Chiluba rejects London graft ruling


chilu.jpgFormer President Frederick Chiluba has filed court papers rejecting a British judgement ordering him to pay back $58 million to the country’s Treasury in a graft case, his aide said on Tuesday.

Chiluba’s spokesman Emmanuel Mwamba said the former president had asked the Lusaka High Court to set aside a judgment delivered by British Judge Peter Smith which ordered him to reimburse funds allegedly stolen during his 10-year rule which ended in 2001.

“Dr Chiluba has filed documents asking the court to set aside the judgement because of irregularities in the manner it was delivered,” Mwamba told Reuters.

Chiluba said in his court filing that enforcing the judgement would be against public policy in Zambia because it was delivered without him being heard and that it was obtained “through fraud”.

“The principles in which the judgment was obtained were contrary to the principles of natural justice. The prosecution of the case and the registration of the judgement arising therefrom are in violation of the right to a fair trial,” Chiluba in a court affidavit.

Zambian prosecutors sought to have the case heard in a British court in hopes of recovering properties owned by Chiluba and other defendants in Britain and other EU countries.

Chiluba said Zambia law had been flouted by the government which brought a British civil graft case against him when he was still facing criminal prosecution in a Zambian court for theft of $488,000 in public funds.

Chiluba has appealed together with two Lusaka businessmen Faustin Kabwe and Aaron Chungu, whom he is jointly charged with in the $488,000 case.

Chiluba declined to appear before Judge Smith when the case was being heard in London after arguing Smith had no jurisdiction to determine Zambia legal cases.

He said in his affidavit that he could not travel to London because he was under travel restrictions from the government.

“It appears the attorney general deliberately chose England specifically to make it difficult if not impossible for us to participate and effectively defend the claims against us,” Chiluba said.

Chiluba has in the past argued that the British case was essentially fraudulent and promoted by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa in an effort to make a point about graft in Africa.



  1. Abuka Mambala,He is execising hi civil rights. Kapokola mukaka umuntu uyu alitupa sana. Govt gave him chance to defend himself Ba Joze your uncle is a problem Ka muntu Kafupi is a problem. He will not agree to his misconducts, abuse of office. Ba Judge throw out this application and go ahead with the excution of the judgement. Dont lets down Ba J Banda do what is required as a solictor. Why wasting time one person. You mean all these people like Parliament just harte this man. The Zambian pipo need justice and that is why imunity was removed to proscute you. No way out he has to pay this swindler.Citizen its shocking man will not admit if one they told he is dead he will just presume he is just sleeping. Tonga say ” Ulakzya kilimo” caught red hand ati awe nachitola fywe.Mwa Lumpwa nipapa sana. Kuku this is for you we need your analysis here Ka mudaala is big headed or he thinks he has nothing to lose.

  2. Too much resources have been wasted on Chiluba. I cant imagine how much more money we shall waste before we finally net him. When is Aids or a natural cause going to take him away from this troubled nation.

  3. I cannot believe the audacity of FTJ.Does this man realize the gravity of his situation.He is the one who chose not to appear in court to defend himself and now he is crying foul?? What a pitiful response!!!FTJ cannot hide behind “travel restrictions” because the court was brought to him!!(a first in the judicial history of Zambia)He further insults the Zambian people by advocating the law of natural justice was ignored.Even the little sympathy some of us had for this man is fast eroding.FTJ this is not time for games… are in deep trouble dear comrade, and you better start acting like it.Word of advice,”time to cut a deal”!! Let the others look after themselves.Sunga umukoshi mune, ubulungu tabwayafya!!

  4. Ba KUKU bakamba mwaliposa pase, now lets brainstorm this new development. what chances does FTJ have of coming off this hook clean and go back to his back bank accounts smiling. Those of you with some legal knowledge please give us some insight.

  5. Ba KUKU bakamba mwaliposa pase, now lets brainstorm this new development. what chances does FTJ have of coming off this hook clean and go back to his bank accounts smiling. Those of you with some legal knowledge please give us some insight.

  6. #4 Pundit,I do agree with you. FTJ is now becoming a nuisance.
    First,he did not challenge Parley when he lost his immunity
    Secondly,he underrates his people which is inhuman and foolish.
    Lastly,”Do unto others what you’d what to be done unto you”, he had a go at KK and did not respect the title of a First and Former President, though KK still had his immunity.Now LPM is doing the same to him.
    In conclusion, our leaders are still practising politics of the colonial times.

  7. Imwe bonse tamwishibe ati Chuchu efyo icitile instruct Commissioner of Prisons to decongest the prisons is to allow more space for FTJ. Kafupi jailed ba KK without removing his immunity, nomba ena na immunity takwata. Its sad no one will come to plead for his release, at least Ba KK balikwete Nyerere. People with Legal knowledge, tupandeniko amano, limbi bonse tulesabailafye. Uletiposhani Joze, elo naiwe uli ifutu. Buyalapa and funga kinwa!

  8. He is trully like a monkey, trying to hoodwink the zambain people.He is still justifying his illigemate actions.Didnt he say he didnot recogise the courts in the UK?Now he is saying that he would have gone to london had he got his passport!This illigemate man!

  9. Kafupi.hahahahahahahahahahahahah, We are slowing but sure going to get you, but I know you will go down fighting really hard.
    Good Job, Doubters thought it was a Joke. Next year we want you to move in and deal with public companies, agencies. meanwhile the ACC should move in and investigate individuals who are corrupting these poor Civil Servants, Investigate private companies deals and their employees. investigate small companies also and their executives. With corrupt free country, Our children have hope.

  10. Its FTJ right to appeal the Smith judgement. Just like anyone else could have appealed. I think i would spend my energy on the tribal issue than FTJ’s. He is history. the tribal issue is upon us we have to deal with that. sorry guys.

  11. #11 SAGE,you are right.And I find your direction to be positive.Whether he goes to jail or not will not improve our tribal inclinations.We need to deal with this tribalism animal.

  12. #11,12. The 2 issues are quite related. If it is concluded that Luapula ‘bembas’ are generally thieves, can’t he tender in that in his defence?
    They are plenty of examples for him to quote…

  13. Keep spending…thanks SAGE. Respect to all who feel strongly FJT should be stripped to his undies but this is all just going to turn out money and time wasted.

  14. how do u set aside the judgement when there is already an order to register.the only courtse of action available is to challenge the registration of the judgement not the judgement itself.judgen=ment is already there and now registered 4 purposes of execution

  15. If man Chilu can embezzle $58 million dollars then I bet you that Zambia has enough money to get an airbus 380 jet for use as a national airline.
    The air bus is $300.
    What am trying to says is where did chilu palce his priorities?
    The question of the day is what is the difference between Ringo Landilani Phiri and Man Chilu?
    One likes sausages and the other likes designer clothes.

  16. It will take alot of hard work and commitment for Zambia to find a leader who wont think of enriching himself and their family.
    Mwanawasa of course has a point to prove because he was thought of as a puppet/cabbage and so is ding the obvious but lets say a new leader is eletected and feel they deserve the vote(no dribbling).
    Do you think this leadser will have a working mentality knowing he is coming into power after Chiluba and Mwanawasa?

  17. #13 Hey .. i dont know where you are going with the “Luapula bema being thieves”? but anyway what we saw in FTJ’s era is a pefect example of a government run buy people picked from the streets.

  18. Shame…one of his only last few kicks in the Smith judgement affair. And by the way, “the last kicks of a dying horse can be quite dangerous”….suseni impapa! This one is an easy one tis all about declaring him a golden “destitute”.Eleleni bakateka.
    Sincere forgiveness isn’t colored with expectations that the other person apologize or change.(..dont talk about 75%…). Don’t worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time.
    But again you can see why “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Filiokotuleya!

