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Levy launches Make Zambia Clean and Health Campaign.

Headlines Levy launches Make Zambia Clean and Health Campaign.

President Mwanawasa  says the aim of launching the “Make Zambia Clean and Healthy Campaign is to improve the health and living environment for every one.

He said the programme is aimed at helping and facilitating the making of all homes,
communities, villages , towns and cities clean.

Speaking when he launched the Make Zambia Clean and Healthy Campaign  on both radio
and television this evening, President Mwanawasa said for some time now ,most
communities, towns and cities have not been as clean as they  should be.

Mr. Mwanawasa  attributed the state of the environment now to inadequate clean and
safe water supply and sanitation services, inappropriate personal and food hygiene

He added that the low knowledge levels by many people concerning basic health and
hygiene matters has also contributed to  the environment not being as clean as it
should be.

The President  said  because of the environment not being clean, people and children
are exposed to high levels of malaria, Dysentery, Cholera and other infectious

The result has been that our people and children have been exposed to higher levels
of malaria, Dysentery, Cholera and other infectious diseases  with the attendant
suffering and pain for individuals and families, said Mr. Mwanawasa.

He said the “Make Zambia Clean and Healthy Campaign ” is a government backed
multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary campaign that hopes  to include all sections of
society in an on-going effort to achieve a cleaner and healthier environment.

The President has since directed  all government line ministries, provincial and
district administrations, local authorities, statutory bodies and other public
institutions to fully participate in the programme.

The President observed that clean streets, markets, restaurants, houses, bus
stations and other public places would  help prevent diseases and make such places
pleasant  and  enjoyed by every citizen.

“Let us develop and implement activities in our homes, communities, work places so
much that we can together make a difference and banish cholera, dysentery and other
infectious diseases to the past.


  1. Quite a wonderful initiativ Mr.President.Such ideas lead to a better,clean and wonderful Zambia.
    Hope no one is gonna politicize it.An innocent Zambian would just go for it in a full undrstanding that zambia is for all of us.
    We cannot be troubled by HIV/AIDS and the same time with preventable diseases no.
    Thanx MBUYA .
    Just bring another good one like this then w shall talk about next elections later haaahaa

  2. I think to sustain, these effets school curriculum for all levels of schools should be reviewd so that at an early age, children learn how to hundle gabbage. Its strange that some elderly people throw rubish even throw a window in a mini bus and they don’t feel bad about it.

  3. let levy go and clean the mess under the flyover bridge in lusaka.if he goes political on this issue nobody will clean.who likes levy anywhere?

  4. ‘Manje ngati napyanga apa, ba Kanso ba za chita nchito bwanji’ mentality should be the starting point in this education drive.

    #3, it’s not a question of liking LPM (although its a fact there are those who do and those who don’t – like yoself) but about cleanliness. It’s not LPM littering but the general populace at large. The ‘enabling’ environment spiralled out of control when FTJ brought street kids from CB and established the ‘vendors desk’ @ plot 1. Ever since that time, Zambia has suffered at the hands of, strictly speaking, preventable diseases…like cholera. Zambia cannot afford to waste scarce resources on things which can easily be prevented. But only if you and I play our role. It will amount to nothing if I clean and you litter. So give merit where its due. In any case nothing can be worse than the filthy @ Soweto market where you buy your food but where Boma Mwanawasa was cleaning just the other day.

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