Mwanawasa accepts Lord Cairns’ apology


PRESIDENT Levy Mwanawasa says he has accepted the apology from the chairman of the Zambia International Business Advisory Council (ZIBAC), Lord Cairns, who yesterday castigated government for failing to implement most of the programmes agreed upon at the last meeting.

Mr Mwanawasa said Lord Cairns apologized for criticizing government, adding that he was upset by the remarks made yesterday.

He said government has been working very hard to ensure that the country made economic progress.

Mr Mwanawasa was speaking in Livingstone today during the closure of the Fifth ZIBAC meeting.

”Lord Cairns has apologized for criticizing us. I must say I was upset. We have been working very hard breaking our necks and he was here criticizing,” said Mr Mwanawasa.

Mr Mwanawasa said he had also apologized to Lord Cairns for sounding cruel yesterday and noted that it was not his intention.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwanawasa has directed various ministries to take up issues that were raised at the just ended ZIBAC meeting seriously.

He however assured participants that some issues that were raised at the previous meeting were being implemented and that issues raised today would be implemented within the reform program.

Mr Mwanawasa observed that even though a lot had been achieved, there was still need for more to be done.

He also directed ministries to speed up the implementation of the resolutions.

Mr Mwanawasa said he takes the consultation processes of the meetings and the outcomes very seriously.

”Our vision is to have a vibrant private sector driven economy. This is why I was disappointed a few months ago with the Zambia Business Forum who organised a workshop and only invited themselves without involving the private sector,” he said.

Mr Mwanawasa urged the Zambia Business Forum to ensure that they involve the private sector in their workshops so that they are given a platform to talk about their experiences which could, in turn, attract more investments.

The President said the country needed to attract more investments, especially in the energy sector, where there was a looming power deficit in the near future.

Mr Mwanawasa also noted that government was taking measures aimed at reducing the cost of doing business in the country.

And speaking earlier, Lord Cairns, who is based in the United Kingdom, said his comments on the Zambian economy that he uttered yesterday were based on the impressions that he had got from friends and hearsay.

He said after coming to Zambia and hearing for himself, his impression now was that Zambia was moving forward economically.

He said the country had an emerging private sector and that it had also scored some success stories.

”My impressions on Zambia then relied on hearsay and friends. My impressions, now that I have seen for myself, are that there is much more vibrant dialogue and that government and the private sector are seeing themselves as partners in developing this country.

”My sense, too, is that Zambia is moving forward. You have got an emerging private sector and you have some success stories,” he said.

Lord Cairns said there was need to develop passion in order to get things done, and that there was need to put a system in place that would ensure that things agreed upon are done.

Zambia Business Forum Chief Executive Officer, Reginald Mfula, urged government to resolve and revise policy framework on implementation.

Mr Mfula said efficient implementation of programmes would result in a lot of poverty reduction and direct foreign investments.

He pledged the private sector’s commitment in working with government on the implementation of various programmes.

Outgoing World Bank Country representative, Ohene Nyanin, commended government for taking bold and courageous steps to make Zambia a
better country.

He said when the first ZIBAC meeting was held in 2003, Zambia faced many economic challenges, among them was the issue of macro stability.

He however said in the last four and a half years, government had managed to reduce interest rates and inflation, adding that this was able to be achieved through the removal of the fourty per cent housing allowance that was earlier awarded to civil servants.

Mr Nyanin observed that although the country had done very well in the past four and a half years, the challenges were still immense.


  1. Always engage the brain before the mouth.When they call you kids you disagree….these are action oriented people not jokers like you chuchu.Time management is cardinal, you are busy sorting out the dominion clause when Lord Cairns is waiting for results and ticking against his plan schedule.Melbako serious, no wonder we will never develop.

  2. It takes wisdom to reject some advise from economic hitmen masquerading as economic advisors. Our country has Qualified economic analysts in the National security to identify received advice based on economic sabotage. I applaud LPM for standing up and rejecting blind implementation of some of these recommendations. Some sectors don’t deserve going into private hands. Commercialization can do. In the UK BTE is state owned then why we should be told to let go ZAMTEL and ZESCO? Bravo guys for your vigilance and giving sincere advise to politicians against the wishes of Economic hitmen.

  3. #5 Ba Veteran bushe why in the first place did someone agree to the same indicators. The point about BTE being state owned is well taken for me but I ned to understand why in the first place agree to something and then dothe opposite ?

