Friday, May 24, 2024

PF threats to expel its defiant MPs is regrettable – Mulongoti


Chief Government Spokesperson Mike Mulongoti says it is uncalled for opposition Patriotic Front (PF) to threaten or expel its Members of Parliament that have decided to participate in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

Mr. Mulongoti says the republican constitution guarantees the right for very Zambian, regardless of political status, position and tribe, to participate in national development which includes giving an input to the National Constitution Conference (NCC). .

Mr. Mulongoti ZANIS in an interview that it is regrettable that PF intends to expel its MPs that have decided to sit on the NCC.

He said the possible expulsion of the law makers would be denying them their Right to Assembly when the NCC Act clearly stipulates that all MPs are automatically members of the NCC.

Mr. Mulongoti, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, has since cautioned the PF to reconsider its position and allow its MPs contribute to the constitution making process.

PF leader Michael Sata has threatened to expel the MPs that have decided to participate in the National Constitution Conference (NCC).

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulongoti has urged Zambians to invest in the country for the growth of the economy.

Mr. Mulongoti says it is vital that Zambians with the potential and capacity should plough back by investing in the country for the benefit of the country through economic growth and employment opportunities for the citizenry.

He was speaking in Lusaka today when he officiated at the Professional Insurance Zambia luncheon.

Mr. Mulongoti, who is also Chief Government spokesperson, has since commended Professional Insurance Zambia for playing a pivotal role in the economic development of the country.

And Professional Insurance Zambia Chairman Rajan Mahtani disclosed that his firm recorded a gross profit of over K140 billion.

Mr. Mahtani attributed this to the good government policies that have allowed the private sector to thrive.


  1. Mulongoti should know the basis on which NCC members have been appointed and which constituencies they are representing. Members have not gone into NCC to represent their individual selves….otherwise we should ve all gone their to make money. NCC members are representing organisations and groupings that have elected them. PF on the other hand doesn’t want representation! So why should Machungwa want to represent a party that has nothing to do with the illegitimate NCC??

  2. If Mulongoti really needs the services of Dr Machungwa and his team in NCC, he should take them there using another method NOT as PF MPs.
    Ba Sata, you have a strong argument if, after their expulsions, the chaps go to court even though, we know, the chief justice is also corrupt.

  3. Ba Mulongoti. Don’t pretend. You are elated; the strategy of bribing PF MP’s is working. And the moment for sharing the “CUTS” after the hunting trip (NCC Act) is finally here. It is such a humongous elephant you killed (399 billion kilos). Man you are great poacher. How did you guys manage down such a large one!!Make sure you chew everything including bones and teeth because ZAWA may be on your trail after 2011!!

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