  19. 1. Its all obvious Chiluba is on his inescapable way to Calvary. No sympathy from my end. The lined up his fellow cursed tribal thieves to choke millions of Zambians’ lives. The issue with me is tribalism and hypocrites.
    I refuse to drag myself in the mud of hypocrisy. Here we go any more list for data? Tribalism is real:
    1. VP His Honour Lupiya Banda MP (Eastern)
    Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Hon. Dr. Kalombo Mwansa, MP- (Luapula)
    Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training Hon. Peter Daka, MP-(Easterner)
    Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development Hon. Gabriel Namulambe, MP-( Lamba CB)
    Minister of Tourism, Environment, Natural Resources Hon. Kabinga Pande, MP –(NW)
    Minister of Works and Supply Hon. Kapembwa Simbao, MP(Western)
    2. Minister of Defence Hon. George Mpombo, MP (Lamba CB)
    Minister of Finance and National Planning Hon. Ng’andu Magande, MP (Southern)
    Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha, MP (Central)
    Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Brian Chituwo, MP (Central)
    Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mundia Sikatana, MP (Western)
    Minister of Agriculture & Co-operatives Hon. Ben Kapita, MP(NW)
    Minister of Justice Hon. George Kunda, MP (Lala CP)
    Minister of Local Government and Housing Hon. Sylvia T. Masebo, MP (Soli LSK)
    Minister of Gender and Development, Hon. Patricia Mulasikwanda, MP(Western)
    Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry Hon. Felix Mutati , MP (Bemba NORTH)
    Minister of Communication and Transport Hon. Sarah Sayifwanda MP(Luchazi NW)
    Minister of Community Development and Social Services Hon. Catherine Namugala, MP(Northern)
    Minister of Education Hon. Prof. Geofrey Lungwangwa, MP (Western)
    Minister of Energy and Water Development Hon. Kenneth Konga, MP (Luvale NW)
    Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Hon. Mike Mulongoti, MP Lamba
    3. BOZ GOVERNOR-Fundanga-lozi (Western)
    ARMY COMM-Gen.Chisuzi-Tumbuka (Easterner)
    ZNS COMM -Lamba
    ZAF COMM-Mbao (Easterner)
    OP-(Phiri Easterner)
    ZNBC DIR-Silasini (Lamba)
    CABINET MINIST (Evenly Distributed)
    IG –Mateyo (not sure likely NW or Soli from LSK))
    AUDT G Annie Chafungula (Lamba CB)
    ATT Gen -Malila Mumba (Luapula)
    Admin General-
    Solic Gen –Sunday nkonde (Northerner)
    Task For Dir –Mark Nkole-(Northerner)
    ACC Dir-Nixson Banda (Easterner)
    Drug ENF Dir –Chintoba (Lamba)
    ALL Pem secs (All tribes majority Easterners)
    Daily Mail- Leonard Kantumoya (NW)

  20. #19 what do u mean eleleni bakateka? If chiluba has a case to answer let him do that instead of him instructing the zambian court to put aside his court proceedings. I feel for the masseson whom suffering has been inflicted. I dont support someone who is in the wrong genltmen no matter what good they may be. Let him deal with thhe issue diligently and not insult the pipo.

  21. The hour?!”has come” but this time not for stealing but to pay back what does not belong to you.Mr FJT save some money and energy by just giving back.BOMA act!!!!!

  22. The word “tribalism” can refer to two related but distinct concepts.

    The first is a social system where human society is divided into small, roughly independent subgroups, called tribes. Tribal societies lacked any organizational level beyond that of the local tribe, with each tribe consisting only of a very small, local population. The internal social structure of a tribe can vary greatly from case to case, but, due to the small size of tribes, it is always a relatively simple structure, with few (if any) significant social distinctions between individuals. Some tribes are particularly egalitarian, and most tribes have only a vague notion of private property; many have none at all. A shared sense of identity and kinship encourages the development of kin selection. Tribalism has also been sometimes been called “primitive communism” but this is rather misleading since allegiance to a communist state is not based on kin-selective altruism. One thing that is certain is that tribalism is the very first social system that human beings ever lived in, and it has lasted much longer than any other kind of society to date.

    The other concept to which the word “tribalism” frequently refers is the possession of a strong cultural or ethnic identity that separates oneself as a member of one group from the members of another. This phenomenon is related to the concept of tribal society in that it is a precondition for members of a tribe to possess a strong feeling of identity for a true tribal society to form. The distinction between these two definitions for tribalism is an important one because, while tribal society no longer strictly exists in the western world, tribalism, by this second definition, is arguably undiminished. People have postulated that the human brain is hard-wired towards tribalism due to its evolutionary advantages. See Tribalism and evolution below.

    Contemporary forms of tribalism
    Tribalism, as a mentality, can and has taken many forms. Since tribalism involves categorizing oneself into a group, it also entails the categorization of others into other groups, often leading to prejudice and, in extreme cases, even genocide. The presence and difference of other groups aids in creating identities. Sometimes, as in the case of street gangs, differences are artificially created specifically for this purpose.

  23. #Some post-tribal-society manifestations of tribalism include:

    Employees of competing companies
    Privately schooled students and publicly schooled students
    Toronto Maple Leafs fans or Montreal Canadiens fans
    Political classifications such as Conservative or Liberal
    White Southerners in the United States who may possess a much stronger regional identification than do residents of other U.S. regions
    The Crips and Bloods street gangs
    Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan
    The Hutu and Tutsis in the Rwandan Genocide
    Persecuting some ethnic groups, and favoring others, by the regime of Idi Amin in Uganda
    The police and civilians (especially in minority neighborhoods)
    25 go on cut and paste and make your point

  24. i dont understand why u guys want to make a big deal about tribalism.from the list by #20 i make a conclusion that the current govt is mult tribal.which i think is supposed to be good te?lets talk about the issue at hand thus Kafupi’s case.hes supposed to bring back the money so that the different societies u want to mention in tribalism will be less. there will be no groups like:crips and gangs,educated and uneducated.

  25. #11 SAGE.I would like you to clearly state your position on this topic.Do you support the westerners floating a Presidential Candidate based on their tribal inclination?

  26. #28 which westerners? You shopuld know that western is uasually related to the western part of the world!!!the americas and all!!

  27. Kadansa thanx for the list…Chapi, i have said time and again. The Lozi’s Just like any group of people in Zambia regardless of their political inclination should start looking for candidates or leaders for the next coming election. The search should start from within the communities. The Lozi’s are just a step aheard. Thats why you find people dont know who to vote for during elections because they are not prepared. Chapi read carefully this time arround. Tribalism is there in Zambia. Certain tribes get empowered while others are busy singing one zambia one nation. If a lozi with presidential calibre is identified , i dont see why not. Sata didnt even go to SP and HH didnt go to NP to canpaign. Zambia today is divided into polical regions. You chapi being a bemba cant go and stand in Kalomo. Just like Kayata cant go and stand in Malole. These are realities. If you guys are seriously contempleting 2011, get to grips with reality.

