Esther Phiri to fight Nicole of Trinidad in September


Women International Boxing Federation (WIBF) and Global Boxing Union (GBU) champion, Esther Phiri, will next month fight Nicole Harris of Trinidad to defend one of her titles.

Her trainer, Anthony Mwamba, disclosed to ZANIS in an interview in Chipata yesterday.

Mr Mwamba said Esther would, in the next two weeks, leave for Denmark for intensive
training where she would stay for almost a month.

He said the fight is scheduled to take place in Zambia at an undisclosed venue at
the month end of September.

And Esther Phiri said she was confident of defending her title despite having no
knowledge of her opponent, adding that, it was just a matter of intensifying

“I have not heard of her but I can say that I am ready.  It is just a matter of
going back to the Jim and intensify my training,” she said.

Meanwhile, Esther’s trainer, Anthony Mwamba, said there was need to tap boxing
talents in rural areas.

Mwamba said currently, he was talking to his sponsors, National Milling, for
support, saying, very few youth were involved in sporting activities.

“I have an academy in Lusaka and I am thinking of opening one in the Eastern
Province,” he said.

Meanwhile, Esther charmed Chipata residents at Shoprite checkers when she
demonstrated her skills in a shadow boxing with a resident, Vutiwe Mbewe.

Esther, who is a Kunda from Malambo valley in Mambwe District in the Eastern
Province, was entertained by a group of women and men who danced Nsongwe, a
traditional dance of the Kunda speaking people in Mambwe district of the Eastern


  1. My God given wife, atleast sebululako ifina Chipata finobe insoni. My dear we are proude of you. Avoid men. Twalakubepa manje manje naifwe tulyeko ama milyo…..

  2. I am concerned about the relation of Esther Phiri and Anthony Mwamba. It may turn into another Angela Nyirenda and Sakala brothers story.

    Mulibumanager pa last muka fume na mwamoneni…

  3. #5 Citizen, Mwamba is a married man he is not like Zambia Amateur Adultery Association. He has been glooming Esther for years now if he wanted to make her his wife he would have done it a long time. Esther has boyfriend. In short you are saying anyone training a woman there is a sex relationship. Morals are there my dear and Mwamba is proving it.

  4. Easy 6: Tell them, Mwamba is not like the chief for Zambia amateur adultery association Elias Mpondela,who has been using athletics for adultery.
    It is better to educate Elias on adultery than Mwamba. Last week he was on movi tv telling the nation ati he will be the president of Zambia if people give him a chance. If Mpondela can reconcile wit his wife,how can he reconcile the nation. Citizen Help Mpondela to to stop the sport of adultery and to reconcile with his wife.

  5. #6 Easy,
    Even that Sakala brother was a married man.
    I am alive to the fact that Anthony and Esther had professional relationship, but the body language exhibited by the two these days is worrisome.

    The last picture where Mwamba had lifted Esther shoulder high after her last Victory and Him keeping his hands around Esther’s waist during a prematch interview.
    Admittedly Esther is a very beautiful girl and the time spent togetheris making them more compatible.

    Truth is not always pleasant

  6. Esther continue with ba Anthoneihave none Mr mwamba durling his careere as an amateur boxer we were togather as good boxers and very discipline and somebody who do’nt like women and that why he is still living.
    Please get what he is telling you in the gym for you to go far Esther you are standing a good chance of grabing all world belt without any problem ,as long when you go to Denmark do’nt allow lot f sparring partener those who will easly know your weekness.try to avoid people.We shall invite you to Maamba we have also upcoming female boxers.

  7. I admire people like Anthony Mwamba who out of nothing he has reignited Zambians interest in boxing.If we had just a few creative and passionate people like Mwamba in other sports disciplines, Zambia could easily be a force to be reckoned with.Congratulations Esther and keep up the good work,the sky is the limit.Anybody with data about this MPHONDELA guy needs to avail it on this blog,because he seems to be syphoning public funds at will and without anyone stopping him.

  8. Thanks for all coments l respect someone’s views all what l can say is that l will continue with the work lam doing because l have a vision we Zambians we have to learn how to Appreciate thanks for the good coments also thanks for the bad coments because l wil be forced to work had.
    God bless you all

  9. it is very easy to judge people from what you are entitled to your opinions but do not go on calling my father names for your are not members of our family therfore you have no right to father is a great man and you know it.

  10. Mr chapi,he does not syphon any public funds.he is trying to develop this nation.look at our athletics.its all visible to the publics eye

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