Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Zambia to export 200,000 tonnes maize to DRC, Namibia


The government will allow a farmers’ group and three other associations to export a total of 200,000 tonnes of white maize to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Namibia, an industry official said on Tuesday.

The Grain Traders of Zambia (GTA), the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU), Millers Association of Zambia (Maz) and the state Food Reserve Agency (FRA) will be given permits to export 50,000 tonnes of surplus maize and ground maize each, Maz general secretary Allan Sakala said.

“Most of this maize will go to the Congo, although we have inquiries of maize requirements from Namibia as well. We are just making arrangements to start exports because the permission from the government is with immediate effect,” Sakala told Reuters.

The DRC continues to heavily on maize imports from Zambia as it rebuilds an agricultural sector that was devastated by decades of civil war. The need for maize is particularly dire in Lubumbashi, a city just across the DRC border with Zambia.

Sakala said the price of the exported maize would be determined by the market, though he noted that the Zambian government had slapped a $2 levy on each tonne of maize or ground maize meant for export.

Surplus from the 2005/06 maize crop will be used, he said.

The impending Zambian exports are less than what had been originally expected.

In June, Zambian Agriculture Minister Ben Kapita told Reuters that the government would allow farmers to export 350,000 tonnes of maize after the southern African nation recorded surpluses in the last three agricultural seasons.

But Zambia’s 2006/07 maize output declined 4.4 percent to 1.36 million tonnes from the previous growing season due to flooding that destroyed crops in a majority of the country’s 72 districts.

Kapita said Zambia would keep 250,000 tonnes of maize in strategic reserves compared with a surplus of 160,000 tonnes the previous year.



  1. When are these chaps going to learn.Today they export maize and tomorrow they start importing the same product.Zesco does the same thing,they export power and yet we continue having blackouts.We seriously need foresight and forward thinking leadership in our nation.

  2. Well it’s understandable for power export because you can’t store power..you have to use it somehow and it makes sense for ZESCO to export it and get cash which they can bank..but for maize no no..

  3. #2 Chanda Phiri.My basic point about Zesco is that they shouldn`t rush to export power while they can`t even meet the local demand.

  4. People, Zed doesn’t have anything in excess but incompitence. Zesco exports but practices load shading on ordinary domestic consummers. Power cuts are now a normal thing in Zed. We are competing with Nigeria in that area. We wanna rush into exporting maize when our silos arent full. The only thing Zed can export without creating a domestic problem is copper, and I wish it would export some of the tired politicians to stop recycling.

  5. It costs a lot of money to keep excess stocks of maize in those silos-and you cant keep it there forever! Sensible idea to me.

  6. Ewe Joze,
    I acknowledge seeing your insult laden post though it has taken a day for me to remark. Cardinal to say, I am sorry am a pragmatist I don’t share your challenged route of insults. I value diversity and use brain power to bring home my views. Don’t expect me to sink low to your level of insolence. You remind me of the Sugos stuck with their absurd thinking impossible to fit in any public responsibilities but in hopeless demonstrations and stone throwing. I wonder what kind of public platform you would ever be condoned to share. It takes years of smart broad based yet clean, dignified Global connections and preparation to put in place sustainable political and financial infrastructures tailored to mount momentum, create the desired divide and win presidential elections. Insults and cowardly acts you resort to when challenged have no mileage on winners’ scorecards. Its either you change or stay stuck with your tea making vocation. With much sadness I sympathize with your indoctrination into your satanic verses- RUFQUA. Hope you act redemptive and transition yourself into a prudent blogger worth learning some thing from. Your satanic covenant based on that RUFQUA aside, there could be some reasonable things to learn from you if and only if you redeemed soul. So far your fit is Willie Nsanda and Sata. Hope next time I visit this blog, I will find smart and mind stimulating contributions from your end. Peace.

  7. The problem with some bloggers is that they respond to headlines without reading the entire article. Kapita states that 250 000 tonnes will be reserved. If these reserves are sufficient, then i do not see any reason why Zambia should not export the excess. Good idea, let the forex flow into the zambian economy.

