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Levy counsels Sata

Headlines Levy counsels Sata

Presidient  Mwanawasa has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) to make meaningful contributions to Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID) discussions on the Constitution review process and not cause confusion.
Mr Mwanawasa said that while he welcomed the return of PF to ZCID, he hoped the party would not cause confusion but instead make progressive contributions.
“We welcome them to make meaningful contributions, but if it is just to bring confusion, I will suggest they go back to the Oasis Forum,” he said.
Mr Mwanawasa said at Livingstone Airport yesterday that he was happy political parties had agreed on empowering the Constitutional Conference to adopt the Constitution.
He urged people to pray to God to give wisdom to the stakeholders for them to do the right thing.
Mr Mwanawasa said the PF had earlier denounced the Netherlands Movement for Inter-Party Dialogue, but later embraced it to get computers from the institute, which he said demonstrated that the party was just interested in getting benefits from the institute.
On Mr Sata, the President said “after the summit of presidents, we took a group photo. On that picture their leader (Sata) was pictured sitting next to me like God with his son, but he denounced what he had agreed to in the meeting.”
On the Civil Society, Mr Mwanawasa said he preferred political parties to discuss the Constitutional review process as opposed to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) because their mission was poverty reduction.
The President said NGOs’ involvement in political matters was tantamount to a breach of the law because their objectives did not include politics, and advised them to leave the issues to political parties.
“NGO means non-governmental organisation, so why should they be involved in Government issues? They are formed to serve the poor people, not politics. It is a breach of the law for them to do so because their objectives don not include politics,” he said.
The President had met many NGOs who accepted his proposals during meetings but thereafter branded him a trickstar and manipulator.
Mr Mwanawasa said some NGOs were masquerading as civic organisations when they were in fact competing to become pseudo political parties.
Mr Mwanawasa was reacting to Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister, Gabriel Namulambe’s threats that his ministry would deal with NGOs that were donor-aided to champion the cause of youths but were abusing the children.
Mr Mwanawasa said that most of the NGOs were established for good purposes, but unfortunately they were now competing to become pseudo political parties.
“If they can’t perform their duties as NGOs, then we welcome them on the political arena as political parties but those who are set to protect the rights of children and vulnerable people should do exactly that,” Mr Mwanawasa said.
Meanwhile, President Mwanawasa yesterday paid tribute to Livingstone member of Parliament (MP), Sakwiba Sikota, for being among scores of people that welcomed him at the airport.
The President said he had reconciled with Mr Sikota and was grateful that the MP was supporting his proposals over the Constitution review process.
He said the important thing was to improve people’s living conditions, and added that ignoring Mr Sikota would not be fair to the people of Livingstone who elected him as their representative.
Southern Province Minister, Joseph Mulyata said the party was reconciling and recruiting new members and all Government programmes were on course.
He said the damaged Maamba road was being repaired and that Livingstone road repairs would start next week.
The minister said dams and other infrastructure were also being repaired and restocked with fish.
“As you know your Excellency, Tongas and fish, it’s a big problem. We are trying to teach them that even fish is good food for them,’’ Mr Mulyata said as he joked with his traditional cousins.
Acting Southern Province MMD chairman, Solomon Muzyamba said the party was intact and supported the Government’s stance to empower the Constitutional Conference to adopt the new Constitution, and urged those who wanted to cause chaos to stop.
Mr Mwanawasa, accompanied by Tourism Minister, Kabinga Pande, is in Livingstone to break the ground for the construction of the SOS Village on the entrance to Livingstone.

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  1. So who would be ‘god’ in the photo, Sir Levy? I am assuming that you reckon you are… These the same traits exhibited by your predecesors, which are absolutely unwarranted and at worst breed contempt of us the Zambian people!!!

  2. It’s always saddening to hear a President taking a swipe at a non issue…makes me wonder what his job description is like.

