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PF’s behaviour over Constitution process irks UPND

Headlines PF's behaviour over Constitution process irks UPND

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has expressed disappointment at what it termed as a confrontational and antagonistic behaviour by the Patriotic Front over the constitutional making process.

UPND Chairperson for Information and Publicity, Charles Kakoma said today that his
party was not happy with the PF vice president, Guy Scott’s remarks on the UPND’s
stance over the Constitution Conference.

In yesterday’s post newspaper, Dr. Scott is said to have insinuated that the UPND
has committed itself to the issue of the Consitution Conference without comprehensively studying it.

Mr. Kakoma said in a statement to ZANIS that the UPND was not supporting the
Constitutional Conference blindly.

“While we do not want to engage in unnecessary confrontations with the PF, we find
the outbursts attributed to the PF vice president, Guy Scott in the Post Newspaper
of July 11, 2007 on UPND and the constitution rather unfortunate. To suggest that
the UPND is blindly supporting the Constitutional Conference is wide off the mark,”
he said.

He alleged that the PF now wanted to be seen as one which was championing the
Constitution making process when it had condemned the UPND for demonstrating
demanding that the Constitution be enacted before 2006.

He said his party did not see any difference between the Constituent Assembly and
the Constitution Conference, adding that what was of interest to UPND was not the
semantics but the process, inclusiveness, objectives and the contents of the bill

Mr. Kakoma pointed out that the presentation of the Constitution Conference Bill to
Parliament would help speed up the Constitution making process because Parliament
would then have the given powers to the body adopt the Constitution. 

“It is therefore sad that PF have engaged in some unnecessary confrontation. For us
as a party, we shall ensure that Zambians have a constitution that will stand the
test of time, a Constitution that will be adopted through a popular mode,” he


  1. ZESCO has attributed the continued load shedding experienced countrywide to the ongoing major rehabilitation works of generators at both power stations.
    Zesco managing director, Rhodnie Sisala said failure to load-shed could result in total collapse of the power system leading to total darkness but that the company would continue to import power during the peak demand hours to cushion the impact.
    The situation will only be normalised after the exercise is completed.
    Last month, Zesco spent about $7 million to import power to cushion the load shedding that had raised a lot of public outcry while in some cases it led to riots by school-going pupils.
    Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Sisala, however, said that the firm was making progress on the rehabilitation of the generators and works were expected to be completed soon.
    He said the completion of the rehabilitation and upgrading works at the power stations would significantly increase the total generation capacity, which would be depending on increase in demand and reduce on load shedding.
    “I would like to say that load shedding becomes necessary when the power demand exceeds supply.
    Failure to shed off excess load (demand) can have adverse effects on the supply system that might result in a total blackout,” he said.
    He appealed to the public who felt that their electrical equipment had been damaged as a result of the ongoing load shedding to contact Zesco instead of rushing to the media.
    He challenged Zesco employees to assist customers who complained, and revealed that Zesco intended to increase the electricity tariffs to allow them improve delivery services.
    He said the organisation was aware the demand of electricity was high, hence the need to find ways of improving its services and that it was committed to providing quality services.
    Director of customer services, Teddy Mwale, who presented a paper during the briefing, said Zesco valued all customers, and refuted reports that the exercise was selective.
    He said load shedding was determined by the excess demand for power which could not be easily determined beforehand.
    Zesco exports only excess power during the off-peak demand hours (at night) as the electricity could not be stored for use at a later stage, therefore, failure to utilise/export the excess power would result in wastage.
    He explained that the peak demand hours were 07:00 hours, 10, 12 to 13:00 hours and 18 to 21:00 hours in the evening during which load shedding was most likely to be carried out.
    He said load shedding conditions also changed on a daily basis, which made it difficult to give notices. Zesco had ration plans for load shedding.
    Zesco has intentions to build new hydro power stations such as the Kariba North Bank extension of 360mw, Itezhi-Tezhi 120MW and Kafue Gorge lower 750MW.
    He appealed to the public to minimise the use of power consumption during peak demand periods by switching off electrical appliances not in use and using the energy-efficient equipment.
    Power rehabilitation works and new generation projects director, Musonda Chibulu, said the increasing demand for electricity had been as a result of increased mining activities whose demand for power was high.
    Director, generation and transmission directorate, Christopher Nthala, said power generation from the main power stations decreased due to the ongoing Power Rehabilitation Project (PRP).
    Mr Nthala said Zesco imported power from ESKOM of South Africa to mitigate the power deficit. However, the imports were not sufficient to meet increasing winter demand due to the regional power deficit.
    Director, engineering development, Alvin Monga said the company was tasked with electrifying districts through the rural electrification programme, and currently the project required materials which had to be transported from one place to another.
    He said demand for the poles was much more than what was supplied, and bemoaned the increased thefts and vandalism that were costing the company heavily.
    He said the firm spent about K300 million to replace over 25 transformers which were vandalised by unscrupulous people in the habit of stealing oil, but warned that the law would soon catch up with them.
    Meanwhile, irate residents from Lusaka’s Chunga, Matero and Lilanda townships staged a protest against the continued black-outs in their areas, which they said had contributed to increased criminal activities.
    The residents said that criminals had taken advantage of the situation and were attacking residents at will as early as 19:00 hours, and appealed to President Mwanawasa to intervene.