  8. #9 You are right the minister said they are exporting the extra maize in Stock from the 2005/2006 season. I hope there is a proper reason here and at least a four reserves plan. Not the repeat of the hunger when no rains fall in the next years. On the other issue we want to know what has happened maize project has it died a nature death. If the region has been hit of floods, war and drought it only wise for the authorities to look for the stomach of its people. But gentlemen we should not forget about our neigbors if they need the food we have to assist.If we Zambia wants it can enter even the world market especially the european union by providing organic food instead of Genetic modified foods. This includes in the area of beef. Botswana is the largest supplier of this commodity to the EU and they are our neigbours worse still they have a population of 1,5 million popi.

  9. Since the blog is discussing of food- staple food maize. May I take this opportunity to senstive the risk involved on the food we eat. Two day ago two british farmers were asked to give their views over how we can solve food shortages and risk involved in Genetic modification foods. One of the farmers argued that 70% of is required to feed extra two Billion popi, especially that they are few vegetarians, many pipo want to eat meat and demand for more food has been on an increase hence the need of agriscience this is a fact should not deny. There is less food and the distribution of the same food is even more problomatic especially in developing world. This farmer see the problem to give sustainable food is being hampered by limited factors such as water and fossils so, he stress hence the need to go ahead with modern science in providing food especially to the Southern Sub Sahara africa. Caution:what ASSA… The other farmer had power reason to defend the growing organic food……

  10. The science of logistic and operations management defies rhetoric herein of retaining all the produce from the bumper harvests of the progressive Agriculture policies under tenuous circumstances. Excessive retention of food stocks or inventory beyond the food security restock levels (next harvest season) is economically costly and unacceptable affront to the dream of promoting an efficient Agribusiness economy. The current decision to export excess food stocks beyond the 1.2 million metric tons will earn the country the much need forex. Export of the excess produce in any sector is economically prudent and a source of the much needed forex we need to mechanize our Agriculture sector. So rhetoric herein should be from an informed point based on the following questions: How much has the country produced in a given year? What is the excess and reorder levels? What is the aggregate national food consumption level? How much food security reserves does the country need in advent of disaster?. If one has no answer to these questions, such a one is better off focusing on what he knows better than unproductively peddling kindergarten level political cadre rhetoric. To impact national building, well meaning blogs like discussion forums ought to be repertoires of realistic and objective views reflective of loose but qualitative intelligentsia. I support the maize exports because what we have is far beyond the national security levels. Excessive stocks could be a cost on the Government besides the need for forex to improve the sector.

  11. ctd.. He said the choice should be given to popi to choice between organic and genetic foods. The only problem he sees is the high preimum on the cost of organic foods. He sighted thing like accidental contamination which not true for it is done in most case intendly because of the gain. He outlined crops like soar,potatoes from Brazil and USA are GM yet the are fed on the animals. Its not good force popi by imposing GM. Choice should be preserved. Research at the Arbeeden university should a high risk of GM food. Apart from Human health risk GM impose it has also envirnomental problems. The question is what are the benefits of modern organic systems. E.g. fertilizer come from natural gas which not a problem. Its not good because of love of money to cause hammer on popi, this its not economics. The market should reflect its true cost on its own. GM is anti-science and this is being dishonest it endangers life.

  12. #8Pragmatist
    You hypocrite, you showered me with insults and yet you still regard those as not insults, you insulted Snr Chipimo from head to toes and still regard those as not insults? Do you really know what an insult is? My vocabulary has not niche of insults nor at any time insulted Pragmatist. All I said was the truth that you are really an *****. That’s not an insult but a fact.

    Your loose tongue has jigged the limits by referring the book of RUFQUA as satanic verves. Do you know that the author of “Satanic Verves” Samuel Rashid life is still at stake and living in hiding for 17 years up to date? Try to be a conscious man when talking about sensitive issues. Try to swallow your pride and stop chancing TIME. RUFQUA has good quotes on time,
    Too slow for those who wait,
    Too swift for those who fear,
    Too long for those who grieve,
    Too short for those who rejoice,
    But for those who love time is Eternity.