  3. There goes Saki again. Politicians are like prostitutes. Yesterday he is with HH, today with King Cobra tomorrow with LPM. What’s wrong? Does it mean these fellows have no principles. What kind of reconciliation has gone on? Just because Nevers Mumba was with Mwanawase, Saki has decided to take a stance of wanting to be deceived. Shame. Becarefull with LPM. He is going to finish all of you and at the end we will have no opposition. And you know what that entails to run an economy withoput a watchdog.

  4. I think this is politics made very simple. How can Levy liken himself to God and in the same breath liken to Jesus someone whose semblance to Satan is not only manifested by name but also by character, Sata Chilufya! Awe sure, this is blasphemy at its worst.

  5. the clampdown on NGO classification,activities and accountability is definitely on.LPM should however realise that not all NGO’s are for poverty alleviation!! Let us avoid stereotyping our partners in development.If a head of state can get it wrong who are we to get it right!!

  6. Sata shud be ignored,he’s a spoiled old man,Levy’s attack on NGO’s r very misplaced & unwarranted,he thinks only politicians can give us the constitution,WRONG,besides most of them r sellouts.The constitution z 4 all zambians

  7. Saki is a good man, but like all men, follows routes that seem to lead to buttered bread…needless to say Zambian politics are designed that way…follow the route to buttered bread regardless of your principles or perish!

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen this now goes beyond politics.LEVY PATRICK MWANAWASA can not liken himself to THE ALMIGHTY GOD.This is BLASPHEMY and I call on Chritians to denounce this IMP.

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen this now goes beyond politics.LEVY PATRICK MWANAWASA can not liken himself to THE ALMIGHTY GOD.This is BLASPHEMY and I call on all Christians to denounce this IMP.

  10. Its good that Sata has now made MMD sit up right. Anything they plan to do that is not right they are cautious that some one will speak out. Thanks to sata for speaking for most Zambians!!!

  11. I saw the file photo referred to by Levy.
    Both Sata and Levy did not look any where like God and his Son. but looked more like members of the traditional healers association who had drank the herbal concoction muleza or umunsokansoka

  12. Ba Hapilo(9), you are so right!! the problem in Africa is that there is no life after politics.For continued survival one has to compromise their principles and go with the flow.In more developed regions once you identify with one party and it’s manifesto you go to the grave either actively or passively supporting the chosen party. Political prostitution is an art form in Zambia.What has gone wrong in UPND for Saki to lead another party??Assuming his ideals have not changed then his party merely splits the vote and ensures he is still invited to the high table as a so called opposition leader!! What a great shame for somebody who should have had quite an illustrious political career.

  13. #11 Chapi I have always said that Levy needs another baptism that one two years ago is very diluted with a PH 10, he needs one with fire.These are the people the pharisees would refer to as being ‘beside himself’
    imwe mulemona ati umuntu mutuntulu kanshi alefuma munshila.
    #13 hahahahaha you have made my day

  14. Ok to be fair to the Traditional Healers, it should be more like the quacks taht claim to heal people and yet are only after money or a ‘piece’ of something!

  15. #15 a meaningful opposition will not only oppose the govt of the day but contribute to the developmet of the nation. Nomba I worry is how can our president compare himself like God and son has he lost direction or its this chiyengi man at work with charms such that pipo have stoped thinking instead they look possesed. Bwana LPM an advice from God fearing pipo seek for giveness before its to late for those utterance, for God gives and takes away. I will advise you to read the Songs of Solomon it has a lot of wisdow and guidance for a person in leadership. Remember the bible says there is time for everything worse more is exzorate yourself is not good because you will be pulled down. I told you bloggers a mandalene cannot be fit to run us-these are Saki, Sata and Mumba. Zambian voters we should start looking for someone outside these recircled politicians who failed us. The on the constitution lpm should not ingore the people this what made FTJ fall if want a happy he should remain man..

  16. ctd.. of the people who put him into power. This new economy idealogy doesnt help because the price at the end is always very high.


