in us that the position is meant for service and not just absolute authority to do as one pleases.

  82. KUKU### Your leadership qualities seem to be impressed I hope yo can put them in practices at ward level as a councillor until 2011 so that we can start acsercing u. So now Let me share with you. Ok later

  83. Let us just divide our country into Regional powers. Each state can then have its own elected governor. That way each region will be responsible enough to elect its govt which they believe can deliver.
    This should be one of the question on the referendum. Should Zambia be divided into Federal state and each state to Self govern… The answer will be YES, Only thieves liars, Lazy characters will refuse to this solution. Otherwise pretending that we are united is a waste of time, and a time bomb.

  84. Ba Chapi(91), i concur without reservation. Bashi Panji (KK)foresaw the influence tribalism would have on national politics and if you recall he had a deliberate policy of tribal balancing. It wasn’t perfect but it diluted the problems we face today.Zambia Police in the 60’s would recruit from Mongu (18-24yr olds) and station them in Nakonde!! Inter-marriages were inevitable hence we now have friends called Silumesi Siwale !!! The reason why UNIP opposed a federal system for Zambia is because it would have furthered the divide along tribal lines. Maybe we need to talk to some UNIPists and find out how to further refine the program they started ??? I would like to see some form of legislation over and above the basic discrimination laws to protect minority groupings. I trust the bloggers on this forum can “refine” my humble contribution.

  85. Pundit. Is there any reason why Zambians should unit if what we see are deliberate and well orchestrated engineering of stealing by some Tribes. Self empowering etc. The luapulans through Chiluba and Sata have pushed their lucky too far. It was the Tongaz last year, the loziz now, who else tomorrow. Only Luapulans want the integration because they know, they are the major beneficiary and perpetrators of bad financial behavior.

  86. Sichilyango, we may not be able to achieve perfect unity but the only solution is to continue calling for it. Doing the reverse as you suggest will be self-destructive.
    it might be true that luapula people are mainly responsible for most irresponsible acts such as public thefts but to call them names is divisive. Call them ‘bamunyela pa menshi’ or what fact is they are as zambian as you.

  87. Kadansa.. thanks for coming to my rescue. We have people here who are either out of touch or just just hypocrites. There is nothing tribal about a group of people from the same region gathering to ponder the political landscape as it affects them. Everything political is Zambia today is based on regions. Look at the appointments. Look at the developmental projects. In the recent years have you ever heard that the government is fixing the luwingu kasama road or the mporokoso road? No because bembas are not in the dog house. should we condon this NO, But it is a reality as things stand. You will hear the Kalomo road being fixed you will here the chipata roads being fixed. That is political capital my friends. You earn it and spend it.
    Sichilyango…In KK error we where being duped into singing the ONE ZAMBIA song while Chinsali where this dude grow up doesnt even have a hospital. The Lozi’s now are seeing some development in WP because MMD knows with out WP they cant win. Probably …..

  88. thats explains why Mabenga is not in jail. Let us look at these issues objectively. You guys are talking like there has not been regional politics Zambia. If you dont know that politics in Zambia have been regional since FTJ era,if you that, i’m sorry for you. What we should preach is tolerance Zambians are tribal but very tolerant of other tribes. But when it comes to political power play people gather according to regions. that is just the way it is. During the MMD convention last time how did Katele win? Because NP,LP AND CB refused to support VJ despite LPM’s request that they support VJ.

  89. SAGE, VJ is a traitor. Katele has always been loyal to his Village. He even practices Witchcraft with the locals. VJ has no base as he has alway been treated as a traitor to the Southerners and those with enough brains to think beyond today.

  90. “I am curious to hear suggestions on how to limit the influence of tribalism on our everyday lives.” Quote

    Intermarriages aside,equal distribution of the national cake on wealth, jobs, development projects ,offers of scholarships local and foreign, tenders, appointments to key commissions and Boards enhanced by deliberate national policy of cultural exchange would shift the paradigm.Since independence, the wealth and best jobs opportunities of this country have been silently the preserve of Easterners followed by Northern Bembas period.From Time in memorial look at our PS on cumulative and comparative basis, Diplomatic jobs, Defense Chiefs way upto present day administration. Easterners take the toll while the rest remain squabbling on immaterial dominance theories till respective regimes change.You will be stunned to learn than that 75% of Army Commanders and OOP Director Generals have been easterners.Where have other Zambians been?That’s the imbalance igniting the tribal race today.