  13. #8 Pragmatist;
    You hypocrite, you showered me with insults and yet you still regard those as not insults, you insulted Snr Chipimo from head to toes and still regard those as not insults? Do you really know what an insult is? My vocabulary has not niche of insults nor at any time insulted Pragmatist. All I said was the truth that you are really an *****. That’s not an insult but a fact.

    Your loose tongue has jigged the limits by referring the book of RUFQUA as satanic verves. Do you know that the author of “Satanic Verves” Samuel Rashid life is still at stake and living in hiding for 17 years up to date? Try to be a conscious man when talking about sensitive issues and never let pride swallow you. Mwaice Pragmatist, you must stop chancing TIME.

    RUFQUA has good quotes on time,
    Too slow for those who wait,
    Too swift for those who fear,
    Too long for those who grieve,
    Too short for those who rejoice,
    But for those who love time is Eternity.


  14. I have been following discussions on this blog for sometime though i have never contributed to any discussion. However, i feel compelled to respond to the unreasonable and childish contributions that are always posted by #15. Your confirmation of age corresponds to your low levels of education you should have. From what pragmatist writes, any rational person will surely pick one or two valuable points worth knowledge. Iam also sure that Pragmatist is one person who has been around to teach a few things you dont know in life. Kindly spare us with from insults! Now that pipo know your true age, i very much doubt if there is anyone who will ever use the prefix to your name.

  15. #Kuku how old is Ba Joze look he has anonyed some popi again. #16 Ian I dont think Ba Joze is 28 because ib the past his talked of his brothers and sisters lie Leshina and Kapepwe. This must a man who in his early 50s or even much old. No wonder he named himself Ba Joze. Ba Joze dont hammer back at me Iam just trying to bring sanity on the blog. If kuk was at UNZA in the 80s so we talk of him knowing Ba Joze. Pilz dont mistaken him with Dr. Joze wapa Radio. They are two different people. Actually he is now even much better he doesnt refer his Rufqua book so often unless there is need Ba Joze muleti shani UNIP naifwa pantu Ba Banji he has dished it or what?

  16. Ewe Joze (12),
    Congratulation for turning just 28.Your age has sadly transitioned without brain power. So far your brain is evidently stuck in the adolescence phase of life the metaphysics I deeply sympathize. I wish your incubation was simultaneous involving your soul, body and mind in consistency with the laws of biological mutation towards common maturity. Reflect and you will realize that your mess has something to do with the environment you have grown up in worsened with some indoctrination to the Satanic verses of RUFQUA pushing you into fanaticism. I repeat unlike you laden with diatribes and act cowardly when challenged, I have neither the fragrance for such nor the mileage on my scorecards. About your Elias Chipimo Snr. and his advocacy for bullet shots as panacea to political intrigues, I repeat he has been irrelevantly insane throughout the Zambian history. There are documents to prove that fact. I was with him at Chizongwe secondary school with the late Hon. Col. Patrick Kafumukache as a fellow teacher then. You could ask any one that taught or was his student at Chizongwe in our early days of independence. Elias was a stinking tribalist and insane talker. He had no sense of collectiveness, national unity, or selfless reasoning but utter ego for nothing. I visited him at the embassy in Germany during the Chiluba era, he failed this nation. When the Mwanawasa administration took over and recalled him from the missions, Chipimo left Lusaka for his village in Mporokoso publicly saying he could not stay in Lusaka because Lusaka was stinking with tribes he could not see in reigning in power. What does that tell you about the old man of his age? Is such your god father or mentor? Peace

  17. #16 Ian

    Who told you education and wisdom are compatible? Zed has a lot of educated *****s like you and few pipo with wisdom like the Snr Chipimo and likes whom your fellow ***** Pragmatist insulted from head to toes. You ci Ian do you know how to read? Don’t behave like a spike humor landing on wonderland with poor judegment. You’re too naïve to be a Zedian, come on mwaice grow up.