  4. #5 Pay attention to detail, when chuchu was in the UK these guys resolved on issues and their implementation,Lord Cairns is refering to ‘Resolutions’, the problem with Zambians even where the path is foggy you always give an affirmative response which wrong, say what you are capable of doing not always saying yes when deep down your hearts you know its mission impossible.Its always good to be truthful in life, whether at work , school, church name it, if you cant do something say so with reasons not assumptions.
    Who told you that BT is state owned ? BT is a plc my friend.Only CDC is state owned

  5. #4 kuku On this one you have misfired.Zambia has taken strides in economy that is why everyone is going to Zambia and looking for investment.Hard working pays and slows the efforts are paying so this lord Cairns want just cristise like Mr. Bell in Zimbabwe he is not will not be accepted. I know the impact has not go to every one. The best to is if they are any projects this man is runing together with the govt let him make phase control of three months.Because with a management you can easily see whether they are developments. No Mwanawasa has taken a stane approach remember he only FDI should be welcome in Zambia. I think this send shieves in the hands of like Cairns.I dont trust a white person anymore after the G8 they are also go at talking.

  6. #8 Easy bola panshi, if I may ask you how much investment does your govt have in and outside Zambia other than the Tbs and Bonds?UK is being prudent in project management they dont want their £40m dish out to disappear into thin air, some is trying to be accountable at all times,Look at RSA, they have heavily invested in USA and Europe as opposed to being in African nations,China through a state owned bank today wants to buy a stake in Barclays at £6.6m, these are state funds towards the AMro £40bn stake,Singapore state run investment body will be part to the deal,Qatari have bought Sainsbury in the Uk,Dubai Investment backed by UAE owns a stake in HBSC, etc but and your mangadelism all you dream and invest in is seeking debt cancellations and if this effected you dont even invest the savings for a sound return.
    We are not desputing the fact that they have made strides, they consented to an agreement which had a time schedule.

  7. Buchi Boy (6),

    The process of Governmental implementation of policies is always subject to national security clearance. If LPM says we will holistically look into all these, it does not mean the NSC policy analysts have lost their role. Thus even in that case, LPM should not be subsivient to the given advice. If anything, Government has the prerogative to knock off some received recommendations in its best national interest. Review your comparative Governance and politics of the big 8 and see how many decisions they have renegated. The G8 recommendations as Easy righly cited is just one of the countless inconsistency. So talking of African leaders not observing every thing only shows how much infiriority complex you have attached to your own race. The west has failed on many policy matters at home and on the international scene.On the BT, the British Government has a very strong leverage in that entity. It may not be 100%, but the have a big stake in it direct or indirect.

  8. #10British Telecommunications plc (BT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Group plc and encompasses virtually all businesses and assets of the BT Group. BT Group plc is listed on stock exchanges in London and New York

  9. Unused Cash is a Drag

    As individuals, we tend to feel it’s better to have low levels of debt – or at least a comfortable cash-to-debt ratio. But corporations aren’t individuals. They exist, among other reasons, to maximize returns for shareholders.

    Do you want to see a CEO and his colleagues pulling down tens of millions of dollars in compensation each year while the company sits on a war chest of unused cash?

    Not me. Yet ExxonMobil and Microsoft, for example, are each sitting on over $30 billion in cash and short-term securities. And Bates’ and Kahle’s study shows that smaller companies showed even larger percentage increases in cash.

    The usual explanations don’t apply. It’s not because of the flood of initial and secondary offerings, which tend to fill corporate coffers. And it’s not just because companies hold cash overseas from international operations to avoid the penalties of repatriation.

    No, it turns out that many companies simply don’t want to cut or eliminate a dividend once they start paying it.

    Top executives know that shareholders expect a dividend to grow – or at least be maintained – once it gets instituted. If it gets cut, the share price is likely to suffer. And if the share price suffers, so will their compensation since much of it is tied to stock options.

    However, most of these companies would be better off using their cash to buy back shares. Why? Because dividing earnings by fewer shares outstanding accelerates growth in earnings per share.

    That’s why a buyback announcement itself is often a catalyst for higher prices. After all, management is ringing a bell, alerting investors large and small that a bargain may have developed.

    My research shows that small- to mid-cap companies with high price-to-book value ratios are generally the best investment candidates when a buyback announcement is made. One study found that the 50 stocks that met these conditions in every year from 1992 to 2002 produced gains 65% greater than the S&P 500 over the next four years.

    Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy receiving a dividend as much as the next shareholder. But what we’re all really after is higher total returns.

    And it’s growth in earnings per share – not dividends – that ultimately drives stock prices higher.

    Good Investing,


  10. Lord Cain must simply go back to the Uk and wait for more floods, zambia must have the audacity to choose whats good for it. He did well to apologise but I hope he trully did apologise coz we got them apologies which are simply for settling down dust. Whatever the truth he could have told, he was a wrong chap to talk to zedians like that,…to hell with him.

  11. chairman of the Zambia International Business Advisory Council (ZIBAC), Lord Cairns, iwee kuku u should take that post!!! Dont you think such post are suppoesed to be chaired by a zambian?? Or do we want to say that we dont have competent zambians???


