Mazabuka municipal council frown upon


The Cotton Development Trust in Mazabuka says it is disappointed with the negative attitude of Mazabuka municipal council towards investment in the district.

Trust Director, West Chita told ZANIS in Mazabuka today that he is disappointed with
the council for rejecting an application by the company to set up a ginnery.

Mr. Chita said the rejection of application meant that thousands of people who could
have been offered jobs continued living in poverty

He urged the council to be receptive to capital investments and not scare away

Mr. Chita said the investor has since built a ginnery in Kafue where thousands of
residents have been offered jobs.

He said it is painful to learn that the council rejected the application without
taking into consideration the tax the company would have paid to the local

But town clerk, Ekan Chingangu said the council has never received such an application.

Mr. Chingangu has since urged Mr. Chita to cross check his facts.