  18. I dont seem to understand your continued insults that you keep flashing without regard to the pipo that might hold you in high esteem. Whats the problem iwe mwaice? Try to think before you respond to any posting.
    No one will even praise you for the insults. Use your brains and not your heart mwaice!!

  19. Talking about the Rufqua, Jose you did not give us the page where you quoted like you always do. Would the following fit in that chapter/page?

    Too little for those who steal
    Too frequent for those who have to avoid court
    Too short for those who need an enhanced heel
    Too few for those who need to pose in suits

    Busye birthday Kinsi?

  20. #20 Pragmatist,

    They say those who can’t, they become teachers (quote from RUFQUA). I am proud of myself to be a man of vast knowledge that surpasses yours that you acquired when you were 40 years and once I reach your age, I will be a man full of wisdom that you lack. Your stiff naked makes me wonder what kind of parent you are. Too ridged plus “ubupapa over size”, mwaice keep the pace with global tech and behave like modern man. By the way, haven’t you seen how silly you can be not even spotting out any of the quoting from RUFQUA as part of the satanic phrases? Mwaice don’t yap from memory recall on books you have not seen.

    Nobody in Zambia has ever labelled Snr Chipimo as a tribal man and I salute you for being crafty at cooking that story on Chipomo of which no living soul in has ever head of those remarks you have fabricated on him. You’re the chaps Katele Kalumba would like to work with in 2011 so that you can confuse election figures.

  21. Please friends and foes, post with civilituy no matter how old or young you are. I personally don’t take contributions devoid of points on the topic at hand but full of insinuations about a person seriously, and will never respond to such directed at me. we are all educated to some level. Being civil shall not kill you but most probably make you relevant to everyone else.

  22. Why do you people fight online ..please let us blog with no fights..its a shame Zambians fighting online as the country is peaciful…

  23. Any non-Zambian observing this blog would not fail to form a very low opinion of Zambians. Is it not possible for bloggers to just disagree with someone’s point of view without putting the other person down? Put another way, that kind of behavioue says that “if you disagree with my point of view then you should shut up”. Being Intolerant and appointing oneself as the fountain of knowledge is the single most corrosive trait that aflicts Zambians. People who seek to strike down other people’s views are only one step away from picking up the gun. Finally, education is more than just learning to regurgitate big words. People like Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Richard Branson (Virgin Airways), who have no degrees, are far more educated than most of us here will ever be. Richard Branson is in fact dyslexic but he knows how to operate at the highest level of international finance. So please let’s just discuss topics and learn to disagree without using insulting or condenscending language.

  24. Its all right here that there is a clear divide between the caliber of Pragmatist and the so called Ba Joze. The latter is a misfit in civilization and devoid of intellectual prowells. Pragmatist on the other hand has exhibited sufficient brain power to choke the thug toddler calling himself ba Joze. I thus advise Pragmatist to step off and continue blogging with in a manor patrons evy the role of blogs in a Democracy. I yet to see intellectual prowells of Ba Joze. So far its vandalism without destiny. Its time we stripped the absued Ba salutation. Its a tabbo to give it to someone who pours insults only. No theory, ideology or coherrent thoughts.Shame on you and thank God your end is this blog.In zambia we don’t need such a misfit.

  25. Joze is a disgrace to all of us. Slowly he is killing the forum to the gutter level of trolling not befitting intellectuals.To him any disagreement is a point of insults. I find him to be mentally challenged and of limited capabilities to rebuttal issues using the brain power.

  26. Ba Joze…I will be flying to South Africa tommorrow. Happy 28th Birthday Nomba Nalemona ati Mulibaiche pali-ine kanshi mulibakulu ku-madays fye. God Bless you. Sister Wenu atishani Kaili???