    EASTERN Province UNIP chairperson Colonel Panji Kaunda has resigned from both his position and the party.Col Panji, who was also UDA Eastern Province chairperson, said in a telephone interview from Chadiza yesterday that his resignation was because UNIP lacked a vision and unity.”I have resigned. Yes I resigned, I sent in my resignation letter on Saturday. I could not compromise that (unity),” he said.Col Panji said he was not happy with the Kapoche by-election differences between UNIP and UDA.”We had resolved to support Charles Banda but the leaders decided to go behind my back to discuss with my junior officers and put another person,” he said.”My provincial secretary Christopher Phiri has also resigned. He resigned on Saturday after he got my message that I have resigned.”He said he could still support UDA and campaign for it as a freelancer. Col Panji said the people in the province had been disappointed with his move.”I can still campaign for anybody as a freelancer. Joining another party will come later,” he said. “UNIP is not going anywhere. It has lost vision. I can’t follow when someone is going in the bush.”He said he would spend time consulting before he could get take the next step.Col Panji said he was of the view of finding a way of UNIP working together with others but that had not been recognised. He expressed pessimism that UNIP would do well in the next general elections.”I am looking at today and tomorrow, I don’t want to be pushed,” he said.However, Col Panji said he had nothing against his brother Tilyenji, who is UNIP president.”As politicians we have nothing in common, but I will speak to him as a brother because I can’t change that,” Col Panji said.
    “The Kapoche election issues came and made us go different ways. We had difficulties for that election. They went behind my back to discuss with junior officers, this shows I was irrelevant. We can’t go back, I told them I won’t support them.”.When contacted for comment Tilyenji was reported to be in a meeting.Tilyenji and Col Panji differed prior and during the Kapoche by-elections with the latter accusing his brother of running UNIP from his bedroom.Former UNIP council chairperson Wilfred Chirwa said Col Panji’s departure signaled the death of UNIP in Eastern Province and the grip of MMD. He said Tilyenji should not think he was building UNIP by antagonizing Col Panji.”A lot of people I have spoken to, including myself are going with Panji whether to hell or to heaven. I wish you could see my face; this is a serious issue that has annoyed me. I have taken a lot to help rebuild UNIP,” said Chirwa who has been in UNIP since 1958. “I was imprisoned in Kabwe and it can’t take Tilyenji a second to destroy the party. If Panji goes, there will be no UNIP in Eastern Province.

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  19. Its sad that dedicated fellow veterans of Col.Panji’s fighting spirit are quiting politics while the likes of Sata are disgracefully now reporting to Musa Mwenya of Oasis forum for matching orders. In their needy times, they are shamelessly rashing for some refurbished donated Computers.Willie Nsanda is insulting our Zambian mothers while Dr.Chishimba and Peter Machungwa are cursing Judge Smith for his role in the plunder cases against shortie who bankrolled PF.Nevers Mumba after failing to raise school fees for his kids and a wife who only love and return home when he succeeds in his solicitation drives, is there again outdoing himself a final punch at the hands of a covert minded machinery for a zero return.Saki is certified constitutional rubber stamp whose payback will be at the discretion of the MMD NEC and its Covert propaganda machinery.My Generation is leaving behind another one party to last for the next 15 to 20 years from 2011.Those who stry to speak, only reveal 0.

  20. I do not understand why the civic organization has been ruled out in the discussions on the Constitution review process under Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID). For Zambia to come up with a constitution that will stand a test of time, we need everyone’s participation. Why should the grudge that LPM picked up against Oasis Forum spokesperson Musa Mwenye for disclosing their private conversation to the press block other civic members to participate in the discussions on the Constitution review process? Within the spheres of democracy, it is allowed to take a different view. It does not mean that by taking a different stance then the door should be closed for one. No wonder he was pre-warning King Cobra to be prepared to go back to OASIS forum should he raise any opposing remarks during the meeting. Why have such kind of preconceived ideas? To me, it appears there is prejudice to the whole process. That’s why LPM has decided from the beginning to intimidate the civic grouping and Sata the King Cobra.

