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Most political leaders are not conversant with the decentralisation policy


Director of Decentralization Alfred sakwiya says most political leaders ushered into office after last year’s tripartite and general elections are not conversant with Government’s decentralization policy.

Mr. Sakwiya said this when he presented a paper at the ongoing Local Government
Association of Zambia 51st Annual Conference at New Fairmount hotel in Livingstone

And Mr. Sakwiya said most chiefs in the country were apprehensive about the
2006-2010 decentralization policy as  they doubted the local authorities capacity
ability to handle additional responsibilities considering their generally poor
financial status.

Mr. Sakwiya said once the general public understood the whole concept of
decentralization they would support it wholeheartedly because of its numerous


  1. So where did the $30m loan for capacity building go if officers cant understand simple civics terms such as decentralization.You see our govt is very wasteful when it comes to use of resources,I just wonder what sort of managerial abilities these PSs have,the whole govt system needs complete overhaul.That is why community empowerment is key in develoment.

  2. Actually the problem is a very simple one. I bet 3/4 if not more of the people in govt wouldn’t have an idea of what General Orders are – These are the instruments that defines civil servants jobs, but as a majority end up being political appointees, & as they are feared, no one bothers to advise them to have a look @ them. Their narrow belief is that what matters is just taking oath. Thus money that has been thrown at capacity building, without these people knowing their defined duties has been a waste, as am sure they have all been holidaying in Siavonga, Livingstone, & so many other places!!

  3. This to me is more pertinent than the CC or CA.
    The reason why local civic authorities lack capacity is that resources are highly centralized. The details of this policy have not been debated or disseminated as is it still in draft form at local govt. So, no surprise many Zambians are ignorant of the nitty-grities.

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  4. #3This story is in three sects-The political leaders of course marjority are MPs,then comes the Chiefs ‘Imfumu’ and then the genral populace.How can chiefs be pessimistic about issues of paramount importance and only become fearful of financial status of the Local Authorities?What the govt must do, the best approach will be a bottom up not the usual top -down approach,its bound to fail.Let people propose what they want interms of local governance and application.Its the locals who understand their economies, infra structure etc better than Mulyata who has just gone to livingstone after being Minister when all his life was spent in Kabwata? He is just too irrelevant to guide Southern Province to implant a decentralisation porgramme.

  5. This is another tale again.
    All our leaders and politicians know is creating and planning for workshops and conference’s for the sake of “brown envelopes” for things which will never take place.

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