  27. #27.Chitapankwa.I have followed your contributions on this blog and wish to applaud your maturity and high levels of wisdom.Without guys like you this blog could lose it`s sanity.When the govt does something wrong,you don`t hesitate to point that out and whenever they do good, you always applaud them.This is the kind of open minded individuals this blog has been longing for.Keep it up my friend

  28. Conflict is a source of solutions. There are more answers than problems, but the biggest problem is to find which is the best answer to a given problem. This has always been a case with most bloggers-zambians on this blog where very few provide solutions. It hurts me when issues like the kabwe lead poisoning case goes without giving us a clue to the solution of the problem. All we are now waiting for is to check for the effects of the lead in kabwe dwellers!!!Where are our chemicle engineers on this blog??It will help to have bloggers rich in diverse professional aspects so that most issues could be painstakenly commented upon. Lets find solutions men and women of zambia pliiizzzzz.

  29. The Rufqua seems to be loosing its power.
    I can advise Jose to abandon his current name and start using a new one, please freshen your approach too!

    Good One this one. Apologies to all practicing Catholics, no insult

    After getting all of Pope Benedict’s luggage loaded into the limo, (and he doesn’t travel light), the driver notices that the Pope is still standing on the curb.

    ” Excuse me, Your Holiness,” says the driver, “Would you please take your seat so we can leave?”

    “Well, to tell you the truth,” says the Pope, “they never let me drive at the Vatican when I was a cardinal, and I’d really like to drive today.”

    “I’m sorry, Your Holiness, but I cannot let you do that. I’d lose my job! And what if something should happen?” protests the driver, wishing he’d never gone to work that morning.

    “Who’s going to tell?” says the Pope with a smile.
    Reluctantly, the driver gets in the back as the Pope climbs in behind the wheel. The driver quickly regrets his decision when, after exiting the airport, the Pontiff floors it, accelerating the limo to 170KMPH.(Remember, he’s a German Pope.)

    “Please slow down, Your Holiness!” pleads the worried driver.
    But the Pope keeps the pedal to the metal until they hear sirens.

    “Oh, dear God, I’m going to lose my license and my job!” moans the driver.

    The Pope pulls over and rolls down the window as the cop approaches, but the cop takes one look at him, goes back to his motorcycle, and gets on the radio.

    I need to talk to the Chief,” he says to the dispatcher.

    The Chief gets on the radio and the cop tells him that he’s stopped a limo going a hundred and seventy.
    “So bust him,” says the Chief.”

    I don’t think we want to do that, he’s really important,” said the cop.

    The Chief exclaimed,” All the more reason!”
    “No, I mean really important,” said the cop with a bit of persistence.
    The Chief then asked, “Who do you have there, the mayor?”

    Cop: “Bigger.”
    Chief: ” A senator?”
    Cop: “Bigger.”
    Chief: “The Prime Minister?”
    Cop: “Bigger.”
    “Well,” said the Chief, “Who is it?”
    Cop: “I think it’s God!”

    The Chief is even more puzzled and curious, “What makes you think it’s God?”
    Cop: “His chauffeur is the Pope.”

  31. #19 Easy mwaice its simple mathematics how can someone who went to chiwala Secondary in the 80’s be 28 tommorrow?

    BA Joze Happy Birthday please after reading #35 make a copy of RUFQUA and give it to pragmatist.
    Word of advice Pragmatist, I reckon you are brilliant with the queen’s language, you see people like me never passed English and I find it hard to understand your hard words,especially that I dont have a dictionary, I have to phone M.Daka for the meaning and phone bill is katwishi uno mweshi,maybe it was a disease for old people, even your classmate Mr Chipimo Snr is as fluent as the queen herself if not better, kanshi mwasambililekwisa bane?Please simplify it for my sake , I beg you genuinely,its not fun, Iam being honest,even my collegue AM from Kulima Tower text me over the same,its just too difficult.

  32. #36.KUKU MUKWAI.Compare #3 and #12.They`ve just raised one and the same point but check #12`s unnecessary semantics.Let`s learn to just make our points plain and simple and not trying to show off.

  33. Ba Pragmatist, ine kuno ku kulima tower shileufwa ifyo mulelemba, mwaya sana ne chisungu cenu. Apo naba president in waiting ba Kuku, bakaswili ba chisungu basangamo ubwafya ninshi mwachilamo bakamba. Most names have meanings and your name means a practical person, realist, down-to-earth person, idealist. Pls be like your name says and contribute practically. Ba Jose bamudala happy birth mwakula bakamba, kwashala imyaka itatu ninshi namusanga. Dont let these jealous people spoil your birth day, take it easy. After role u will be next veep in 2011 and u will deal with them.