  28. # 28, FYI Lozis have not confirmed that they met to deliberate for a Presidential candidate exploration. Read Nelly Mutti, Professor Lungwanga, Hon.Kaingu,and the MMD Chairman Mabenga’s press statements. Hatred aside, they have been very clear on their briefing of the meeting they attended in that diverse meet-up under invitation. I advise you to send people on the Grounds or seek access to the now publicly seculating minutes. These are efforts you can make as an interest party. In the face of the attendees’ denial, the Post Newspapers passionate for sellable front page stories as we all know them could have rushed to publish what they have at hand to nail Hon. Mabenga understanding their hatred for him. Remember that that meeting was very different to others. Remember that in the run up to Decision 2006 after Mazoka’s death before the UPND convention, Tongas “only”-convened in Monze at the Agriculture College on the auspices of regional vote blocking. HH was one of the prime sponsor of that tribal caucus meeting. The theme was UPND Presidency for tongas only. During campaigns at Mongu Blue Gums Square in the Presence of Nawakwi and Newtom Ng’uni, HH asked the Borotse voters why they should waste their vote on a Northerner a campaign against our insane Sata. The same insane Sata recklessly said the battle line was drawn between him and the Bantu Botatwe clarifying that Levy and HH are one because they are Bantu Botatwe. What then is this nonsense if there is no tribalism in our politics? I am so embarrassed to see HH raising his head and fist disparaging Lozis who merely met to deliberate best ways of working relationships towards development in their province way different from his tribal cause in Monze. We have non principle emerging opportunists in our politics who think they are smart when the opposite is true. They have 9 cheap lives of self deceit.

  29. paparazzi dont be apologetic. Lozi’s havent commited a crime.They just stated that they would like to search amongest themselves in search of a leader. I dont see anything wrong with that.

  30. SAGE, yes there is absolutely nothing wrong Lozis have done. And i know Lozis as men of initiative, vision and resolve.MMD is their son’s brainchild though hijacked by Chiluba. I believe they will not be preoccupied with some reactionary hypocrisy of denial. There are the HH and Sata scenario there doing their thing on tribal lines. In the UNIP era, we had the Reuben Chitangika Kamanga (Easterner), Harry Mwaanga Nkumbual (Southerner) and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe (Northerner) busy and publicly out doing each other advocating their regional politics.There was polirization of unity politics in zambia. Also look at it from this factual point, why during campaigns all respective competing parties usher natives of respective regions to canvas votes. They will never camp Musonda in Monze as campaign manager for a candidate or Hachitaba in Luapula.

  31. In theory we could be having 72 Presidential candidates and we might just as well decree a Bemba President for life, unless the BRE can raise lozi libido(excuse my language). I think though that that kind of politics is not progressive. However, in our democracy its hard to outlaw it. If the westerners think their candidates cant bid under a competitive tender, i cant see how they’ll win a national election (Levy won because they voted for him. So they’ll also need non-Lozi–including bemba– votes, but am not sure this initiative is doing their cause much good). Overall am not bothered, regional or tribal support will never get anyone to state house. But this process is alot of fun…

  32. #34.SAGE.May kindly let me know the difference between condoning tribalism and saying that it`s okay to choose a leader based on tribal inclination?

  33. Chapi could you read what #34,#35 are saying. No one is advocating for tribalism here. All we are saying is that there is already regional politics at play Look at the previous elections results. Sata got less than 1000 votes from WP. You can choose to blind yourself from the facts. But that does not change the reality. Right now lozis have a huge say in LPM’s dog house. They didnt have the same influence under FTJ. I dont know how to explain this to you. Again Lozis are just responding to what is already happening. live them alone. My friend you keep singing one Z one N while your friends are who are grade 4’s from Kwahaye CP and lalas are being sent into diplomatic missions. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  34. Answer to #37 is none.We all acknowledge that Tribalism is real and present in our society and unfortunately even in our government.We`ve got to gather enough courage and confrant this vise and not condoning it.If we say that we want to bring in fresh and vibrant type of politics in our nation,then one of the things we need to tackle is tribalism.If we give in to the saying that “if you can beat them …join them” then the desired change we want to offer the nation will merely be a pipe dream.We don`t just need new faces but new ideas for the betterment of our country.Let us promote people with substance irrespective of their tribe or creed.

  35. Ref 20 (Kandansa). Please avail us a list of persons in the diplomatic service as well. This will help us analyse your trying to clean up a system riddled with the family appointments.

    I am happy Chiluba is putting up a defence because he needs to show himself a man. Calvary? Not yet he is still in Gethsemane where Judas Iscariot has just betrayed him.

    Just sharing with you that the former Minister of information and broadcasting Veteran politician and Career Diplomat Ambassador Vernon Johnson Mwaanga has reverted to his internationalist role in the Diplomatic circles. Last week Ambassador Mwaanga was in Cape Town at the World Economic Forum as special Guest at the invitations of President Mbeki, regional heads and Kofi Anan. From there Ambassador Mwaanga spent one to two days home before departure for Tripoli, Libya as personal Guest of President Guadaffi. Ambassador Mwaanga a Graduate of Sanford University in the USA and Oxford UK, at the ignorance of many young Zambians is a stunning intellectual. He is a highly admired intellectual whose role in world politics, governance and peace can never be destroyed by the press or pundits of conspiracies. From now on wards Ambassador Mwaanga will be in extensive diplomatic roles around the African continent and the world at large. Some speaking engagements around the Globe are being lined up at unbelievable requests. Governments, Ngos, Democratic institutions and universities are overwhelmingly around the Globe are asking for his time to speak. Late last year Ambassador Mwaanga was Guest of President Putin in Russia. With Dr. Kaunda and others, Ambassador Mwaanga has been honored by Russia as heroes of Asia and Africa freedom. Should Ambassador Mwaanga be scheduled to speak at any of the institution in your locality, this will be posted on a Website coming up to be dedicated to Democracy, freedom, unity, and economic emancipation in an interdependent world. All contacts will be posted too for the attention of those keen to support our Zambians heroes irrespective of their past affiliations. Ladies and Gentlemen join us in supporting the roles of our very own Zambian Hero that has served our country over 45 years.

  37. Zambia is counting on us to fight this vise.They say that nobody argues with results.If you perform then people won`t see any tribe and can easily trust you.Like the say in the USA that if you`ve got the green(dollar) there`s no racism.

  38. # 39 & 41 herein are my remarks to your posts: I would be throwing some sections of our society in dangerous rejection if I ever started posting specific statistics on the inequalities per your request.As regards democracy and equal representation in multi ethnic societies, they are nothing but provable fussy used to justify some inhuman self rational interest.You Google and watch economic hit man video by Perkins. Democracy has been disproportionately abused everywhere.My motive is not to invoke your hatred against the systems of Governance we have embraced, but just to let you accept that tribalism is here with us and ways must be collectively found to overcome it from a point of awareness. You can only solve a problem by first acknowledging that it does exist. Denial has no solution.

  39. Retrioviral drug for HIV aids or Chemotherapy is only given to those who have accepted that they are sick. Zambians are wallowing in tribalism and must acknowledge that it does exist before they could act redemptively with Gradual but lasting solutions.

  40. I am flabagusted with what Chiluba is doing.This is now agreeing absolutely to the judgement.If he didn’t recognise it initially,why can’t he stay mute and wait for the regestration of the case to be done in the London court?There after make an appeal.That he has realised how tense the situation is,he has dicided to come out in the open and object to the court ruling.This is Something he could have simply done earlier on by attending a video confrence at Chikwa court to defend himself.I rather find this statement absurd “Chiluba said in his court filing that enforcing the judgement would be against public policy in Zambia because it was delivered without him being heard and that it was obtained“through fraud.This gentleman was given an opportunity to travel to the UK and defend himself.Secondly,the government lost alot of money to set up a video conferencing equipment at Chikwa court taking into consideration his ill health.To come out in the open now is too late.Let a sleeping dog lie

  41. Sage #18, on the other blog, there were comments to that effect, i was merely commenting. It appears it was agreed since no one objected. Chiluba is one such pseudobemba.

    # 41, such analogues, about the cross, will leave us confused the next time you try to refer to the actual cross. On the other hand, he could really save face if he plays it like the thief on the cross who changed at the last moment.