    Elo lwa nya nomba. Is there any institution that can be respected in Zed. Plot 1 baliisebanya, Apostle Nyirongo ali tutolesha umu pamba,Prisons Chief nimpupu, former Army Commander and former ZNS and former Air Force commanders pali bobwa,former Chief Justice bulanda bushala, former President FTJ kaya mayo,Katele na Mabenga awe,Mulyata chisoso,Findlay ali bindula, nomba naimwe ba DEC futi.

  13. Titus Lord Cain wasnt just talking without conviction about the state of affairs of business industries.So if Chiluba was wrong to privatise companies why did Levy follow suit by selling ZANACO citing he was just completing what chiluba started. If shares in Zanaco were put LUSE, many of you could have bought and turn Zanaco in zedians hands. Titus natural disaster like floods can happen anywhere and I think your comment on floods is lack of a caring and loving heart for humanity which many of the zedians are known for. Titus derogatory words for those having floods is really an acceptable.

  14. Titus Lord Cain wasnt just talking without conviction about the state of affairs of business industries.So if Chiluba was wrong to privatise companies why did Levy follow suit by selling ZANACO citing he was just completing what chiluba started. If shares in Zanaco were put LUSE, many of you could have bought and turn Zanaco in zedians hands. Titus natural disaster like floods can happen anywhere and I think your comment on floods is lack of a caring and loving heart for humanity which many of the zedians are known for. Titus derogatory words for those having floods is really un acceptable.

  15. LPM must cut-off being too democratic in his leadership style if our Zambian vision of a sanitized nation is to be realized. The persisting vices of Corruption and indiscipline are realistically detrimental to national development and security. Officers must not forget that in some war ravaged nations, corruption and criminal activities have been used to finance insurrections. A different approach is necessary to restore sanity. KK fired thieves and plunders in hundreds and instantly blackmailed them the among them are Ben Mwila, Musakanya, Nyalugwe, Kasonde, Chibwe, Mark Chona and the list is endless. Those from the defense he made sure they lost their mental capacity. In this vein, I wish the legislatures (parliamentarians) revisited those UNIP options though they still had a lot of flows. Considering severe reprimanding military laws upto execution on anyone guilty of corruption or theft civilian or military staff would curb the vices. At DEC, approach Dr. Kamoyo Mwale the founder and former DEC Chief to take over on a 3 year contract basis until he helps identify and train his replacement from the security wings. Considering that he is the founder that offered a fabulous leadership by virtue of his intelligence and legal professional, sanity could be restored there. Chiluba terminated him for being too straight with him but LPM must reach him for national duty again. He served the UN very well in West Africa. At ACC remove Nason Banda an intelligence officer trained lawyer needs to head ACC in such difficulty times. Keep Phiri and General Chisuzi at the OOP (SD) and the Army. I believe a law degree is not enough to head an investigation wing of Government.

  16. Levy’s stance on certain issues, especially critisism, stinks. I just wonder what this goofy SOB thinks he is to be intimidating people like this! No wonder he fell out even with his very own best friend Aka, all because of his thick headedness of seeing things only his way, atase! It’s common knowledge that the government of Levy has miserably failed to implement most of the programmes agreed upon at the last meeting. To turn around and castigate a man for calling a spade as such is nothing but sheer madness.

    Besides, Levy should know that he is president of this country and for him to resort to castigating people in public like this is awful. KK did it with Chipimo and it came back to haunt him. Chiluba himself did it with Levy and the cabbage came back to devour the pigymy’s rotten back side. Levy should not think he is different, these acrobatics will come back to revisit him one day.

  17. Lifa Lichelete (21),
    Do you still expect a normal blogger rebuttaling you in evidence of that sick mind vapor of yours????? Retards have their own secured place of trolling next to Mumana lodge before the Ben Mwiinga houses.

    Serviceman (Rtd)-20,
    I think parliament must legislate military courts to handle corruption and thieft cases. A three months period is normally the maximum time cases before military men takes. They could hence be given powers to melt summary judgement on those found gilty. There should be no bail for the accused but detention in military reformation Guardrooms untill cases are exhausted .The persisting vices indeed need the Uniform folks to clean it.

  18. At least some one is standing up to pepertual criticism which do not encourage but sap out the little effort that african leaders are making.We do not expect them to shower us with praises but at least acknowledge the effort that we are making.Its like a child who scores ‘A’ but you keep on raising the bar so that you can demoralise the effort.Mr Lord may come from developed country with alot of tools to accomplish anything but if there is political will for pipo to better themselves he should acknowledge.white pipo are just used to pipo not saying No to them especially if they are black.White pipo just do not believe that other pipo can stop depending on their aid.If Levy can not stand anybody disrespecting his effort he has the the right to respond, that does not make him arrogant.When are we going to start standing for our own?If this guy trully believed in what he said why did appologise I know how starbon white pipo can be.Please give us a break

  19. #18 I support you over floods. Titus we need to care and love one another as children of God. You comment on floods is sickening and lacks the will to love. Cain is an individual our govt has employed and if he makes a mistake in your option you have to critise him as an individual not those experiencing the natural disaster. Maybe there Zambians also affected living in Britain therefore learn to love and not to hate others. Remain blessed Titus with wisdom from the living and loving God.

