Kambwili stands up to Sata


Go to fullsize imagePatriotic Front (PF) Roan Member of Parliament, Chishimba Kambwili, says he will not boycott the National Constitution Conference (NCC) as directed by party leader, Micheal Sata.

Mr. Kambwili said he is bound by the collective responsibility of Parliament to participate and insisted he would not disappoint his representatives.

He accused Mr. Sata of misdirected himself, when he ordered all PF MPs to boycott the NCC because the directive was not made in the interest of the electorates.

Mr. Kambwili said this, when he officially opened Calvary Baptist Church in Mpatamatu township in Luanshya.

He also appealed to the Oasis Forum to reconsider the stance taken to boycott the NCC.


  1. #1 ethics matter grossly here,what is the PF code of conduct as regarding extra curriculum? David Cameron is having difficulties by going astray with his old Torries beliefs, Kambwili must check his trousers before doing the opposite, his books is growing, supporting police brutality against innocent nurses, fighting with Chimumbwa in Parley, now its his book… wafwa wapya munzi

  2. kambwili is useless, i don’t even know how a good party like PF picked on him.He’s a thug supporting brutality against innocent nurses and he’s an MP, what leaders we have in our country!!!!!!!!!!! he should just come out in the open like chimumbwa and resign if he thinks he’s popular in luanshya and recontest

  3. I will reiterate the need for bloggers to be able to separate issues. and MP has a mandate to represent the people who voted for him first and there after serve is political masters. There are 2 separate invitations for represenation on NCC. One is to politicall parties this does not include MPs this is intended to broaden political parties involvement in the NCC. The other invitation is for MPs. by virtual of being an MP you are part of the NCC wether you sit on the commette or not. The Right Honourable MC Sata can refuse to nominate PF members to the NCC, But he can NOT stop or prevent Mps duely elected by people to sit on the NCC committee. MPs participation in the NCC was sealed when the bill was passed into law by the MPs. We can argue about wether or not Sata will allow his PF members to serve on the committee. An MP refusing to sit on the NCC is tantamount to refusing to sit in parliament. they should learn to negotiate without causing unnecesary animocity.

  4. I am appointing Dishonourable Kambwili as Minister of Propaganda and Irrelevance to be assisted by Mulooooongoti.

  5. Dr C #6,7 please also consider our main man Sata for Min of education, he has just called CBU a cheap university, he might proove to be an asset in calling a spade a spade…

  6. #8 SATA is a disgrace to society and I`ll make sure I finish his party of Plain Fools(PF) by appointing his MP`s as ministers.

  7. Iwe ka Sikatali stop correcting what I just said because you`re the one that has mental lapses and therefore you`re fired on Health grounds.

  8. From The Sunday TimesSeptember 23, 2007

    Why pick on Mugabe when Africa is teeming with tyrants?Rod Liddle
    On the face of it, Gordon Brown’s determination to boycott the Europe-Africa summit if Robert Mugabe is invited, seems thoroughly decent and principled. The meeting, due to be held in the sort of halfway house of Portugal, would not be a very agreeable affair even without Zimbabwe’s Big Bob; a few days of European leaders being blackmailed for money by a bunch of unscrupulous thugs and culminating in some ghastly, cringing statement of apology from whitey for slavery, or colonialism, or not letting Egypt into the Eurovision Song Contest.

    But given our official disgust at Mugabe’s regime, Brown surely cannot go; he will have to send a suitably down-market underling. I suggest Margaret Beckett.

    There’s a bit of truth, too, in the allegation that the prime minister has attempted to “multilateralise” our problems with Zimbabwe and has unfairly singled Mugabe out for special opprobrium.

    This point has been made by the president of neighbouring Zambia, Levy Mwanawasa, and he knows well of what he speaks. His own “election” to high office in 2002 was, of course, rigged, according to independent observers.

    His party – called, hilariously, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy – apparently used vast sums of state cash in its electioneering and happily tampered with the ballot boxes.

    Since the election, Amnesty International report that there is “widespread harassment and intimidation of people perceived to be critical of the government” as well as continual and flagrant abuses of human rights, opposition leaders peremptorily locked up and plenty of beatings from the police for anyone who steps out of line.

    Meanwhile, some 75% of Levy’s benighted subjects live in what the United Nations describes as “absolute poverty”, on less than a dollar per day. Cheated in elections, beaten by the police and starved. You can understand Mwanawasa’s genuine puzzlement: just what is it, exactly, that Mugabe is doing that’s so wrong?

    Indeed, according to Amnesty International, Zimbabwe does not figure in the top 10 of African countries for what it calls “horrendous” human rights abuses; it comes instead towards the top of the second division for unlawful detentions, beatings, torture and executions. According to Amnesty, there are at least 24 other African countries in which, like Zimbabwe, freedom of expression simply does not exist and there are none at all where it is entirely free and untrammelled.

    And all is not exactly rosy in Nelson Mandela’s South Africa, where the white liberals who fought for the overthrow of apartheid are now getting the hell out as quickly as they can.

    It is true that with an inflation rate of a commendable 7,500%, Zimbabwe punches slightly above its weight in the great African league of staggering economic incompetence. But that alone should not be enough to cast the country as a terrible anomaly. It is anything but: it is, if we’re honest, entirely typical.

    If Robert Mugabe has his invitation withdrawn, the European leaders will still be sitting down for talks with megalomaniac and corrupt bullies, tyrants, despots, criminals and purblind Marxist ideologues, a substantial proportion of whom will depart office having fleeced their country of every last penny they can lay their hands on.

    Never mind worrying about Big Bob – just stay at home, Gordon

  9. Dictatorship is a lifeline of Sata. In his confusion there are no separation of powers. MPs are free to exercise their constitutional jurisdictions. So all you PF cadres are going to call every independent and rational PF legislature resisting Sata’s irrational dictatorial orders foolish? Don’t you know that by 2009 PF will remain with Peter Machungwa the ZK 2 billion briefcase state funds launder and kasama MP Chishimba, Mandevu PM kapata and Guy Scott for leakage purposes? All those have no where to go on the scene. Scott is well useable with full knowledge of who keeps his businesses floating There are mass defections of PF councilors across the country with Luapula taking the toll.Given Lupita is a useful seed of perpetuating sata’s dictatorship before Zambians before denting him and resigning.

  10. #12 FACT.Well done young man for exposing SATA and his PF which is in total disaray.Be careful not to mention the vacant VP in MMD and how Pastor Mumba was expelled from the Movement of Minions and Demons(MMD) because he tried to challenge NTAMBALUKUTA.Don`t even touch on the issue of the 150 vehicles we bought using stollen public funds.

  11. It is a given worldwide that if you can’t tow the party line you are out of the caucus. Kambwili should be thrown out regardless of what he believes in. Look at how the HP MPs used Miyanda, now some of them are in court i.e. Nyirongo.

    For immediate release
    RWANDA :
    Rusumo (Rwanda), September 28th 2007 (GLAC) – The mobilization against the regime of Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, keeps gaining ground among important personalities of Zimbabwe while Rwanda coordinates the training of the mercenaries who are getting ready to launch the war in that country.

  13. During the second week of September 2007, eight spies (four Rwandese, two Ugandans and two Malawians) lead a reconnaissance mission to the South-East region of Zimbabwe to take information and study the feasibility in order to identify the proper region to launch the war. Those spies who were met by Zimbabwean traitors, covered Bulawayo, Matobo, Shurugwi, Zvishavane and Masvingo before returning safely to Rwanda.
    According to the sources of Grands-Lacs Confidentiel in Tanzania, as we send this Press Release, other spies are still in Malawi studying how to enter Zimbabwe where they plan to conduct some information missions in the Northern region of the Country.

