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Mpulungu pastor arrested for defiling his stepdaughter

Photo Gallery Mpulungu pastor arrested for defiling his stepdaughter

A 52 year old Mpulungu pastor has been arrested by police for allegedly defiling his 12 year old step-daughter.

Police confirmed today that Joseph Sinyangwe of Musende village who is a pastor with
one of the local churches in Mpulungu, was arrested recently after committing the
alleged offence.

Police said Sinyangwe who was left alone at home with his step-daughter took
advantage of the absence of her mother and dragged the girl in his house and forced
himself on her.

Police said a medical report showed  that the 12-year-old girl  was defiled.

She is currently undergoing medication.

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  1. Are this not end of days?How can a 52yr old man force himself on a 12yr old girl moreover a pastor. Nangu aka kulya takachempa ba Pastor J kena ako kachempa.Its a disgrace ba Pastor J.

  2. Unfortunate that pastorship was hijacked by so many when FTJ came to power, it was so easy to get audience & with some luck some donation, we now have lots of wolves in pastors’ skin!

  3. Unfortunate that pastorship was hijacked by so many when FTJ came to power, it was so easy to get audience & with some luck some donation, we now have lots of wolves in pastors’ skins!

  4. Let the inter party make a law to kill such using
    stones. Ni ndoshi uyu shi kubantu pators. Just stone him or ukumuposa mumeshi.

  5. The pastor thinks the girl is his age mate. Iam sure he believes in the saying LIFE BEGINS AT 40, so he is 12 (52-40). Maybe he was BORN AGAIN at 40yrs. Seriously this BLOODY PASTOR is supposed to be castrated. The girl is young enough to be his granddaughter.

  6. Satana munshibila insala uyo mukakeni aka fwile muchifungo. Cacine muloshi. He is a wolf in the sheep’s skin. Pls let him be castrated to death.

  7. OOOPS BA PASHITA Mwebantu ba kwa muntu hahaaha.
    Anyway,the so called pastor name thing is just weapon to make money these days.
    So they say,the more you offer even when your kids are dieing out of Insala ,the more you get blessed.
    Charity begins at home,is never mentioned.
    Oh sorry.Lets pray that the GUY,beside teaching the girl bad manners and giving her deppresion,,he never infected her with HIV.
    Ba Pastor,what a murderer you are.
    Oh maybe you are innocent you just followed the rule that says;
    You become a good pastor by not preacing from rumours but really witnessing the stuff.
    Who knows?After all,we are not here to judge you,but the one who sent you to do your JOB.AMEN AND AMEN.

  8. Ba AM(7), you cannot castrate anything to death!!!! Such cases require in-depth psychological analysis.Have you ever heard of “tu samfya milopa”??Such acts often mirror certain misconceptions among a population.We have to address these misconceptions for this to stop.In many parts of South Africa having “relations” with baby was believed to cure AIDS!!Apart from punishing the wrong doer, society has to be sensitized and NGO’s instead of concentrating on politics,should take up this challenge!!

  9. Iwe #8 dont even joke about this issue, its not laughtble issue at all. It is sad and serious this man is sent by the Lucifer whose mission statement is to steal, destroy and kill. This devil munshibila insala came the young girl. Ba Nevers Mumba inchito iyo yamoneka, pls stop fighting to go to state house.

  10. #9Pundit, sensitize who or what? Whether there was AIDS or not, “tu samfya milopa” or wharever, a 52 year old man must be punished for even entertaining the idea of having sex with an underage, a 12 year old for that matter. How dare he grabs the child’s innocense like that! Society needs to protect the child being. Sharia law works wonders in such cases.

  11. Oh my God, ala na Lesa wine atu dabwa fye! Why do we worst time to act on such matters? Politicians, hear it from me that next election I will only vote for a leader who will support stoning to death. Bacilamo bakapoli aba,Take the words of the first lady “I will shot to death the one who will defile my Chipo”she has promised.

  12. I am a 26 years old Man married to a 35 years lady and my wife has a 17 years Old Daughter who is seriously wants me to have sexual relationships with her. She said “You are too young for my mother; why not have sex with me”. I want to know the legal implication of having sex with my step-daughter so that I can tell her. Thanx


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