  20. Veteran (5 & 10) and kambilombilo (23),
    Bravo for your wisdom and maturity. You guys I must confess you have given some of us concerned citizens a big sigh of relief. It is worrying to read the thinking of most of the bloggers in this generation. Certainly it is impractical for us as Zedians to blindly observe every given recommendation. We have enough educated men capable of reading between the lines and challenge ill advice based on their policy analysis. I salute Levy for standing up.

    Sincerely by any chance, are you or have you been a politician or maybe worked in a GRZ policy war room? I have read your posts here and find them too articulate and driving the conviction home. You come humble but leave the damage mark done in your rhetoric.

    Are you coming from the pulpit career?

    Keep the debates guys and stay focused. From among you some will emerge useful in leadership roles.

  21. To hell with Cains,how do you criticize based on hearsay & impressions.He thinks govt has no development plan.
    Bravo to LPM

  22. Bamudala ba LPM nimwe baebawile mwilabepo fupi Cairns alicita apologize. Mwalilyo lupiya elyo muleifisa. Mulesumine filubo bakaamba tapaba nsoni. If you fail you fumenipo bengi abalefwaya ukuteka. Caba shani kanshi! Iyo kwena utufulo twalilowa, uwayapo kufwaya ukushifumapo, uwayapo ifyo fine…..

  23. Iwe #26 ci Wanzelu – Ulibe nzelu??? suziba kuti bamaume mako ba Chuchu apapena maitaya. Ubauze bazikalako nacisinsi. Terrorisation does not pay and will not reward ur Uncle Chuchu.

  24. “Until they receive a bullet in the head that’s when they will cease to be African leaders”, a quote from Alias Chipimo Snr, now a living statement that can not be disputed by any normal person unless you are a dobo smoker. Evidently, Savimbi received three bullets, one in the head and two in the chest. Swallow your words organic dobo smokers, makamaka uyu umu Saudi pragmatist. There is peace now in Angola that failed to materialize by the use of dialog for almost two decades.

    Chuchu was a cause of his mother’s (mama mokola) death MHSRP. How? Why? The answer is very simple “ubupapa” mean. Sure ba presdo letting his one and only one mother ukulanina “selela uko” mini-bus while his monthly salary can buy 73+ Japanese cars plus a daily wage yamu chauffeur kwabwela na change to pay workers pa teka farm. Albeit zed is among 25 poorest nations in the world (UN, World Bank, 2006) ba presdo teti babulwe indukis to support and protect umufyashi. The late Andy (MHSRP) once said “nangula ba mayo bali liule teti bafyale umwana chuchu”. At first I didn’t understand what he meant until I noted bu flip flop bwakwa chuchu utusaila pakulanda (panting when talking). It was very dazzling for the presdo to retaliate by insulting UNDP cadres of Bwengwa constituency as buttocks. That also makes me wonder the kind of language used in plot 1. With no doubt “madam buttocks” is frequently used.

    Bloggers, would someone plz feed me with some info on:-
    1. William Chipango staged protest against 1972 Chona commission and how he died?
    2. What prompted Mudia Sikatana to trait his friends over Shamwana coup plot? (Gaulani mudala, ulikuti? The book I read left me with a lot of unfilled gaps)

  25. Health permsec admits K13.7bn over-expenditure


    MINISTRY of Health permanent secretary Simon Miti has admitted that the K13.7 billion the Auditor-General queried was not passed on to the Ministry of Finance and National Planning as per procedure but assured he has taken steps to prevent the mistake recurring.

    But Auditor-General, Anna Chifungula, rejected the explanation as unsatisfactory since the ministry ignored Parliamentary authority in effecting the expenditure.

    The unconstitutional expenditure was for the financial year that ended December 31, 2005.

    Dr Miti told the parliamentary public accounts committee yesterday that this over-expenditure was as a result of the salary increment awarded to public service workers in Lusaka Province.

    He told the committee, chaired by Luena member of Parliament, Charles Milupi (independent) yesterday that during the passing of inter-departmental charges for salary increment between the Ministry of Health and Finance, the K13,709,606,855 which was to be passed on to Finance was omitted.

    “I wish to inform the honourable committee that I have since strengthened internal controls to ensure that such omissions do not recur,” he said.

    But Ms Chifungula said the explanation was not satisfactory because the best thing the Ministry of Health should have done was to apply to Parliament through Finance.

    “How do you intend to clear this because it was not raised in time? You need to normalise the situation so that this revenue can be charged to public funds, “she said.

    Mr Milupi said his committee was concerned that there was too much unconstitutional expenditure in most Government departments, and wondered why the officers responsible did not make an effort to seek Parliament’s authority to legalise the expenditures.