  14. At the pace of those events, Robert Mugabe’s survival seems to be tightening. Robert Mugabe was described by one British participant to the negotiations of the Lancaster House as being very clever, cunning, and a high level strategist. The initial plan aims at trying to eliminate President Mugabe physically. The war would be launched if this option fails.
    The sources of Grands-Lacs Confidentiel in the region of Rusumo specify that the weapons’ hiding places are ready in some regions of Zimbabwe, as preparation for the coming war.

  15. If everything goes as planned, the supply base for the North West front will be situated in Zambia while the supply base for the North East front will be located in Mozambique. This attack of Northern Zimbabwe will be carried mostly by Rwandese and Ugandan mercenaries. The attack of the Southern Region will be done by the rest of the mercenaries (Zimbabweans, Malawians, some Zambians as well) from Botswana.
    Early in September, the Rwandan president Paul Kagame visited Malawi. To cover Zimbabwean curiosity about the visit, the Presidency of Malawi claimed that Paul Kagame came to Malawi to inaugurate a road that was named after him.

  16. Paul Kagame officially inaugurated a 3.6 kilometer long highway in the region of Lilongwe. The road that was named Chilambula has been renamed Paul Kagame Road. The inauguration was just powder in the eyes of the public. The true reason for Paul Kagame’s trip to Malawi was to discuss with the president of Malawi, Doctor Bingu Wa Mutharika, feasibilities, possibilities and the options to consider in order to launch a successful war that must drown Zimbabwe in a blood bath. As for Iraq, where the excuse for the war was to overthrow Saddam Hussein, and for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it was to overthrow Mobutu, those two countries went to hell for believing that their salvation would come from Western Countries.

  17. The sources of Grands-Lacs Confidentiel specify that the countries implicated in the preparation of the war against Zimbabwe are: England, Portugal, the United States, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda.
    Grands-Lacs Confidentiel also learnt that the United States government sent to Rwanda a special emissary in charge of what it now coded as “Zim-File”, the file on the war in Zimbabwe. The American emissary might have visited the training camp located in Rusumo at the border between Rwanda and Tanzania.

  18. According to the reliable sources of Grands-Lacs Confidentiel in Rwanda’s capital city, the Bush administration wants to finish up with Robert Mugabe before the end of George Bush’s mandate at the White House in 2008. There seems to be an American tradition to end up mandates at the White House. Didn’t the assassination of Laurent-Désiré Kabila coincide with the last days of Bill Clinton’s presidential mandate? Let’s remember that on January 17th 1961 when the leader of Congo’s independence, Patrice Emery Lumumba was assassinated, on that same day, the American President Dwight Einsenhower was pronouncing his famous good bye speech to the American Nation about the « Military-Industrial Complex », see the link:

  19. Bwana KC Canada (15),
    The question is are you prepared to expel every dissenting member considering that a lot of MPs and Councilors i hear are set to challenge and resist the unabated Dictatorship and lies of your boss ba Sata? Watch the space as momentum mounts for intra- party democracy and rule of law in PF. There is a wide and deep call for a convention in PF which your boss’s allergy to competitive elections has resisted for 7 straight years now. People with political efficacy have seen dangerous dictatorship in that absolutist political careerist Sata whose place in politics has no marginal benefit.

  20. sorry link could not go through!
    In Zimbabwe, important personalities are joining little by little the opposition that spares no effort to meet its objectives. Among the important personalities who have now joined the enemies of Zimbabwe, there are four Colonels, two Governors, a General, a former Minister in the Mugabe Government, two Ministers of the present Zimbabwean government, two Bishops, six Priests and four Members of Parliament.
    According to a diplomatic source in Kigali, the decision to overthrow Robert Mugabe is not due to the fact that he remained in power for a long time or that he is a dictator. « Mugabe is not the only African dictator, should we call him so. Several dictators in the World eat at the White House, at 10 Downing Street in London, in Paris, Berlin etc.»

  21. The diplomat believes that the origin of the Western Powers’ hatred against President Robert Mugabe is found in what he termed as “Robert Mugabe’s three mortal sins”:
    The expropriation of the white colonizers from the land they stole by force from Zimbabwean natives. This sin annoys imperialist powers, especially England and the United States who find it unacceptable and blame Mugabe for insulting them.

  22. The intervention of the Zimbabwean army in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in order to help Laurent-Désiré Kabila to stop the invasion of the Congo by the Rwandese Patriotic Army . Their agenda was to divide the Congo and open it to the unlimited looting of the Western multinational companies. The failure of the initial plan for the DRC is, according to the mining conglomerates and Paul Kagame himself, an unforgivable action attributed to Robert Mugabe. The President of Rwanda is hoping to settle accounts with Robert Mugabe, thanks to the western support in the recruiting and training of mercenaries in Rusumo.

  23. 2.
    3. Mugabe is an indomitable leader. He is one of the staunch defenders of the Black man’s mental emancipation. Far from being an “obedient pupil of the Western Powers”, he is able to say no in front of anybody, and does not hesitate to do so when necessary.
    Having one of the best African armies and a high level of intelligence service it has been impossible to get rid of Robert Mugabe. In order to galvanize the Zimbabweans’ hatred against their leader, Western powers imposed economic sanctions on Zimbabwe. This seems effective since this situation plunged the population into poverty and makes it turn against President Robert Mugabe. It is very difficult for Zimbabweans to realize the Western Game against them as they are struggling with poverty and unemployment.

  24. We present below our article dated 21 July 2007, published in GLAC 17, about the same revelations.
    2. RWANDA :
    Kigali, Rwanda, July 21st 2007 (GLAC) – A group of two thousand Zimbabwean recruits from the opposition is being trained in Rwanda to prepare a war aiming at ending the regime of Robert Mugabe, President and leader of the independence of Zimbabwe since 1980.
    -mail: [email protected]

  25. This group consists in majority of young Zimbabweans and of a few hundreds of young men from neighbouring Malawi. Trainings take place daily in a region at the border between Rwanda and Tanzania, under the command of Rwandese and Ugandan officers supervised by American and British instructors. During their training, those youths who swear by the head of Robert Mugabe will also have instructors coming from the American bases in Kenya and from the Camp Lemonier American base in Djibouti, in particular, instructors from the 6th Provisional Security Company (PSC).

  26. Officers who supervise those trainings send messengers to the eastern Congo in order to secretly recruit other youths who will go and help, after their training, to throw out Robert Mugabe. Those Congolese would then come back to the Congo to make a coup and take the power.
    Paul Kagame spares no effort to widen the network that will support him in his struggle to take control of the Congo. Recruiters promise to pay a salary of four hundred dollars per week during the whole training period.

  27. PF to meet over NCC
    By Bivan Saluseki and Nomusa Michelo: Monday October 01, 2007 [21:00]
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    Opposition Patriotic Front will this week convene an extra-ordinary full central committee meeting to decide if its members of parliament can participate in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

    Meanwhile, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Bishop Paul Mususu has called on civil society organisations to continue mounting pressure on the government to withdraw the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) Act.

    The meeting has been slated for this Saturday, October 6.
    The party’s secretary general Edward Mumbi yesterday confirmed that the meeting would resolve the issue of members of parliament’s participation or non-participation in the NCC.

    “As at now, PF is not participating in the NCC process so even those sponsored by the party will not participate,” he warned.

    Currently, there are reported pockets of resistance from some PF members of parliament who want to defy the party’s ban on participation in the NCC process.