  34. Happy Birthday Ba Joze
    I met your former headmaster at Chiwala. He is sending you best wishes on your very important day.
    Good day.

  35. #38 AM ba Pragmatist balemba kwati balikwata icifukushi ca frustration, I think ku Canada uko baya tabacita enjoy so ubukali bonse bupwila pa blog.Mukabwele bakaamba uko kubulaya ingatakwamisekesha naimwe muli bantu after all 1 st born wenu alipwa isukulu,pa Zambia pa mwela sana, even us Kaponya’s (BAJoze,AM ) we have become computer literate because of free market economy.BaJoze indeisa pa interz pa 22hrs lelo so that we can discuss the way forward for our tutembas,forget about these mutasha fili ku masaya

  36. mudaala Kuku #40. Leave Pragmatist alone. The man talks sense. Mudaala Pragmatist alefumya Data iyamano. Elyo data yakwe ya Correct!!
    Pragmatist, give us the data.

  37. #41 Iwe mwaice which data ?see #37, mwaice when I was doing communication skills ku primary school, my teacher told me that if you want to be an effective communicator be simple,clear and elaborate dont use big words.All I see in this pragmatist is just playing with words at the end of it only one point is being put forward, that is not the way to go.

  38. #41 Iwe wewafyelwe nefwima pasupuni and u swallowed them whole, nomba washala umupina nga Twapia Township ku ndola, kwata umucinshi kuli ba incoming president.

  39. #37 Chapi, you are very observant & you have hit the nail on the head. This quickly reminds me of the term “Verbal Diarrhoea.” It also happens to be one of the symptomatologies at one hosp. along GER.

    “African leaders cease being so when they recerive a bullet to their head”, actually did factually summarise what happened to them in those does, Chipimo just happened to say it loud, & hence the swift & brutal response he received becoz he was perceived to be inciting as wellas insulting the leader of the day!

    Difficult to comment on Chipimo’s stance on tribe, as I have no experience of it neither in public nor in privacy.

    People seem to have taken sides between Pragmatist & Bajoze – frankly, I’d put them at par; just becoz one uses words that are not obnoxious, doesn’t mean he isn’t, for when you follow his drift, he is just doing it in should we say, “a cleaner & palatable manner”, its why the Brits seem to take higher ground when actually being obnoxious!

  40. #42. mudaala Kuku,
    If you look at comments by Pragmatist, you would find that he is using very basic words, except for 1 or 2 words which some may consider to be ‘big’. Umukaamba elebonfya fye good syntax which you have been deprived of!!! Sorry.

  41. Pragmatist, you seem to have a bone to pick with “Chips”(Chipimo snr), well, why don’t you summon enough courage to meet him face to face & settle your scores rather than airing them in public, for all we know he might not be privy to this blog, & what with the Zesco shedding, his computer might be blown, so for a fair fight, why not a courtesy call in Mporokoso(The right word is Mumpolokoso!)

  42. AM, #43
    AM, i am still rich bige. Na Bill Gates bamubepesha fye!!!
    Anyway, umuchinshi kuli mudaala H.E Kuku SC.

  43. #48 Good boy. mwaice wikapwisha indalama shonse, so that u should use some of ur riches to camplaign for double Ku in 2011.

  44. Please forgive me iam stupid and mentally retarded. I wish i could go to school to gain some tools of analysis. Help me please all you bloggers.