    “The problem is you spend even when there are no emergencies then come to Parliament for us to rubber-stamp.

    There was no disaster which required you to spend over K13.7 billion,” he said.

    “We would like to see a situation where all expenditure is constitutional, even if it means Parliament convening just to approve it.”

    Mbabala MP Emmanuel Hachipuka (UPND), wondered what would happen if the constitution was amended so that unconstitutional expenditure was done away with.

    Mr Hachipuka said he disagreed with Dr Miti that the Ministry of Health was sometimes faced with emergencies as that was the preserve of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit in the Office of the Vice-President.

    “Emergencies and disasters are for the DMMU.

    You cannot have subsections of the DMMU.

    I think we should be able to call Parliament back just to vote for more funds for these departments,” he said.

    Dr Miti was also told to normalise over expenditure amounting to K77.4 million that he said was from bank balances brought forward from December 2004.

    Other queries raised in the report were misapplication of grants, overpayment of management contract fees, unaccounted for fuel, unaccounted for stores, wasteful expenditure, irregularities in payment of telephone bills and unretired imprest.

    Dr Miti told the committee that some K480 million which was unaccounted for in stores remained unresolved because the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) had taken possession of the documents the Auditor-General needed to verify.

    ACC had also requested for documents on accounted for fuel in the process of verification.

    Dr Miti said out of a total amount of about K781.5 in unretired imprest, only K274.9 was remaining.

    He assured the committee that this would be recovered from salaries of affected officers.

    From the K6.5 billion that was reported by the Auditor-General as misapplied, K5.2 billion had been accounted for and K1.2 billion remained unaccounted for.

    Ms Chifungula emphasised the need to normalise all expenditure by following the necessary financial regulations.

    Mr Milupi said the general observation of the committee was that there was a “total breakdown” of rules in various Government departments.

    “We are going to appear confrontational to controlling officers who do not play their full part in accounting for public funds.

    There is also need to cooperate with the Office of the Auditor-General because it was there to give guidance,” he said.

    In April, Dr Miti was sent away by Mr Milupi for exhibiting confrontational behaviour regarding the Auditor-General’s queries.

    This time, he remained calm throughout the session and thanked the committee and the Auditor-General for their guidance.

  26. BaJoze this K13.7bn relates to 2005, in 2006 it will be x2, and Miti has got guts to say next time such an omission will not recur, how dare,public funds being spent like its from his pocket?We need sanity, God help us.Its not that the systems are not there, people have just turned to stealing as a career.So Miti have you seen that arogance does not pay? You are caught pants down, shame on you, bravo Anna, ulimwankashi pamaka

  27. Lord Cairn merely misfired on etiquette.The content of his concerns may be real and should be addressed. Public disclosure of his concerns before a private audience with the Govt. is a breach of protocol and that is why he had no choice but to apologise.

    We have a problem with Lifa(21).Let us ignore any contribution he makes if it contains such abusive language.Let us not give him the satisfaction of acknowledgemnt and maybe in time he will change.

  28. Kuku

    Miti was once shielded by Kanganja and chuchu over the money he miss used for x-mass cards and it’s alleged that Miti ni pimp wa kwa chuchu pali Cifire plus personal doctor wa chimpuputu. Lets wait and see their reaction now. Batila ati “chibwi ukulila; kumona umo ashitilishe amatako”(someone to insult the chief his father must be greater than the chief) where did he get the guts to say that rubbish stuff. “Abalya imbulu; balapalamana” (smokers seek fellow smokers). That entails chuchu, kanganja and miti are corrupted over size. Ngani Japan chuchu nga acita resign on moral grounds iya kucita shielding impupu. One said that Chuchu has planted a lot of Bulayaz in the system who are stealing and give him undisclosed percentage and if you dont then he can drop you the way he did to Rev Nyorongo. Abo ba pragmatist ngabadobola bese ati chuchu is fighting corruption. Which corruption? shielding impupu is that what you call fighting corruption.

  29. #34 BaJoze welcome back,aba satana just need sharia law for discipline.At the same guys teamed up and called Anna chifungula all sorts of names, but today asngauka cimbwi nomucila panuma

  30. Wheels are falling off the MMD govt, BaJoze,Pragfimofimo where are you?what are your views on K13.7bn budget overrun?

  31. Wheels are falling off the MMD bicycle, BaJoze,
    Pragfimofimo where are you?what are your views on K13.7bn budget overrun?

  32. BaKuku(37),MMD will be in power after the 2011 election.The basis of this bold statement is that there is no credible alternative on the horizon.The issues being brought up for public comment and discussion are a reflection of the mess that has been swept under the carpet for years.MMD has shown some determination to root out the evil in govt. today and continued disclosures merely show how much work still needs to be done.Whether or not this work can be done by PF or UPND is a discussion that will only end in 2011.Short of LPM being caught with his fingers in the cookie jar (highly unlikely)we must brace ourselves for another MMD victory.This is my humble assessment and i stand ready to discuss any other scenarios.From next year LPM and his group will start populist programmes of action that will obliterate the credibility of threatening opposition and defections to MMD will start.Only a leadership wrangle can change the rather obvious outcome.