    But Mumbi said the issue would be resolved at the meeting but for now, everyone was bound by the party’s decision.
    He said the government had not listened to major stakeholders, which included civil society.

    “The Constitution does not belong to politicians only. The Zambian populace has not been given an opportunity to participate,” said Mumbi.

    And Bishop Mususu said it is not too late to continue mounting pressure on government over the NCC.

    “This may be different from the boycotting of the CRC (Constitution Review Commission). What is at stake for government is an illegitimate product. Something that people will not respect, is that worth spending money on? he asked.

    “So we feel that we need to pressurise government even now, it is not too late. I’m sure President (Levy) Mwanawasa within his means and rights and also for his sake and benefit will withdraw the NCC law and we can try to build consensus.”

    Bishop Mususu said if the government decides to go ahead with the NCC, the country would end up amending the Constitution again.
    “We are where we are now because (former president Frederick) Chiluba didn’t listen.

    He went ahead and he would not listen,” he said. “We will end up where we are again if President Mwanawasa doesn’t listen to the people. Hopefully we have a listening president that will deliver what people want.”

    And Local Government Association of Zambia president Charles Mumena has said participation on the NCC was the best thing that had ever happened to the association.

    Welcoming Cabinet Office’s invitation for his association to nominate representatives to the NCC, Mumena yesterday said independence for local government from political machinations would only be guaranteed by adequately securing it in the constitution.

  28. Sata’s cheap propaganda
    By Editor: Monday October 01, 2007 [21:00]
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    We know Michael Sata has the propensity to twist things or certain facts to suit his selfish agenda. We also know that Sata has a soft spot for all the people accused of plunder of national resources.
    That is why we are not surprised to hear him claim that Xavier Chungu’s illegal exist from Zambia was facilitated for him by the government because he was tasked to collect evidence against former president Frederick Chiluba. But in whose interest does Sata want to twist straight facts?
    Yes, the government might have some questions to answer on how Chungu fled undetected since we are told that he was under 24-hour surveillance by security agencies. But we think that it is cheap propaganda for Sata to claim that the government deliberately allowed Chungu to escape from justice.
    We say this because Chungu has told us several times that he fled the country because he received intelligence information that there was a plot by the government to either assassinate or arrest him over some unbailable offence so he could be confined to prison walls. Chungu has very consistently maintained this position. Even when he openly supported Sata against President Levy Mwanawasa during the run-up to last year’s general elections, Chungu insisted that he wanted Levy out of State House so he could return to Zambia without fearing to be incarcerated by Levy. He said Levy had something against him, and that was why he wanted to imprison him over malicious allegations.
    In short, Chungu’s position is that he fled the country for his personal security and not to collect evidence against Chiluba from all over the world.
    Is it not a paradox, then, that a man who desperately wants to imprison Chungu at all costs can willingly facilitate his flight out of the country? Has Sata forgotten that Chungu attempted to flee before he actually managed to escape? Has he forgotten that Chungu was captured by our security agencies in Mansa in the company of his children and his late wife as he tried to run away from justice? Has Sata forgotten that a South African pilot who was hired to fly Chungu and his family out of the country from Kawambwa district told a magistrates’ court that Chungu’s partners in crime, among them Katebe Katoto, paid him US $10,000 to execute that mission? Is it surprising, then, that Chungu finally fled from justice?
    We do not think Sata is unaware of all these facts. What he is trying to do now is to deliberately mislead our people for his cheap political popularity. Sata wants to portray himself as someone who always knows something about everything. He wants to speak with such authority on every issue even when he knows little or nothing about it.
    But Sata should be reminded that no evil could triumph over truth. He can try to manipulate truth for his personal gain but truth will always prevail. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, the innocent one will always be vindicated.
    If indeed Levy wants to persecute Chungu for whatever reasons, he will be exposed for what he is. And if Chungu, on the other hand, wants to falsely accuse Levy, the truth will one day deal with him.
    Whatever the case, it cannot be denied that Chungu did some wrong things, and is afraid to account for his actions during the ten years he served as intelligence chief. If the allegations against him are malicious, why should he avoid exonerating himself before the courts of law? How can Chungu justifiably claim that the system intends to assassinate him when Chiluba, who is alleged to have stolen much more than him is freely walking the streets of Lusaka? And how can he reasonably sustain this claim when he is not the only man accused of plunder of national resources?
    The Bible says there is time for everything. Chungu and his friends had the time to do whatever they did when they had the opportunity to rule the country. Now is the time to account for everything they did during their rule. If they did nothing wrong, and they are being wrongly accused, there is no need for them to worry because the truth shall set them free.
    That is why Sata should be denounced for peddling this cheap propaganda about Chungu’s disappearance. Of course we know that Sata will seize every opportunity to defend those accused of plunder. That is why he even pledged to pardon all those accused of plunder by Levy’s government. He made a public pronouncement that as soon as he went to State House, Chungu would be heading back home to be freed from all allegations against him. He said this with no shame.
    But Sata should not think that he can deceive our people all the time. Yes, he can successfully do that sometimes but he will do well to remind himself that he will have to tell a thousand lies to defend one lie. He should also remember that lies have very short legs to stand on.
    And from his talk, we can say that it is Sata himself, and not the government, who knows more about Chungu’s illegal exit from Zambia because he is disclosing things about Chungu’s movements outside the country. He even knows about the longer route that Chungu allegedly used out of the country into the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    It is ironic that Sata is claiming Chungu went to the DRC from Zambia when Chungu has several times denied ever passing through the DRC from Zambia. Anyway, that is Sata for you.


    By Steve Schifferes

    One of the most influential figures in the world economy, former US central bank chairman Alan Greenspan, has warned that the good times are over for the world economy.
    Mr Greenspan, who played a key role in managing the US economy as head of the Federal Reserve from 1986 to 2006, says that higher interest rates and higher inflation are more likely in the future, leading to slower economic growth and lower housing and share prices.
    In a wide-ranging interview with BBC economics editor Evan Davis, he warns that the UK cannot escape from global economic pressures.
    And he says that central bank governors, including the Bank of England’s Mervyn King, face a far more difficult task in managing the economy in turbulent times.
    Why is Mr Greenspan so gloomy for the world economy?
    And why have his perceptions shifted so sharply, compared with his views when he was in charge of the Fed?
    World slowdown
    Mr Greenspan says that the outlook for the world economy over the next few years is highly uncertain.
    The most credible worst-case scenario, he says, is a recession in the US, driven by further falls in US house prices as people feel less wealthy and spend less money.
    Even in the best case, he predicts a substantial slowdown in the US, with repercussions across the globe.
    In the long-term, he predicts that higher interest rates, greater pressures on public spending, and a revival of inflation through commodity prices could lead to a less affluent future for us all.
    End of the “golden age’ ?
    In the 1990s, Mr Greenspan was one of the leading advocates of the concept of the “new economy”, which was the belief that by using new technology such as computers, businesses could raise their productivity, and thus boost economic growth, without causing inflation.
    As a result, the Fed kept interest rates low, and the US economy and stock market boomed.
    Mr Greenspan now says that two other factors kept inflation and interest rates low: the rise of China as a source of cheap goods, which reduced inflation for US and European consumers, and the global glut of savings, again from Asia, which kept interest rates low.
    But he argues that these have only given a temporary respite to the world economy, and he says that the price of Chinese goods is now beginning to rise.
    Mr Greenspan now says that globalisation was more of a double-edged sword than he once believed, leading to growing inequality of income and wealth and growing protectionist pressures, as well as more efficient allocation of resources.
    Bursting asset bubbles
    In 1996, Mr Greenspan famously warned that the stock market was suffering from ‘irrational exuberance’, but the stock market boom continued.
    And when the stock market crashed in 2000, the house price boom began, both in the US and the UK.
    Mr Greenspan now says that he was perhaps a little too cryptic in his warnings about the ‘frothy’ nature of these asset bubbles.
    But, he argues, there is little central bankers could have done to prevent asset bubbles from forming in the economy.
    He says the bubbles were a side-effect of their successful efforts to keep interest rates low.
    Even when the Fed raised short-term interest rates in 2004, the long-term money markets did not respond with higher rates, because the global downward pressures on interest rates were too strong.
    Now that the bubbles seem likely to burst, there is little bankers can do to prevent them because it all depends on human psychology.
    He says it is inevitable that house prices will fall or stabilise as global interest rates continue to rise, and he fears a sharp correction is possible.
    Limits of intervention
    Overall, Mr Greenspan – who was often characterised as the ‘Maestro’ – is now more humble about his role in shaping the world and US economy.
    He says that financial panics and reverses, like the one we are experiencing at the moment, may be inevitable, and the best that policy-makers can do may be to wait for them to finish.
    He argues, in fact, that attempts at further regulation by governments often have perverse effects, like the Bank of England intervention to help Northern Rock, which triggered the run on the bank.
    He clearly believes that governments often do more harm than good.
    He is surprisingly critical of the Bush administration, and deeply disappointed that it increased spending while also cutting taxes, thus boosting the budget deficit and adding to inflationary pressures.
    Of course, it was Mr Greenspan’s endorsement of the tax cuts in 2001 that proved crucial in getting them through a divided Congress, which is something he now regrets.
    He now argues that the Clinton Administration, which put tackling the budget deficit at the top of its priorities, had a sounder approach.
    With Hillary Clinton now the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for the US Presidency, Mr Greenspan’s words are likely to be influential for some time to come.