  91. Ba Sichilyango(95, the stealing is not along tribal lines. They are just thieves. The moment we start believing tribe has anything to do with it, will be the moment it will be used as a defence in court.Imagine a thief in the dock saying ” Please exercise maximum leniency on me…..i did not choose to be born an Aushi….i only stole because it is in my genes !!!” Lets be serious people…..a thief is a thief and the law must be applied to us all EQUALLY!!!

  92. Good point pundit #101. If the allegation was scientifically found to be true, the only way to explain it would be conditioning NOT genetic. If you remember the pavlov dog & bell experiment, simply means, if you are brought up among aushi impumpu, you would learn it from the environment NOT necesarily that it would be in your genes. OK, IM joking

  93. Summary Economic Activities of Each province
    CB: Copper, minerals/Commerce
    NW: Copper and oil Soon
    Western: Farming/Cattle/Diamonds, oil soon.
    Lusaka: Farming/Commerce/manufacturing
    Eastern: Farming
    Southeen: Power Generation/ Farming/Tourism
    Central: Farming/Manufacturing
    Northern: Farming/Trading
    Luapula: Fishing/Trading

    From the Above, it is evident that Each province can optimize itself and be able to grow their own economies on Federal basis. Each province has potential which has not been exploited fully. take for example, Luapula has abundant rainfall but agriculture is neglected as people prefer easy activity of fishing. The Southern has Rivers, but Irrigation is not highly exploited except at Zamsugar.

  94. Africa: Taylor And Chiluba – Signal End to Tyranny And Looting

    Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

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    Mmegi/The Reporter (Gaborone)

    18 June 2007
    Posted to the web 19 June 2007

    Botsalo Ntuane

    Recent events involving two erstwhile African presidents reinforce optimism that the era of tyranny and looting is drawing to a close. For far too long, Africans have had to contend with leaders whose interests in office are at stark variance to the overall welfare and development of their citizens.

    The post-colonial period gave rise to one party states and military rule whose grip on power was broken by the wave of democracy that swept across the continent in the early part of the last decade. But the emergence of democracy did not always provide a panacea for the problems of the continent. Instead of promoting good governance, development and respect for human rights, it created fertile ground for corruption and tyranny. A case in point is the story of Frederick Chiluba of Zambia who rose to power at the head of a pro-democracy movement that sought to replace one party rule. Instead of the saviour they had hoped for, Zambians were to be saddled with a rapacious man who considered his occupancy of high office a passport to entitlement and looting of the state. A court in Britain last month convicted Chiluba of looting the equivalent of 46 million dollars from the Zambian people. The damning verdict of the judge reveals Chiluba as a man given to a lifestyle of obscene opulence funded by the state treasury which he had turned into a personal kitty. Chiluba’s misdemeanours would have remained unknown were it not for the resolute drive of his successor Levy Mwanawasa to bring him to book. This particular episode demonstrates that some of the inaugural leaders of the democracy wave were not committed to democracy and good governance. Their interest was to replace the one party dictators and perpetuate their own stay in order to gain access to state resources. Most critically, Chiluba’s conviction should underline that going into retirement, willingly or not, must not translate into automatic and life-long immunity from prosecution. When the investigations started, it was argued that taking action against retired leaders amounted to persecution and harassment. As such, leaders who had committed crimes would refuse to leave office for fear of prosecution. The same logic was advanced with regard to the case of ex-Liberian tyrant, Charles Taylor. In a blood-drenched career as a rebel and later as president, Taylor had only one discernible interest. In his many documented human rights violations, Taylor’s sole desire was to gain access to resources for the upkeep of his lavish lifestyle. He presided over a failed state that could not provide the bare essentials of survival to the people of Liberia. Such extrem ism invariably triggers a counter-reaction. So it came to pass that some Liberians rose to fight back. Under siege, Taylor was convinced to go into exile by a group of African presidents on condition that he would enjoy protection and immunity from prosecution. However, the international community, in an ethical and correct gesture, insisted the tyrant should account for his atrocities. The guarantees offered by the eminent African leaders fell by the wayside and today Taylor is standing trial in the Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague. Similar to the Chiluba case, some voices say the treatment of Taylor will dissuade other leaders from leaving office. The Chiluba and Taylor cases provoke the question of what to do with looters and tyrants when they do eventually leave office. Put differently, it is the imperative of justice versus the impulse of letting bygones be bygones. My contention is that no president should be allowed to get away with crimes against humanity and corruption for purposes of appeasement. In seeking to forge a new order, universal values of democracy, human rights and good governance must apply to Africa as well. In that regard, a message must be sent out that leaders have to behave, otherwise dire consequences will be visited on them. Bending to the impulse to leave delinquent leaders alone ignores the need for victims of tyranny to get emotional recompense. This sentiment fails to appreciate that in order for a painful chapter to be closed in the life of a country, someone must be held to account. This impulse looks at the situation through the prism of an errant leader, who consumed by fear, threatens to destroy the country if he is not left alone. This is just not on. On balance, the fears and threats of tyrants and looters must not take precedence over the interests of victims and reconstruction of the state. Consequently, the trials of Chiluba and Taylor must be hailed by all Africans. Indeed the age of impunity is drawing to a close.

