Sunday, July 14, 2024

PF cadres told to lay off Levy


Western Province Movement for Multiparty Democracy Treasurer, Michael Kaingu has reacted sharply to allegations by  the opposition Patriotic Front members who accused President Mwanawasa of designing a situation that allowed Zambians believe that his predecessor, Frederick Chiluba was a plunderer.

Mr. Kaingu said the opposition party should not involve President Mwanawasa in matters that he was not party to.

He was reacting to the allegations raised in the Post Newspaper of today by some PF members.

The PF members allegedly said President Mwanawasa and the Post Newspaper’s Fred Mmembe have made Zambians believe that Dr. Chiluba was a plunderer by not calling him a suspected plunderer.

Mr. Kaingu charged that the MMD in Western Province was not happy with  the allegations levelled against Mr. Mwanawasa.

“I am very disgusted with the PF members as provincial treasurer for Western province who are bringing President Mwanawasa’s name into their problems,” he said.

He said people should respect the president and should not drug his name into the mud.



  1. KAaingu just closs your mouth because soon LPM will be out of state house and you will talking of Katele Kalumba. You be in the police cells with out going to court for one year.By the way most of you will at plot 1 yakumanda ni mwalifwa by next year .

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