UPND salutes Dr. Mwanawasa for honourary law degree bestowed on him


The United Party for Development (UPND) has congratulated President Levy Mwanawasa for the doctorate degree in law bestowed on him by the Harding University in recognition of his outstanding performance as a lawyer over the past years.

Party chairperson for Publicity and Information Charles Kakoma, in a statement
released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, said the UPND is of the view that the honour is
not only in recognition of the president’s personal efforts but is an honour to all

Mr Kakoma said the UPND would like to encourage Dr. Mwanawasa to use the honour as
an ingredient to help smoothen the constitution making process and the intire
political and economic governance of the country.

Meanwhile, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said he is humbled and encouraged
to that some UPND founder member who had left the party after the general assembly
have continued to come back to the party.

Mr Hachilema was speaking when he welcomed Mr Sibote Sibote, who has resigned from
the United Liberal Party (ULP) to re-join the UPND. Mr. Sibote was ULP National
chairman for Culture and Arts

He said that UPND stands ready to accommodate everyone to have concerted efforts to
create a better Zambia for all.

Mr Hachilema reiterated his personal hope that UPND will greatly benefit from Mr
Sibeto’s abilities and vast political experienced as founder member of UPND.

Mr Hichilema urged those remaining outside and indeed all other Zambians to take a
deep moment of reflection about the country’s economic malaise that only in unity
can Zambians effectively achieve her social economic goals.


  1. This is not a national achievement that should call for a party to send words of complement. I would be very happy to congratulate the president as an individual. The degree has been bestowed on him because of his performance as a lawyer.

  2. Sir, this is overdue, where is unza and university of malawi? Malawi should be reminded that they shouldnt have stopped with kafupi, or did he pay them, sir?

  3. I hate to spoil the party honourable members (or is it dishourable members?). It will be interesting to see if LPM will follow KK and Chiluba in using the ‘Doctor’ title. In my experience, only the intellectually challenged do that. As has already been mentioned, Clinton, Mandela and numerous others have been awarded these degrees, but they do not use the title because it is frankly embarrassing.

  4. In bemba we say that “Ubufume bu cindika u bwine” this can be directly translated as “Kingship begets respect for its self” This goes to all those who want to call LPM Dr or not. Most academic and military honors goes with us in life or death. When he become state counsel no one reacted negatively but now because of his honor you want to lower him down! Remember you cannot be saved in ignorance. Another bemba proverb says “Ako usulile ekopa noko” which translates “The man whom you look down upon can be you step dad.” I love this sayings for they are applicable to all life’s situations.

  5. Those shunning NCC are political cannibals – Mpombo
    By Mwala Kalaluka, Edwin Mbulo, Gillian Namungala and Bivan Sal: Saturday September 29, 2007 [21:01]
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    Article image
    DEFENCE minister George Mpombo
    DEFENCE minister George Mpombo has accused people shunning the constitution-making process of practising political cannibalism.

    And Southern Province MMD chairman Daniel Munkombwe has said anyone against the decision taken by the Law Association of Zambia to participate in the National Constitution Conference (NCC) risks being irrelevant.

    Officiating at the celebration to mark 30 years of senior chief Inyambo Yeta’s reign in Mwandi yesterday, Mpombo said those few Zambians exhibiting political cannibalism over the constitution-making process will not succeed.

    Mpombo called on all Zambians to get on board NCC and resolve issues in the constitution-making process.

    He said it was wrong for a few Zambians to perpetuate a game of deception that it was only them that were qualified to speak on behalf of everybody over the constitution.

    “Time for empty political rhetoric is over. We can’t build this country using political rhetoric. Those who think they have an axe to grind and they want to use the constitution-making process as a conduit to do so will not go anywhere,” Mpombo said.

    He said some Zambians liked jumping to conclusions before getting facts and that such tendencies were a psychological illness.

    He said the government was very much aware of chief Inyambo’s immense contribution to good governance and the constitution making process. Mpombo urged people to take leaf from him and unite over the constitution.

    He said chief Inyambo had created a process of dialogue on the constitution-making process through his participation in the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) as vice chairperson.