  95. Pandit..You are missing the point. We are not condoning tribalism. But we brave enough to acknowledge that it exists despite the one zambia slogans the country since independence has been ruled and developed on tribal or regional lines. look at the last 2 elections, what does the result tell you? These are facts. The question is should we continue pretending that we are one big happy family or should we accept the fact that hidding in slogans hasnt worked. If we are prepared to face the reality then we could do something about the problem.

  96. SAGE, Accepting the facts on the ground is the only way forward that is if we are still interested in existence of Zambia as one Nation which a good number of us have found irrelevant in the current setup of manipulation.The postNewspaper can write as much against regional mobilization,They are just wasting their time.
    Pundit my friend, The veil has been lifted and it is time Zambians from every tribe and region started to know that propaganda and hagemony will not solve any problem.

  97. I refuse to be another hypocrite in denial. The tribal virus has been eating our national fabric from time in memorial.Chiluba tried to outdoor the Easterners from their 27 year advantage while Levy is just trying to bring the Lenjes, Kaondes, lambas and Solis in the fore of empowerment.Lozis have seen the mess.

  98. Sage(105),slogans of unity are one way of trying to encourage “one big happy family”. It is a utopian ideal but it is a step in the right direction. One Zambia One Nation was a powerful tool at the time and to some extent worked!!Tribalism/regionalism cannot be eradicated entirely but we need to make it unfashionable to even mention it in public.This is how it is in more mature democracies.My next statement is controversial but…….”if you pretend long enough…you begin to believe!!!” So i say,let us pretend, let us chant the slogans, let us legislate against it and let us continue to highlight these divisions. Eventually we will reduce the prevalence of this abominable practice.

  99. SAGE, I deliberately forgot some activities which are not prominent including Fishing in other provinces e.g. Kwabulozi(Zambezi), Tongaland(Kafue/Zambezi) and Chikunda Land(Luangwa river) The biggest activity in Luapula is Theft butI omitted because i think with arrest of Criminals, and introduction of remedial activities in the province, we can harness the positive side of luapula people…Interesting really

  100. #98.SAGE.Don`t just argue for the sake of it.Efforts are supposed to be put in uniting the nation and not the opposite.Float your name under tribal lines I `m sure HH would be more than willing to give you some advice about that.Promoting this kind of shallow politics will definately take us nowhere.It`s not being a strategist by selling oneself in this manner.That`s why Zambia needs a 21st centuary type of leader whose main aim is unite and move the entire country forward and not just focus on one province.

  101. Ba Chapi(111, we need you on the other forum “Chungu, Kabwe appeal against London judgment”.Amaka yapwa.

  102. In the run up to Decision 2006 after Mazoka’s death before the UPND convention, Tongas only-convened in Monze at the Agriculture College on the auspices of regional vote.HH was one of the sponsors of that caucus meeting.The theme was UPND Presidency for tongas only. During campaigns at Mongu Blue Gums Square in the Presence of Nawakwi and Newtom Ng’uni, HH asked the Borotse voters why they should waste their vote on a Northerner a campaign against our insane Sata. The same insane Sata recklessly said the battle line was drawn between him and the Bantu Botatwe clarifying that Levy and HH are one because they are bantu botatwe. What is this nonsense if there is no tribalism in our politics? I am so embarrassed to see HH raising his head and fist disparaging Lozis who merely met to deliberate best ways of working relationships towards development in their province. We have principleless emerging opportunists in our politics who think they are smart when the opposite is true.

