Chungu, Kabwe appeal against London judgment


TWO of Second Republican President Fredrick Chiluba’s co-defendants Aaron Chungu and Faustin Kabwe have appealed against the London high court judgment in which they have jointly been found liable to have defrauded Zambia of billions of Kwacha.
According to the judgment, Mr Kabwe and Mr Chungu who are directors of Access Financial Services, a company linked to the looting of the public funds, each owe the country $27 million.
Attorney General, Mumba Malila, said in an interview yesterday that the duo filed in notices at the London Court of Appeals on Thursday.
Mr Malila, however, said their action would have no bearing on the execution of the judgment in which they have been ordered to pay back 85 per cent of the money that was misappropriated from the Government’s ZAMTROP account during Dr Chiluba’s 10 year reign.
“Despite the appeal the judgment is capable of enforcement,” he said.
This was in the case in which the Attorney General had instituted civil proceedings against Dr Chiluba and 19 others in the London high court, which found them liable of defrauding the country billions of Kwacha.
Mr Malila has since obtained a freezing injunction to prevent Dr Chiluba and his co-defendants from gaining access to their assets in England and Zambia.
On whether Dr Chiluba had challenged the registration of the London high court judgment in Zambia on June 13, Mr Malila said: “We do expect a response but to my knowledge such an action has not yet been taken but we are ready for the challenge when it comes.”
Any application to set aside the registration should be within seven days while execution on the judgment would not be issued until the seven days expires.
Dr Chiluba’s other co-defendants include former Zambia Intelligence Security Services (ZISS) director general Xavier Chungu, former ambassador to the US Attan Shansonga, former Permanent Secretary at the ministry of Finance Stella Chibanda, Cave Malik and Company, Congolese businessman, Raphael Soriano, also known as Katebe Katoto and Francis Kaunda.


  1. If found guilty for second time reposses everything they have and they not allowed to do business again. They think money can save them. Now Dr,Chiluba is silent because he cannot lie anymore. So these two are ones who should go first like Richard Sakala. In USA a the former advisor to the vice is already serving his sentences. What waste taxipayers money no people guilty of serious offences. Fraud and conspirancy is a sin to mankind.

  2. wen u are caught with your hand in the cookie jar,just apologise!ngabakusanga ulesunda,bushe tiwalanda ati eyo bwana,nachila tapilisha?the fact is wachilatapilisha nemisu!!therefore,wachilasunda!!

  3. Guys read this line “looting of the public funds, each owe the country $27 million” if these 2 owe $27Miters = $54M. I’m confused can some one explain this to me. if 2 owe $54M what does the 18 Owe.

  4. We need the money back for the development of the country.When you are found guilt just pay the sentence.Zambia is the poorest country but with richest ministers.90% are living under povert line because of these thieves, there is no equal distributoin of money because Dr Chiluba I mean ka chiluba and his friends have stolen everything.

  5. Over the years i have taken keen interest in studying Zambians with ties to ethnic origination across our land. The findings have been stunning. Empirical evidence has shown than Luapulans are failures, lazy, thieves, liars and unsuccessful manipulators. A few Zambians have not done much in knowing much about these criminals who added absolute nothing positive to our country but plunder and crime. They have labored over the years to conceal their criminality by hiding in the Bemba identity. Bembas are very descent, dignified and patriotic Zambians who have collectively contributed positively to the Growth and unity of this Country from Businesses to focused politics.Look at all key plunders: Chiluba, Chungu FX, Chungu Aaron, Faustine, Stella Chibanda all Luapulans. BY Mwila stole his wealth from the Army when he was a Quarter Master, Machungwa the ZK 2 Billion brief case thief, Katele Kalumba, Army plunder G. Musengule, Apostle Dan Pule the sexual maniac. The list goes on. Zambia is better off without luapula.

  6. very sad the Laupulans after we reposes everything they have nothing in old age. Leader who are serious they act and mean their cause. Look in Russia that oil Billionare who stole from the poor is behind bars. I can remember when I was in Germany in 1995 the court sentenced the father of Steffi Graf for abuse of taxes rights for 5 years. This was a powerful man very reach but Zambia people will appear and appear until they are acquited or witnesses die misterious. Why are courts so slack and linient on the reach and punish the poor. Two months ago in Chipata a man given a imprisonment for still nshima. For long shall we talk about justice.

  7. very sad the Laupulans after we reposes everything they have nothing in old age. Leaders who are serious they act and mean their cause. Look in Russia that oil Billionare who stole from the poor is behind bars. I can remember when I was in Germany in 1995 the court sentenced the father of Steffi Graf for abuse of taxes rights for 5 years. This was a powerful man very reach but Zambian people will appeal and appeal until they are acquited or witnesses die misterious. Why are courts so slack and linient on the reach and punish the poor. Two months ago in Chipata a man given a imprisonment for still nshima. For long shall we talk about justice.

