Government should fear church views within the NCC – Pande


Government says there is need to hear the views of church organizations from within the National Constitution Conference (NCC) and not from outside.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Kabinga Pande, said church organizations should not express anger but learn to reconcile when they differ over issues.

Mr. Pande, who is also Kasempa area Member of Parliament, said when the church organizations take a stance of not taking part in the NCC, they are expressing anger which is not supposed to be done by people of God.

He said the country needed to hear the views of those who boycotted the NCC, particularly the church organizations, from within and not outside the NCC.

He pointed out that the most significant occurrence that the country experienced in 2006 was the establishment of the NCC.

Mr. Pande proudly noted that the current constitution making process has been the most consultative in the history of the country.

Mr. Pande said this last evening in Kasempa Constituency end of year party in Kasempa district.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pande said Zambians should reflect on how much they have contributed towards the growth of the economy in 2007.

He advised Zambians not to leave the efforts to better the economy of the country to government alone.

He said government is determined to ensure that the economy growth rate moves from a single digit to a double digit, saying only then will the people on the grassroot feel the impact.

Mr.Pande advised Zambians not to give up but to work hard in 2008 to ensure Zambia’s economy further improves.

And in his vote of thanks, a Kasempa resident, Peter Moyo said people of Kasempa Constituency feel humbled and happy to end 2007 on a good note with their area member of parliament.

Mr. Moyo said the come-together end-of-year party organized by Mr. Pande gives the people of Kasempa an opportunity to make their challenges a stepping stone into 2008 and the successes in 2007 as a building stone.


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    Religion especially Christianity has brought the greatest sufferings on the African continent and it is, therefore, very sad for me to note that the same force is continuing to confuse our people.
    When will the dark skinned people learn that that the solution to our problem is hard work and not religion? Have we already forgotten the genocide this Christianity has triggered in Burundi? People please work up and free yourself from this dangerous force.

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    LT, was the heading supposed to read, “Government shouldn’t fear the Church views within NCC-Pande?” I cannot get it the way it is.

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    Catholics & colonialism: the church’s failure in Rwanda.
    The rampant killings in 1994 in Rwanda were believed to be triggered by the deaths of presidents Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi. Christians risked their lives to protect potential victims. Ethnicity was eventually found as the principal cause of the killings.
    On April 6,1994, two ground-to-air missiles struck the jet carrying Presidents Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi. All

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    All on board were killed. Within hours, a killing rampage erupted in Rwanda that, over the next three months, would leave between half a million and a million dead. It is by no means insignificant that some of the first victims were Catholic priests, lay workers, and young retreatants at the Centre Christus in Kigali, Rwanda, and that attacks on the church continued throughout the massacres.

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    Startingly, a majority of the killings in the genocide even took place within church buildings: Hutu militia turned these traditional places of refuge into mass Tutsi graves; the buildings were also frequently desecrated. As a result, analyses initially focused on a persecuted church. But since

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    approximately 90 percent of the Rwandan population is Christian – Tutsi and Hutu alike – the focus has turned to the question of a church of persecutors.

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    Clearly, many Christians participated in the massacres. There were also, however, many priests, nuns, and lay people who risked their lives or died protecting those in danger. The church, therefore, was one of both saints and sinners. But did it sin more than it was sinned against? It is my contention that, in Rwanda, ethnicity – and not Christianity – was the principal factor driving the killings.

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    But the church was guilty of complicity whenever it sharpened ethnic division through educational bias or political preference for a clearly racist regime, or remained silent before clear discrimination and violations of social justice. Perhaps what the Rwandan genocide calls most into question concerning the role of the church is its method of evangelization and the ethnic divisions it hardened and perpetuated. This complicity made it a target for disdain and retribution.

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    The evolution of ethnicity and the distinction between Hutu and Tutsi is a central factor of Rwandan history and was the predominant impetus for the genocide. These divisions, however, were not entrenched in precolonial Rwandan society. The earliest observers recognized two predominant groups, the cattle-owning Tutsi and the farming Hutu. Although these two groups shared the same language and culture, the Tutsi were considered the elite in Rwandan society, as cattle were a sign of wealth.

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    The minority Tutsi, who arrived in present-day Rwanda around the thirteenth century, gradually established monarchical control over the majority Hutu. But to preserve the peace, certain Hutu were allowed to function within the monarchy. Strict differentiation along ethnic lines developed only after the arrival of German and Belgian colonialists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

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    The colonialists justified and consolidated the rule of the Tutsi elite; they did not create the distinction between Hutu and Tutsi, but aggravated it. Following the defeat of Germany in World War I, the League of Nations gave Rwanda to Belgium as a “gift” to administer. Belgium decided upon a policy of indirect rule and favored the Tutsi – taller, thinner, and lighter in color – over the Hutu. The Belgians centralized power in a single chief and gave the Tutsi control of the judicial system.