  2. My on point of veiw about politics its no all about opposition but constractively contributing. Critics should be there but not intendly blocking progress on straight forward things. SAGE can you tell how doing much to put more text like this on the blog when most of us limited space. Tell us before we start manipulating things.

  3. #10 Sage,
    You don’t reveal technical matters like that any how. You will see how the blog will be abused now. What is wrong with you? Did you not see that the limited space of 100% restricted people to concentrate on important issues. Even you, that is not in order to post a script like that on ZESCO. The thing is just too long to be appreciated on the blog. All you should have done was to highlight a few things and make reference to the source by giving a website so that interested individual can visit. I have noticed of late that you and other close colleagues just go to copy scripts and paste on the blog on many issues. That is a sign of laziness. There is no professionalism at all in such an act. You mean you do not know how to recite literature and make reference. Of course I am not saying #8 Easy is going to abuse the blog. I know that he contributes good and constructive things on the blog but there are those others just wait and see.

  4. Easy, they should become ball boys for those who have gone to the next round. Kuti bawina shani abaice with the likes of George Chicken Lwandamina? Ba Joze muletipo shani, abaice knows how to play icipapa, but they don’t have someone to instil the technical knowhow of the game. Hard luck U-20 team, next time. So mwalaumfwa nomba ku Algeria with the U-23 team.

  5. Kakoma doesn’t even know what are the contents in the bill and for him just to woke up and start critising others is a sign of being a weak minded person who is just told to say things that does not reflect on what pipo feel and want.This constitution making process is will not be different from the previous ones. I have got the strong feeling a politicians driven constitution. Chuchu is buying political leaders who are so thick not to understand is tactics through the so called reconciliation with opposition party leaders. If the OASIS is not part of equation of the constitution making process then the integrit of the all process is or will be fraud.It will a shame for MPS to say in parliament we the representatives of people will uphold the constitution which is driven and hijaked by the politicians. There is a discourteous pattern of display of fear for those who want the all process to be politician led.If this fail chuchu will be held responsible after 2011 for wasting money.