  21. Levy’ challenge to Sata and his Mother party cum Oasis Forum to go ahead and have their own road map if they so wish is a slap in Sata and the noise forum.That challenge means you quacks are good for nothing without a broader mandate. I dare you now or you go to hellMy side has assembled enough support with legitimacy. All parties are here in solidarity, what do I need from you?


    PATRIOTIC Front president Michael Sata has said it is premature for the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue (ZCID) to sensitise people on the constitution conference before its contents are publicised. And ZCID spokesperson Newton Ng’uni said his organisation would go ahead to sensitise Zambians on what the party presidents, including Sata, agreed to during the summit of presidents.

  22. #21 kuku why these stock exchange results? I told you popi without economics or finance background will not understand.Did you see that the miners in Kasanshi are striking? Panji is undressing is gloves. So KK is right Zambia can only have only one party state system. Who remains is HH and his views or he is already play the Ham?

  23. So Sakwiba like his friend Nevers have seen that 2011 is drawing ever closer and they have already started making childish manouvres. They know, there isnt anyone within the ranks of MMD to take over from LPM, hence the dash to reconcile with ‘god’ Levy. I remember seeing Katele on TV kneeling down asking for mercy, favors, etc from ‘god’ Levy. Imagine that was your father or husband, educated has he is, ukufukama pa TV. whats wrong politicians,i hope they are going to take no mickey out of us this time around, lets give them a short shrift as go in oblivion.

  24. So Sakwiba like his friend Nevers have seen that 2011 is drawing ever closer and they have already started making childish manouvres. They know, there isnt anyone within the ranks of MMD to take over from LPM, hence the dash to reconcile with ‘god’ Levy. I remember seeing Katele on TV kneeling down asking for mercy, favors, etc from ‘god’ Levy. Imagine that was your father or husband, educated has he is, ukufukama pa TV. whats wrong politicians,i hope they are going to take no mickey out of us this time around, lets give them a short shrift as they go in oblivion.

  25. Sata’s lack of judgement has always been a liability. This is why i concur with those calling for a PF convention to usher in visionary leaders. Sata’s opportunism and bruising politics have lamentably failed and now bruising him to the finish. I cannot believe a political party worth its salt forfeiting its policies and vision to a NGO. I have done broad based political and governance research, yet never seen this insanity of Sata.Musa Mwenya has no background whatsoever to be the brain behind the PF policies, but dangerous passion for front pages in newspapers.

  26. Levy always hallucinates and thats’ why he needs pipo who can help to stand tall. Sata hasn’t done anything wrong.Its just pipo who want to paint him has not knowing what he is doing.Levy is a traitor and untrustworthy person I have ever come across. He wants to pretend to like Sakwiba but that is superficial. Paparazi your God Levy is a typical traitor.

  27. You can only solve a problem if you acknowledge that you have it. This culture of denial has continued killing our people every time the truth has manifested for them. Take it all leave it, there is no opposition worth kicking these MMD guys atleat for the next 15 years in Zambia. Unless the problem is acknowledged and strategies change, MMD will be in Veteran’s words seeing the Zambian 27 traditional rule.So far things are pointing to that i can assure you.The opposition is at its weakest never seen before since 1991.

  28. #18 EASY naukula.. nomba walefumya data ili correct. Efyo ufwile ukulalemba ifi. On LPM being “GOD” I give up. I thought mwalishala ko utumano utunono muli wene, awe kanshi chakuposa fye. Chapi dont ask christians to denouse him please napapata. Ask them to pray for him. E aba bibo ilanda ati amademoni bakwata they need fasting and preya to cast out.