  30. Just how could the government have facilitated the escape of Chungu, Satais clearly mad in the head. Someof this man’s lies just defy all manner of logic, why the government still tolerates him is a mistery. Had I been Levy, grass would by now be overgrowing on Sata’s grave, that’s here he deserves to ne, Leopard’s Hill, period.

    What`s the solution?

  32. Bwana Shapi (36)

    Do you create a national answer Pa Blog without internal and external “political efficacy” on the ground? You think it’s a game of ABCD? In over your 7 years of blogging where have you have seen blogging facilitating change of Governments? Tell me what impact has your blogging recorded on the national scene? It’s mostly the same elites in power with access to the internet with the majority blogger in the Diaspora entertained to blogs.

    These blogs are nothing but pure stress relieving rooms for people on their non committed days. They are typical examples of Garbage in Garbage out without processing stage on the National Government scorecard. Look through the LT hits log. This blog has had the lowest hits ever the inception of blogging by Zambians with 95% of its bloggers including founder in Diaspora. Look at the quality of debates it’s all reflective of bored and disconnected bloggers whose capacity to understand and participate in National Governance is null.

    You don’t realize Government change dreams in the absence of capacity to build critical mass through risky strategic and mature thinking predominately void here. You should know that it is a universal and matter of reality that 75% of political sparkplugs of change don’t live to see their dreams. If I look through the trolling here none is willing to be among the 75%. Tell me or start sending fillers that you are. Blogging has never altered any social-political dispensation. Transformative activism is done on the Ground not invisibly behind monitors using keyboards.

    Besides your shallow and usually incoherent view of national issues, look at he caliber of the likes of the so called Ba Joze. Do you sincerely see any hope in such insulting apparatus of some fanaticized camps?

    To give you a clue, change comes with an issue integrated layer of self-driven capacitated smart activists, followers, and the apathetic voters locked in a cause for critical mass. I can assure you that stage or scenario isn’t attainable in the next 15 years among Zambians. A Zambian voter is in solidarity with MMD considering others like you as “racketeers and agents of fascism” keen to bring carnage on our peaceful Zambia.

    Good luck with your dreams.

  33. When Hon. Sata becomes Zed President, he will forget and even oppose himself.This is a man who has no Zed as an interest, let alone the public.I remember he opposed the whole process b4 it began.I salute Hon Kambwili who has put aside PF populist politics for his people.I salute you sir.Zed has no time for such stone throwers delaying development in our mother zed.

  34. Most of the PF members having been aping their boss’s behaviour and conduct. No diplomacy, arrogant, brusque, provocative,uncouth and ungovernable.

    Kamwili is just being his own man.

  35. Ba Kambwili,
    Do not bite the finger that feeds you. When the party that sponsors you say right, you take right. It happens everywhere.
    Resign if you do not want to follow suit and Join Levy. May be he can tolerate this nonsense.

  36. Levy throws gauntlet to Zambians abroad

    From Fred Simposya,
    Seattle, Monday

    PRESIDENT Levy Mwanawasa has challenged Zambians living abroad to be active participants in Zambia’s economic development by remitting more funds for entrepreneurial ventures and sourcing strategic partners to lift the country out of its doldrums.
    Speaking to a group of Zambians living in Seattle and Western Canada at the Seattle Marriot Waterfront Hotel, Dr Mwanawasa said while his Government had seen the reduction of poverty levels from 75 per cent down to 68 per cent, there remained “much to be done” to trickle down the economic benefits to everyone.
    “We have had to take very hard measures at the expense of political popularity and Zambians have paid a heavy price for it. We felt that it was far better unpopular now and get things done than die being condemned,” he said.
    There was positive economic growth over the last six years; tourism, agriculture and mining sectors were success stories. To crown it all, Zambia’s achievement of the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) status had helped lower the international debt stranglehold from $7.2 billion to $600,000. He confirmed that some oil deposits had been discovered in Zambia.
    Zambians abroad must take a keen interest in developments back home and look for ways of supporting their former schools and remitting a little extra to support entrepreneurial initiatives.
    “If you were a student of UNZA, you should send money to rehabilitate their room you lived in. Similarly you can send computers to your former colleges or high schools,” he said.
    He said much of the challenge was to forge networks and alliances between potential donors, interest groups or foundations willing to learn from and partner with Zambia in various sectors.
    In response to a question from Fred Muyumba on why the president had not forgiven his predecessor, Frederick Chiluba, Dr Mwanawasa said the former president was presumed innocent until proven guilty by Zambian laws. He had decided to let the courts handle the matter because it was the right thing to do.
    He explained that there was no ill-will towards Dr Chiluba whom he referred to as “ a dear friend”. Although he had powers to pardon some “you can only pardon someone who has been convicted of a crime, which Mr Chiluba has not.”
    Dr Chiluba still continued to receive his pension and his entitlements as a former President. “The government has sent him abroad for treatment at out expense.” He said he owed his life today to Dr Chiluba in so many ways.
    Dr Mwanawasa said his call to have Dr Chiluba return some of the money said to have been taken from the Government had been spurned.
    Speaking at the same meeting, Commerce Trade and Industry minister, Felix Mutati said Zambians abroad should consider cutting down on food consumption so they could remit at least $1,000 or more to their relatives.
    Health minister, Brian Chituwo reported that Zambia had linked up with financial partners like the Bill Gates Foundation to help fight malaria, the number one killer of children and expectant mothers.