  8. #8 Most Luapulans have a propensity for thieving, this trait runs through most of them no matter how educated or wealthy.
    Most of the pick pockets at the then KMB and Masala bus stops were always mostly from Luapula.They were aba tabwa. abena ngumbo, ba tubulu and abalunda.

    It is a fact that stealing is an inherent trait of this ethnic community

  9. Where is Chungu we should hunt him he is the key witness in all this. Which country is keeping him they should have him over. This is not good to hide someone who has committed atrocities. One time I read in the New Africa Magizine that he was in Portgual. EU should be put to task for habouring swindlers no wonder Mbemba is also in Portgual. Our African leaders suffer at the hands of this people like what is happening to Charles Taylor no Hague, yet the hide crinimals. Find Chungu and bring him to book plz Interpol help to get this man he is wanted as a key man in the plunder of nation wealth. He was Managing Director. Those who are still in ZED give them maximum sentences.Dont waste more of govt funds on trying them

  10. Talking about Luapulans,Dr.Kalumba is still waiting for the chance to come back to still some more.He is been very vocal lately.Even praising LPM and sounding like his another mouth piece.Waiting to be MMD president.

  11. These crooks are simply buying time. They will be made to eat their humble pie very soon and continue their crooked lives in Mukobeko. Chiluba should be declared bankrupt in the next few weeks and leave him to send himself himself to the grave without any force. keep up the ogg work AG and do Zambia proud.

  12. if FTJ was from the west wouldn’t the majority of his cohorts have also been from there ?? As much as the data in submission 5 is scary, let us not marginalize our fellow Zambians.The Luapula has produced good people and they don’t deserve some of the unsavoury comments being made towards them.I’m sure my fellow bloggers are not advocating tribalistic tendencies.Just in case it is important……i am not from the Luapula !!!

  13. Pundits12# you are at it again we thought you stop defending culprits of national plunder. Why are you against justice. If it was a common man today you would languishing in Kwabata prison without bail. Cant you c all where these people coming from. They have messed and they deserve approciate punishment this includes paying back. Here is no Nepotism but pipo guilty of committing crimes against humanity. Your has uncle FTJ has just appealed in the High that judgement is should not be registered. He is saying its political this not FTJ vs LPM but Chiluba against Zambian people. A Dieb, a thief, a socorer, chief conman, cruel, Why are figures changing he store more than we know this Kafupi boy from Luapula. He should thank Zambia that is a christian nation as he declared it otherwise he would be in already. Ataase ukokwine balekuchonga.

  14. Ba Easy(13), kwena mwandyamo!!! I do not condone theft of any kind and i fully support the apparent effort to punish those who have stolen from us.I agree with you..this case is not LPM vs FTJ but the people of Zambia against all plunderers. Zambia being a “christian nation” is a farce and has had no bearing on the behaviour of our leaders or the average citizen. We are all best advised to leave our religious inclinations out of these matters of national interest. The current corruption fight is teaching us all that………if you misuse public funds you will answer to the people of Zambia (whether they are Muslim,Christian or Atheist)

  15. Just cage the thieves. I pray that the judgement is registered as delivered and on time to cut further legal costs. #3 you have a case here – if two of them owe US$54million, why should we look for $500 000 for a development program? I mean why not look within rather than being foreign aid oriented?. Often in life the simplest idea makes the biggest difference. So let us grab these millions and stop borrowing. Ha ha ha!! Our country is not poor after all.

    Please let the judgement take effect…

  16. Whether we like it or not each ethenic community has got it’s inherent traits and propensity for these activities:-

    Lozis :Education Honesty and drunkenes

    Luapulans: Lying, laziness thieving and prostitution

    Lenje, Lamba, Soli:Prostitution and getting Married to white men

    Ngonis: Good Morals, poor leadership,bootlickers and chola boys mostly honest

    Namwanga,Mambwe Lungu: Honest business people hard workers. THEY LOVE BEANS.

    Luvale.luchazi.Lunda: Excellent business men
    Tonga: Tribalists,womanisers education and thrift

    Bemba:Show offs, smart dressers,love family, self importance and Educated.Loves being in leadership

  17. Let’s hope Kafupi is not going to use his prolonged self-inflicted-sickness to delay this case again. Alah, kafupi, this time you have nowhere to hide…

  18. Ba Citizen(16), i’ve tried to think of something clever to counter your contribution but i cannot stop laughing every time i read it again. Amaka yapwa !! Just a quick word of counsel…….stereotyping is a dangerous game !!

  19. Soorry Citizen you dont have foresite Namwanagas dont belong to this group they are all thieves. I heard is no leading Zambia Amatuer Adultery Association he has be still all these years and the government and public are watching. Tongas are not tribalist as you put we do care and protect our interest. Go to Nakambala Sugar you find all tribes working there owning business. Tonga feed the whole nation in terms of agriculture. they Welcome visitors and give them best place to sleep. How many Tongas have been on the helm of leadership is not FTJ who put his own pipo in all strategic positions when he came to power. Kaunda used to rorate everyone one not not politicians, teachers inclusive. You talk of things are national building other than destruction. My ? is wat are yr suggestions to carb thes growing problems. Dont just critise by put things forward too. Pundits## thank you for recognising your misleading sentiments in the earlier writing. Plz keep up educating others.