  6. Levy has ruined sikota’s political career – Sata

    Looking at Sata’s picture on the Post site. Its not advisable for kids to see it. He Sata comes out more a prototype of Lucifer ready to devour young Sakwiba Sikota. No doubt Sata is the Satan incarnate among our people. He is so bitter and hateful that hatred overwhelms him in all his lines of thoughts. What is wrong for the Head of state to open up with the people he presides on? I have said it, Sikota will rule Sata’s widows and cadres for a solid 10 year tenure. I will be vindicated on this one in a matter of time.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen we must draw a stright line between politics and reality.If saki is a politician he should take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way.Speaking politically in africa the sit in president has alot to do with who succeed him and currently Levy is the president and if u can read that politicaly and u are interested in plot 1 its time to read the wrighting on the wall.Sata knows what is left for him and winning electoin in 2011 is not one of them and he can not reconncile with levy cause the damage is just too much.Having said that I will not dwell so much on the sakis move but on whether he will make a good leader.The argument that saki is power hungry is petty everyone who is in politics MMD,UDA,etc would like to reciever the call from Levy asking whether they will consider taking over from him.If this is not true then we should go to UNZA and look at the grades before we choose who is next in the line.Nevers and saki are just availing themselves.

  8. Senior cittzen if this is not true that Levy has ruined Sikota’s political career, wait and see. How many pipo Levy has had reconcile with and gave them ministerial posts and dropped them when it suits him citing it was a mistake having appointed this one in my govt.Sata has made his own option and it is not through what you are regarding as hatred and bitterness. All what I’m saying is power is sweet and anyone given any chance will jump on the offer but what matters is to take the offer expeditiously, carefully and not be exploited along the lines.Hon Sikota is a promising potential upcoming politician like HH and I wish these guys the will to understand and judge want they want to do and not to become recycled politicians by being used through promises that will turn them into untrustworthy or those who want to live in shadow of others.HH and Sikota the sky is elimit. Remain blessed

  9. About the constitution I have always insisted that the arguiment by the NGO and other political party will not hold water because of the simple fact that the arguiment of saying the pipo wants to shortcircuting the proccess and get a constitution with no regard to the current constitution is shallow because Levy can also say the pipo elected me and entrusted me to protect the constitution.NOw how do we know who is really for the pipo.One would say NGOs but who mandated them.Opinion palls are not policy but can influece policy.A good example is zimbabwe alot of pipo do not like Mugabe but that has not helped cause he is the president regardless of whether he was democraatically elected or not.The best we can do is to be part of the process and present our points before the document is made into law.Some of this pipo were against the creation of CR commission but they want to be champions and reap where they did not sow.

  10. Ba Chitoba (17),
    Knowledge and capacity to understand seasons are power variables smart people always utilize towards their prosperity. Those who have been dropped and finished in the likes of Nevers you should painstakingly examine their going in. Nevers is one person who has had no stand in life rather than unbridled appetite for power and flattery from his shallow fanatical supporter short of exposure. In 1991 when Levy and company braved KK, Nevers was an anti democracy socialist. Remember he came up with his own fictitious prophesies in any era of multipartism. Suddenly from 1994, he was patronizing FTJ until his manipulations and double links with KK got exposed then barred before Joshua Bishop Banda of Northmead Assemblies took over the FTJ brotherhood. Instantly with Simaata Simaats God told him to lead Zed throw NCC starting 96. My God never lies. From NCC enumerate his senseless Chipante pante convenants. Would you sincerely blame Levy for realizing the flip flop in such persons? Consistency will by you platforms. Sikota has proved in thick and thin until HH with his Tonga vision planted the seed of tribalism. FYI, of all opportunists, HH quietly patronises Levy more than any other you may think of. For your shock, When the 2006 election results count were still going on, HH and TJ were in soliciting for inclusion in a G of N unity which MMD rejected outright. Ever since HH is personally in tough but MMD looking at his inexperience, tribal tag and many other weaknesses has refused to open any door for him.

  11. #51 and #56 Observer,
    Go to hell with your intimidations. Out of all places, why should you stick your nose of bu-Shushushu on this blog? While I agree with your sentient of respecting the head of state and indeed any other person as it were, I wish to disagree with your approach. Is it only today that you are visiting the blog? You go to the archives and you will see how we have been advising one another on matters pertaining to the head of state. The kind of adoration we give him. Check out the article in the archives titled “Defamation case fails to take off due to strike” of June 20, 2007, which reads, “A case in which a South African national is alleged to have defamed President Levy Mwanawasa failed to take off this morning because of the on going strike by judicial workers. Brandon Childs 22, an employee for RJ Southerly Contractors, contracted by Mopani Copper Mines, Mufulira Division is alleged to have insulted and passed disparaging remarks against Mr. Mwanawasa in April this year.” After going through the comments on that article please get back to the blog with a sober mind and start contributing on this topic “PF’s behaviour over Constitution process irks UPND”. We don’t want time wasters here with mediocre minds. We want progressive ideas. We don’t want ba muzungu anikonde. Shushushu wachabechabe iwe.