  29. Sata has not done anything wrong. He himself said that he agreed with the outcome of the ZCID meeting but he mentioned that just the agreement was not enough. There needed to be a clarity in terms of the composition of the same, also the clarity in how the agreed “road map” was going to be actualised. Because herein lie the posibility of deceipt. Most bloggers here are also confused because in one breath they condemn Sakwiba for supporting Levy on the same and in another they condemn Sata for being cautious. “Zedians” after criticising/arguing one must offer their clear position on the issue and not just to criticise Sata, LPM, Saki and everybody who are doing their part.
    As for the “God/Jesus” statement, the H E Should be advised to be careful in the choice of his comparisons no matter how humurous he wants to sound. May be he needs another baptism.

  30. Ba Veteran(22),the pain in your contribution is felt and shared!!Ba Mbozi(29) LPM is not everybody’s cup of tea: a traitor he is not:save your energy for the sweet talking thieves we had in between KK and LPM!!!When you call someone a traitor or accuse them of being untrustworthy do us all a favour and cite examples of such behaviour.Where you are right, we will support and champion your cause.In the absense of factual supporting information you would do well vent your anger elsewhere!!

  31. Ba Veteran(22),the pain in your contribution is felt and shared!!Ba Mbozi(29) LPM is not everybody’s cup of tea: a traitor he is not:save your energy for the sweet talking thieves we had in between KK and LPM!!!When you call someone a traitor or accuse them of being untrustworthy do us all a favour and cite examples of such behaviour.Where you are right, we will support and champion your cause.In the absense of factual supporting information you would do well to vent your anger elsewhere!!

  32. Blogger see also economy ati ZESCO has management problems there new climate and environmental preotection should harm the Zambian pipo. This is the new strategy announced by director of Hydro generation. Ati popi should start suffering thru power shedding 4 to 6 hrs per to such an extend that all there electrical household products are non function because this will boost economy. It will everyone having this products to throw away the old from 1970s and buy new ones so that the economy shall pick. To achieve this govt has already borrowed my from various lenders so that HIPC becomes meaningless. Soon the whole continent it will have black out this will mean the one of the MDGs has been achieve- Africa the blackout continent.

  33. Traitor
    Etymology: Middle English traytour, from Anglo-French traitre, from Latin traditor, from tradere to hand over, deliver, betray, from trans-, tra- trans- + dare to give — more at DATE
    1 : one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty
    2 : one who commits treason

    Now which will apply ít your allegations Mbozi? Can you clarify?

  34. Ba Easy(35),after many weeks of reading your contributions i think i’ve finally found a way to understand your unique sentence construction skills!!!Strange as it may seem to any newcomers,some of us ACTUALLY understand what Ba Easy is trying to say!!!

    It is obvious Zesco has problems with providing power 24/7.Would it be too much to ask for Govt. to zero rate duty on solar power equipment??

  35. 37# Pundit A bit of fantasy must be there. This also makes the blog interesting and a bit of homework for lazy chaps like Dr.HK. Three day now he cannot report for work because of power shedding. Oh yes solar system could be an alternative for Zambians Its free enerygy and environmental freindly. Poor planing ba Pundit how can company have no long term plans? All these years they that new mines will open in Zambia yet never gave it a thought to think ahead. Kuku know this kind of business strategy is called reactive planing. There is no proactive planing. How can Zambia with it huge water carriers be import power from Congo. Zambian professionals lack innovations. To in short the chinese community is more important than that of Zambians because, Zambians are not using the copper being mined. Its being exported the govt gets peanuts butter.

  36. BaEasy(38),the trick is the new areas being on the SADCC grid then we could temporarily tap power for the new mines and even make them pay a premium on the supply!!! Zambia’s economic development especially in mining has been unprecedented and maybe we can understand Zesco being caught with their pants down!!

    For domestic consumption i propose a major policy be developed to encourage the use of solar power.Instead yakula ontela fye akasuba we can use it to power our homes!!

  37. Zambia politics stinks because of characters like SATANA. If you want to know how rotten Zambia is don’t look any further than SATANA.

  38. Kuku, elo nafika, We had a meeting on “keep Zed stations clean”, chaired by Kodowski from Poland and we had the following resolutions:-

    1.each and every mini bus and buses must contain a bin for litter.