  20. Easy!Take it easy.No one can surpass Tongas in womanizing,polygamy and peadophilia to boost your libido.Southerners used to feed the nation.No longer so.Ofcourse Tongas work hard but they work hard in other ways too!

  21. Anonymous, You are a damn fool not to recognise that tongas continue feeding the nation by farming all over especially Mkushi Farming block area. Monze moved a long time ago to Central Province’s New Monze – if you are wise you would know where this is.

    Some of them farm with us in Mkaika, Nampundwe and Chongwe.

  22. #19 Easy don’t take this personal. I am Ngoni but I recognise our weaknesses and strenths.

    As for Namwangas the marjority are honest businessmen.
    I know the man at at ZAAA Mpondela is an adultery, but that doesnt change my perception of Namwangas.

    If it is any consolation Mpondela destroyed my marriage of 11 years after messing with my then wife Sera. Despite this I do not brand Namwangas as Prostitutes

  23. Citizen good site keep out I congratulate you.Stick to your new wife or else e chuyini will take you. Iam sorry to hear about your divorce I know it pays. What about the children. I am taking anything personal but I dont like also to generalize. Not all Namwangas are thiefs but you know those who are public position should show good behavoir because pipo might concluded that this group of people are like that. You the say like father like son.

  24. Next should be Elias Mpondela to pay back all the inter company money he has put in his 6 accounts for the past 8 years. How can the sports ministry and national sports council of zambia allow him to sign alone on 6 accounts and no report of accounts on how the inter company money is used. Why should we pay for his offices at MSM in Nkwazi road. To date no AGM for zambia amateur.Please ba ACC,DEC and Police move in and help the we the poor athletes.The minstry of sports and the national sports council have all the records of this 6 acocounts he has opened alone in one bank.We even pay for him and and his girl for talk time.This a country of laws,twapata help the sport.

  25. Sorry Mpondela is not Namwanga,he is a Mambwe from Mpulungu. The only thing is that he is lugu too.Namwanga’s don’t show off. He got the girl i was to marry and as his girl and yet he was my shibukombe.
    The name of the was C.Chitulu now in South Africa.He got my friend’s wife to be,M. Banda and he has a child with her.He got our friend Mr Banda,s wife Waku Banda of Kabwata and even paid for the family to go to the UK.It was last year that Mr got wind of it as he was still in Europe and come back and find Mpondela who had to run for his life .Banda got his gun and alilasa the wife Waku 10 ifipolopolo that she can not even walk
    . This Mr Banda is with ZRA. He used to giveall this ladys jobs at the so called Inter campany money section. The wife came to about Chitalu ,Banda and Wuku.We Namwanga men can not such funny things.Namwanga and Mambwe,s are not the same okay

  26. In Northern province we have Namwanga,s Mabwe,s from Mprokoso to Mbala,this are all Lungu’s. Mpika bemba and Bisa lala. Luwingu Bemba and Bisa. Kasama and Chisali bembe. Isoka and Nakonde Namwanga.Chilubi Bisa.
    Kaputa bemba and Bisa.Gg: Mutati is Lungu from Mporokoso,Chibombamilimo lungu from Mpulungu,Kapembwa Simbao lungu from mbala,Namungala Namwanga for Isoka or Nakonde.Chitala Lungu from Mbala,Mungomba Lungu from Mbala. The Bemba’s are Bwalya Chiti,Bwalya Ngu’ndu, Kachingwe, Lupando Mwape.So when you say bemba’s like power Chibemba’s are you talking about.No
    Bemba is a minister in LPM S.C. . Don’t use the province as tribal. I know they aske to there VC’s to the president they tribal bemba ,wich is wrong.Even PF
    president is not bemba but Bisalala .He is a relative to the bemba chief’s muchupo okay.If you say GBM is bemba yes,because this Chief Mongonge line.Ask more from professor Mapopa Mtonga and the lawyer for the bemba’s Mr Majula on the bemba line.No bembe party poli


  28. FYI: Stella Chibanda is not Luapulan, neither is she Bemba. She is Eastern. This is a very smart, well educated lady whose record of work was excellent until she got implicated in something that was so clear to the naked eye. You dont need no binoculars! Bakawalala are everywhere in Zed- ministry of whatever, schools (where are the desks?), hospitals (asking patients to pay bribes just so they have a mere ultrasound or xray done-ridiculous!!). If you were a nurse, and the Doctor orders medication for your patient, what do you do? Give the medication as long as the dosage is safe for your patient. Question the Doctor ?? If and only if you are sure of your facts otherwise you look dumb and stupid!! Put your brain into gear before you engage your mouth! And get a life!

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