  42. Yes all imitundu have a right to be a president of
    Zambia. The problem is we all think like we are above
    God, Lesa,Chuta or Yawe.You people you think you will
    there in 2011,sorry to say this some will there and others even talking too much may be at PLOT 1 STATE HOUSE AND OTHERS AT PLOT 1 KUMANDA.SO WHICH PLOT ONE

  43. I think there has been a misunderstanding as whoever speaks bemba then he must be Bemba by tribe.Question is:whoever speaks English must be from England?If the answer is NO,then why do we always brand all bemba speaking pipo as from Northen province,because my recollection of tribe distribution in Zambia is that you can only find bembas by tribe in Northern province.Chiluba,Mwila and Katele are from Luapula and they are NOT Bembas by tribe which is to say that it will be wrong for pipo to call these as Bembas and that Bembas are thieves.Chiluba is obiviously a thief but that does not say that all pipo from Luapula are thieves.What about Mabenga a lozi can you say all Lozis are thieves!!! By no means,so let us debt the issue of Chiluba stealing and not tribes.But l personally do not agree with meeting of March 2007 about a named tribe to look for a succesor to Mwanawasa.So my appeal is we should denounce anything that will not support unity of the country and purpose regardless of who..

  44. CHILUBA is 100% innocent. he is just a victim of imperialism and economic colonialism by our former oppressors! VIVA FTJ! LONG LIVE zambia.

  45. The FTJ case will take a long time to solve infact he could even go scot free.He is someone very patient and his careful in most of the statements he makes.he makes them in order to manipulate one reasoning and judgement to the way he wants it.Thats just some philosophy.I mentioned this earlier a couple of weeks ago that it will come to this and still going.He has avlid point, he knew what he was doing.he didnt go to court becuase of his ailments and reason.He knew he could later say it injustice.And he must be heard and given time to be heard.which of course will have to take time.He knows that the more he delays the more spent if at all he will actually have to pay that amount mentioned more money will be spent than which he has to pay.The government and donors would have spent more that $58 million dollars.
    And if we are to say let him face Judge smith in re-do the trail.More money.Then whats the point?
    when the money can be used for better things, like development.cont

  46. …continuation
    This case might take atleast 4 years.Oh! then Mwanawasa would be out of the presidency.Ladies and gentlemen its only a reality.Chiluba knew, they were possiblities like these before he left power he had to make sure for some things evidince would not be sufficent.After this thing he has appealed will be something else.Its all planed.lets see what happens.

    About tribalism-there is nothing wrong to have a Lozi President, but there is a problem the way they want it and why they seek this power.If this happens it will be like Rwanda in 1994.genocide, thats the way it starts.One thing i do know is the Lozis want this power to get barotse land.Which actually covers western province and even the copperbelt.It is of selfish intrest and not national interest.A president should be voted into power not because being tribes mate but because one has the capabilities of being one.Many of the people in the western world even laugh at us because of this, some have mentioned to me.

  47. i.e laughing at the way we separate ourselving by tribes.As much as we know there is a thing of tribalism or neopotism in everyone of us but this is to the extreme.
    A normal one would be if one is president they would help their relatives and family.Even by putting them in some of government postions.Take for instance ministry of defence why?, this ministry becuase he has to put someone he trusts.
    May be i will stand for presidency in 2021.May be i could change such mentality.Lets not think tribe lets think development.
    By the way i see chiluba wining.someone mentioned chiluba being in Gethsemane.Then next he will be on calvery,then they will see him and say dead after all is over we may see him rise to innocence.

  48. #52 Trigo, You might be right to some degree.But looking at the degree of the case after pondering over the 216 paged document by Judge Smith, I think it will be unfair for our local Judge to put aside the judgement delivered by Smith.Let it be registered and let Chiluba and his colleagues appeal against the outcome.

  49. It is sad to read that who ever speaks bemba belongs to bemba tribe.Many contributors have singled out the bemba has thieves without a thorough check or there is any silver bullet to justify your points.For example you can find Chinyanta in N/western and Luapula. Kangwa in Nothern, Luapula and N/western Chiluba, Chinyanta, chibwe- luapula, Kaluba, Kanyanta, Kabwe-northern and these are prime examples of names and how some contributors are keenly making mistake. #50 I support your contribution. Secondly Chiluba never hijacked MMD in 1990 it was the pipo who were the architecture of MMD who called him at a last minute because of his popularity wth the zambian workforce in order to defeat UNIP.Lets wait and see where Chiluba’s London case will go and not jst being trigger happy about this case. Law is a complicated area with twist and turns. Wish all the contributors to hold your hearts over this case.

  50. Below is the statement of smart, articulate and forthright ssincere Chairman who chaired the meeting. No need for apologetics. Tongas convened in Monze for a Tonga Presiden, never vilified. Bembas losr their mind with their Kola foundation never vilified.Ngonis have for ages consolidated their Umozi kumawa with full support of KK against Kapwepwe, never vilified. Kapwepwe had his own Bembalite causes never vilified. Lozis meet to consolidate unity, all the rambling. What a bunch of hypocrites in vain.In a statement, Kunyanda said no Zambian should be condemned for exercising freedom of expression and freedom of association.”We have no apologies for having met as concerned persons originating from Wastern Province or having allowed free expression of diversity of ideas and proposals from among those who attended the meeting,” Kunyanda stated. “However, we note that both the meeting and what was said at the meeting had been grossly misrepresented and taken for a farfetched ride by opportunists and hypocrites.”Kunyanda stated that the issue of a presidential candidature was not a main agenda item and that it came up as a side issue.He explained that calls for a meeting of people originating from Western Province were more importantly in response to concerns over developmental issues. Kunyanda stated that many of the Lozi people were concerned that their province had become poorest in terms of human welfare and job opportunities.”The main agenda item was to put our heads together in order to come up with ideas and programmes that could be fed into national development work,” Kunyanda stated. He stated that it had been brought to the attention of those assigned to organise and facilitate the meeting that there had been a committee of permanent secretaries from various ministries who had been constituted to co-ordinate an integrated development plan for North-Western Province.”It was proposed that the meeting should find out the background of this scheme and look into ways of possibly applying the same to Western Province,” he stated. “However, it is not surprising that some self-righteous people, ever ready to paint Barotse people with one coat of black paint, are presenting themselves as champion mountain climbers, on an anthill they have deliberately sought to make into mountain.” He charged that some opportunists and hypocrites had jumped on the bandwagon of exaggerations. He dispelled the notion that the meeting was in defiance of President Mwanawasa’s call to stop the process that had been unleashed by his earlier statement that party members should start looking for his replacement after the end of his current state presidential term.He stated that President Mwanawasa’s ban on party presidential campaigns was made after Ku-Omboka while their meeting took place before Ku-Omboka. He stated that his group would continue to participate in contributing towards the choice of the next MMD candidate for the state president. “Some of us may have been honest and open enough to allow people to say exactly what they have in mind. Yes, nothing has come out in the press about meetings of persons from other regions.

  51. If Chiluba has a case to answer, it is to the Zambian people. The Zambian courts have to decide that not some kangaroo court in London somewhere. Chiluba is right, the London Judgement does not make any sense at all. It was all cooked up by Mwanawasa and Blair. Look at what Bush and Blair have done against the Iraq people, no foreign court will ever try to convict them and yet they find it easy to do that to us. They have killed and destroyed a country all because of oil. Why should we listen to them when they keep ignoring the whole world. Blair and Bush have commited murder, Chiluba has not killed anyone that we know of. He might be guilty but we decide not those thieves and baby killers. Iraq will never be the same again and yet the people who have done that are walking free, they have access to all the blood money and Chiluba is fighting to keep his Kabulonga house.