  45. #29 Koswe
    Koswe, if you are bored with your life just go and hung and let pipo with sober minds continue contributing positively on this blog. If you father is a MMD cadre bootlicking chuchu to feed you then back off me and mind your business. Koswe, I sincerely find you to be a Chainama case that needs to be strained to bed for the behaviour you are now portraying. It all shows that you are a chap who has grudge against me for I am openly against most of MMD govt policies in which you are you father dwell for your existence. Grow up and mind your own business. Nobody will silence me and I will continue opposing your father’s party that has no vision. It’s absurd for you and Pandit, your fellow shushushu to have ganged up and breath victory on the war that was not yet started. I urge you to read the between the line on the comment passed by Bauze, then the bells will toll in your melted cheese brain. For your own info, am who am and I will remain the same. I beg you to shut your rotten mouth on RUFQUA. You *****! Like your fellow idol. Koswe, every on this blog knows the MMD gang of Pragmatist, Veteran, Pundit and yourself koswe are shushushuz. Swallow your pride Koswe as you are yet to hear more me on your party.

    # 28 Pundit,

    I have respect for you but your arbitration leaves room to wonder on your calibre of restraint. How you define the word insult? You claim to be a learned chap right? I’m ascertain on your restricted psyche that gyrates within your four plain spheres of your brain causing folly in you. The battle was over but the war is yet to be fought.

  46. #50 & 51

    Mwaice iwe imposter wafuma kwi? I know you are ci koswe. Plz Behave wembiwe. The Book of RUFQUA on page 4322 states ” Foes dwell in darkness to tarnish the names of religious one” Koswe plz leka dobo.

  47. #50 & 51

    Mwaice iwe imposter wafuma kwi? I know you are ci koswe. Plz Behave wembifiwe. The Book of RUFQUA on page 4322 states ” Foes dwell in darkness to tarnish the names of religious one” Koswe plz leka dobo.

  48. #40 Kuku, walageta pa interz pa 22 hrs and I need you to distribute 30 copies ya RUFQUA. Uyu shushushu batila Pragmatist amoneka kwati tayishi source ya RUFQUA so nishi nika temper nikayima from nowhere.

  49. #46 Mwaice Born rich, like I told you ,I have taken time to read #12 and this man has not written anything warranting what you are claiming to be data.The theory on operations management he is talking about applies in areas of project management not on a staple food.If he is a well informed person he needs to revisit his economics and then focus on longterm planning, suppose the crop fails in the next 3 years what happens to the country?Does he know what made KK unpopular in 1986?Food riots, mwaice dont bring theories on staple food,What I would urge him is let govt pay farmers well as a motivator and flood the market in the meantime so that the commodity becomes affordable in every household.Mealie meal prices have been high in the last 2 years and will worsen in the many years to come because of the poor compensation farmers are getting from govt.There is no logic in exporting maize when most of our rural areas have been hit with natural causes.If they want forex go to the mines tax

  50. It was reported that Indeni has run out of its reserves.
    If i may ask, in Zambia,do we live on Hand to Mouth situations?
    It seems every sector, the reserves are running low or out from agricultural products to household products.
    If Mangos,Mushrooms,Guava’s etc are preserved, and means are found on best ways to use than them rotting,Zambia would create alot of employment as happened at Mwinilunga Canneries for Pineapples.Drinks and by-products would be sold within the country than importing them and we would have “Tarino” drink back.
    A small mango,guava,avacando etc in uk costs £1, and how many mango’s rot in their season or just fall off?
    We are still seating on Money in Zambia, and when foreigners exploit the niche market, then the locals complain.

  51. #58 Kayata until people begin to understand that the President isnot omnipotent and is a human being like them shall sanity return to the fore.Some people are dead scared to correct the president,its like he is a superhuman.Some people leave their positions with ideas stuck in their heads bacause they fear of losing jobs if a different idea is presented.Have you seen the MMD double standards, Findley has been asked to step aside to pave way for investigations while Katele Kalumba is still serving?What a contrast, its pure animal farm

  52. #57 Mudaala Kuku, you are missing the point here. What we are saying is; If we have maize in excess in this country, then it is prudent for us to export some. I expect an honourable mudaala like you to understand the simple ‘economics’ behind this. Whether we have enough maize or not, is not for me to say. Period.

  53. #61 Mwaice Born Rich,those kids you left in kapoto will starve to death,come three years from now, mwaice the weather forecasts for the next 3 yrs will be distratrous for Africa,and this is where prudent management comes into play, get forex today and suffer later consequencies.To be honest,Zambia will never ever have any surplus in anything,the only surplus Zambia can boast of is unemployment.