  33. #38

    Building white castles. Learned chaps are just good at talking and moreover they dont even vote. Iwe ba so called Original Pundit do you know how to cast a vote? Wait for 2011, you will swallow your words.

  34. Serviceman (Rtd) #20. You got a point worth considering that was backed by Patriot. We need a bit of dictatorship in leadership. Those found wanting should be punished immediately.
    Chitondo Victor! You analysed bloggers and gave credit where it is due. What about Joze and Kuku? All they want is Kafupi to come back into power 2011. They don’t have any credit for LPM.
    Easy! You are not going to wish me happy birthday. Prepare yourself for 2011.

  35. #37.THE ORIGINAL PUNDIT.I beg to differ with you on the issue of MMD almost assured of victory in the coming 2011 elections.Firstly,there`ll be major wrangles on the choice of who will succeed LPM.There`s already talk of SAKI being LPM`s choice and I would bet you that those die hard MMD loyalists won`t take such a move lying down.They won`t hesitate opening the Pandora box and expose LPM`s dirty skeleton.Even if LPM won`t be running,anyone the MMD adopts as their candidate will be directly connected to LPM`s failures or success.Secondly,LPM`s platform has been the fight against corruption and not so much about the economic strides he`s made.When MMD gov gets linked with corrupton such the AG`s report indicate,people will realise that LPM`s fight has just been personalities and not corruption.This will even overshadow whatever populist programmes they`ll initiate.Despite the positive economic activity,all people can see are high prices of mealie meal,fuel shortages,blackouts,potholes..

  36. Kuku gentlemen where are we heading to in a ditch? Anyway as far as I can remember when the Audit general report came out early this the indication a line of civil servants have been misapprociated funds. For me its not a surprise if it was Dennis Liwewe comment he would have said “it had to come from the mouth of AG” Its now that the culprits must be punished. The problem is even the law enforcing wing is right in the middle of the problem I wonder when Zambia police will be probed what the how come will. Mr. Miti K13.2 Billion is not like 10 ngwee you can say its not okay. Gloco wishing you many more returns and stay away from Linda compound we need you in 2011. # Serviceman a dictatorship will not do us good because we start killing each other like in Uganda. All what we need is strengthen the courts and legal wings. I have always said such pipo who committ this offence should get 25 years like what USA is doing you will see this coming to an end with a few years.

  37. #11. the British government does not have any shares in all the privatised or publicly traded companies like BP, BT and BA.

  38. Chapi LPM’s agenda is to copy whoever is the strongest opposition leader. In 2001 LPM’s copied Mazoka’s budget and national policies. In 2006 he is just busy implementing Satas election promises. Its way to early for you guys to even start predicting the 2011 elections. there will be alot of changes in the political arena. In Z the last 60 days before elections are crutial. Remember Zambians have a short memory. If levy does not create a political vacuum may MMD stands a chance. If things stay the way they are the only thing standing between Sata and plot one is himself.

  39. Easy! Thanks. I’ll stay away from linda compound as possible as I can. The bottom line you are telling to Abstain Be faithful or to Condomize (ABC). You are assured of my vote in 2011. Keep blogging. I personally have no leadership qualities. There are some principles in you. Kuku! Going by your contributions, you are a principled. So prepare for 2011.

  40. Ba Chapi(41),you contribution is indeed credible and a possible scenario in the next 3 years.You have pointed out the increased economic activity and it is that platform that MMD will use to convince the electorate.Alot of people have benefited from the increased activity and many would like the status quo to continue.The vibrancy of the economy is slowly being translated to tangibles to the common man especially in the rural areas that are the focal point of renewed commerce,trade and industry.The absence of any alternative leadership will be the trump card in the re-election of MMD.BaJoze(39), i may swallow my words someday but it will be highly unlikely it will be because PF or UPND have taken over.Yes, i do know what a vote is and have probably exercised it more times than alot of my fellow bloggers!!My vote is the only weapon i have to try and put things right in my beloved country.My party affiliation is of no real consequence….but my vote is the ultimate power.

  41. #30 Ba JOZE.Awe naimwe ifyampolopolo tefyo.Kubutauka nankwe uyu uwa chipumpuntu mu ma campaign fye.Mwalimona efyo umuntu wenu KING COBRA amubutawishye muma 2006 elections.Ngatekukana sushya uku kampena mumishi nga ekateka.Mwalabashani naimwe BA JOZE,RUFQUA PAGE 2011 states that the balot and not the bullet is the answer.Twalabwela kufyalo fyampepo elo tukesebutauka nabo aba bamangalunga.KUKU for 2011 campaign team.Mu parliament mwena tukatalikana nabo noti aba abena MULYATA ifi balefulukuta mulukungu pakuposhya CHUCHU.