    “We are urging Zambians to come together and effectively participate in the constitution-making process. I am urging those involved in political cannibalism to stop doing so and come forward,” Mpombo said.

    And Munkombwe, in an interview yesterday, said the decision by LAZ to participate in the NCC should be commended.

    Munkombwe said lawyers and politicians could not be ignored in the constitution making process.

    He said those that would oppose any person or organisation that wanted to participate in the NCC risked simply being ignored.

    “What the lawyers have decided is a good thing as lawyers just like politicians cannot be ignored in the constitutional making,” he said.

    Munkombwe explained that an attempt to boycott the London constitution meeting in 1963 was made but that this failed as Dr Kenneth Kaunda, late Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and others decided to attend the meeting.

    “During the liberation struggle some of us thought going to London for the constitution talks was a waste of time. Dr Kaunda and the late Nkumbula who had a bold and liberal mind went to the constitution talks and today we have independence,” he said.

    Munkombwe said the participation of various stakeholders in the NCC would enable them to express their views on issues of the constitution.

    “When you participate and manage to neutralise your opposition you get your intended goals, but when you stay away you don’t get a chance to even be heard,” he said.

    Munkombwe said he was surprised at Heritage Party president Brigadier General Godfrey Miranda’s calls for the LAZ to stand against political forces.

    “How relevant is he to the political system for him to call for LAZ to stand against the political system? The political system cannot be ignored in any decision-making process especially one as serious as that of making a national constitution. Doing so would be folly,” he said.

    Brig Gen Miyanda last week reminded LAZ that lawyers faced the challenge of demonstrating that they were above partisan politics and defend the rights of citizens at all costs.

    Academician John Mwanakatwe was quoted as having urged lawyers not to participate in the NCC under the current NCC Act.

    And home affairs minister Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha commended LAZ for resolving to take part in the constitution-making process.

    Lt Gen Shikapwasha, in Kabwe, said there was need for stakeholders to be involved in the NCC if Zambia was to have a people-driven constitution.

    “It is by working together that we will be able to put in place a good constitution,” he noted.

    “The decision that LAZ has made is good because by staying away from the NCC they could have lost out, you cannot fight a battle outside the ring. Even Jesus had to come down on earth and die in order to save us. So no one can win a battle from outside.”
    Lt Gen Shikapwasha has since appealed to the Oasis Forum to rescind its decision to stay away from the NCC.

    “My appeal to those who want to stay away from the NCC is to rescind their decision and be part of it because you can only win if you fight from inside,” said Lt Gen Shikapwasha.

    But during the extra-ordinary meeting in Lusaka on Friday, former LAZ president William Mweemba said there were issues of concern with the provisions of the NCC Act, 2007.

    Mweemba said the provisions had maintained the two-part approach to the constitution review process, which was undesirable because it had been tried before and resulted in the manipulation of the process by the executive.

    He said while the Mung’omba CRC recommended that the current constitution be repealed and replaced and that the new constitution be adopted by a constituent assembly, followed by a national referendum, the NCC Act provided for adopting of even part of the draft constitution.

    “This piecemeal approach to constitution reform is what the people of Zambia want to avoid because this has happened before and the country has ended up with a constitution which calls for a review just after a short period of time,” he said.

    Mweemba said the NCC Act consistently made reference to altering the constitution as opposed to repealing and replacing the current constitution Sections 22(5) and 25(3).

    He said LAZ’s proposal that the composition of the NCC should follow the composition of members as recommended by Mung’omba CRC had been ignored.

    “The perception that the composition of the members of the National Constitutional Conference have been designed so as to give politicians and the executive arm of government an inbuilt majority is very much there,” he said.

    Mweemba said the decision by LAZ on participation in NCC should be based on principles and not desire to further narrow, selfish and transient interests of certain sections of the Zambian society.

    LAZ had earlier on said it would not participant in the enactment of the constitution after the NCC bill was approved.

    However, on Friday LAZ voted in favour of participating in the NCC.
    In a statement after the meeting that was held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, LAZ president Elijah Banda announced that his association had voted in favour of participating in the NCC.

    However, Banda said LAZ would remain a constituent member of the Oasis Forum.

