First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa says inadequate safe water supply and sanitation, inadequate personal hyiene and poor eating habits, coupled with low levels of knowledge on basic health matters, have continued to affect people in communites.

Mrs. Mwanawasa also lamented that the sitaution worsens during the rainy season and
challenged commuinites to exhibit high levels of cleanliness around their
environment, noting that communities experienced out-breaks of epidemic dieases such
as cholera, dysentery and other water borne dieases .

Mrs. Mwanwasa says it is cognizant that people in communites value the importance of
keeping their surroundings clean, a practice that will help speed the attainement of
achieving the MDGs as a primary goal for a clean and better Zambia.

The First Lady was speaking in Lusaka’s Mandevu compound today when she launched the
‘Make Zambia Clean and Healthy Week runing from November 1 to 7.

The First Lady demonstrated the Keep zambia Clean by cleaning the mandevu clinic
wards and other surounding areas.

She also planted a tree as a preservance measure of conserving the environment.

Mrs Mwanawasa said the success of this programme calls for communities to actively
partticipate in improving access to clean and safe drinking water, provision of good
sanitary facilities, changing the mind set of people against indiscriminate throwing
of litter, encouraging proper garbage collection and disposal points.

She further pointed out other clean measures as promotion of health awareness as
well as enforcement at individual, community, institutional hygiene agaist high
levels of nuisance in trading places and homes.

The First Lady expressed happiness that the Fith National development Plan and the
Vision 2030 programmes have given cleanliness and health the prominence it deserves
and challenged govermnet organs to institutionalise this clean saving national

Mrs. Mwanwasa reteriated that unity and cleanileness are powerful factors because
their values go beyond social, political and religious differences and paid
gratitute to government for providing leadership shown by overwhelming support
received from stakeholders aimed at ensuring Zambia is made and kept clean and

And speaking earlier, Ministry of Health Director of technical and suport services,
Dr. Velepi Mtonga, urged communites to comply with medical experts if the keep
Zambiua Clean is to effectively succeed.

She said the ministry is challenged by the disease burden but reteriated that
government will win the keep Zambia Clean campaign in accordance with the global
mandate of provision of quality health services closer to the people to making
Zambia disease-free and malaria free among other major challenges.

And Mandevu Clinic Nursing Sister In-charge, Annie Silondwa, said Mandevu, with a
catchment of 76,708 people, is burdened by shortage of water, poor sanitation
conditions as well as limited garbage collection points.

Mrs. Silondwa said the situation exposes Mandevu compound to water borne disease
such as cholera and dysentery.

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  1. Keeping the nation clean begins in our homes because charity begins at home.if children are taught to be clean and smart they will never be dirty people.



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