  52. “Chiluba has not killed anyone that we know of.” Quote

    Chenda Musonda you are mentally challenged or too ignorant. What happened to Ronald Penza, Paul Tembo, Shamwana, Cuthbert Ng’uni, Hanson Kamima, Richard Ngenda, Wezi Kaunda, Baldwin Nkumbula and many more more that opposed him?

  53. this blog is being rendered irrelevant to the topics on hand,seems the visitors have personal agendas.

    No wonder Zambia will never be close to having success in economical leadership.

    Young and old have been over run with the idea of politics due to non employment and wanting their uncles being presidents and ministers hence NEPOTISM thriving in all sectors of the Zambian economy.

    Like I have said before I CRY FOR ZAMBIA.

  54. …SAGE is bitter that since independence there is no electricity in his village, Malole.Please understand the man. He is hoping the Lozis can do something about it.

    What he doesnt know is that they have no interest in his village. They just want his vote!!

  55. … as for chiluba, he is free to exercise his freedoms whilst he is a free man. But after this, he can be sure that we are caging him!

  56. SAGE AND OTHERS can you stop this scrap about tribalism,leaders are born and annointed.wether you meet behind closed doors or under the zambezi river,nothing will come to fruition.


  57. I am surprised with the comments from all on Chiluba. He is just exercing his rights. Let him present his case and maybe we will hear more of what hapenned.
    I am so disappointed on the comments on tribalism. If we the educated and elite cannot move away from our tribes, then I do not know about our children. I do not care from which tribe the President or Minister comes if they have the qualifications and can perform the job. Tribalism is a vice which should be fought by all.We should stop thinking about the tribe, but consider any one as Zambian. Why even spend time finding out about the tribes of the ministers? Please remove tribalism from your minds. I really hate tribalists!

  58. #61-63 Well done for correct analyses of such sickening analysis being given above.Its got no direction whatsoever.#61 your observations are correct.LusakaTimes can you bring logical topics because some people seem lost with reality at play

  59. Zambia belongs to all
    By Chrima Hlupo
    Wednesday June 20, 2007 Print Article Email Article

    Tribalism in our country should neither be condoned nor preached by any right thinking person.

    If such an animal as tribalism is allowed to exist, then our country is heading towards extermination.
    We have to learn lessons from countries which have exterminated their citizenry owing to tribalism. No tribe is superior to another. We should all learn to embrace each other as children of one family.

    There are a lot of reasons as to why tribalism has started to grow its roots. The first is the visionless leaders we put in office. The second is the feeble constitution we have in place.

    The leaders that we vote for have no vision for this nation. They have set no standards as to where they want to take this nation in the next twenty years.

    Look at the way they campaign during elections? A leader who has a country at heart will not say if you do not vote for our party you will not see development.

    These are sentiments of tribalism. When our founding fathers were in leadership, they strongly preached unity and oneness.

    I remember when one completed his or her primary education, he or she could be posted to a different region. All this was one way of fostering unity among the citizens. That is why nowadays one finds Lozis in Northern Province, Tumbukas in Southern Province and so forth and so on.

    The other thing is that our founding fathers and mothers brought in tribal cousinship. The whole essence of this was to bring in tribal cohesion. Furthermore, they cemented this with intermarriages. All these were factors that made tribalism futile and valueless. They even went on to preach One Zambia One Nation. This was not a mere slogan. It was a slogan of unity of purpose.

    These cardinal values have started being attacked because of myopic leadership we have put in place. Leaders who have no standards for this nation. As electorate, we have a critical role to play in electing leaders of value.

    We have failed to assemble leaders who will not plunge us in the evils of tribalism. We have the powers to choose leaders who will unite us as a nation. However, we have been casting our votes on mediocre leaders.

    This is the main reason as to why the constitution we are advocating should address all issues pertaining to tribalism and its consequences. I believe, Zambians will ensure that the document they will put in place will bury this animal, tribalism.

    The only way they can do this is through adoption of this sacred document by constituent assembly. It’s only through this method that a lot of horrible things that have embraced our nation will be addressed.

    No one should mislead us that a constituent assembly is a sheer waste of resources. How much resources have they wasted on trivialities like trips abroad when our health, education and other social services are in a desperate situation?

    Let us as a nation join hands with the civil society and champion the rightful adoption of the constitution.
    If we fail to deal with such ugly vices like corruption, tribalism, nepotism and ignorance they will perpetually be in existence in our nation.

  60. Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t all be presidents at the same time.And therefore, if a topic is brought forward for discussion, we can’t have each and everyone of us bringing up our own topic.Let us stick to the above highlighted topic and not neccesarily diverting and bringing your own topics which are out of context.If you do not have anything to contribute on the highlighted topic,read what others have contributed in order to learn from them.Of course we know that you can’t be a jack of all trades.Some topics require well initiated background in order to properly argue them out.Don’t disturb the flow of information by rushing to obvious things.It is very frustrating when you are reading to find that you are tossed all over the place without proper guideline to follow.If you are aggrieved, go and post your comment on the page where you saw something related to what you want to express.Thank you.

  61. #66 Kuku,I missed you by a minute. Have you seen what is happening on the blog now? Please guide us Kuku. I plead for your help. Otherwise the thing has been messed up.

  62. Bro SAGE and others,with due respect, the topic is about Chiluba rejects London ruling.
    Like you have stated that you’d waste time commenting on FTJ and concentrate on the Tribalism topic,we appreciate that. But because LusakaTimes has no Moderator does not mean we should lose focus on the topic.

  63. #69 Nkhataboy, i have always wished LusakaTimes had a moderator, in the western world, when someone insults a person on their website, LusakaTimes could be sued for they are liable for all comments.
    LusakaTimes are so lazy that they just copy news times from Reuters and post them on their website.

    Does LusakaTimes have copyright permission for that?

  64. Bwana Kafupi sir, the bottom line is that you stole. Got your designers suits, neck ties, watches and shoes. You opted to externalise public funds to your fellow crooks in Europe instead building Schools and hospitals like what KK did. I know dribbling is your game. Spare us for now. No one likes your crookedness. We need our money. Stop wasting our time in the name your rights.

  65. #69-72 This is pathetic , but one problem again these LusakaTimes have hidden their contact on which we can express our feelings and what we think should be the best way to blog? Who are they by the way? How can you be putting up stories without making known of your whereabouts incase of anything?Something is just amiss we need moderation on this blog asap.At the same time, LUSAKATIMES LET US KNOW YOUR CONTACTS

  66. Ref# 71. Kayata seems trying to gag intelligent debate. Your likes Kayata have insulted and denigrated FTJ on this forum basically calling him a thief, monkey and so on even when the criminal cases in Lusaka are still running.

    FJT has filed an appeal in the HIGH COURT OF ZAMBIA where real disclosures will be coming out.

  67. #69. KuKu
    Maybe that is the reason why they have chosen the .com (dot com) domain. To have a domain you need a local presence in zambia. But for .com there are many chaps hosting websites on the Internet.

    Nowadays anyone can set up a website like this one at a cost of less than K100,000. Believe me. The whole issue is about Internet Advertising.

    Many website owners would care less about your concerns. Their major concern is Traffic (the number of you guys who visit the site ans the frequency) because with traffic one can easily MONETIZE a website. As they say, there is nothing for free in this world.