  103. Bonse mulesabailafye. Kateka afwile nakwata amano.Lets call a spade a spade! We should not bring tribalism into the running affairs of this country called Zed, otherwise, the nation will plunge into unending civil wars.We don’t want to experience the genoicide like in Rwanda. Kanshi tubweshefye ba Gile (Grey Zulu) pantu balikwata amano ya development. A leader should not be regionalized, he/she should embrace everyone despite the tribe or region. Unlike what is happening with chuchu after being cheated by Katele and Mabenga. These chaps are thieves. FTJ nabamubika kumunga wefwafwa, but Mabenga na Katele bwanalale. LPM, stop selective prosecutions, waumfwa!!! Bonse funga kinwa!!

  104. #112 Katusheni becoz you are one of those gladly wearing TOTEMs.I cant believe,this time and age we could sink so low as to discuss issues with such steep inclination to tribal gradient.SAGE you belaboring on the point of your un proven equation-WP+x=Plot1,is worrying and needs serious re-examination.So many things I dont want to discuss have gone wrong but in the pretext of the so called’one Zambia , one nation’they have gone unnoticed, or if they were noticed people pretended not to see or hear.I have ably and tried to open an area which could have put us in 21st century but upto now people are still with the stone age mentallity.UNZA is one such place which was predominantly one tribe but , time has changed and we have moved on especially that we are able to look around ourselves and pick what is best for our future.Let WP discusss their candidate, and everyone else can do so but within the confines of the law and that person must be fit for national governance not otherwise

  105. #115 posted by Kuku, iwe mwaice Easy92 do you know that to run a company of 20 people is not like talking about tribalism? My life scorecard shows that I have only one thing to accomplish, serve my community,with all my heart ,strength and mind.So where you are in the states if that chap who was once a security guard denies to renew you passport you know what to do or better still consult me asap.

  106. Ba Chapi.. again you have missed the point. read my comment on #105. You can choose to accept and learn from reality or you can choose to stay under the vail. The cat is out no more pretenc. We can only fight tribalism on equitable grounds. No sing slogans publicly and empower your tribes men privately. If we are going resolve this issue. We have to recognise that it exists. And then find measures to solve it. I dont want to sing one Zambia one nation. I want to see development go to all corners of Z. Then and only then will i not look at the tribe of the top dog. Chapi look at Sata. he is only popular where bemba is dominant. Despite HH being labeled a Tribalist he could have won WP if saki didnt leave. Stop being hypocrites LOOK AT THE ELECTIONS RESULTS FOR LAST 10 YEARS.

    name and tribe
    AUDT G
    ATT Gen
    Admin General
    Solic Gen
    Task For Dir
    ACC Dir
    Drung ENF Dir
    ALL Pem secs

  108. Minister of Defence Hon. George Mpombo, MP (Lamba CB)
    Minister of Finance and National Planning Hon. Ng’andu Magande, MP (Southern)
    Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha, MP (Central)
    Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Brian Chituwo, MP (Central)
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mundia Sikatana, MP (Western)
    Minister of Agriculture & Co-operatives Hon. Ben Kapita, MP(NW)
    Minister of Justice Hon. George Kunda, MP (Lala CP)
    Minister of Local Government and Housing Hon. Sylvia T. Masebo, MP (Soli LSK)
    Minister of Gender and Development, Hon. Patricia Mulasikwanda, MP(Western)
    Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry Hon. Felix Mutati , MP (Bemba NORTH)
    Minister of Communication and Transport Hon. Sarah Sayifwanda MP(Luchazi NW)
    Minister of Community Development and Social Services Hon. Catherine Namugala, MP(Northern)
    Minister of Education Hon. Prof. Geofrey Lungwangwa, MP (Western)
    Minister of Energy and Water Development Hon. Kenneth Konga, MP (Luvale NW)
    Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Hon. Mike Mulongoti, MP Lamba CB)