    2.passengers must NOT throw leftovers through the windows.

    3.passenger found throwing litter must be fined $10 or if not identified by the conductor then the owner of the bus must pay $40.

    4.All makeshifts kiosks must be moved to one location and will have same standard pattern.

    5.Money collected that is meant to maintain the std of the station must be used for its purpose.

    6.Drivers of buses and minibuses will be issued electronic cards used for swiping when entrance of the station and the card will indicate that the driver has paid for 3 months to operate on the any zed station.

    7.Improve drainage system

    8. Cleaning of the stations will be commencing at 04:00 hrs.

    9. More dustbins will be located at stations and periodically emptying of bins

  39. #40 I know about 5 good Solar companies I will try to talk ot them and see what they have for Africa. You the govt needs helpers because in most areas they are drugging their feats. You can imagine watch a nice movie after hard work abruptly there is no power. What is purpose od toiling in life if you cannot enjoy your services. This is the same with Internet an Cellular providers.

  40. Good Ba Joze you have taken my advice this what we want keep it up. I just hope you drivers will follow your advice. Do you want me that I supply you with electronic card technology specially for transport section? Its with affordable range.

  41. #43 cont…

    10. no more fee paying toilets money. Money paid by drivers will be used to pay toilet attends from Eastern province. Its instant payments.

    Baice Gluco, Cyber_USA na Easy, mwilatwala amasange kwi-book lyafikomo “RUFQUA” its more than encyclopedia. Just ask for a copy, will send it over.

    #41, Dr HK, I think you are a very bitter parent who even slap “inkapila” abana. You are always negative Dr HK, manje undwala chani? Are you really a doctor? Limbi niwe “malukula te?’

  42. Ba Joze, public transport must begin to be seen as an alternative to driving your own vehicle.there is a misplaced belief that if you use public transport ninshi tawakwata money!A truly African concept.I’m wondering whether the routes public transport uses at the moment was discussed at your meeting.Alot of stations are positioned for the convenience of the transporters and not the travelling public.Remember the UBZ routes,they were well thought out.In many countries people park their vehicles at stations,use public transport to get to work and back.Is this a feasible reality in Zambia ?? BaJoze landeniko tusambilileko!!

  43. Mwaice Easy ba Sata attended the meeting, he was just nodding the head, nokuti ati elonasanga ameni. He contributed point 7. Do you know that Masebo ali ni pupil wakwa Sata te? Problem she’s missing incupo ku bond, otherwise she can a hard worker also.

    Easy just bring your tech yama electronic cards. We want to charge the face of Zed for the better. Mwaice ala musebanya nga waingila muli bus going to Chipata efyo easterners basamwa ukuposa ifyamba fyama bananas thru the windows. We want that thing must be history now te? if you go to Bots, Nambs, SA and even Mozie, pipo dont throw leftovers thru the windows te? Mwaice ngawapula Zed, you will see a different zed.

  44. #47 Pundit, am just summarizing what transpired during the meeting that lasted for a week. I have a 76 paged minutes for the meeting. I can e-mail them to you.

    My contact e-mail:

    [email protected]

    Each district has a major bus station and our aim is to uplift the faces of these stations.

    Quote:In many countries people park their vehicles at stations,use public transport to get to work and back.Is this a feasible reality in Zambia ?? BaJoze landeniko tusambilileko!!

    In Zed you can just leave your car at home and use minibuses to go for work. That’s the good part of Zed te? Imagine from Long acre to UTH. All you can do is to wake up early or do some connections of minibuses if you can’t drive te? BUt for the parking lot was also well tuckled.

  45. #41 Dr HK,

    RUFQUA chp 1, subsection 487, page 2864:

    States that “young person thinks old people are fools BUT an old person knows for sure that young people are foolish for they have not passed what he has passed”

    So Dr HK, RUFQUA refers to you as foolish and you must give respect to elders like ba Sata, FTJ and others.