  37. #22 Pragmatist

    Honestly tell me which MMD cadre can freely oppose chuchu without being scared to be fired? I can site out living examples of Sikatana, Dr Mumba, VJ and other chaps who were retired on fallaciously grounds. But we all know the truth that Dr Chuchu is a dictator who has reduced his cliques to nothing and subject them to grovelling in dust and saying “INDEE BWANA nusosa”. Atleast in PF there is exercise of freedom of speech which lacks in MMD. Ba Pragmatist, please check the calibre of Dr Chuchu’s ministers like Mpombo who always folds his sleeves to put up a fight to those who oppose MMD, Ba Vera went to Isoka to sensitize pipo on global warming and told them to stop growing beans coz of CO2 it produces. Ala bwafya mu Sambia. If UNDP presdo were not in deep slumber he would have teamed well with ba Sata to make govt work unlike the present situation were ba presdo Sata is only person working.

  38. Ba Anonymous(44), referring to your comrades nether regions is not likely to change much.The most you should expect is a barrage of similar expletives from the C & P specialists!! Just ignore the postings that are either tangential to the topic at hand or be oblivious to the contribution and continue the thread the interests you.Your own contributions are noted and appreciated by the more mature bloggers.Treat imposters with the same resilience and like the common cold,they will go away!!!


  40. Get to know us, Zambia says
    By Kristi Heim
    Seattle Times business reporter
    Even for a country with a relatively stable democracy and growing economy, Zambia hasn’t had much luck finding Americans willing to invest there.
    Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa said he hopes to change that by introducing more Americans to his country and fighting the stereotype of Africa as a place defined by war and chaos.
    Speaking to local business leaders Monday, Mwanawasa said Zambia has become a center of peace and prosperity in the region. The country has emerged from a long period of economic decline to achieve an average annual 5 percent growth in gross domestic product for the last five years.
    “It’s the first time the country is experiencing such strong positive results,” the Zambian leader said, adding that sustaining the success could bring about an economic transformation to improve the lives of ordinary people.
    The landlocked country of 12 million people in southern Africa still suffers from high unemployment and crippling poverty, with about 68 percent of the population falling below the poverty line of $1 per day.
    Zambia has taken a strong stance against corruption and created a foundation based on the rule of law and respect for private property, Mwanawasa said.
    The country’s main industries are copper mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.
    A former British protectorate that gained independence in 1964, Zambia is encouraging more foreign direct investment and growth of the private sector to help reduce poverty.
    “When you invest in Zambia, you’re putting GDP in the pockets of Zambian people,” Mwanawasa said.
    Mwanawasa, 59, was in the United States for a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly. He traveled here at the invitation of the Seattle-based Initiative for Global Development, a national network of business leaders promoting policies to end global poverty.
    He and a delegation of senior government officials and business leaders were scheduled to visit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, Microsoft, Boeing and Starbucks on Monday.
    Mwanawasa said he had dinner Sunday at the house of former Microsoft executive Paul Maritz, a Zimbabwe native who lives on Mercer Island.
    While Zambia has had a rush of investment from China recently, attracting U.S. business has been an uphill battle.
    On previous visits to the U.S., “the response hasn’t been encouraging,” Mwanawasa said.
    “So far Africa has been known only for the bad news,” said Felix Mutati, Zambia’s minister of commerce. “In Africa, we’ve got problems with HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases,” he said, “but we’re not a diseased country.”
    In Zambia, the Gates Foundation funds a malaria-control program run by PATH that aims to cut malaria cases by 75 percent and become a model for the rest of Africa.
    Zambia has introduced incentives to encourage foreign enterprises, such as tax-free profits for the first five years and duty-free imports of capital equipment, said Mutati.
    Energy, IT infrastructure, agriculture and eco-tourism are promising areas for development, he added.
    “We don’t want help,” Mutati said. “We want investment. We want partnership.”
    Zambia’s slide into poverty began after world copper prices fell in the 1970s. Since then, the economy has become somewhat more diversified, even as the price of copper has climbed.
    The government began privatizing the copper industry in the 1990s. Copper contributed 75 percent of the GDP in 2002 but only about 45 percent last year, said Mutati.
    Asked about the political and economic crisis in neighboring Zimbabwe, Mwanawasa called the situation “extremely worrying” but added that economic sanctions will not help.
    He threatened to boycott a European-African summit meeting in December if Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was excluded, saying Western leaders must be willing to talk to the leader widely considered an international pariah.
    The chaos in Zimbabwe has choked off tourism, diverting more visitors to Zambia to see Victoria Falls, the spectacular milewide waterfall on the border between the two countries.
    With room for only about 1,500 visitors, hotels in nearby Livingstone can’t cope with the influx, Mutati said. Its tiny airport, which had just a few flights a week three years ago, has 28 flights a week now. Several new hotels are under construction.
    While Chinese companies have been criticized for labor practices in Africa, overall the influx of investment from China has been a good thing, Mutati said.
    Cautious Western companies have hesitated too long. “They would go on their computers and do spreadsheets about risk,” he said, while “the Chinese make a decision first.”
    Chinese have invested $900 million in Zambia for two economic zones focused on copper and agricultural processing, creating 60,000 jobs.
    “Now we can see the West is saying we must run to Africa because if China dominates Africa, that sphere of influence can become critical as we go forward,” Mutati said.
    Zambia also needs American-style business, said Wamulume Kalabo, chairman of the Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
    U.S. companies tend to hire and train local people, with English as a common language. Chinese companies tend to hire their own citizens to work in Zambia’s mines and manufacturing sites because of the difficulty of communicating.
    “The local people are not seeing the benefit initially,” Kalabo said, “because very few of them are being absorbed into the system, and the main reason is the lack of communication.”

  41. Dr Chuchu Muwelewele, you being a doctor now, u should treat urself, pls stop wasting our money going to UK for treatment of Chipumputu. In UK there is no medicine for Chipumputus, ur wasting ur time, u wont be healed, why dont u go try Zedian doctors like Chibwela kumanda he is found at Soweto a stone throw from plot.

  42. Anonymous (24-31),

    Need to question you why you are afraid to come by your usual ID when there is no anonymity on the internet in advent of source validation. FYI Rolf Martens is an ex Executive Outcome mercenary that has survived over the years on peddling such information. He is a known die hard Marxist sensational blogger of many years like our own disowned and outlawed Russian trained Zambian Bwana aka Martin C Ka. During sanko in sierra Leone he has the peddler same as in Angola.

    So that story, you receive it with maturity and restraint. The man is a racketeer and an agent of fascism on African troubles. His blogging is reared its ugly head” by trying to spread disinformation about African tensions and solvable differences. An overzealous inclination to his blog could burn your feet up in the face of hard power politics. That blog report has been seen already by experts when it was just circulated in July.

    The choice is yours

  43. LPM has stated wether he should be called Dr or stick to Mr. I know all the GRZ run media is calling GRZ for obvious reasons. But i will wait until he tells us what he wants to be called. On the right hounarable MC Sata and the NCC. Like i said time and again, LPM didnt just wake up and sign the NCC bill into law. There was a process, Oasis and all the so called stake holders met and decided to do away with ZDIC to form a new political instrument to spear head the constitution formulation and adoption. During these meetings they agreed on the composition of the NCC. many questions were raised and dealt with. No one ever raised the issue of the president reserving the right to disolve the NCC. Oasis is behaving like we dont have a government in place. We have deuly elected MPs and the presido. Politics is about give and take, LPM has given more ground and power on this issue more than any presido will ever give. If Sata was presido do you think he would even talk to the opposition?….