  109. I refuse to drag myself in the mud of hypocricy.Tribalism is real:

    VP His Honour Lupiya Banda MP (Eastern)
    Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Hon. Dr. Kalombo Mwansa, MP- (Luapula)
    Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training Hon. Peter Daka, MP-(Easterner)
    Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development Hon. Gabriel Namulambe, MP-( Lamba CB)
    Minister of Tourism, Environment, Natural Resources Hon. Kabinga Pande, MP –(NW)
    Minister of Works and Supply Hon. Kapembwa Simbao, MP(Western)

  110. SAGE in # 118 says:

    Okey here we go any more list for data?

    BOZ GOVERNOR-Fundanga-lozi (Western)
    ARMY COMM-Gen.Chisuzi-Tumbuka (Easterner)
    ZNS COMM -Lamba
    ZAF COMM-Mbao (Easterner)
    OP-(Phiri Easterner)
    ZNBC DIR-Silasini (Lamba)
    CABINET MINIST (Evenly Distributed)
    IG –Mateyo (not sure likely NW or Soli from LSK))
    AUDT G Annie Chafungula (Lamba CB)
    ATT Gen -Malila Mumba (Luapula)
    Admin General-
    Solic Gen –Sunday nkonde (Northerner)
    Task For Dir –Mark Nkole-(Northerner)
    ACC Dir-Nixson Banda (Easterner)
    Drug ENF Dir –Chintoba (Lamba)
    ALL Pem secs (All tribes majority Easterners)
    Daily Mail- Leornard Kantumoya (NW)

  111. Kadansa #122, #123

    Can you please also provide a list of the least represented tribes [less represented tribes] in public office please? thank you in advance! If all the jobs above are taken by the named tribes were does that live the rest of the tribes, 73 in total and what does that say about democracy and equal representation of all Zambians?

  112. we are tired of bembas !! let other rule ! and warning stop using bember on this blog please!when you bembas use benba even on the blog we dont say tribolizm even in officers in lusaka but when u listen the lozi languege you open your mouse too much you must know that even using bember on the blog .please let the people stand for presidence from all over the contry .

  113. Vistor # 124, I would be throwing some sections of our society in dangerous rejection if I ever started posting specific statistics on the inequalities per your request.As regards democracy and equal representation in multi ethnic societies, they are nothing but provable fussy used to justify some inhuman self rational interest.You Google and watch economic hit man video by Perkins. Democracy has been disproportionately abused everywhere.My motive is not to invoke your hatred against the systems of Governance we have embraced, but just to let you accept that tribalism is here with us and ways must be collectively found to overcome it from a point of awareness. You can only solve a problem by first acknowledging that it does exist. Denial has no solution.

    Just sharing with you that the former Minister of information and broadcasting Veteran politician and Career Diplomat Ambassador Vernon Johnson Mwaanga has reverted to his internationalist role in the Diplomatic circles. Last week Ambassador Mwaanga was in Cape Town at the World Economic Forum as special Guest at the invitations of President Mbeki, regional heads and Kofi Anan. From there Ambassador Mwaanga spent one to two days home before departure for Tripoli, Libya as personal Guest of President Gadaffi. Ambassador Mwaanga a Graduate of Sanford University in the USA and Oxford UK, at the ignorance of many young Zambians is a stunning intellectual. He is a highly admired intellectual whose role in world politics, governance and peace can never be destroyed by the press or pundits of any conspiracies. From now on wards, Ambassador Mwaanga will be in extensive diplomatic roles around the African continent and the world at large. Some speaking engagements around the Globe are being lined up at unbelievable requests. Governments, Ngos, Democratic institutions and universities around the Globe are overwhelmingly asking for his time to speak. Late last year Ambassador Mwaanga was Guest of President Putin in Russia. Recently with Dr. Kaunda and others, Ambassador Mwaanga has been honored by Russia as heroes of Asia and Africa freedom. Should Ambassador Mwaanga be scheduled to speak at any of the institutions in your locality, information will be posted on a Website soon coming up to be dedicated to Democracy, freedom, unity, and economic emancipation in an interdependent world. All contacts will be posted too for the attention of those keen to support our Zambians heroes irrespective of their past affiliations. Ladies and Gentlemen, join us in supporting the roles of our very own Zambian Hero that has served our country over 45 years with unflinching loyalty to all our three consecutive Presidents.