  68. Kuku74# morning I was bored of tribalism here on the blog. I didnt know that we are getting separated on tribal lines and who should rule us. Kuku you are right Lusakatimes should come up with a better way of providing this media service. You remember we dont who they are,whether they are thugs themselves trying to fuel the nation in fire. Why hide?? I just to tell you all including Nkataboy, SAGE, Paparazzi in Rwanda before the genocide there was too much proganda i.e the Tutis want to kill all the Tutus and they have already dug graves behind their homes to bury them. This seemed true because when Hutus checked behind Tutis house they found these so called graves. On the other hand the Tutis were told to dig trenches because there will be war soon so you see those holes meant to be graves were actual trenches so the both sides were made to believe and mistrust each other and they just waited for a cause. When the president was killed the proganda worked well and the massacred each

  69. Kuku74# morning I was bored of tribalism here on the blog. I didnt know that we are getting separated on tribal lines and who should rule us. Kuku you are right Lusakatimes should come up with a better way of providing this media service. You remember we dont who they are,whether they are thugs themselves trying to fuel the nation in fire. Why hide?? I wat just to tell you all including Nkataboy, SAGE, Paparazzi in Rwanda before the genocide there was too much proganda i.e the Tutis want to kill all the Tutus and they have already dug graves behind their homes to bury them. This seemed to btrue because when Hutus checked behind Tutis house they found these so called graves. On the other hand the Tutis were told to dig trenches because there will be war soon so you see those holes meant to be graves were actual trenches so the both sides were made to believe and mistrust each other and they just waited for a cause. When the president was killed the proganda worked well and the massacred

  70. #76 Agreed with you totally but you know this website occured had links to Zamnet along side other state tabloids, could it be a shushu site? Until recently when Zamnet have redesigned the site ,they have been left out,May be its Mutembo incinto’s site

  71. continued…
    When the massacre was over to move around pipo needed to carry to national registration cards. One of a Hutus/Tutis mixed friend to me this story.One day he was with his girlfriend travelling from one place and they came to a military check point and the soldiers asked for registration cards.This was a Tutis control point unfortunate the woman showed her Hutus identity those she was Tutis there and then she was killed,her body was throwen in the river with words ” Namulenga we dont want them here they should go back from where they came from in EGYPT”. So you can see what tribalism can cause you end up killing your on brother. Pipo be careful on this issue if a war was start in Zammbia on tribal lines this could be the worst thing ever to happen to our sweet nation. We should stop discussing about these tribal lines we should concentrate on issues that affect our lives. Like why is a Zambian still living in pervaerty poverty in 21st century. We should then find the answer

  72. One major problem with us is that our memories are just as short as Kafupi himself! We do not know whether we are coming or going. With the kind of mentality we exhibit, I do not see closure to a lot of issues in Zambia soon! Today, some people are planning demonstrations against the referendum, is it that we have a lot of people with nothing to do? Send them farming or mining.

  73. continued
    like in national wealth plunders who we should take to book make them accountable of these wrong did. We need mature leadership who can take the nation forward so that Zambia can be a better place to live in. Look at Angola they have still a war to fight 5 year later after the actual ended. There are land mines allover, amputed pipo, destructed buildings and dispuliated economy. We should protect this peace we are enjoying at all cost. Stop dividing each other Chiluba is a plunder, thief so the court of law shoud do their work by passing last judgement of guilty or not guilty. Remember Ba Judge to handle this case cautiously its a case between the Zambian pipo and its former president who is accused of amassing wealth in a dubios means when many were hungry, no medicine, shelter, education collapse, etc.

  74. continued
    like in national wealth plunders who we should take to book make them accountable of these wrong did. We need mature leadership who can take the nation forward so that Zambia can be a better place to live in. Look at Angola they have still a war to fight 5 year later after the actual ended. There are land mines allover, amputed pipo, destructed buildings and dispuliated economy. We should protect this peace we are enjoying at all cost. Stop dividing each other Chiluba = plunder, thief so the court of law shoud do their work by passing last judgement of guilty or not guilty. Remember Ba Judge to handle this case cautiously its a case between the Zambian pipo and its former president who is accused of amassing wealth in a dubios means when many were hungry, no medicine, shelter, education collapse, etc.

  75. you guys kuku,Easy I agree with you,this site has been removed on the Zamnet,there are more questions than answers.tolerance on outside topics such as tribalism not on the heading.

    what is their target in terms of this blog and how do they expect to help Zambia?

    Can lusakatimes give us their background and who their funders are.

  76. gk Iam getting concerned becuase they dont bring good topics like Kavindele signing a contract to built the a railway line from Chingola to Angola is something good for the nation and its good to know this. Brothers lets educated our fellow Zambians that violence is not the solution to solving problems. These weapons should be castigated and be fought to its maximum. gk after from capital and human capital for a nation to develop its needs peace.Remember it took years to build Rome and destroy it you need just minutes. Zambia is much far better than many other africa countries. Plz have a chance to travel and see how people are living somewhere else they will know and value this country. I know we need to do more and this requires hard working at all levels.

  77. I agree with all of you bloggers about the identity of Lusaka Times.This type of communication needs to be a two way tier like a telephone works.It can’t be a one way system like a radio where you can’t ask back.I am afraid that this Lusaka Times could have been set up by the shushushu.They are giving us enough ropes to hang ourselves before they pounce.I am very much afraid for Kuku whose whereabouts were commented on the blog.Anyway,I am prety sure that the owners of Lusaka Times are seeing our pleas.If anything, they are just individuals that have studied psychology.They wouldn’t even respond at all to our pleas but see to it that the system controls itself.And this is how it begins.Just wait and see how things will naturally be control.

  78. #79. Kuku
    I may just belong to a simple guy who may even contribute from time to time on this blog. You dont need alot of money to set up such a thing. Domain registration is as low as US$16 and web hosting is as low as US$ 4/month.

    Alot of people are doing these things nowadays. If your hobie is jogging every morning, you can set up a website, talk about jogging, find related information and paste on your site. You even allow people to post commnets.And then get the money from adverstisments.

    Have you ever heart of the Google Advertsment program call Adsense? Many are creating websites solely for this purpose. It is able to make you a fortune.

  79. thanks Born Rich#88 but may that individual or whoever come out for the sake of transperancy of his business and for the sake of us Zambians to give him support.

    We need topics that will help Zambia.

  80. Ref 83(Anonymous). It is stupid that you are requesting the Trial Judge in Lusaka to find Chiluba guilty irrespective of his defence. Why are you trying to thwart justice? Infact your identity needs to be decoded so that you are sighted for contempt of court.

    Your senselessness is like that of a woman with Pre Menstrual Tension (PMT).

  81. We should not be held damme dull here why hiding your identity unless there is something sinister here. Cant you see that there is a lot of journalism done here perfect collect of information about happening in Zambia. Iam becoming suspious. Kuku the chances of you standing in Malole as ward chairman have dwindled. YOu are truful and sincere to Zambians. You compared your leaderships of that of LPM. And many think yours are better but dont worry LPM has declared him already after 2011 he will be irrelavant. However we thank LT for bringing issues like FTJ corruption cases for the nation didnt know the depth of the rooting of nw. I just hope this not there to joepardize justice so that a sinking ship will take innocent people with it when it go. Remember once unpon time the was a chinese king/Kaiser who wanted to live forever so he went to see a divine at river but unfortunate he bitten by a snake and he died. When he took him for burial all the wise people of the…

  82. continued… Doctors, physicians, politicians, engeeniers,plunders mothers, who those who attended his burial were buried with in him. No managed to come of this place. If you believe go china this a national attraction it is there. It happen 4000 years ago. Zambia should not become a sinking tatanic just because of one man who mismanaged things and stole, killed so that he and his crones can survive. Cool down True Zambian pipo are free to say anything in this case if you know FTJ didnt steal go and help defence tell them he gave you K10,000 when you were in hospital to buy bananas he was a good samaritan. Why insulting anothers such langauge will endup putting you in trouble. Who is committing contempt of here saying man alibile is to you contempt. The man has appealed and it wont help him he other criminal judges running in the Zambia courts. No matter this time he will not survive doctors has already said he will be tried in pravacy we Zambians we are saying no. Public trial

  83. Learn to stand up for what you believe in and let not this SHUSHU crap scare nobody.If these SHUSHU chaps have enough brains then they`ll be able to report to the demagogues that the contributions on this blog are meant for the betterment of our country.We deminish the principle of democracy when we DISLIKE the people we only DISAGREE with.

