Levy Throws Gauntlet to Zambians Abroad


PRESIDENT Levy Mwanawasa has challenged Zambians living abroad to be active participants in Zambia’s economic development by remitting more funds for entrepreneurial ventures and sourcing strategic partners to lift the country out of its doldrums.

Speaking to a group of Zambians living in Seattle and Western Canada at the Seattle Marriot Waterfront Hotel, Dr Mwanawasa said while his Government had seen the reduction of poverty levels from 75 per cent down to 68 per cent,there remained “much to be done” to trickle down the economic benefits toeveryone.

“We have had to take very hard measures at the expense of political popularity and Zambians have paid a heavy price for it. We felt that it was far better unpopular now and get things done than die being condemned,” he said.

There was positive economic growth over the last six years; tourism, agriculture and mining sectors were success stories. To crown it all, Zambia’s achievement of the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) status had helped lower the international debt stranglehold from $7.2 billion to $600,000. He confirmed that some oil deposits had been discovered in Zambia.

Zambians abroad must take a keen interest in developments back home and look for ways of supporting their former schools and remitting a little extra to support entrepreneurial initiatives.

“If you were a student of UNZA, you should send money to rehabilitate their room you lived in. Similarly you can send computers to your former colleges or high schools,” he said.

He said much of the challenge was to forge networks and alliances between potential donors, interest groups or foundations willing to learn from and partner with Zambia in various sectors.

In response to a question from Fred Muyumba on why the president had not forgiven his predecessor, Frederick Chiluba, Dr Mwanawasa said the former president was presumed innocent until proven guilty by Zambian laws. He had decided to let the courts handle the matter because it was the right thing to do.

He explained that there was no ill-will towards Dr Chiluba whom he referred to as ” a dear friend”. Although he had powers to pardon some “you can only pardon someone who has been convicted of a crime, which Mr Chiluba has not.”

Dr Chiluba still continued to receive his pension and his entitlements as a former President. “The government has sent him abroad for treatment at out expense.”He said he owed his life today to Dr Chiluba in so many ways.

Dr Mwanawasa said his call to have Dr Chiluba return some of the money said to have been taken from the Government had been spurned.

Speaking at the same meeting, Commerce Trade and Industry minister, Felix Mutati said Zambians abroad should consider cutting down on food consumption so they could remit at least $1,000 or more to their relatives.

Health minister, Brian Chituwo reported that Zambia had linked up with financial partners like the Bill Gates Foundation to help fight malaria, the number one killer of children and expectant mothers.


  1. Been long people! Good of you to visit Ba Dr. LPM and that you are incouraging the Zambians abroad to invest in their own nation, that’s a great idea and I think it should always be incouraged. But aaaa there’s a problem,when we Zambians that are living abroad dare even come to our beloved Zed with a simple thing as a personal Laptop those chapps you put at the airport”the boys and girls wearing the blue uniforms I mean ZRA” do you know Mr President how we get harrased? It’s so embarasing after being away for a long time and one is really looking forward to going home and when you arrive home what A GOOD WELCOME HOME YOU GET! It’s so embarassing that they make you open your bags to see what you have inside, going through your UNDERWEAR and some small presents that you bring for old folks at home. Big mistake if those small presents still have some price tags on ”Ati iyayi muyenda ku gulisa utu” please mwe banthu I am tired from a long journey in the sky, I got 5 kids with me..cont

  2. that been crying almost all the way to Zed and when you arrive and you think oh yes now I can relax.You r blaffing yoself coz they are waitin for you,boys n’ girls in blue.Bafuna uba dyesemo. I can honestly say that we get descriminated in our own country apon returning home. It hurts coz you see these guys lettin a white family that you were on the same flight with pass through without any single problem and when it’s your turn ‘Do you ve anything to declare? No.. Iyayi pitani uku ti onemo mu vi machola.The last 3yrs I had been home quite often and there’s this very fat,tall and dark fellow that works at the airport,it’s like he’s knows me now that everytime I arrive he makes sure that he harrases me and I believe that this fellow is either jealous of me or he just hates me.It’s just unthinkable to get treated like that in your own country.The foreign countries that we live in,we ‘r treated better and with respekt than our own.Shame,lets change the way we think n treat each other.

  3. I have always wanted to dontate some computers to my former secondary school in lusaka but coz of the way we get treated I’d rathher let the computers and all I wanted to bring home ROT in Europe. Please Ba LPM, we can bring in even more and better things home if we are handled better. Truely a Zedian and God bless Zed. Zed 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. Interesting Lombe, Is there a thing like shipping the stuff before travelling? Maybe the tall guy at the airport will not have anything to nail you on.And still on Dr LPM’s appeal, I have been meditating on it and I want to do something for my old school.Lets open accounts in zed and remitt something at least yearly.We are the products of mother zed.And please Lombe do nt let those PIIs rot, just ship them takes longer but they get to Lsk some day.Thanks for encouraging … all the best for mother zed.

  5. Mexicans remit home billions of dollars every year.There must be something that makes them do this religiously and in such volumes.Can anybody offer an explanation that is plausible??