  44. Most of us are under the illusion of words we dont understand like “a constitution that will stand a taste of time” as Pundit has laboured to explain , there is no such thing. Constitutions are dynamic in nature. They are amended and changed as humanity evolves or progresses. What we are looking for is a solid foundation upon which future constitutional amendiments can be based without dealing clauses like section 79 which calls for a referendum. I agree on certain issues we need self protecting clauses that can just be amended by a simple majority. So let us foecus our energy on the constitution framework. Oasis wants LPM and his MMD to step aside, Dream on that is not gonna happen. He is the encumbent, The only person charged with protecting the constitution. Either we can work with him or he is gonna do it the best way he know how. Trust me in any given stand off you dont wanna leave the negotiation table, more especially if you are just a guest like Oasis.

  45. Ba Socrates(51),the title Right Honorable, which you frequently use for Cobra, must be in jest i would think !! Mp’s are honorable only in Parliament, outside they should be addressed by their names with the prefix Mr/Miss/Mrs/Dr etc. In other countries these tags have been done away with outside of Parliament. We Africans have an obsession with titles as evidenced by our business cards….its so backward!!

    I find no fault in your contribution(51) and i wouldn’t have been able to say it better.Your earlier contribution(5) was fantastic !!

  46. Pundit…. point of correction. An MP should be called honorable in and outside parliament until they cease to be an MP. Those are the rules. I’m glad you noticed the “right honorable” usage. it was designed to provoke a discussion on what should we address opposition presidents who have elected MPs in their party. They preside over Honorables, should we also call them honorables or Right honorables. Like the republican president and his Vice are Right honorables. we dont call them that in Z but that is their secondary title. If you go back in the archives and retrieve the cabinet picture in the KK era you will see the prime minister is addressed as the Right Honorable. One may argue that opposition Presidents dont hold any government portifolio, But wether we accept the fact or not. They yeild a lot of influence on the political arena. I think we should start paying attention to these people.

  47. (54)
    “Mp’s are honorable only in Parliament, outside they should be addressed by their names with the prefix Mr/Miss/Mrs/Dr etc.”

    Why do you peddle this kind of disinformation in a public domain????? Is it too expensive to merely propose what you think is worth considering? Which Country or system of Government in the commonwealth that addresed its legislatures as MPs has gotten away with the title in or out of the house? For learning purposes I’m keen to take such a country as a study case.In the USA,law makers in and out of the house are called Congressmen, and Senators etc. Do they undress their titles when they walk out of the Capital hill be it on recess or otherwise? You can show caliber and capacity by blogging on truth and wittingly showing your limits on some issues. You don’t have to battle for intellectual rigor through lies. Truth is more precious than expensive perfume.Learn to drive debates with logic and analysis than indignation.MPs ought be MPS peroid.

  48. Pragmatist… You dont have to be so combative, The man didnt know that MPs are honorable in and out of parliament. you can correct someone with out insulting them. Do you expect Pundit to thank you for your info or want him to fire back? and to whose benefit?? lets respect each other views and ofcourse correct me wheni’m wrong in a respectifull way. We all know something, but we definatelly dont know everything. lets be gracious when dealing with one onother.

  49. #38 PRAGMATIST.I wonder how truthful you`re when you denounce alternatives to the current quagmire in our nation.I would just conclude that you`re either in denial or too shallow in your analysis of political events taking place in Zambia.You`ve got to ask yourself a simple question as to why SATA got majority votes in 2006 elections amongst the urban dwellers despite the bagage he carries?The electorate were able to overlook all of SATA`s negatives and took that chance on him against a sitting President.The big question is WHY did they do that?

  50. Shapi (58),
    This is where evidence of your fallacies is over exhibited. You are easily confused with simple and straight forward political dynamics. In the first place hardly of my simple questions in # 38 has been answered. Certainly I least expect you to exhibit comprehension, courtesy and civility in your art of diversion. You don’t belong to a culture where there is ample room for both rigor and thoughtfulness.
    Emotional votes of the apathetic are diametrically consolidated in the opposite where a highly tolerant atmosphere in the face of tribal politics prevails in Africa. Thus referring to Decision 2006, the Democratic virtues of Dr.Mwanawasa over tolerated the frivolous tribal lies of Sata though he lacked sufficient clout to win a nation mandate. MMD had every mechanism and political structures to render Sata useless on the spot from bottom-up of his fantasy. But H.E Dr.Mwanawasa SC remains too straight a leader and over committed to tenets of fare play in consistency with practical democratic values. He is an absolutist in competitive elections unlike the past leaders who stage managed elections some with frogs.

    But as for 2011, watch the space as corrective measures have been activated. Sata or any other candidate is in deep troubled waters. As for your internet based New Generation Party, I can only wish you way.

  51. Pragmatis…LPM is the worst tribalist/Nepotist Z has ever seen. I do agree that the 2006 elections where charactorised by tribalism. On this issue i expect both you and Chapi to condem both Sata and LPM for excercising politics based on tribal lines. Honestly i cant wait for this crop of politicians to pass away from the scene. The issue of nepotism should be treated equaly as corruption. It should not be tolarated in anyway or form. unfortunatelly people like you Pradmtist and your friend Chapi are still trying to justify the kind of politics your respective party leaders exibited during the 2006 elections. at #38 , i dont think that deserves a response probably thats why Chapi decided to ignore you comments. You strick me as a person who cant just put his ideas across without being confrontational.

  52. “Honestly i cant wait for this crop of politicians to pass away” End Quote
    # (60),
    Be careful with your prayer for death of Zambian leaders. You could be interceding for your own fate in disguise. I thought you have learnt from Bishop Ncube of Harare who abused his pulpit with prayers for Mugabe’s death. Not long his fall from Grace has been disheartening. It may not be stunning to suddenly learn that Federal officers have found you with non bailable illicit drugs. Historically, those that intercedes death of others are on their verge of time.

  53. # (60),
    Your Nepotism insinuations are a nothing but unsubstantial drivel talk of misfits in the new era of a shifted paradigm. Rather than being subjective with insinuations, enumerate how MMD was and is tribal post Decision 2006 to be likened to your President Sata the incorrigible father of hatred in the nation. His shortsightedness and unrestrained tribalism misguided him to write off and label Southerners, North-westerners, Westerners and Easterners as foreign tribes not worth marking on his Bisa name in the booth.

    How has Dr. Mwanawasa been tribal when for the first time since the end of UNIP era Zambians from all tribes are evenly involved in the future of this inclusive Country. I know that in our confusion, equality will only exist when GRZ is refilled with every Musangu villager as it where.

    You see things that way because you lack human conscious for self moderation. Zambia has 9 regions how do you justify the rubbish of 1993-2001 when dissent took assassinations, treason and staged deportations? You and your tribesmen have blood of John Chinula on your head. With William Banda you callously dumped them in the Malawian National park to a den of lions for being UNIPists.

    All missions were headed by a Musanguist. Today you have a Kapambwe at the UN, a Mbikusita in DC, Zimba in Toronto Canada, Ambassador Mwape in Bejing China, High Commissioner, His Excellency Mr. Anderson Chibwa in London. Is that Nepotism in your head?

