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Judiciary workers called upon to resume work

Headlines Judiciary workers called upon to resume work

The Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) has called on judiciary workers to report for work on monday saying government has already released the money for housing allowances.

CSAWUZ Regional Secretary, Elphas Munakaila says government has released K3.8 billion to pay judiciary workers their 40 per cent housing allowance arrears.

Mr Munakaila told ZANIS in an interview this evening that government released the
money today.

He said there is there is therefore no need for the workers to continue the strike
as government has already attended to their  concerns.

Mr Munakaila assured the workers that they would be paid their money within the
course of next after all bank transaction.

Judiciary workers in Lusaka yesterday  vowed to continue with their strike action
even after assurances that the Ministry of Finance and National Planning had
approved K3.8 billion to pay them their 40 per cent housing allowance arrears,
dating back to 2003.

The workers, who were addressed at the Lusaka Magistrate Court complex  by their
union leaders said it was not the mere approval of the money that would make them
resume work but actual payment of the housing arrear.

Civil Servants and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (CSAWUZ) Long Acres Branch
Chairman Elphas Munakaila and Judiciary Union Chairman Peter Mwale addressed the
workers yesterday.


  1. It is unfortunate that our Govt. can only decide to pay people what is due to them after a strike.Meanwhile cadres are paid what does not belong to them even when they do not demand for anything.Shame.

  2. Sometimes I cry when I hear this. How can a govt for a period of 4 years not pay the workers housing allowances. Why should GRZ wait until popi strike to get what they are entitle to.No wonder Zambia has been affected by brain drain especially in health profession because these doctors and nurses reliased earlier so they left for looking for alternatives. Really from nowhere government has K3.8 Billion to offset these bills. I hope the pensioners can also get their monies at one go if Zambia can afford this.

  3. This is a lack of respect for Human Rights.
    The President has been campaigning to end corruption.
    How can corruption end when workers have not been paid housing allowance for 4 years?
    What is the average house rent for accommodation in lusaka and the other parts of zambia?
    40% of ZMK 1 million = K400,000.
    Is there any decent accommodation for this amount for a Zambian family.
    Every citizen deserves a decent accomodation and necessities to end “corruption”
    #2 Easy,if you cry you wont be heard,you should be wailing.
    Explains why QC Smith had to preside over the cases we have read of,because the accused would find it difficult to bribe him.
    God Bless Zambia

  4. Biz (1), Lets face it, cadres are the nodes of a political systems world over. Ruling parties MMD inclusive treasure their cadres especially thoses with special skills to deliver perculiar results in uncertain times. Such are smart educated self starters with special career backgrounds turned coffidants ideal for complex situations by virtual of them being tested jackals of all trades.They fit in any prevalent situations.So, my friend cadres will always be found some rewards.

  5. That money to the judiciary must have choked some project or cost centre somewhere. Though odd, i have found that development interesting resource allocation mechanism.Hope all key projects could be prioritised in the same way.

  6. Why does govt announce every year that a budget has been made whose demands that it meet if it can go for year without paying its working force which makes things on the wheel.Paparazzi yu should be serious with you comments what does Zambia to know that cadres will be rewarded because of their loyalt. We need responsibility. Zambians learn to take task people who hold responsibility dont wait so long 48 months without this money is wrong time. I wondder how pipo manage to send children to school, this explains why we have so many kids on the street because the system is rotten and answer has been rampant corruption.

  7. Kayata your comments are very ok in fact quite nationalist except towards the end when you begin to disregard Zambia’s sovereignty by justifying why Chiluba’s case was taken to London.

    The money (Millions of $$$$$$$$$$$) LPM has spent on suing Chiluba can help in paying the Judiciary workers. Most of these people live in squalor and lack and no wonder bribing can never end. How do expect justice when majority of the men and women running our court system can’t afford a decent meal? These people can’t remember when they last had egg, bacon and beans for breakfast.

  8. The Book of RUFQUA on page 5333 states that “strikes are the thing of the past and are draw backs to the nation economy, therefore any worker who doesn’t agree to the conditions stipulated for the him must call it a quit” end of quote.BUT in Zed scenario is different, the employers don’t stick to those conditions stipulated for employees and are full of lies. Lies in the morning, lies in the afternoon and lies in the evenings.RUFQUA (page122) describes that kind of behaviour of the MMD govt as “Bamboozle”

    LATEST….GEORGE Mpanga yeye(wife) wakwe alemboma pa zed next week 26/06/07.

    #7 Mwaice Easy reduce ukupatula incisungu, you can’t construct a sentence minus ukupatula te? The way you make those silly mistakes I can tell that you have lost a lot of items coz of memory lapses (ukulabalaba sana). Be stable mwaice not pa ‘easy’ apo waba. RUFQUA (page 9864)describe such pipo as “imprudent”

  9. # Ba Jose bakamba where did you buy that book – RUFQUA
    I was told they are out of stock at universal church book shop.

  10. Ba Joze#9 Naimwe bakalamba ndekene fwe nalilandile ati this is Zangalish you must figure it out or leave it. How can you fight you cabinet Minister do you want to be like KK fight Adamson Mushala after sending him to China to learn Gorilla warfare. Twalishiba Ba Mrs George Walk baleisa mukutandalila.

  11. The glaring desparities among the Judicial employees regarding the conditions of service is the issue for grit.
    While judges of the high court and supreme court have some of the best emoluments and remunerations in the country, magistrates,local court justices and support staff have some of the poorest conditions.
    While the donkey work in Judicial proccesses begin with the latter, they are the least appreciated.This situation needs to be corrected.Without this the Judicial system in Zambia will always be in turmoil.

  12. I read a very interesting article by professor ChIRWA ON vULTURE FUNDS.

    I was shocked that Chiluba actually benefited $2million from Donegal so that he facilites the imoral payment of this debt by the Zambian Government.

    I am speechless!!!

  13. Way to go judicial workers! our so called govt never runs out of money when paying it’s ministers and MP’s? or refilling the state house fund! work hard and demand respect? fight for what you deserve…!

  14. Give ceaser what belongs to ceaser. Why is the Ndola council firing workers so far 120 workers have been lost their jobs. Who is the area MP of this contituency. You are increase poverty in the nation stop these. Ba Sata go and fire this Ndola Town clerk

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