  12. Renewable Power crashes on profit warning
    LONDON (Reuters) – Shares in Renewable Power and Light lost more than half their value on Friday after the company said it expects to make a loss in 2007 instead of a $25 million (12.3 million pound) pretax profit predicted by one broker.

    The company blamed the turnaround on the loss of its supply of palm oil which it planned to use to generate electricity in power plants it is developing in Canada.

    Renewable Power is suing its supplier, U.S.-based Safari Group, for breach of contract for failing to deliver the palm oil for an earlier agreed price.

    Palm (NASDAQ: PALM – news) oil prices have more than doubled since the start of 2006.

    Renewable Power faces difficulty buying palm oil at a price to make its operations profitable unless it can secure the supply from Safari (SFRI.PK – news) at the agreed tariff.

    Renewable Power is considering its strategy, including using other feedstock crops or growing its own palm oil, while it sues Safari, a spokesman said on Friday.

    It has obtained a temporary restraining order preventing Safari from transferring the palm oil to anyone else.

    Broker Libertas Capital had been expecting a pretax profit of $25 million in 2007 before the supply problems.

    Shares in Renewable Power, which started trading again on Friday, following a suspension on Jul. 5, were down 57.2 percent by 8:11 a.m., valuing it around 46 million pounds

  13. #23 Kuku, Teach a beggar to fish they will not come and bother you. Learn to put a website so that bloggers can dig deeper on these issues. There is need to read about the previuos articles in order to undersatnsd your posting. You are following the story well because you know it from the begining. Why are you becoming lazy to lead people accordingly? Are you lacking the tactics of communication?

  14. Nkhata (21),

    It’s funny and hilarious but sadder to follow your childish approach to contentious posts on the blog. You lack wisdom, maturity and skills of handling contentious minds. Its more like ba kolwe outstripping each other ifimpata. What serious and progressing ideas have been coming out of you that some of us often in the background have missed to challenge my observation that you are more a chabechabe lost kid than those who come to choke you? I have read about 25 posts from you. All I see are illusions, confusion, fantasy and hilarity. What sobriety is in your name calling in 21? Do you sincerely see collectiveness or maturity in that? What have our patriotic men and women of valor serving us 24/7 from border to border and land to the virtual world done to be insulted every time you have been bumped into by your fellow visionless trolling kids in blogs? Every trolling to you is from shushushsu. Are you one of those fired now bitter against their place in society? Yesterday you were on me senselessly calling me a tribalist for publicly posting my analysis that MMD would be opening up for Sakwiba and the traditional power distribution paradigm would take another direction from CJ to VP portfolios. Did you call you names or ever bring into contempt our patriotic men and Women’s profession? Then are you the best Shushushu or does every one have to be a blogger to be important as you think you are? There is no maturity or intellect in you. Time will attest to my analysis of you. I would bash you more than observer because of your insult on that noble profession of brave patriots who have kept us in tranquility for generations. Some of us will defend them because they don’t answer to trolls. If you have nothing to write engage yourself in one social issue somewhere else you will still find your blog intact.

  15. Ba Citizen,
    Please Nkhataboy can never be an ex-shushushu. He has no character or analytical skills they ask for. He jumps because they did him a mess only to realize after the whole task was over. All they needed at hand was done beyond repairs or him knowing that for years he was living undressed.