    Oasis Forum has already indicated that it will not participate in the NCC.

  6. These Doctorate degrees, awe shuwa twa vutika. Soon it will be Satanyina Mulenga Dyonko Zondwe bestowed with a Doctorate in the art of sansamucation and Hullucinations

  7. Soon it will also be Valentine Kayope installed with a doctorate in “Kayopering”, a.k.a. sleeping in parliament and Kalumba Katele bestowed with yet another Phd by the University of harzadous magic in the science of “disappearing behing tiny bushes”. Sikota Wina and his wife will receive a joint doctorate in “Mandrax specialisation tactics” While the ever green Vernon Johnson Mwaanga is in for a Phd award in “Kulya mabelo”

  8. Abena Xavier Chungu, elyo ati lunye lwakwa Levy bebele. When he was fleeing from prosecution, he thought the long arm of the law would not catch up with him. I still recall him “kulimonesha ta” in Portugal vowing he will support Sata for president to unseat “Dr HARDing Muwelewele. Now, ha! The kamucheka was chabechabe is broke and wants asylum from RENAMO rebels. We’ll see, its just a matter of time before he arrives back on Zambian soils,in chains. And this time NO BAIL ka! Uza mbokaila like what you did to Dean, Nakatindi and countless other people.

  9. I hear he was holed up in Katanga but fled becauseof an outbreak of ebola. We shoukd be careful, when he is brought back, he should be put in complete solitary confinement lest he spreads Katangese ebola in Zambia. We dont want Katangese sicknesses here in Zambia, the new kaca of stealing disease Chiluba planted nearly destroyed this country.

  10. The world is a little too small nowadays, it was just a matter of time for Xavier. He really would have love his collegue Sata to take over a year ago, by now he could have been enjoying his riches in again, laughing at Zambians.

  11. Mwamona nomba ba Chungu today maybe you would have been free under the progressive of mercy. Zambians are peace loving and they can forgive.

  12. Like most of us stuck in blogs of wierd promises in defeat of the MMD, Ba Chungu is a casualty. Presido Sata indoctrinated us with false hopes in 2006. Ba Chungu failed prey to those lies of Presido Sata.Fighting the Government is a nightmare. Government has too many hands and active eyes world wide to choke and deflate perceived nuisances.

  13. I have found the article below in current issue of Money Magazine worth sharing.Hope someone learns from it.

    September 25, 2007
    Tracy and David Seims
    Ages: 41 and 43
    * Amass a seven-figure net worth
    * Fund college for their two kids
    * Retire in their early sixties
    * $300,000 in retirement accounts
    * $200,000 in home equity
    * $175,000 in business equity
    * $67,000 in savings accounts
    Growing up working class near St. Louis, Tracy and David Seim hoped that education and hard work would turn them into millionaires by age 40. Well, almost. Now 41 and 43, respectively, they have a net worth just shy of $750,000 – not a mill, but a very respectable sum. Still, measuring themselves against their more free-spending friends, the Seims don’t feel flush. They wonder if they’ll be able to afford college for Gabi, 13, and Gracie, 9, a comfortable retirement and, as Tracy puts it, “some fun along the way.”
    The couple, who run a small company that sells industrial fasteners and other supplies, paid themselves $103,000 last year. They have no credit-card debt, have lived in the same house (worth about $300,000) for 14 years and don’t drive fancy cars. They’re so frugal compared with certain friends, in fact, that they wonder if they’re missing something. “Everybody’s passing us by,” Tracy says. “What are we doing wrong?”
    Where They Are Now
    The Seims have a total of $300,000 in retirement accounts, and they max out their Simple IRAs, adding $10,500 each last year. They’ve also been diligently salting away money for their daughters’ education – $52,000 so far, stashed mostly in custodial UTMA (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act) accounts, to which they added $1,200 in 2006. They also have about $15,000 in bank CDs.
    Like most investors, Tracy and David had some setbacks. At the advice of a financial planner, they invested a rollover 401(k) from David’s previous job as a salesman into individual stocks. That was in 2000, right before the market tanked; the account lost more than a third of its value. The Seims have since switched advisers, moved their stash into blue-chip mutual funds and recovered most of their losses. “The only one who made any money was the adviser,” David laments.
    What They Should Do
    The Seims’ financial situation isn’t nearly as bad as they seem to think, says Jim Reding, a financial planner at Paradigm Wealth Advisors in Des Peres, Mo. College and a comfortable retirement on a seven-figure nest egg are well within their grasp, as long as they take some practical steps now.
    Fix the investment mix. The fact that they no longer hold individual stocks doesn’t mean the Seims are diversified. To avoid ups and downs and maximize returns, Reding recommends that they add funds that hold foreign stocks, mid-size growth stocks and a few other asset classes. What’s more, between the 1 percent annual fee they pay their current financial adviser and the expense ratios on the funds they own (some top 2 percent), David and Tracy are shelling out way too much. Switching to funds with lower costs would wring more profit from their portfolio.
    Make college savings work harder. Reding suggests that the couple open 529 plans and put new savings there. The money will grow tax deferred, and the Seims will get a state income tax deduction. To cover 75 percent of projected tuition costs, the Seims should ramp up their current rate of saving to $235 a month for Gabi and $289 a month for Gracie.
    Don’t judge progress by looking at other people’s stuff. Just because a neighbor owns a vacation house or drives a Jaguar doesn’t mean he’s smarter with his money: He may be living scarily above his means. The Seims need to stick to their own plan and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Assuming they make the changes that Reding suggests – including increasing their retirement saving by 3 percent a year – he predicts that the couple’s net worth will hit the $1 million mark within a decade.
    –By Yuval Rosenberg. This article appears in the October issue of Money Magazine.
    Are you a millionaire in the making?