  84. Nkataboy plz help Chapi is at it again defending wrongdoers. He say stealing in his eyes is alright so long you are not caught. Displine Chapi he is going astray. Anawiba awe nachitola fywe. You have killed someone ati iyo a chifwa fywe eeka. Oho mwandini napapa sana. Chapi stand for the write thing. Zambians are standing for truth that is why we ask to know the ID of Lusakatimes. We want to know whom we are dealing with. What if this website is run in FTJs bedroom all what has been said about him he leaves it directly. You will manipulate everything for his survive. The man is complicated and he can go over dead bodies if it means to survive. Do you want to be a refugee so please respect law and order.

  85. easy you are one paranoid dude!Are you that fearful of Chiluba that you think he will come after you because of the things you say on a blog!Easy is not even your real name so how will he track you down? Please,is there a village missing its *****?

  86. Ba Chapi(95),Freedom of expression is often misunderstood.The purpose of blogs is obviously misunderstood by several of our fellow contributors.For so long as our comments are not libelous and defamatory we have nothing to worry about.If indeed this is a Shushushu website then so be it!! At least they will get know how most people feel about certain topical issues.I would advise MP’s to read some of the submissions because solutions to our everyday problems have been highlighted quite well in this forum.Contributors must learn to be self regulatory and mature with regard to the content of their submissions.Only those who insult others need worry about possible retribution (or a short stint in the basement of Red Brick Hotel !!)

  87. #96 ..Easy….Take it easy……I was just trying to calm people down that might be scared that this WEBSITE is monitored by BA SHUSHUSHU.Teka bola panshi.Learn to be sobre in the the way you deal with people.Make sure you engage your brain before you put your mouth or keyboard in gear.Ignorance I can bear with but stupidity I don`t condone.Ask someone to interpret for you what I meant.

  88. Curious comments. Strange though, how a careful analysis of comments posted by some bloggers who are now crying foul about lack of moderation goes against their own grain about what the same characters have posted elsewhere – see the article ‘View point of Kaunda’ for instance.

    When it suits them it’s alright to digress away from the matter under discussion. When it does not, they’re quick to lower the bar by name-calling others. Which is which? This is what happens when people are not principled, and that’s the tragedy that FTJ’s decade in power has done to Zambia.

  89. Iye ci Jimmy why insulting this is what Pundit has just outline. Do have eyes to see and read, then read comment 98# it very clean. Wat I put across is just incase these website is maintained by those pipo who support plunders. Mind you all your messages you put can be kept for years. I thought you are techcrat who understand technology. There is no secret here if people want to know who you are and where you it just a number of hours my dear Chapi and Jimmy. As for as I concerned I would want to feed information who is my enemy for he will no the day I will cruisify him. I have no few and I read to stand for my dealing and uttering so long they hold water make sense. Wat is wrong in knowing the persons behind this is a secret. Remember they are nationál issue being discussed we are talking of kungula Nkumba here but matter which real matters. Havent you seen how the tribalism have fueled. I have foresite friends and see before you leap. All we want is justice to be done

  90. Blogging Consequences

    The emergence of blogging has brought a range of legal liabilities and other often unforeseen consequences. One area of concern is the issue of bloggers releasing proprietary or confidential information. Another area of concern is blogging and defamation. A third area of concern is employees who write about aspects of their place of employment or their personal lives, and then face loss of employment or other adverse consequences. A number of examples of blogging and its sometimes negative or unforeseen consequences are cited here.

  91. Part 2
    Defamation or liability

    Several cases have been brought before the national courts against bloggers concerning issues of defamation or liability. The courts have returned with mixed verdicts. Internet Service Providers (ISPs), in general, are immune from liability for information that originates with Third Parties (U.S. Communications Decency Act and the EU Directive 2000/31/EC).

  92. Part 3
    In John Doe v. Patrick Cahill, the Delaware Supreme Court held that stringent standards had to be met to unmask anonymous bloggers, and also took the unusual step of dismissing the libel case itself (as unfounded under American libel law) rather than referring it back to the trial court for reconsideration. In a bizarre twist, the Cahills were able to obtain the identity of John Doe, who turned out to be the person they suspected: the town’s mayor, Councilman Cahill’s political rival. The Cahills amended their original complaint, and the mayor settled the case rather than going to trial.[21]

  93. Overt site or not, let the people talk! In any case, I’d be very disappointed if the ‘shushushus’ are spending all those millions just to host a site like this, the correlation would be very pathetic; surely they must be aiming higher than this!

  94. Part 4
    In Malaysia, eight Royal Dutch Shell Group companies collectively obtained in June 2004 an Interim Injunction and Restraining Order against a Shell whistleblower, a Malaysian geologist and former Shell employee, Dr John Huong. The proceedings are in respect of alleged defamatory postings attributed to Dr Huong on a weblog hosted in North America but owned and operated by an 89 year old British national, Alfred Donovan, a long term critic of Shell. The Shell action is directed solely against Dr Huong. Further proceedings against Dr Huong were issued by the same plaintiff companies in 2006 in respect of publications on Donovan weblog sites in 2005 and 2006.

  95. Reuters is a british newspaper so it seems this website must be based in Britain. But one wonders how they collect information from Baroseland, Malole, Habungululu, Katete, Shangumbo. I have not seen a reference of the local media on this topics discussed here. So there is M15 workers in Zambia doing this on behalf of the website. Its purposely intendly done to bring conflicts or it meant for a good performance. Somehow things are manipulated. No we want FTJ to pay as soon as possible, after he is no enjoy this money since he is lying in bed all day. This can is required to fight the problem of street kids and Aids.

  96. Regarding this article, FTJ is on record that he cannot get a fair trial in Zambia. Is it the reason why he is asking for the London judgment to be set aside and why he has been playing delaying tactics all along? Surely it’s in his interest and Zambia that this matter is dispensed with once and for all, so that the country can start another chapter, hopely devoid of unprecedented corruption like we saw during his reign.

  97. #102 EASY…I understand the kind of fears you have.I `m not disputing the fact fact that someone can track you down if you using your personal computer.The issue I `m trying to point out is that we shouldn`t be scared of anyone if we`re not doing anything unlawfull.Be it FTJ or even LPM ,if they do something wrong,we need to point that out.The love we have for our country should superceed the fear for any persecution.We need to realise that Zambia isn`t just for the politicians but for everyone of us.My dear,there`s a saying that if there`s no enemy(in this case..fear) within then the enermy outside would do us no harm.Let`s always denounce the wrong in our society irrespective of who`s done and applaud good.

  98. # Ref.75 Truly Zambian,though i have never called FTJ a thief,but calling him so is not an insult, he is truly a thief and thats why he is in court for theft charges.
    All he has to do is prove himself he is not.
    His behaviour is comparable to that of a “monkey”,its nt an insult but a comparison or do you call them “similes”.