  42. KC 17- You are man.This are some of the thisngs we need to look at.Look at athletics,the zambia amateur
    athletics so called inter company rely bring in not less than K700,000 every year and this has been going on for more than 6 years now.The sad thing is that only the chairman know about this account and signing it is only him and his girl friend. The DEC, ACC,POLICE and the sports ministry know about all this thing. This money end in his pocket for all this years.
    Let the law pick up Elias so that he can tell them were this money is. The assocition don’t have office,not even a bicycle to help in training marathon runner’s. The so called office in Nkwazi road are his offices and he pays him self for the rent. Why is the rule of law here. This wings should move in and investicate the zaaa Chief Mpondela over this association money and the 6 accounts

  43. #47.THE ORIGINAL PUNDIT.I`m sure you do realise that the economic indicators were favourable for the MMD prior to the 2006 elections but LPM and the gov failed to communicate such an achievement to the public.In all but North Western province,the MMD used alot of scare tactics and corruption to win those seats and that`s why you`re seeing such high number of nulifications.My contention is that the MMD and PF will be at each others throats so much that an opening will be created for someone to take advantage and carry the day.

  44. Ba Chapi(50), landeniko bambi noti PF.The high number of nullifications is very worrying and is very embarrassing to the ruling party(or at least it should be!!!)I wonder if the opposition will take advantage of this and incorporate it in their campaigns…knowing them probably not !!Ba Chapi,the govt. propaganda machine is being primed and will spring into action soon. it would be folly to under estimate the power of a sitting govt. especially an African one!! Alot of people lose their jobs when there is a change of govt so they do their damnest to ensure the status quo is maintained!!It is these people come hell or high water who ensure electrol victory(the gloves come off and a bare knuckle fight is always messy!!!)

  45. Gluco it shameful when things seem to move forward the so many scandals. Anyway Zambia needs cleansing amd cleaning. Pipo have taken advantage of the weak legal system. I dont understand how I caught can make a ruling and say the authorities should take the decision. Courts have final say in a community. At last some judges have started doing their work. Last week a ruling was passed in Ndola where the MMD candidate his case was thrown out with costs. Exactly this what they happen. No the hand those who found guilty are not given a second chance to stand.

  46. #52 MMD or the PIG has no grip on information desermination. They dont have a propaganda machinary. People dont believe in what comes out of ZNBC. if they had a choice they wouldnt even tune in to ZNBC news. As an objective person, i must admit that LPM has done a fantastic job on the economy. This may be a coincidence but we can all see the results. Since FTJ era GRZ has failed to win peoples confidence in the area of information. We have two extrems in the country. The Post survives on negative publicity and ZNBC is considered MMD’s mouth piece. As a people we dont have a source of balanced news. We are forced to make decisions based on bogus news. Look at the keep Z clean campaign. Its a good idea but you have to form structures 1. to implement the program 2. a PR structure to constantly inform ppl on progress. But you cant just come out and make pronouncements and disappear. If LPM can invest in his PR depertment, i’m sure ppl would have a far more favourable view of him.

  47. Lusaka July 25th, President Levy Mwanawasa has sent a message of condolences to former first republican president Dr.Kenneth Kaunda on the death of his grandson Zunda Banda who passed away in Harare, Zimbabwe. This is contained in a statement signed by President Mwanawasa’s special assistant for press and public relations John Musukuma and made available to ZANIS this evening. In his message President Mwanawawsa said: “I have learnt with a deep sense of shock of the untimely death of your dear grandson, Zunda Banda, son to James and Musata. On behalf of the Government, the people of Zambia and indeed my own behalf, please accept our deepest sympathies on this tragic loss. “As you endure this sad and difficult times, please accept my deepest and heartfelt condolences . The loss of a youthful life so close to one is deverseting, but as you mourn your dearest grandson, be assured that James and Musata indeed, yourself and madam Kaunda and your entire family will

  48. be in our prayers as we commit you all to the Lord’s providence,” he said. “Kindly convey these sympathies to Mr. and Mrs. Banda,” he added.

  49. Sage(54),the PIG is a complex,conniving and a very slippery customer.You think they don’t know people hardly pay attention to ZNBC.When they de-campaigned the opposition you think they did this solely thru the media?? Beware of those party functionaries at grassroot level…they are there for a purpose.Whenever the District Commisioner is out in the villages of Chadiza or Nchelenge are ZNBC,Times of Zambia or Daily Mail there?? Why do you think the opposition is intimidated by those 150 vehicles MMD dubiously is not the vehicle that is the issue but what it makes possible….remote and targeted travel!!Don’t under estimate a sitting PIG and the resources at its disposal.In the last election before the rural votes came in who was leading??Bwana, muzipasa boma ulemu pali machinery yo ipisisa ika uka osadabwa ma gymnastics yamu ma politics!