  115. Below is the statement of smart, articulate and forthright ssincere Chairman who chaired the meeting. No need for apologetics. Tongas convened in Monze for a Tonga Presiden, never vilified. Bembas losr their mind with their Kola foundation never vilified.Ngonis have for ages consolidated their Umozi kumawa with full support of KK against Kapwepwe, never vilified. Kapwepwe had his own Bembalite causes never vilified. Lozis meet to consolidate unity, all the rambling. What a bunch of hypocrites in vain.In a statement, Kunyanda said no Zambian should be condemned for exercising freedom of expression and freedom of association.”We have no apologies for having met as concerned persons originating from Wastern Province or having allowed free expression of diversity of ideas and proposals from among those who attended the meeting,” Kunyanda stated. “However, we note that both the meeting and what was said at the meeting had been grossly misrepresented and taken for a farfetched ride by opportunists and hypocrites.”Kunyanda stated that the issue of a presidential candidature was not a main agenda item and that it came up as a side issue.He explained that calls for a meeting of people originating from Western Province were more importantly in response to concerns over developmental issues. Kunyanda stated that many of the Lozi people were concerned that their province had become poorest in terms of human welfare and job opportunities.”The main agenda item was to put our heads together in order to come up with ideas and programmes that could be fed into national development work,” Kunyanda stated. He stated that it had been brought to the attention of those assigned to organise and facilitate the meeting that there had been a committee of permanent secretaries from various ministries who had been constituted to co-ordinate an integrated development plan for North-Western Province.”It was proposed that the meeting should find out the background of this scheme and look into ways of possibly applying the same to Western Province,” he stated. “However, it is not surprising that some self-righteous people, ever ready to paint Barotse people with one coat of black paint, are presenting themselves as champion mountain climbers, on an anthill they have deliberately sought to make into mountain.” He charged that some opportunists and hypocrites had jumped on the bandwagon of exaggerations. He dispelled the notion that the meeting was in defiance of President Mwanawasa’s call to stop the process that had been unleashed by his earlier statement that party members should start looking for his replacement after the end of his current state presidential term.He stated that President Mwanawasa’s ban on party presidential campaigns was made after Ku-Omboka while their meeting took place before Ku-Omboka. He stated that his group would continue to participate in contributing towards the choice of the next MMD candidate for the state president. “Some of us may have been honest and open enough to allow people to say exactly what they have in mind. Yes, nothing has come out in the press about meetings of persons from other regions.

  116. Ba Veteran(127), i didn’t know there existed another VJ Mwaanga. The one i know, escaped a lengthy jail term because Mandrax was not illegal at the time. He still spent quite sometime behind bars.The one i know has been fired by every president we have had including one who held onto the title deeds of his house!!!The only commonality between the one you have described and the one many of us know is that they are “both” very intelligent but lack principles and morals.Another thing, the one i know, was never a graduate of Standford let alone Oxford.I’m sure that he has visited both universities but not as a student.

    How amazing Ba Veteran that we know two people with the same name but different backgrounds and future!!!
    Maybe I should do a better job of researching before saying anything about the “HEROES” of Zambia!!!!

  117. #129 I cant believe we have people like Veteran who support evil minded persons like VJ.VJ almost defrauded Zambia out of $7m ,Veteran you are sick in your head.We are busy trying to fight corruption by targetting one man when other criminals are allowed five star treatment in the likes of VJ.Does it mean MMD has not people to do that?This is shameful to LPM and his cohorts , this come back of VJ is a disaster and is aimed at screwing the 2011 elections.This man is dirt, he worse than FTJ.Veteran take a break and check yourself in at Chainama , you damn sick from schezoprenia, ingawiciba mupepi inganakutobamo inkapila ulichikopo sana waba amatwi ukupakalala efyo taumfwila

  118. Pundit(129),your ignorance, hatred and the other VJ you know about are not my responsibilities. Records of Ambassador VJ are not for matters of some lock and safe, but public authentication. His service to the nation is beyond your dream and life time failures. Rusia’s Putin just hosted him and honored him with the other 20 Zambian heroes.Kofi Anan and Mbeki just sent a ticket and hosted him in Cape town. Tomorrow june 21st he will a personal Guest of Muamar for three days.Can we hear and see your comparative honors,achievements or phenomino works worth outmatching Ambassador Mwaanga rather than the time you spend deceiving yourself in blogs that you are an achiever.VJ went to Oxford and Sanford to pursue his Government to Governnment sponsored career Diplomacy courses which he finished followed by service at the UN as country permanent Representative, Rusia, USA, UK and many other nationals the role you and your parents combined will never achieve by your last day on earth God forbid.