  54. #59 PRAGMATIST.I asked you a simple question as to why people in urban areas took a chance on SATA despite his bagage and negativity?After priding yourself as a thoughtful individual who understands political dynamics,the only answer you could come up with is that it was tribal.I think even a grade seven pupil understands that if the electorate voted for SATA based on his tribe,he could have completely swept Northern and Luapula provinces where he hails from but that wasn`t the case.It could make sense for HH`s UNPD whose support was regional.If you can`t understand the dynamics in urban politics then our debate would be pointless.Your DR has been boasting about a single digit inflation,massive foreign investment in the country and how well the economy is doing but the masses can`t see such benefits directly impacting their lives.All they experience is the UNEPLOYMENT levels of over 70%,people dying from preventable diseases while LPM and his cronies are evacuated at GRZ expense ctd…

  55. ctd from #64.Safety is ignored by the so called infestors(investors) as was evidenced at the Chambishi mine disaster and even dumping of toxic waste by KCM.Roads are in such deplorable state such that traffic cops book drivers that DON`T meander when driving because that`s a simple sign of DUI.It would be considered irregular if the either UNZA or CBU would complete a single semester without closing,exorbitant taxes and obviously you know that the list is too long if you`re in touch with reality.It`s these issues that SATA tapped into and made the connection with the public in urban areas and got their votes.As long as these problems continue to haunt the Zambians,it doesn`t even take a political genius to realise that 2011 elections are up for grabs.Choosing of LPM`s successor proves to be a hot potato that will likely deminish MMD`s chances of carrying the day in the 2011 elections and that automatically creates an poening for FRESH blood.Remember 2001 MMD/FDD then came MAZOKA(fresh)

  56. NEW GENERATION OF POLITICS is the answer to Zambia`s problems.We need frsh blood in order to instill a paradym shift in the way our country is run.

  57. Pragmatist(56),wow !!! you really get a kick out of your verbal or should i say written diarrohea!!Reading in between the lines of your contributions/insults etc, there is some evidence of intelligence….what a pity you cannot refrain from being overly aggressive and downright insulting.I leave it to those who have the stomach for your type of lingua franca !!

  58. Ba Chapi(65),your call for new generation politics has everyones support i’m sure.Politicians evolve from existing systems and there is a natural evolutionary cycle.If you jump certain stages you disturb the natural balance and cycle,hence politicians/leaders resulting from coups are rarely a positive thing.In zambia we have moved from “ba posa mabwe” from the struggle,through to sweet talking unionists and now we have a formally educated leadership!! Where to next may i ask ?? We almost disrupted our natural evolution with the Shamwana,Solo and Luchembe coups.Where would we be had they succeded ??

  59. Hi Dr Death (Socrates #60),
    I have just read your new dimension of punditry for death of fellow Zambians. What has gone wrong with you? It is unZambian to enter a public platform and start calling for death of fellow human beings irrespective of the existing rift.Where have you been to have lifted that spirit of death in you? Hope you know that you could instead be pushing for your own time.

  60. Chapi,
    I know you are famous for some tribal allegations. Ba Pragmatist (62) has just thrown you up a challenge in your face and Dr. Death (60).

    On your so called “New Generation Blog Party”, I canonly wish you the challenge.Certainly, be advised that you are burning yourself for nothing. MMD was a brainchild of progressive UNIPists from VJ the local and international mobilizing strategist for change to Sikota Wina the Veteran propagandist. From Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika the idealist to levy Mwanawasa the realist reformer on legality and legitimacy. Chiluba was far from the core of the movement that started in mid 80s.VJ brought in Chiluba and chitalu Sampa to consolidate the union vote.

    Those actors of change were not laymen, cowards or broke dudes. Of them all VJ was the epicenter of a resilient and global networked movement that commanded millions of Dollar value support inflow which is zero but shallow rhetoric in the current opposition strata. I can evidently assure you there is no smart strategist in the opposition camp including your NDP that will marshal winning skills of VJ’s type.

    The party that will take over from MMD will be born by the same MMD. Like wise some progressive young reformers will emerge for another era. They know each other and have deep and sustainable local and Global support. You could sell all your heavy duty manufacturing equipments; you will not match their capacity. Today some are managing big financial portfolios, actively investing and trading on the world markets. They are quite but consolidating the future.

    Time will vindicate me that no one but MMD products will lead us into another political era after the current one. But come 2011, the current crop of MMD will prevail.

  61. Yangua, Fact kashi mulwele wakantu te? Yes I do support Chapi on the formation of a party for fresh blood since we are all fed up with these recycled tired stupid thick-headed POLOticians who have resorted now to changing titles from Mr to Dr and whose cronies grovel in dust just to have a salary, atase mukwai. Iwe Fact, of late you sound like pali ifwalayinduka in your head, limbi ni dix wadobwele sana pa Chiwala or Chipumputu ilimupepi te? Or you were one of those lads Morgan Chondoka, the late Strike Rovers keeper used to drink kashina with. Iwe ka FACT kalale chabe wasata sana ifwabula ubuyo. Am surprised today you are not mentioning USA cities, fishi fyalubaba wa Fact mwee or you are still writing African cities this time te? You know Fact, you have issues te? Oh yes! It’s serious you need to see Dr Sansakuwa or Dr Sondashi but don’t make a mistake to see Dr Chuchu for he will take the medicine for your description.

  62. #71 Jose
    Classical grovelling is what we saw today on the post front page. While Ka Chiluba is confortably seated inside the car inside the car. Mwamba is squatting and grovelling outside the car. What a sight…..

    Wonders shall nver end

  63. Ba Fact(70),i’m sure it was just becoz space did not allow…..you forgot Derrick Chitala,Dean Mung’omba,Newstead Zimba,Baldwin Nkumbula,Humphrey Mulemba,Chulu Kalima,Ben Mwila,Gounase(Shimpundu)…..all of these and others i’m sure,for variuos reasons, were prominent players in the formation of MMD.Alot of them “evolved” from UNIP a principle i highlighted earlier in (68)!!The next generation will also “evolve” from MMD and those who don’t will be the like the bogus opposition parties in existence today!!A look at the “original” Garden House crew and where the pioneers are now, makes interesting reading !!

  64. Pundit (73),
    yes those turned into useful actors after VJ’s enlisting task.VJ and Sikota started selling the reform change in the mid 80s. He did a very fabulous job.mong the first zambians he sold the idea to was the late Gibson Chigaga who initially he waned to be President of the new era.the meeting was in New York. the second one he met was Alexander Chikwanda who developed some cold feet.But as effective as UNIP was, they sensed the change in attitude of Chigaga hence his fate. That did not stop VJ to enlist and mobilize resources for reforms.After all those you have listed, he linked Chiluba to the polish Unionist Paul Walesa who perefected the art of union rhetoric to Chiluba after the now PF MMC Timothy Walamba reported to UNIP VJ’s emissary.In short VJ with past connections sold out the idea and dream in a systematic way played across the board. He added a lot of mileage to the cause under extreme personal risky before we mass recruitments and defiance shaped against UNIP.

  65. Joze (71),
    Look through your trend of thought, language, argument, confusion of verbs, nouns and order of adjectives. Do you expect my standard debating you? Do see any similarity between you and me? Write one 30 worded paragraph on anything you flow in to redeem yourself.You are lowering the standard of the blog. I guest there other roles you could play than embarrassing yourself.

    Excuse me sir!

  66. FACT and Pragmatist…” Honestly i cant wait for this crop of politicians to pass away from the scene” This is the full quote from my posting @#60. Well meaning bloggers know that i’m not refering to death but political retirement. I will not waste my time trying to re explain a straight forward statement. You can try to justify nepotism practiced by LPM all you want. But its there people can see it. Did you know that if you eliminate Nepotism LPM would really be in a class of his own compared to the other 2 masketeers? Its the nepotism that has also turnished his well meaning fight against corruption. If you really love and support him, conver my message.