  50. #57.THE ORIGINAL PUNDIT.I should admit that I didn`t take SATA seriously but viewed him differently after he amassed that kind of support in the 2006 elections.What he did is something that lacks in our current crop of politicians.After losing the 2001 elections he went out and mingled with the electorate at grassroot level and as a result connected with them.Love him or hate him,his simplistic message resonates well with the general public.This is something that LPM has failed to understand as evidenced by his complaint in Livingstone that despite what his gov has done no one seems to appreciate.You can imagine LPM failing to utilise the state machinery at his disposal to deserminate the positives he`s scored.That`s why I think that 2011 elections will be free for all and someone FRESH might have a huge chance if they started farmiliarising themselves with the public now.If it was MAN CHILU or SATA that was sitting on such success LPM has found himself on,it was gona to be a done deal

  51. Talking politics Sage I beg to differ with you and I do not Know the factors that you are using to arrive on the conclusion that the only thing standing between Sata and plot 1 is Levy.One thing for sure is that we are talking Africa,Levy will play a very big role in who become the next president and we know the relationship between the 2.It will be a miracle for sata to overcome the odd in his way to plot 1 just like it was difficult 2006.Somewhere you have said we do not have balance desermination of info and all the trusted media outlet available are not in his favour therefore he will not reach mane pipo.he managed to coordinate CB because its easy and pipo are moving.I do not think its too early to speculate 2011 because the process will enlight us before we make up our minds.I will tell u what I think the last neil on satas politicle career will be 2011.

  52. What a Hypocrite we have at plot 1!! Yesterday was KK was that Chap(sound desrespect) today he is in ur prayers (with crocodile tears). Uncle Chuchu pls takeni akasanga mu linso.

  53. Chapi(58),Sata mixed well with the urban masses and nobody disputes that…but are you aware what false promises he kept on giving at his mass rallys.It was so easy to discredit him when the next party passed through becoz he was taking people for fools and his promises where not reasonable.He used the same tactic in the rural areas and they have heard his type of nonsense before and being conservative they didn’t buy his spiel and voted the other way!!Smooth talkers have it easy in the urban areas but have a torrid time in the rural parts of the country which make up the majority.Liberal type politics don’t work in traditionally conservative areas and this holds true in most mature democracies.smooth talking candidates are going to have a tough time after our FTJ experience!!

  54. #61 THE ORIGINAL PUNDIT.This now drives me to the point that I`ve always making about the need to have FRESH blood.It is therefore important that enlightened individuals need to step up and answer this serious call mother Zambia is giving.When we look at the caliber of our Legislature such as the Willie Nsanda`s,Sejani`s or the Malyata`s,it definately unsettles ones conscious to realise that future of our nation is left in such hands.PRAGMATIST echored similar sentiments the other day about the need for a new generation of politics.If you follow USA politics something similar is taking place.People are tired of the WASHINGTON type of politics(it`s always been done this way kind of politics).Barack Obama the largest fundraiser amongst all presidential candidates is standing on a platform of a new generation of politics.Expecting radical changes such as having computerised national data base,good health care,freeways,no blackouts etc will merely be a pipedream with the current crop of MP

  55. BaChapi(62),making this comment has proved very difficult because i agree with every line in your contribution!! New generation politics and politicians is indeed the only way forward.

  56. #63 The Original Pundit, You are fringing the Bill of rights on the old people. You mean if you become old then you can hold an office any more. Look at our village headmen and chiefs, Scientists, economics like Friedman they have been work until there death. You destroy society by this kind of think. In case if you are to live longer one day you will become an old man too. You want the youngs to handle you with M-Factor. Tell how old is the President of Italy and Senegal? As much as we want to take over leadership it must be done in agood manner to facility continuation. How old is Nelson Mandela those who want learn and get wise they still consult him. Ask youself how old are senaters in the USA. These are cheap politics and they bring generation conflicts remember these old people you disrespect have the wealth.

  57. BaEasy(64),i’m not advocating permanent retirement of the old guard,I’m agreeing to a breath of fresh air in politics.Younger people are more flexible,adaptable and innovative.Senility comes with age as does stubborness and being stereotyped.A younger Mugabe would have adapted and their problems would be different.A younger Mobutu or Kamuzu would have avoided the messes they created.A young Gaddaffi turned around Libya, the mature one is now looking for younger blood to carry on the adaptation of the country to the modern day challenges.The old guard are there for advise not to be at the helm of development.KK and UNIP couldn’t assimilate globalisation and plunged us into near ruin. it took a “young” MMD to begin the program of rescue(still on going!!).Cobra talks at rallies like he is talking to marketeers of the UNIP era…marketeers of today blog,travel across continents for their wares,have degrees/diplomas and are not easily fooled by cheap politicking.

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