  16. #24 Nkhataboy mwaice wandi what is eating you up? You mean you dont know where to find Reuters on the net sure please? Mwaice katushe wamona nomba ifyo balakulipila ba Sr.Citizen, how senior he is heaven’s knows?
    I posted this one to show SAGE on ‘his copy and paste from Times ‘how serious the problems in the energy sector are becoming increasingly difficult to resolve world wide.Mwaice I reiterate dont be lazy read widely,I would be interested to read your disertation and see how much knowledge you have aquired from UK.

  17. Jul


    Nigeria too much for Zambia as Zambia sink 2-1
    Friday, 13 July 2007

    OTTAWA – Nigeria got off to a flying start scoring a quick goal in the third minute of play and held on to defeat Zambia 2-1 in a round-of-16 game at the FIFA U-20 World Cup on Thursday at Frank Clair Stadium.

    Uwa Echiejile’s header seemed to confuse Zambian goalkeeper Jacob Banda, who wasn’t prepared for the quick attack.

    The fast start proved once again that Nigeria is the classiest team out of Africa. Zambia could not keep pace with the fast Nigerians, although they did managed to tie the game 30 minutes later when Rodgers Kola headed a cross from teammate Emmanuel Mayuka. It was the first goal Nigeria has given up at the tournament. But it was not enough.

    It was Nigeria’s night to shine and it pulled ahead in the second half with a spectacular goal by Chaukwuma Akabueze that sealed the victory.

    The winning marker was a thing of beauty as Akabueze drilled a hard shot with his left foot over Banda’s head which left the goalkeeper no chance to stop the ball.

    Nigeria moves on to the quarter-final round to meet Chile, which defeated Portugal 1-0 in Edmonton Thursday night.

    Zambia pressed hard in the final minutes of the game but it could not score an equalizer. Zambian midfielder Clifford Mulenga had a few chances but his best opportunity, a hard shot late in the game sailed just wide of the net.

    The Zambians were quick and skillful, but the Nigerians had an extra step on their opponents and were more creative and fluid with the ball in their attack on goal

  18. Sata’s outbursts are very unfortunate, how can Levy destroy Saki’s political future? Maybe Sata thought just because Saki is married to a Bemba then he should support a rotten thief like Sata and not a “stinking thief” basher like Levy. Ni lwakwa Noah ulu shangweeee, masholi bonse starting from Satanyokola ni lwanya bebele!

  19. #29 Kuku, Get to UNZA library you will find all the dissertations starting from the UNZA one to the top most in the circles of academia. That’s why I told u that I am trotting round the globe trying to see that people can exist in our country by networking with other countries. I of course can’t bring out my strengths on this blog because I find it to be an area for relaxing after a day’s hard work. #25 Senior Citizen, the issue of shushushu is nothing to me but reminding me of the great olden days when I was at UNZA. To succeed in Life, you have to reduce yourself to the level where you can get along with others. Maybe I have over reduced myself beyond the level of yourself, Senior Citizen. Hence the indictment from you. Thank you Senior Citizen for your comment. I will not predict your future as you have done to me because nature will determine for me. If you think this is an area where you even have to take of your shirt in order to come up with an idea then I am sorry. I will not stop but continue frustrating your efforts. I will not undress you in the public this time because looking at you, you are already undressed. I am waiting for the optimum time should you become obtuse again.

  20. #32 Mwaice wandi stop picking on each other,that is not the spirit, the spirit is to unleash forces of love, knowledge,credibility,experience, mutual respect and self regulation.Mwaice crooks law nayendelela pa Unza , I can only read disertations from 1974-1989 there after yonse ya fake ma copy and paste especially ku law school. Bushe Born Rich mwaice walubila kwisa? Dont tell me balikubundumuna ba USA authority or balikwibila computer?

  21. 33# Kuku you see now FTJ has lost again. The Zambian high court has dismissed the case of Dr. Chilubas lawyers with costs challenging the london court judgement. I have been telling you that Simeza and Sangwa are the culprits in this case. The old man will be left without a house. I just hope he will come back from South africa after treatment.