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    As a result, the majority Hutu were excluded from participation in Rwandan politics. The ideology supporting this ethnic differentiation was that certain races were born to rule whereas others were born to be ruled. Known as the “Hamitic theory,” it was based on a tradition of Old Testament exegesis identifying the descendants of Ham – Noah’s son cursed for his sinfulness – as dark-skinned Africans.

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    The “Hamitic theory” was originally used to justify slavery and racism against all blacks, but revised to justify favoritism by the colonial powers – and the church – of the lighter-skinned Tutsi. They were cast as divinely instituted rulers.

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    The first missionaries of Africa, the White Fathers, had arrived to a lukewarm welcome in Nyanza, Rwanda, in 1900. The Tutsi chiefs and policy makers were agreed that the missionaries should be limited to interaction with the Hutu; in fact, not until the mid-1920s did a single member of the ruling Tutsi class convert, and the early converts to Christianity were predominantly Hutu peasants

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    But this process of evangelization went against the White Fathers’ mandate to evangelize from the top down – to convert the purportedly superior Tutsi first. For the Catholic missionaries, this topdown approach was the typical method of evangelization; that it did not work in Rwanda was a frustration and a challenge.

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    Initially, the Tutsi perceived the missionaries as a threat to their established power. In 1907, however, this perception began to shift with the arrival in Rwanda of White Father Leon Classe, a staunch advocate of the hierarchical method of evangelization. Classe believed that the success of the Rwandan mission depended upon the conversion of the Tutsi; though he did not oppose Hutu advancement per se, in his stance for a Tutsi-led church he applied the “Hamitic theory” to theology.

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    When tensions arose within the mission itself over its responsibilities, Classe’s argument was decisive: “You must choose the [Tutsi]…because the government will probably refuse [Hutu] teachers…. In the government the positions in every branch of the administration, even the unimportant ones, will be reserved henceforth for young [Tutsi].” Classe’s statement foreshadows the marriage between church and state that was destined to aggravate growing ethnic divisions in Rwanda

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    The means of bringing about this marriage was, principally, education.Prior to Classe’s arrival, the White Fathers had resigned themselves to establishing an indigenous Hutu church – a goal which required educated clergy. But though there were Hutu ordinations, the vast majority of candidates abandoned the seminaries.

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    With their education, however, many Hutu were able to attain positions as teachers and administrators within the colonial system, thus upsetting the social hierarchy and legitimating Tutsi suspicion of the missions. This might have been the legacy – or the end – of Christianity in Rwanda; but the conversion and enthronement of Tutsi King Mutara Rudahigwa as Mutara III in 1931 quelled social instability and set church and state on another course.

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    Rudahigwa’s conversion sparked la tornade, the rush of Tutsi converts to Christianity. With his conversion, conditions turned favorable for evangelization through the chiefs to the masses. Rwanda’s social structure was conducive to this method: Once the leaders converted, there was social pressure for the masses to convert as well.

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    As the sociologist Ian Linden has noted, “[I]n a remarkable way, Catholicism became ‘traditional’ the moment the Tutsi were baptized in large numbers.” And not only did it become traditional, but it also became the state religion. In a short period of time the Hutu-Catholic church of the poor became the Tutsi-Catholic church of the ruling elite.

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    As a consequence of this state of affairs, many of the converts were ill-prepared and drawn into the church for questionable motives such as social and economic benefits. The Catholic church took control of education in the 1930s and exercised a clear bias for the Tutsi, who thereby acquired a monopoly on positions of authority and control, not only in industry but in the political bureaucracy as well.

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    The sociologist Catherine Newbury has affirmed that this educational policy resulted in “clear discrimination against Hutu in most of Rwanda’s Catholic mission schools.” The alliance between church and state “introduced a more marked stratification between ethnic groups than had existed in the past. And as stratification was intensified, ethnic distinctions were sharpened.

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    ” The mission schools’ bias in favor of the Tutsi against the Hutu – sometimes even minimal height levels were enforced – was a major factor in hardening ethnic divisions and spurring resentment.

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    The Tutsi church-state alliance started to come apart after World War II, when colonial political and religious support for the Tutsi was gradually transferred to the Hutu. Several factors account for this shift. First, Belgium’s exploitation of Rwanda during the war generated anticolonialist sentiment, and the empowered Tutsi began to rail at their colonial yoke. Because of the alliance between church and state, the church was also implicated in this discontent.

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    Second, the champion of a Tutsi-dominated church, Father Classe, died in 1945. (According to the historian Gerard Prunier, Classe was “almost a national monument” for his influence on Rwandan politics.) He was replaced by the White Father Laurent Deprimoz, who began to address the divisive nature of ethnicity within the Rwandan church. Perhaps inevitably, however, Deprimoz’s efforts backfired and only made these divisions more strident.

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    Third, the number of indigenous clergy, the majority of whom were Tutsi, came to equal the number of European clergy, and a struggle broke out for control of the church. The imbalance of power between the White Fathers and indigenous clergy caused no little resentment among the latter.

