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Youths challenged to refrain from politicking


Youth, Sport and Child Development minister, Gabriel Namulambe has challenged youths in the country to desist from politicking.

Mr. Namulambe has since advised the youths to unite and concentrate on issues that
centre on development.

Speaking at a meeting organized for youths in Mansa today  the minister said
government would only grant the Youth  Development  Funds to groups that registered
with the National Youth Development Committee as had been set by law.

He said time was up for cheap politicking over important issues of national interest
and urged the youths to work together in sports activities to reduce poverty  in
their communities.

And the minister said there was need to decentralize the concentration of sports
from Copperbelt and Lusaka  as there was abundant untapped talent in other

Mr. Namulambe observed that  teams of various sport disciplines were concetrated to
provinces along the line of rail only.

He called for strong sports advisory committees  at provincial levels so as to tap
and nurture the potential adding that his ministry would facilitate programmes to
foster sport in the country.


  1. Ba Ministry of Sport plz put in place such policies first before you can give such directives otherwise things wont work. Your predecossor have preached about such ventures but so long there is no policy neverever will things work. I hope ba GB you dealt the problem of Funds in Mansa meant for Development funds for youth which just looming in an accounted not being disbursed.

  2. It is telling for a govt official trying to remove politics out of the youth. It is this very attitude that has led to a fall in interest and standards of civic knowledge in the country amongst young and old people. The govt should be encouraging the youth to take more interest in politics and not party politics. This will eventually lead to a more informed population on politics and how it affects the development and growth of our country.

  3. Mad Scientist(3), with a statement like that, you cannot be anything close to mad.Do these ministers read their speeches beforehand,understand their meaning and analyse the impact of the advice they dispense??Could it be the edited report of their speeches that are to blame for the skewed nature of the advice?GN comes across as a bright young man so i will spare him my venom……instead i will give him the benefit of the doubt!!!!

  4. Silence is golden.One may not know how wise or foolish a given person is….until they open their mouth!!!!

  5. Ba youth and sports minister job well done for going out of Lusaka.But why every time Luapula Mansa,we know one of the sports office Mwape is from Luapula, carefull.You are the 15th youth and sports minister since the MMD came into power and your are just saying what all your friend the former minister’s used to say to the country’with no development in sports.My advice is that start cross country events and road races in each province,because this events you don’t need a stadium like the Chines to be in Ndola.The country have alot of talent,but some association have wrony people and i am happy that you now know that they just in Lusaka asking for money. A club make the association but in zambia it is the assocition of 5 people with no clubs running the show.The National olympic Committee in other nationals fund clubs and not the case in Zambia where that committee of National Olympic Committee full of kabwalala’s.
    Just wait and see the list of officials to the 2007 All frica games

  6. Agree with Sikatana all fomer minister’s have said the same 15 so far and that mens we need some one who has done sports before to know how this Kawalala’s from the National Olympic Committe play with government money.In Sydne 2000 olympics Ms Moyo took her son,Mr Mate the took the wife and Chamunda also took the wife all them where staying game staying in home of the Zambia team, evening attanding meetings,what shame for Zambia. 3 reporters, Tembo of daily mail the late Wamunyima of times and a lady from znbc where thrown out of the village.The same thing at the all frica games in 1999 in South Africa Mr Limbala throw out Katongo of daily mail, Njarongo of znbc sports Bwalya sports znbc and Tembo of daily mail. This time you should ask them to account for all the money.Please’please tell that director of sports that he should in a track suit and not a suit every day.

  7. Let me help Minister Namulambe the meaning of the word “politicking” According to it staes the meaning as:
    1.activity undertaken for political reasons or ends, as campaigning for votes before an election, making speeches, etc., or otherwise promoting oneself or one’s policies.
    2.To engage in or discuss politics.

    If the youths do not learn to be commenting on political, economic, social and civic issues that beset them when are they going to? Politics is not for the aged only. It is for the very youths are will replace Ba Namulambe very soon in 2011.

  8. You are very right Namulambe should know that’ it is mayo papa na ine kakupapa.Imiti ikula epanga. That means it is the youth to take over the country.Even in the army,police,zaf,op and zns we need the youth to replace the old one’s.

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