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Doctor testifies in Findley rape case

Headlines Doctor testifies in Findley rape case

The Ndola Magistrate Courts this morning heard that findings of the medical examinations carried out on the juvenile alleged to have been raped by MMD Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Terence Findley, were inconsistent.

Appearing before Ndola Principal Resident Magistrate Chilombo Phiri, Dr Adolphus Obi, the Acting head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology department at Ndola Central Hospital, said findings on tests carried out on the juvenile were not conclusive.

During cross-examination in the continued hearing of the case, Dr Obi who did not personally examine the juvenile explained that the victim had no bruises and no injuries on her.

“From the findings it is very inconclusive for the charge of rape because there were no bruises and no form of injuries were found,” he said.

But the Doctor confirmed that the victim had scars on her left hand and buttocks.

The defence team is lead by Eric Silwamba, Paulman Chungu and Lawrence Matibini.

Meanwhile, the Ndola Magistrate Court grounds had a heavy presence of police officers in uniform and plain clothes as MMD cadres chanting party slogans had come to show solidarity to their party chairman.

Hearing continues this afternoon.


  1. But mu Zambia thr z serious idiocy,that ka Doctor has been given huge sums to say wat he said.Findlay z always in the company of young guys thats y i did not hesitate to bliv wat befell him.
    & thoz MMD cadres who went to show support r disgusting.I hope such a thing happens to one of thr daughters or children

  2. Shame…this rent a crowd scheme!It is disgusting to seem to suggest that for one to “claim” to have been raped there must be “bruises or any other form of injuries”.Indeed money can “buy’ ignorance. Shameless Doctor, shameless lawyers!!!

  3. ..he will get away with it..money talks in zed!!!..All of you with young daughters shud beware…they are not safe!!!!!!!!!

  4. MMD you have no shame how can you even go there to support a person who is having sex with a young girl. shame on you. Nechilufumo ichikulu chonse chilya pakaiche.
    One thing i know it was not “rape”. But still that man is just too old.
    Am not supporting any one here . both of them what thy did was wrong. Abaiche ba mu Zambia ukutemwisha impiya. Maybe the guy is even HIV positive

  5. I hope the Dr’s testimony has been misreported. Otherwise for one who heads the department of O&G at such a large hospital, he/she seems fairly clueless about forensic gynaecology.

  6. Such a distinguished defence team for a foolish case that even a recent UNZA graduate can defend ???
    Since 1991 lawyers and ARV doctors are making serious cash !!! each of those lawyers charge no less than K400,000 per hour and that is minus travelling and accomodation costs!! Is this a case of killing an ant with the largest hammer made by man ?? Maybe there is more to be scared of by Mr Findlay ??

  7. Evidence of rape is not necessarily bruises or injuries on the genitals or any part of the body. Are you making a direct translation of the word ‘rape’ into your native language. Findlay will easily get away from this. It is so disappointing to hear that some MMD cadres can even give him support. This shows how rotten this animal called MMD is.

  8. In the first why should they allow a doctor who did not exam the girl to give evidence in court. It is total idiocy and ignorance. Findlay has definitely more cases to answer; rape,abuse of a minor, abuse of office to champion his ill behaviors. Zambian laws should be revisited to protect the minors who apparently are the future of the nation- government trophy!! Findlay should even step down as chairman to pave way for a fair investigations. Shame on Findlay!!!

  9. But MuZambia mwaliba ifyabupuba! If you have followed this case from the begining, that Girls’ account of the events that led to her alleged rape is utter rubbish! What was she doing in Terrence’s room in the first place so late,she claims to have been dragged, but she says he draged her while they were already in the room. I am not suporting Terrence, but in my view, she asked for it! Comíng to the court case, how can the magistrate allow a doc. who did not examine the victim testify! Shame!!


  11. thats why we say that this party called mmd is realy full of *****s who cannot distinguish between sense and nonsence. Surely how can the president allow his cadres to go ahead and support Find(his name to me sounds lihe a dogs name)in such a rubbish case which could eventually bring ridicule on his name and the rubbish party as a whole?

  12. So,where does the doctor who did not examine the girl get the courage to appear before the court?His evidence is inadmissible!Hearsay!Yaba,pa Zed!

  13. A witness is supposed to testify on what he or she perceived or experienced.So,what was the doctor who had nothing to do with the girl go to court?Hearsay!If he is acquitted,we will appeal on behalf of the girl!

  14. Shame on his supporters? people have nothing to do imwe bantu? fipuba sana…ignorance plus chibuku equals PF supporters!

  15. its very difficult to defend my party when stories like this are published.Thank God my allegiance is to the ideals of the party,its manifesto and not to any individual!!Cadres make this worse by turning up in droves to support an individual, singing and dancing party songs???!!! If i were president of my party..heads would roll..not becoz Terence was accused but because cadres were used to chant and dance songs of support for something yet to be concluded!!..and if Terence is found guilty????

  16. Findly has no defence in this case? It is plain and simple… he had carnal knowledge with a minor…unless he can prove she was 18yrs

  17. #21 one to have sex in zambia has to be 16 and not 18yrs old. Have faith in you own courts, so lets wait for the jugdement.

  18. #21 one to have sex in zambia has to be 16 and not 18yrs old. Have faith in your own courts, so lets wait for the jugdement.

  19. Something is wrong with our judicial system. How can a court with a competent judge allow someone to give evidence on findings that he was not part of, just because he is the head of a unit. If the doctor who examined this girl is not present, the judge can adjourn the case to a later date. The prosecutor and the judge should be relieved from this case because not only they are incompetent,but have ulterior motives. I can smell money changing hands. The people needs to know the truth regardless.

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