  6. Zambians abroad do remit quite a lot of money. Has anyone compiled data on how much money is sent through Western Union and the like? While some of this money is not used on capital projects, I’m sure it is significant.

  7. #6 what is more plausible than to contribute to the development of your own country? Loyalty to family,to country and to social groups and the strong drive to cooperate,to work together for a common cause,permeate many facets of Mexican behaviour and historical roots that date back to hundreds of years. a crucial element to understanding any nations business and political culture is the subjective perception of it’s history. Unconditional Love for your country is the only plausible explanation I could find and I have learn from the few mexicans that I have come in contact with. Lets reset our minds,the way we think in Zed and we will start experiencing miracles.
    GRZ needs to start investing heavily in Information Technology lets Zambia go wirless it’s cheaper than all the bullshit n’ old ITsystem they r trying to invest in. Let Zed go wireless.Z 4 life.

  8. OOOPS The president really feels us.
    Now why do we need to spend alot at the border gates when we really wanna develop our country.
    I must say that talks of Almost all Zambians abroad being working class or students is to do something home but,come on customes have something to do and whether on paper or under the table at least alot should be released.Can those laws be adjusted to catalize zambians abroad to be more partriotic than now and at least come out of that fear of being harrassed at the airport or borders?
    Just for the love of Zambia:
    Why is it that even getting loans to set up projects in Zambia is becoming more harder than before?
    Zambia shall continue going down as long as locals continue living under many restrictions,now we have to learn that having a simple account pa zed you have to pay the bank a minimum of K75:000 per month,instead of having interests we donate to banks now,and for that i mean just a simple account.Don’t even mention about empowering the locals,,

  9. So i mean that if you deposit your K5;000,000 in january,by the end of 12 months you ill have 75pin x 12 as a minus to your account and you say banks are friendly and are there for development purposes? “Blue lie”.THey are becoming more dangerous and discouraging.The best one can do to find another solution.
    How would i send free computers home when the customes would need alot from me? How would i find for donors when i need to pass thru that harrassement?
    First work on the grounds and protect us from those discouraging experiences.You never open a window while the strong doors a locked.Thats is what is happening now.Most windows in investments are open mostly to foreigner who offcourse have to get back home at one time,but for local investors Doors with burglars bars,result:Jobs could be there but not enough,jobs could be there but you should allow yr boss to search you down yr pants.Jobs could be there at soweto market and alot of jobs on the paper but not in reality.

  10. My little babish and stupid advise is that:We have at least to let the Gov invest in the public transport,its becoming worse and worse now.Most of those buses i saw are not even worth to be on the road.Yaba,ba boss ba Magande Mbuya wandi,i seni musendeko na ma Bus pa Chainama oooops pa China.Tangible stuff boss.We can hear abot money but we can see and use the buses nama train.Amachocho they are now concentrating on speed trains and those others yalabola na snow,batuposeleko mwe,our train stations yalebola nokubola ooops.
    Twanaka saying boss nkwetefye pin five ndeya pa town nsendenkofye hahaha,no job,no money,no love in the families.No piece,We just have to be pastors now,but if all be ones,whoz gonna bring offerings ahahahahaha

  11. I do not know how serious the president is about encouranging Zambians living abroad investing back home.
    He needs to formulate laws that encourages citizens to invest in Zambia. Currently it impossible and very risk to have investments in Zambia while working abroad.Countries such as Mexico,the Carribean Islands, Indonesia, Philippines just to name a few have excellent banking and real estate systems which enables their citizens living abroad investment money at home.
    When i left Zambia in 2000, i opened a high rate interest earning fixed deposit account with Barclays Bank.I did not with draw from that account at anytime and money sent thro db transfer got lost. When i went back home in 2005, i did not find any Kwacha. The bank told me that all the Millions – K5000,000 went to bank charges and that my account was nolonger active. The bank robbed me.
    I suggest the following:
    1. Banks should be brought into line
    2.Real estate agents should regulated – they are very dishonest

  12. Ba Chulu(8), are you aware of the minimum balances on foreign exchange accounts in Zambia ?? That in itself discourages savings among diaspora citizens.Apart from Zanaco i think,none of the others have a secure online banking facility.Not all Zambians abroad have faith in Zanaco so the choices of institutions is further limited.We love our country, but we love our money more, so until the Zambian banking system gets off its laurels….it will only see our cash when we visit!!

  13. When was Mr LP Mwanawasa SC get his PhD and who and in what. I am not rying to ridicule him. It is just that I have only been away for just 12 months from home.

    It may seem that being His Excellence of the republic of Zambia automatically confers the PhD.

  14. When was Mr LP Mwanawasa SC get his PhD and who and in what. I am not rying to ridicule him. It is just that I have only been away for just 12 months from home.

    It may seem that being His Excellence of the republic of Zambia automatically confers the PhD.

  15. Am very much aware of that mwana.Bcoz I didn’t bring it up dose not mean that I don’t know about that issue,boyi. Lets all fight and pray that things change for the better in Zed.

  16. Iwe Fred Muymba! It that the only question you would ask LPM? Are you Chungu or Shasonga in disguise? who gives a damn about chiluba! ulichipuba sana. Next time sit your butt down if you have nnothing to ask? you are such a let down…!

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