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Zambia voices concern over US sanctions against Cuba


Zambia has appealed to all member States of the United Nations to support the call for the immediate ending of the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba.

Zambia says it has repeatedly called on the United States of America (USA) to lift the economic embargo against Cuba because this has a direct negative impact on the principles of free trade and navigation.

Zambia’s Ambassador and Permanent Reprersentative to the United Nations (UN), Lazarous Kapambwe said this when addressing a 62nd Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the topic Necessity of Ending The Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the United States of America Against Cuba.

In a Statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka, Ambassador Kapambwe pledged Zambia’s committment to strengthening of universal respect of international law in conduct of all forms of relations among sovereign.

The Ambassador said Zambia had noted with appreciation the report by the Secretary General contained in the document entitled ”Necessity of Ending The Economic, Commercial and Financial Embargo imposed by the United States of America Against Cuba”.

”We believe that this report has provided us with an objective and clear analysis of the negative impact arising fromthe sanctions against Cuba”, He said.

Ambassador Kapambwe said Zambia maintained that the Helms Burton legislation violates the sovereignty of Cuba and is a breach of international law and not in line with the principles of the United Nations Charter, among them, the sovereign equality of States, non interference in their internal affairs and freedom of international trade and navigation.

In addition, he said the Secretary General ‘s report vindicates the position consistently held by the Assembly over the years, that the embargo against Cuba hurt the innocent people, particularly the most vulnerable who are women and children.

Despite the hardship caused by the sanctions, he said Zambia notes that the Cuban people have become more determined and united in defence of their country’s sovereignty, welfare and dignity for which they have sacrificed so dearly.

He further assured that based on the information compiled by the Secretary General in his latest report, Zambia will vote in favour of the draft resolution because of its firm belief in the sanctity of the charter of the UN which binds member States.


  1. Uncle Sam strongly believes you are either with him or against him.The COLD WAR ended decades ago,poor Cuba is still a punching bag.
    Any wonder the south american nations are rallying up against uncle sam.
    Uncle Sam being the bully he is, will have his way ,for now he can not manage a third war on his hands.
    Surprised 9/11 was not blamed on Cuba!!! NO OIL to control is the bottom line.

  2. System admin, can we please have issues affecting zambian/african people back home. Or at least issues that have a direct bearing on Africa/Zambia eg EU/AFRICA summit or AFRICA/JICA summit.

  3. “We would like to see this stinking thief called Chiluba recover completely so that the issues surrounding his participation in the plunder of national resources could be cleared and have him REHABILITATED as a GOOD citizen once again,” Mr Mulongoti said.

  4. System Admin.Bloggers are bored and brought in Chiluba when the subject is Cuba. Change the Topic. On Cuba, the US embargo is now more economic than political. A spin off of the ban (1959) on cuban cigars and sugar spawned lucrative tobbacco and beetroot sugar agricultural industries in US. These farmers/indusrialists have formed powerful alliances with congressmen and senators to maintain the embargo in order to protect their businessess. Zambia’s voice through Ambsd Kapambwe is a wasted effort

  5. There are more important issues to talk about or to attend to than Cuba. Cuba has survived all these years. Talk about service delivery to the Zambian people. PERIOD.

  6. CTD..Better advise Cuba to form trade pacts with Chavez’s Venezuela, Bolivia or even the EU. Ambsd Kapambwe effort is an academic exercise too feeble to shake the powerful political/business alliances in the US. Makes me wonder why we cry so much about the US protecting its cigar & sugar industry from Cuban exports. Back home our feeble industry has no protection at all and has literally vanished. LETS WORRY ABOUT OUR COLLAPSED INDUSTRY AND THE LOST JOBS . HOW CAN WE PROTECT INDUSTRY BACK HOME?

  7. #3Iwe! Read your history! Cuba is one of the countries in the world that helped southern africa to kicki out the white oppressors.This has everything to do with Zambia and the whole entire world.America thinks it can push anyone it wants to around.It’s time to stand up against this oppressor.

  8. #8 I know cuba helped the liberation of Africa. But it does not change the fact that Zambia/Amsd Kapambwe voice is too feeble to change American policy. It better for Cuba to find alternative trading partners. The political reasons being advance by Ameica are only a smokescreen for the real economic reasons to protect American farmers. Update your history and economics.

  9. Please Mr ambassador, talk about how difficult it is to assess ARV in Zambia. Don’t tell uncle sam what to do with Cuba. Castro’s cuba is dictatorial,period. Do You remember the KK WAMUYAYAYA days? Cuba is not what you think it is. Be democratic and everything will fall in place. Give chance to others to enjoy freedom.

  10. The call by Zambia’s Ambassador and Permanent Reprersentative to the United Nations (UN), Lazarous Kapambwe on ending sanctions is still a valid one because, later on these are issues that are affecting us. Countries like the US should realise that, the world can manage without them. Look at Cuba despite the sanctions it is a Country with the best Health delivery structures in the World. I know that Zambia should be priority in terms of discussions but the issue sourounding cuba requires attn

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