  46. Mbozi (29),
    Be carefull with your reckless and emotional mind. You could be another one lining up for the Bwana (ZOL fanatic)fete. Blogs or being in the Diaspora are no safe havens. Criticism of leaders does not mean hallucinating in your manor of unsubstantiated emotions. Like it or not, Levy is Head of state. I have forewarned you should the dynasty escalate, take it quietly to its conclusion.

  47. #51 Good observer that is why I put the defination I wanted this Mbozi to explain what he means. He has for got that DNA toda is possible and quicker its a matter of 24 hrs you are neted. I dont what made him think like that.

  48. #46 Ba Joze,
    Welcome back. We missed you and what you have indicated on Dr. HK is one but many of those things we were missing on the blog. Keep it up.
    Surprisingly, the summary of your one week summit sounds like you were in the meeting for half a day and you spent the rest of the time shopping on the expense of tax payers money. I am told your kanthemba is now full with merchandise to the bream upon your return.

  49. #51 Observer hallucinating is not an insulting at all criticising of any leaders help help them to serve their pipo. No wonder such pipo like you are the same who complain about the same leaders or write about other opposition leaders in derogatory manner. Observer dont be cynical. Take it easy brother. I know Mbozi wasn’t in a diatribe towards chuchu.It’s one of those on the blog to raise the contributions. Remain blessed

  50. Pundit I support Mbozi, Chuchu is a traitor why is he trying to reconcile with other opposition leaders at this time when the constitution making process seems to fraud and hijaked by politicians (mmd) Pundit open your eyes brother. You will remember me, LPM is consolidating support to manupulate the all processs. Why is the Oasis irrelevant to LPM today? LPM is acting in an insolent and insinuate manner towards the oasis and the constitution making process as whole.

  51. Chitoba (54 & 55),
    Levy is a politician. Politicians use different strategies to consolidate their political capital. That does not mount to be a traitor unless you don’t understand the word you are using. Be mindful that, Levy is the Head of state who knows so much on any issues of interest on fellow nationals irrespective of distance. That is why Presidents receive more than 4 briefings around the clock. They have concentrated domestic and foreign eyes that are well coordinated on issues of interest. Even this Mbozi and yourself could be unwittingly as vulnerable as the details Levy wants to know about you. The same Federal Government you believe artificially protects you in the Diaspora where you are misguiding yourself in that manor, has mutual treaties to exchange real time data and DNC outcomes per filed request. Refrain from hanging yourself in a web you have no capacity to secure yourself from. I cited Bwana of ZOL’s fete that crossed his limit in insults.History is there.

  52. LPM NEEDS HELP.Why has LPM been so big headed to equate himself to our Creator and Almighty God?When LPM became President he reintroduced the term HE(His Excellency) which I assume,he thinks applies to him literally.For sure we knows he`s far from it Mr Max Tackson(meaning Mike Tyson).When Katele Kalumba resurfaced from the Chiengi bushes he publicly went and worshipped his “god” LPM and made a nuisance of himself.At the time it seemed like it was just one of those things but maybe this is what LPM seriously thinks of himself.Kaunda started behaving strangely when he established ties with the Maharishi(lesa kumulu Kaunda panshi).These Chinese LPM has equally yorked himself with are known to be deeply involved in Idolatry(god of the moon,sun).Maybe, they go beyond talking investment.Could it be his conscious troubling him realising how his mother died(Mama Mokola)out of pure neglect.GOD doesn`t share his glory with no one coz he`s a jealosy GOD.LPM pls repent and retract that statement

  53. Shapi (57),
    Your protruding ignorance has proved your worst inherent liability. Even your waffling comes out too shallow and disconnected. They don’t reveal any element of morality, intellect or objectivity. FYI the “lesa kumulu Kaunda panshi” dogma you are attributing to the Maharishi as having brought on KK is evidence of your unbridled ignorance. The “lesa kumulu Kaunda panshi”is your own Sata’s solicitations doctrine in the abused Bemba. Sata just stopped advocating that madness after realizing that MMD was never going to give the top position. That is how he went before Levy at the 11th hour in full view of camera and people at the Kabwata rally to seek forgiveness from the MMD and membership. Levy received him and gave him a MMD T-shirt after he publicly surrendered his UNIP T-shirt and badge he was dressing under his shirt. Write what you know.