  99. Just debate constructively and honestly. A system which is immune to critics is a dying regime. The Apartheid regime crumble,Hitler was defeated, the Kaunda gustepo was crushed, Chiluba third term was destroyed,the colonizer were expelled. There is a price to pay for any form of freedom.
    I will never stop bashing Chiluba and his thieving cronies. I love Zambia and all the honest people, who are genuine do a honest day Job for their living.
    Get real and vacate the blog if you are not ready to be made accountable for your ‘foolishness’

  100. #103,#104,#105and#107
    It is bad to bring forth your threats just because you are one of the shushushus. With what you have said already that is contempt because those cases have not been desposed off yet in the courts of law. Fellow bloggers let us continue in the same way as we have been doing with a critical open mind.Kuku do not be afraid. Come on and contribute.

  101. #113 Nkhataboy , how are you?Ifwe mwaice wandi we are tough tested, moreover like Chapi #110 says unless you are doing wrong things shall you be afraid but pointing out wrong deeds is a plus if anything will assist someone to become straight like Easy has just become, At first his contributions were not making sense but after telling him off he has adjusted that is the benefit of blogging.KK failed to sort us out pa UNZA so who are they to follow us?babepele fye that is when even my Kantemba will show big growth cos now we are working towards boosting the bottom line by reducing the expenses and increasing the top line, how is that? Not these ministers you have who are always operating on hope nothing concrete , where will you be come 2030?

  102. Kuku ##114 nice to hear from you again I wondering where are you. Iam not afraid of anything but just an appeal not give information to an enemy we dont know he will defeat us. In everything we do there is a price to pay. Kuku we want you to stand for councillors for Ndola next GE so that we grow you for 2030.Ba Mudaala we should be fair Chiluba stole otherwise he would not been removed of his immunity in the place. Now he is in court. All we asking is he pays back what he owes the Zambian people we are not after his blood like the Iraqs did to Saddam Hessien and his cronies. On the hand the money used in this case can be cancelled on to another economic actvities. Look at the dispulated environments. Very soonwe shall be have power shortage. We should sacrifice our live for the betterment of our lives that is why they should be law and order. Pipo who have money should not see themselves above the law. Where on earth you find popi after servicing the nation for years they ended up in

  103. quote from the book of “Rufqua” page 9136 states that”hypocrites are easily identified by their behavour of manipulation, chameleon kind of manners and are TOTALLY stupid for they can eat their own puke” end of quote. Whom am I referring to? Ala ni Chuchu pantu ena alicitile divorse MMD ati corruption yapaka sana. Nomba get me right here, nomba amalushi akene kabili ayabwele nokwamba ukuyamianga te? The book of “Rufqua” describe such pipo as UNPREDICTABLE and dangerous in musitigeni (society).

    Iyi case yaba FTJ its going nowhere MARK MY WORDS pantu chuchu natina ukuyipwila impashi pamakasa. Nkataboy and Kuku welodani (weldone) ukubikasa sanity mumbifi. Nkataboy piece.


  104. #115 Mwaice Easy the problem I have being a councillor AM miles ahead of my collegues and sometimes finds the meetings boring, instead of discussing on how to develop Ndola the chaps are busy talking about their wives, their jobs , promotions, gossiping like you and others do on this blog until such a time when the chamber shall be balanced and be ready for business will I start enjoying myself as a councillor.One positive thing noticed is that we have stopped talking about ‘awarding’ plots in Kabushi.I have listed a number of projects which must put in place by 2011 and I have identified would be donnors for such developments of course this includes my business.Eifyo mwaice Easy dont just talk like HK act.

  105. Remember the story of Samuel and Saul in the bible? 1st samuel 15:
    Just read the story and just compare with Chiluba’s case and tell me what you think.

  106. My message to FTJ is the song by Hahaha:
    -wala wala wala wala
    -Kinga Chiluba Kenzu Khangu
    -kenzu kangu ndindi
    -Ba Levy benzubangu
    -benzu bangu ndindi
    -caboota caboota caboota mbuli fanta mukando..

    Basa muchitonga twamba ukuti”muyubayuba cilyo caba songwe” (fools are the food for the clever ones)hachiloonge mulikede mbuli chibuye nde?, chibuye tampi, ndekayi? (lets work as zedian and not sit and expect food from floor)

  107. Good job I dont gossip I say facts and the truth. If you manage your Katemba well I will be very happy to remind you that our discussion on this blog was not for nothing but it brought results- striving for a better Zambia. Whilst wasting pointing fingers at each other other nations are busy thinking of ways how to reduce human beings on this earth and you will be one of the victims. Right the Congress is busy discussing how reduce greenhouse gas. One has already suggested that we have to control ´number of pipo and cows on earth becuase they are causing much of the damage to climate. So what you doing not be one of the victims.Preserve Zambia.

  108. #120 Easy mwaice wandi dont over stay abroad come back and develop your wife’s village ‘Shangombo’that is the only honour you can do to your in laws.Kids swim in the river everyday to go to school because someone has completely ignored their plight.If you give me your email add I will email you the disgusting photos and this after 43 years of ruling ourselves.Your George Mpanga was very stubborn during the G8 summit where global warming was an issue .He refused to commit himself to the targets set per continent against carbon emissions and yet he is the worst hit with hurricanes and cyclones etc.My worry is for our country, we have no mitigating factors should the climate pattern become aggressive.Kapita is busy exporting maize , when Zambia wont have the rains next year and year after,he strongly believes Teka farm will feed the nation using winter maize,we have the worst planners in Zambia, everything they do are short term measures, the National Development plan we have not been

  109. 121 ctd told how the plan will be funded if 30% of our budget is always donor funded.The japanese cars we are always buying these can not even pass an MOT test because they have been rejected in Japan, Zim atleast used to charge carbon tax but its only now that Magande started charging carbon tax but is not doing anything to counter CO2 emissions.We need to have garages that must test for levels of Co2 from these cars and take stern measures because its for own good and if we start today five years down the line people will be aware of the serious effects of global warming.Those floods we are having are a sign of worst things to come.We need forward planners in our economy not myopic leaders

  110. Paparazi, it is only you who knowns that these pipo never discussed the issue of replacing Chuchu.Read the post’s editorial.The chairman of that meeting reported having discussed the succession of Muwelewele
    Full stop.Therefore his (chairman)words and yours are not concomitant.Only pipo like you can argue coz you feel you know more than the Post. Nelly and those who attended the meeting have rights to distant themselves from this total embarrassment.The only way is to embolden one Zambia one nation.

  111. #60 Papa maybe you are the criminologist and specialist in crime scenes. If you have evidence that Chiluba did kill these pipo,why can’t you report him to the police or any law enforcing agent. Its purely a dream of a mad man seeing a gost feeding him.What I mean is you are jst hallucinating or having gradiose and paranoid beliefs about Chiluba having committed these crimes.Anyway you have the rights to comment about others but in a fair way.I do believe you hate chiluba to death.

  112. We are running this blogg to collect information, and thats how we dont intervene. Even insults are left alone, and if you have seen sanity just come back naturally.
    so far you are doing fine.
    I dont mean to threaten anyone.

  113. Ba Kuku# 121 /122 you have talked sense mwandini people they dont know the impact climate change has to the world. Keep on educating the especially those driving japanese cars the next time they go to see a doctor and only to be told you have cancer. CO2 causes dieases like cancer. We need stane measures to stop this else again we shall be waste hit. Over food Zambians have learnt from the past people will go hungry and they start eating Gentechnic foods which is harmful.

  114. #126 Easy mwaice wandi to even have the chance to eat GMO will be a blessing, people will resort to eating wild tubers like we saw before just because of people like Kapita and Chuchu.If they were to be in my class ,I will certainly smack them to bring sanity to their heads.Enjoy your day Mwaice , twaya kuma order catch you after 17 hrs

  115. We can’t wait to see a conclusion to the ftj trial. We have been wronged for too long. We would appreciate our govt getting back those millions so that us part time KMB boys can get jobs.

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