  119. Ba Veteran(131),your response makes sad reading and your political loyalties leave little to be desired.I will leave you to your heroes and pledge to make no further comment.

  120. Pundit (133), you are better off concentrating on fooling yourself in what you have lived to believe that you are worth any ounce when simple counter moves would leave you learn all your superficiality and deficiencies. In a Democracy as ours, it’s your freedom to play the foolhardy games especially in public blogs. You are no longer in the UNIP era of absolute Control of individual freedom. Good luck in all your undertakings henceforth.

  121. Iwe JVee, bushe uli mpofu? Tawamona what Ba VJ has done for Zed! Limbi you are still young, and have just started hearing about VJ today. Ask Sage, he will tell what Ba VJ has done for Zed and the world at large. Baice mwilasabaila ngatamukwete data. Ba Joze mwalinwa ink, tell JVee pali ba VJ pantu miponto aleleta kuli ba VJ. Elo LPM dropped VJ, in life we are all not perfect all the time, we make mistakes, but people should not capitalise on those mistakes. Ba VJ ni mpalume ya calo. Limbi kukota kulelenga ati ba VJ limbi baletena mukulanda. VIVA Vernon Johnson Mwaanga! Bushe ba VJ kuti balingana na bena Mulongoti?

  122. No doubt VJ has did a lot for Zambia in the 60s,70s ,80s even 90s. He is probably one of the best career diplomats out there. However, Of late he has become a symbo of political engneering and betrayal. To many of us who are not young the name VJ and election rigging have become synonimous. This fact has led to many people forgetting VJ’s past archivements and just see him for who he is today. Veteran, In life your name is far more important than your degrees and monetory archivements. VJ has absolutelly no integrity among Zambians. Yes overseas he may be respected. But back home he is as wworthless as a used newspaper. After LPM VJ will be no more. We are throug with that kind of people now hence forth and forever more. So my friends talking about VJ is as bad as wasting our energy on FTJ. These people dribled each other, they all have no principles. They conive and use other people just to get what they want.FTJ chose JV,LPM and a like as his close alies…That tells alot.

  123. #123 Kadansa tupele nomba data yama foreign dignatories (foreign embassies) since that is where you belong,we want to really see diversity

  124. A Lozi President can only succeed if they (Lozis) stop referring to other tribes as “Kinyukunyuku” (Foreigners). For instance why can’t Lozis unite with the Bunda in Kaoma in the same Province? It is this “Kinyukunyuku” syndrome that makes an ordinary Zambian like myself to tremble. This is the same for a Tonga Presidential candidate. Don’t get me wrong. The seditious behaviour of Tongas against a Lozi (Sakwiba Sikota) at last year’s UPND conference speaks for itself.

  125. #146 you should not be impressed , that is his job, his the registrar at Ministry of Foreign affairs.If you need a foreign position get in touch with him but mind you he is not corrupt so find a way of tuning him.
    Kadansa Iam waiting for data

  126. Veteran, we presume your ambassador will be speaking at venues in Afghanistan and in Colombia in south america, indeed it’s no surprise that he is well sort after at these fora, hope he escapes the dragnet of the various anti-drug enforcement agencies!!

  127. Kadansa you are really amazing , how do you manage to pack in such lengthy postings when they seem limited to 100 words only. Are you the kadansa of old , dancing at the top of a bamboo pole? Is this some of your magic??

  128. Tamwakatukwanishe ,we shall keep on marrying your sisters and produce future leaders,since u dont even want to mix with other tribes.You will never catch us in terms of everything ,u will 4 ever keep on parroting like that.WORDS ARE NOT DEEDS.

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