  22. #33 Kuku, I think today is not my day. Even you Kuku you are accusing me of my dissertations being from crooks law. Well, my first degree is within the period you have stated, but the others came late and were not done in Zambia. I had to continue depositing a copy each time I went to the next level. Go to the special collection unit you will be able to access all of them. Let me educate you that once you complete your studies from abroad or over seas you have to write to UNZA library management indicating your willingness to forward your dissertation. After some time, they will write back to you acknowledging receipt of your posting. That is how it goes Kuku on the surface.

  23. #35 well done for the info mwaice, ifwe amano ya further studies yalipwa kulapanga fye umuchanga tu ka poundako limbi economy ingayapickinga from oil in N/western.Nomba mwaice inga waposta pa UNZA na plagiarism iyi yendeleleso tawakasange yonse thesis bali duma?

  24. #34 Mwaice Iam tuning to yatsani radio right now, anyway the oldman wont suffer contigency plans are in place.Bondalo yalapwa ukwakwila so no vundu mwaice Easy, ba mudala is in safe hands.

  25. 36 Kuku,
    Those desertations I am talking about happened a long time ago. I am equally busy making umuchanga now. I am doing it locally and in diaspora. So when I come back home, whatever I realise in diaspora I push it into my small tuntemba. U are not alone Kuku in this area. We are many. That’s the reason why the other time I was failing to access the net because I was busy buying fish along lake Karba around Jordan’s place in Maamba. When you see some of those small trucks carrying frozen fish and distributing all the way from Kariba to Ndola and Solwezi don’t hesitate, find out who the onwer is and you will be able to link up with me.

  26. 37# Kuku I just wanted just to inform you. I know you have taken care of everything because you God fearing person. Kaili Ba FTJ was seen drinking tea at Main Masala on Wednesday. I know by evening it will be news.

  27. #38 Good News mwaice wandi now you should go into fish farming ,ZNS(in Linda Makeni) are cheap to do up your fish dams, so that you stop treking to and from Kariba.buy enough land on the belt as well lusaka and then keep alot pigs so that the droppings will be used to feed your fish.Mwaice how is that advice?

  28. #40 kuku Finally your old institution gets some money
    UNZA in new student hostels
    The University of Zambia (UNZA) will before the end of the year start construction of student hostels.

  29. #40 Kuku, If you want to be stable in business, do not go into production. I learnt this trick from the Dutch in the Netherlands when I was studying at Wageningen University. There country developed fast according to history because they took the role of being middle entrepreneurs. You are able to exploit the producer as well as a consumer. In that way, you do not have to worry much about storage costs as well as other uncertainities and risks involved in business. In this case, if there is an outbreak of African swine fever who takes the reponsiblity if I was in production. If the fish starts dying like it did in lake Kariba whose responsibiltiy will it be? So Kuku, you are better of treking to Hongkong and Dubai for your merchandse than being involved in production and processing.

  30. #43 Then mwaice you are not patriotic, create jobs for local Zambians,these are areas with multiplicity factors than enriching Shangai Joe’s in bankok where you import your tilapia from, they also use fish farming. Droppings from pigs is just the cheapest way to recoupe fantastic results otherwise fish production is the cheapest way you could ever have , there are no overheads all you need is water grass and throw in rotten vegitables etc and you are done.What we must see is that all gains are ploughed to the common man on the streets.That is how our friends in the developed world do, those with brains do businesses and employ their own people to run them, that is partriotism.Especially if you employee Tumbukas you are assured of 300% profit on your capital invested.Very honest people

  31. 40# kuku I know this because Cabinet two weeks ago announced allocating funds to the UNZA in readiness for the All Africa Games 2011. The money is to be used to renovate hostels, Roads and sports facilities. If MMD has been working like this all years we would not quarells with me them but in most areas its too late makamaka UTH has been neglected for so long

  32. #46 very right Easy,I hope these are not campaign machinations.UTH/Ndola Central/Kitwe everywhere these institutions are dilapidated instead of allocating K6bn for State house rehabs people must think again and divert these funds to these institutions, if any thing we should convert state house into another teaching university and encourage home ownership to Presidential aspirants, the chaps occupying this house abuse our resources in the name of state house

  33. #40 Kuku, I would also give you another example of a tulip flower. Originally, it was from Turkey. But the Dutch got it through trade and perfected it to the level it is now through breeding and patented it. Ask me what happens at Keukenhof flower garden when the flowers are in bloom from about the end of March to May. People from all over the world travel to this biggest flower event in the world including nationals from Turkey to go and watch and admire the tulip. 11 euros per person per day for two months. End result, more forex to the Dutch. So, Kuku, I am beter of trekking to Karba than becoming fixed to do the whole project management cycle.