  54. #62 Mudaala Kuku, pa kapota twailepofye once na ama Monks.

    Coming to developmental issues, we must first seek to satisfy the local market before we think of exporting some of these things. But that is for the people tasked to do the job. You do not expect the whole President SC to do that job for us. His is to come up with policies and provide leadership.

    Talking about kapoto, the place can make a very good agric. zone for CB. Man, the soil in Kapoto is very fertile. There is virgin land everywhere watered by the mighty Kafue River!! The people who stay there just need to be exposed to the knowledge that you, mudaala Kuku, are sitting on!!

    Here is an opportunity for you mudaala. You seem to be very passionate about zambia’s food basket. Lets see what you can do.

  55. #62 Mwaice Born Rich I have come into contact with real poverty, where kids eat mice with porridge, that is how serious poverty is in Zambia,I know poverty is created by politicians through weak policing and it can also be eradited on the contrary.Actually mwaice pa Kapoto they need protection from crocodiles,being familiar with that place, I will make sure you stand in Kamfinsa Constituency.

  56. #63 Mudaala Kuku, i am also reliably informed that the nearest medical facillity is 6 Kilometres away!! For those of you who have no idea how long or short this distance is; IT IS EQUIVALENT TO THE DISTANCE BETWEEN ZESCO HEADOFFICE AND GOMA LAKES AT UNZA!!

    Talking about UNZA and indeed most of our higher learning institutions, someone said they look like pa maliketi (market)!!!!!

  57. Why cant the govt give the surplus maize to poverty sicken pipo in our nation free of change of instead of exporting and leaving the pipo going with little or no food at all. Chuchu pls have a heart dont export those excess maize, give the poor children who eat nothing day in and day.
    #63 Ba Double Ku ala mwandini nembeba nashuma umutengo poor pipo cant afford only pipo like alibe Nzelu ni wamene akwanisha.

  58. #65 AM wamona efyo abantu balecula. elo uyu Pragmatist waku Saudi Arabia alefwaya amataba yonse bashitishe?Cibi sana,its true imbeba nashidula bushe taumwene Citizen efyo ondele? Alyafye utwana twa mbeba ati ishikulu sha ba chuchu.You are right AM that excess maize must be given free of charge to the poor,then we shall appreciate ati we have a caring govt, 24/7 lyonse nipali ZCID,nibopusa maningi bashetani ababa

  59. #66 Kuku, bushe tawamona ukuti uyu umu Saudi ni supporta wa chuchu pamo na paparazzi te and he has never said anything against the govt? Kuku the rule of demand and supply bushe yana tayalandako paku mweshako umutengo wabungi when supply is too much te? Nomba aba ba caring govt bena batwenwa indukis ukucila imieyo yabantu te? Give them mealie meal those who are starving if you are a caring govt.

  60. #67Actually BaJoze uyu Pragmatist kuti aba Paparrazi, icisungu cimo cine, ubunga bwalidula sana mu Zambia kwati tabalima mu chalo, kanshi demand and supply taibomba mulandu wakufwaya forex,kutumpa sana abena chuchu no lukuta lwabo,we need to discuss this BaJoze pa cabinet meeting in January 08, chuchu must resign, he has falied, alefwayanokwipaya uyu umwaice waku Djibouti pakumubika muli buffalo plane.

  61. Ndiakute bonse pa blog ni ba Bemba? No wonder there are insults flying everywhere! This is better than following a soap on television. Keep it up!

  62. Mavi (69),
    Knowing what am asking here, are you the one and only big Mavi in the “FAZ & V” line i know? From CU to SA now in New Zealand? Will appreciate your acknowledgement. Good to see you in the ecommunity.I drop a few lines here too once in a while.

  63. Iwe #69 Mafi Zimba suziba kuti ndife ma Bosses bako uzipeleka salwuti. Limbi ulefulukafye makwindi ala nabandula sana, uletuminako banokokulu washa ku Chama utumapesa utwingi balafwa kusala.

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