  67. Zambia Proposes Regulation of NGOs
    By Sanday Chongo Kabange
    Lusaka, Zambia
    03 October 2007

    Report on Zambian attempt to regulate NGOs, mp3 – download audio clip
    Listen to Report on Zambian attempt to regulate NGOs, mp3 audio clip
    Report on Zambian attempt to regulate NGOs, ra – download audio clip
    Listen to Report on Zambian attempt to regulate NGOs, ra audio clip

    Zambian civil society is up in arms against the government’s recent decision to introduce new legislation to monitor and regulate the operations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs.) Some of the groups fear that once enacted, the new law will compromise their work or even allow the government to shut them down. From Lusaka, Voice of America reporter Sanday Chongo Kabange tells us that NGOs argue the government is trying to silence dissent and curb free speech.

    The bill has already been presented before Parliament by Justice Minister George Kunda, a move critics call a desperate attempt by Zambia’s government to hamper civil society from acting effectively.

    It is not likely the bill will be turned down, considering the government enjoys majority support in the legislature.

    If the bill becomes law it will empower the minister of home affairs to form a 10-member board made up of 8 government officials and two representatives from civil society that will receive, discuss and approve the code of conduct for NGOs.

    The board will also provide policy guidelines to ensure that NGO activities complement the government’s national development plan. It has not yet been decided whether these guidelines will be voluntary.

    Emily Sikazwe is the executive director of the Non-Governmental Organization Coordinating Committee (NGOCC) an umbrella group of civic organizations involved in gender issues. She says the proposed legislation would harm the rights of women and children in Zambia:

    “The bill was done in bad faith and disregards the good work that civil society is doing, and we think that the bill should be thrown out of parliament until stakeholders are consulted and we provide for self regulation. It’s killing our young democracy and we will not allow them. Even if they close all NGOs, their time will come when we will get NGOs working again.”

    NGO’s are registered by the Registrar of Societies, a quasi-governmental organization. But after registration, the government has little power to prevent NGOs from voicing political dissent, and any attempt to de-register an NGO usually involves long court battles. In the proposed bill, NGOs will have to register annually.

    Most Zambian NGOs are funded by western donors, not by the Zambian government.

    The anti-corruption body Transparency International says the bill is dictatorial and seeks to constrain and limit the space for civil society in Zambia.

    Reuben Lifuka is president of the group’s Zambia chapter.

    He says NGOs are an extension of freedom of expression and association, meaning that regulating NGOs would be an infringement on the freedoms provided for in the constitution.

    Lifuka says the bill is trying to regulate expression, and that the government came up with the legislation without consulting civil society or pro-democracy bodies:

    “There are so many things that are happening that require the active involvement of NGOs. For instance, government is on record as having ratified the UN Convention against Corruption. The UN Convention against Corruption requires active involvement of civil society. The Africa Peer Review Mechanism equally requires the active involvement of civil society. It therefore comes as a surprise that in the midst of all these processes which require active engagement of civil society, you then want to start legislating the work of civil society.”

    Government spokesperson Mike Mulongoti says the bill is designed to make civil society more responsible and accountable. He cited no examples of civil society appearing irresponsible or corrupted.

    Mulongoti says NGOs should not just be asking government to be transparent or accountable to the people, he says they should also do the same.

    Mulongoti says it is necessary to have a legal framework to regulate the conduct of NGOs.

    This is the first attempt by the Zambian government to regulate civil society since the onset of multiparty democracy 16 years ago. In 1991, Kenneth Kaunda, president since Zambia’s independence from Britain in 1964, was unseated in 1991 by former trade unionist Frederick Chiluba.

    Zambian civil society has been a strong force for change. It was pivotal in forcing then-president Kaunda to abandon one-party rule and adopt multiparty democracy. Civil society also helped block Mr. Chiluba’s bid for a third term of office in 2001. And during the tenure of current president Levy Mwanawasa, civil society has maintained pressure for the adoption of a new constitution.

  68. #70 FACT/PRAGMATIST.I wonder where you draw such confidence that VJ,AKA and their clique have ultimate control of who governs our beloved nation.You always insinuate the unfounded 27 year rule which makes me doubt your touch with reality.I`ll admit that VJ has been a power broker for some time but you`ve got to realise that him and AKA are now broke and spent forces.Those two couldn`t even engineer their own victories at the past MMD convention.Has VJ finally bought his own ride or is he still using Chewe`s.Your hero can`t even afford to take himself for medical care at MORNINGSIDE clinic.Is this the calibre of people that form the conerstone of your 27 year rule. I`ve alluded to the fact that finding LPM`s successor will make or break this bankrupt party called MMD.As long as the MMD maffias continue to ignore what the masses need,then the opening for FRESH blood will always be there.The reason people seek alternatives is because there`re sick and tired of mediocre leadership.

  69. Fellow bloggers here is some food for thought;
    1.When was the last time you did something for the first time?
    2.The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing
    3.Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.
    4.You can only go as far as your mind can take you
    5.If you can look up then you can get up
    6.If there`s no enemy within the enemy outside can do you no harm.
    Remember that you`re the umbilical cord through which finances shall flow.Just thought of motivating someone today.

  70. OOOOPS guys, i have nothing more to comment;Am simply saying we better learn to follow the laws of the land as explain in the Bible.If you are MMD do what it expects of you,If u r PF do likewise.You are were you are because of your foundation.
    Balance things up.If Kambwili is wrong ,let him receive Katemo (Hoe=Axe).
    If not Yeap.Thats the rule of the game pa MMD pa PF pa Heritage and the like.
    If ba Daddy ba Sata is radicle let him,if kambwili is ploughing for the pipo,;well and Good.
    If he is just claiming- Let Sata axe him and the stance will be dependent upon the pipo who put him in power to plough their land using kambwili and not katemo

  71. FACT…are you telling me you have no capacity to debate without being insultive? Its a shame that you have so much Sata in you yet you tend to oppose everything Sata stands for. You may be knowledgeable but your language leaves alot to be desired. Quite frankly i cant imagin you participating in a round table debate without being punched in the face. My point is grow up and learn to put your ideas across without insulting people. Man you are just too demeaning. Humble yourself, be a source of ecouragement. Zambia is in need of leadership and not hooliganism.

  72. Single digit inflation VS UNEMPLOMENT of over 70%.H.E Dr LPM sc,help us sort this mess.As a bootlicker and blind follower it`s becoming difficult to defend the party and it`s government on such conflicting issues.

  73. #84… If you dont find your way of writting insultive i’m affraid you are beyond redemption. Look at the way you have responded to my comments. You are full of sarcasm. write like you are a professor addressing a grade 7 pupil who has very little education to diggest the english language. Jus humble yourself and have some respect in the way you engage other people. just take a deep breath and read your responses to other bloggers and tell me if you would appreciate someone responding to your comment in that tone. I’m just trying to help you my friend. If you gonna aspire for leadership, You have to learn to inspire and respond to people in a gracious way. You can correct someone without making them feel demeaned. You may be literate or prevy to some info, that does not mean those that may not have enough knowledge on certain subjects are stupid. be humble in correcting those that may error. The only thing i know is that i know nothing


  75. Excuse me mushinkide or whatever ur called please i am sure that being prejudice has not been taght to you by your parents and u saying that mr kambwili is usless all because you read somthing in the newspaper to me that isn pathetic and maybe you are the usless one. and i am very sure that you have only made this comment because you have never met mr kambwili, have you? based on the comment that you have made i can tell that you are not even educated, because one who is educated does not go around making silly comment about people who you dont know. as i have lived under mr kambwili’s reighn as mp i can safely say u can never get to his level so u keep to your sad life of being silly!!!!!

  76. all those who dont like chishimba kambwili :(( its just bad for u not me u because u dont know wat ur doing beacues chishimba is the best mp ever and please feep ur comments to ur self if u cant say anything nice there is 1000 million good things i can say about mr chishimba kambwili

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