  34. #48 If your short term plans are profit maximisation then you go that way but if your long term plans are developmental the adhere to my advice, moreover in business always be long sighted and then you will never regret.Short term investments are not good for entrepreneurs always look a head, suppose today govt nationalised the fish business at Kariba and built a factory there what happens to you Nkhataboy? you straight way dry out tefyo but if you have your own, it doesnt bother you in any way

  35. #45 Kuku, I am very patriotic because all those guys who drive around are bemba employees. Very cheap chaps to maintain. By the way Kuku, in terms of business management, if a product reaches a peak, it will either go to sleep or it will continue growing if you add value to it or divesify. I will give you an example of water for sports men. it was being traded as pure water and the product eventually stopped selling. The ownwer devised a marketing strategy where he changed the labelling and indicated that it was ideal for soprtsmen and prople who were sick. Meanwhile the product was the same. Do you know what happened? Everyone started buying the product again including those who were sick. As such I would say I have not yet reached a point of thinking of expanding my business to that level. It is one of the few isolated tuntembas I have.The issue you have said is what the call living country side model in the European Union.

  36. #49 Kuku, you are right. But remember, I am not only into fish enterprize. I have diversified my tuntembas. You can not put all eggs in one tray Kuku. I agree with you about thinking ahead,that is why before going into any of my tuntembas I had to draw a road map, did the swot analysis, makert research,competitor analysis and finaly had my business plans drawn. Thanks for your advice and please allow me time to come and consult further when I get back pa Zed.

  37. #51 Well done mwaice but dont over invest,that is why you see Zambian investors going bust after a glamourous rise.The McDonald Nkabika’s of this world,Noda formula the man had a vision but from nowhere he went blind,David Nama hijacked the idea and developed it see where he is now, small tycoon.Its always to be cautious with Zambian climate but in food mwaice wandi demand is always elastic.That you are dealing in fish, start adverts that will compell every parent to feed their children on fish becuase it makes them pass grade seven you will see how much you gonna mint.

  38. # #20 Senior Citizen

    I agree with you entirely on your assesment of Nevious Mumba.He is directionless and has no principals.Despite ruuning Victory ministries for more than twenty five years, he has not been able to build a basic church building. He has ruined so many of his followers carreers by constatly abandoning them whenever he sweettalks himself into some comfy zone with some gullible leader

  39. #4 Dr HK, that’s why I told you that you are bitter man. You have seen that Cyber-USA umwaice aluba, you also add salt to an injury te? Advice Cyber and show him the right path. You are the type of elders who let (ama-chapaz)young one to start pulling amatwanikane in pants, Dr HK learn to have love.

    #1 Cyber-USA, mwaice wandi iyi comment wapanga tayilibwino, it carries a weight ya tribal fimofimo. We are all Zedian mwaice wandi. It’s one zed, one nation. Walaba shani Cyber. Cyber young and Dr HK elder, peace be to you.

  40. Cyber-US who said UPND is about Tongas? Is Charles Kakoma Tonga? We need to go beyond semantics!! Let us not promote tribalism, which we are trying to kill although PF is fanning it for Chiluba’s case!!

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The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says the pre-online registration has been successful so far receiving about 16, 000 applications after launching the process...

Sensitise Patrons Against Irresponsible Drinking, Bar Owners Told

The Ndola City Council and Zambian Breweries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to curb irresponsible alcohol consumption among Ndola citizens. Ndola Mayor,...

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