  54. Meant to say: after realizing that UNIP wasn’t going to give him the top position he solicited for, Thats when Sata stopped that buchimbwi on KK of calling him “lesa kumulu Kaunda panshi”.

  55. #51 and #56 Observer,
    Go to hell with your intimidations. Out of all places, why should you stick your nose of bu-Shushushu on this blog? While I agree with your sentient of respecting the head of state and indeed any other person as it were, I wish to disagree with your approach. Is it only today that you are visiting the blog? You go to the archives and you will see how we have been advising one another on matters pertaining to the head of state. The kind of adoration we give him. Check out the article in the archives titled “Defamation case fails to take off due to strike” of June 20, 2007, which reads, “A case in which a South African national is alleged to have defamed President Levy Mwanawasa failed to take off this morning because of the on going strike by judicial workers. Brandon Childs 22, an employee for RJ Southerly Contractors, contracted by Mopani Copper Mines, Mufulira Division is alleged to have insulted and passed disparaging remarks against Mr. Mwanawasa in April this year.” After going through the comments on that article please get back to the blog with a sober mind and start contributing on this topic “PF’s behaviour over Constitution process irks UPND”. We don’t want time wasters here with mediocre minds. We want progressive ideas. We don’t want ba muzungu anikonde. Shushushu wachabechabe iwe.

  56. Iwe Chi Chuchu ico wapatila ba incoming president cinshi? Leave him alone pls, after role he is more popular in the upper class circles of the nation than u Muwelewele. U want every opp to agree with what even u say or do, like ur blue eyed boy Hakaivotele Himwine? Pleezi give us a brake. Ba Saki naimwe mwaiteya.

  57. Nkhata (21),

    It’s funny and hilarious but sadder to follow your childish approach to contentious posts on the blog. You lack wisdom, maturity and skills of handling contentious minds. Its more like ba kolwe outstripping each other ifimpata. What serious and progressing ideas have been coming out of you that some of us often in the background have missed to challenge my observation that you are more a chabechabe lost kid than those who come to choke you? I have read about 25 posts from you. All I see are illusions, confusion, fantasy and hilarity. What sobriety is in your name calling in 21? Do you sincerely see collectiveness or maturity in that? What have our patriotic men and women of valor serving us 24/7 from border to border and land to the virtual world done to be insulted every time you have been bumped into by your fellow visionless trolling kids in blogs? Every trolling to you is from shushushsu. Are you one of those fired now bitter against their place in society? Yesterday you were on me senselessly calling me a tribalist for publicly posting my analysis that MMD would be opening up for Sakwiba and the traditional power distribution paradigm would take another direction from CJ to VP portfolios. Did you call you names or ever bring into contempt our patriotic men and Women’s profession? Then are you the best Shushushu or does every one have to be a blogger to be important as you think you are? There is no maturity or intellect in you. Time will attest to my analysis of you. I would bash you more than observer because of your insult on that noble profession of brave patriots who have kept us in tranquility for generations. Some of us will defend them because they don’t answer to trolls. If you have nothing to write engage yourself in one social issue somewhere else you will still find your blog intact.

  58. #58.KA Veteran.Grow up and be serious in life.I`ve always advised you to take off political lenses on moral issues.Just for your own information,I don`t belong to any political party.Mwila penena kuli bayaweh yama.Just ask your boss to repent.

  59. #59 Bushe kanshi cinshi wapatila Chapi? Elo umwita ati Shapi, he is different from Alex Shapi the late.Can you control your anger towards innocent bloggers? Just contribute, stop bullying Chapi, he has not committed any crime by describing Chuchu in a way he feels is adequate, excercise self regulation.

Comments are closed.

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