  14. Yesterday on MOBI TV main news Mr Micheal Sata was shown saying he will not recognise the Honorary doctorate bestowed on Mwanawasa because the “Ka ma University that conferred it on him is a backsteet University like CBU “.

    I wonder what professional qualifications Micheal Sata has to denigrate CBU or indeed the University which conferred Mwanawasa with a hon Doctorate. I wonder has Sata ever seen the inside of University lecture theatre?.

  15. Ba Easy my Brother

    Kindly fill me in on News regarding Xavia Chungu. I must have missed the main story . Im just reading snippets from contributors on the blog.What is the latest ?.

  16. Ba Wanzelu(25),imagine how it feels to be prancing around seeking asylum and not being able to live a normal life.The poor chap may have “some” money but having to look over your shoulder all the time must be hell !!For a while, being on the run must be exciting but i’m sure it soon wears off and all you want is just to go home.Being constantly in fear and on the run is a heavy price to pay don’t you think ??What use is all the “kobili” if you cannot spend it with your friends and family??

  17. Like many of us stuck in blogs on motivation of weird promises in advent of the demise of the MMD from power in 2006, Ba Chungu is a casualty of his own poor analysis.He could have applied his collective skills to interpret political dynamics and the MMD lifeline on the Zambian political scene. Unfortunately the poor chap bought himself into tribal politics in unfounded hope of the end of MMD era.

    Presido Sata a police constable who has indoctrinated some of us here, managed also to brainwash Chungu’s secrete service head with false hopes for victory in 2006. Its embarrassing and painful that Ba Chungu failed prey to those lies of Presido Sata.

    Fighting the Government is a big nightmare. GRZ has too many active hands and eyes world wide to choke and deflate perceived nuisances.Today Chungu has lost all his houses,a wife with children stranded without parental guidance.His years in hiding will prove a toll on kids.He risks ending up with failed kids. Times are bad to desert kids.

  18. Like many of us stuck in blogs on motivation of weird promises in hope of the demise of the MMD in 2006 which never materialised,

  19. Putin to head party election list
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced he will head the list of a pro-Kremlin party in the State Duma election this December.

    Mr Putin, who must leave office as president next year, said suggestions he might seek to become Russian prime minister were “entirely realistic”.

    He told a congress of United Russia that he would head the list though not actually join the party.

    By being on the list he is guaranteed a seat in the next parliament.

    Mr Putin is barred from running for a third consecutive term as president by the constitution but could return at a later date.

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