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    This struggle was intensified by new Belgian missionaries who, Flemish rather than Walloon and from humbler social classes, did not sympathize with the aristocratic Tutsi but encouraged the downtrodden Hutu.The final vestiges of colonial control over Rwanda were shattered with the death of King Rudahigwa in 1959 and the investiture of his successor, Jean-Baptiste Ndahindurwa, who took the name Kigeri V. This transition of power precipitated a civil war; Tutsi and Hutu formed factions poised agai

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    Pushed by Tutsi clergy, Bishop Aloys Bigirumwami of the Nyundo vicarate became the symbolic figurehead of the Tutsi faction, the Union Nationale Rwandaise, and Bishop Andre Perraudin of Kabgayi was perceived as the champion of the oppressed Hutu for his insistence on the church’s social teaching. Though they had issued a joint letter calling for peace, the bishops – and church – were swept into the emerging violence.

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    This powder keg exploded in November 1959, after the brutal attack of a Hutu activist. A peasant revolt (Jacquerie) broke out leaving hundreds dead and thousands displaced. Thereafter, through political guile and propaganda, the Hutu nationalist movement gained support and momentum, culminating in a call for independence and the popular election of Gregoire Kayibanda as de facto president of a new republic on January 28, 1961.

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    Belgium formally recognized Rwanda’s independence on July 1, 1962, but independence brought only deeper wounds. Following it, the Hutu took over governmental positions from the Tutsi, and the oppressed rapidly became oppressors. The Hutu turned the “Hamitic theory” against the Tutsi, who were recast as “Hamitic invaders” and colonialists.

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    Many Tutsi fled north into Uganda from where they staged raids on the Hutu, who retaliated in turn. From December 1963 to January 1964, the new Hutu government killed between 10,000 and 12,000 Tutsi. Extended over thirty years, this fighting and repression constituted a long fuse to the 1994 explosion.

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    On November 21, 1991, the Catholic bishops of Rwanda issued a letter to priests and religious on the “Pastoral Role in Rebuilding Rwanda.” A central theme of this letter was the need to overcome ethnic divisions. Thaddee Nsengiyumva, bishop of Kabgayi and president of the Rwandan Episcopal Conference, acknowledged the church’s complicity in perpetuating these divisions by declaring, in a public letter dated December 1, 1991, that “the church is sick.

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    ” Too little, too late? Certainly too little to prevent the genocide of 1994, when President Habyarimana’s murder gave Hutu extremists within his regime free reign to execute their “final solution.”
    Todd Salzman is visiting assistant professor of theology and religious studies at the University of San Diego.

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    Bwana Zulu,

    Your plagiarism skills used here on the Rwanda story are highly appreciate for those know too little. However we can tell that you lack personal depth and analytical abilities in expressing exactly what happened there and the root cause. I visited Rwanda in 1995 in advance party of the then President Chiluba and Mama Vera. Our team spent 30 days ahead of FTJ and with him went to the museum of the skulls.The Chilubas cried uncontrollably.

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    Generally beyond religion, tribalism is very bad to any generation. This is why any team of serious patriots stand to destroy and purge any proponents of tribalism in politics. There is no compromise for that i can assure you on the calender any patriot that has served in a war torn country. Its better to lose two or three proponents of tribalism than polluting the masses.If tribal rivalry did not exist in Rwanda, the catholic could have found a dry ground.

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    Zulu 83,
    Do more of your google and get to know more on how the motives of catholics turned exceptional among the historically antagonistic camps in Rwanda.

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    Rwanda was a fertile ground over many years worsened by the big players who wanted to shift Rwanda from the Francophone influence to the English powers.

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    Patriot and ZULU 83

    Please go on your debate is enlightrening and full of depth. We are learning from you. How did the Banyamulenge Tutsis in the Congo emerge? Did they also come from Rwanda?

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    Zulu mwaiche, may the good Lord Almighty deliver your soul from Satan’s domain. Otherwise when your time is up on earth, you will sleep only to wake-up in hell. Repent and dont blame chritianity for Africa’s problems.

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    A marjority of chritian movements are a peace loving organisations aimed at spreading the gospel of God. The situation in Durundi/Rwanda are isolated incidents.

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    #44-45 Intellect
    Ba intellect do you know that the Catholic Church initially supported Hitler during the second world war. When his atrocities became apparent they did not condemn him but rather went into a complicity of silence.
    The born again churches in USA suported and urged Bush to invade Iraq saying it was biblically ordained. When Saddam’s children Usay and Waday were killed in cold blood the churches were very happy. Imagine if it was Bush’s children who were killed. History is replet

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    history is replete with the christian church taking sides in a conflict and abrogating their responsibilities with wrong descisions. Currently in our country the Church has taken a stand against the NCC purpotedly under the name of the people, if you do a survey you wil find out that no member of these churches was ever consulted and that most hold opinions different from the position taken by the church.

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    #46 You are a liar and father of liars. You have never done survey in any churches. It is clear here that u, citizen is devils advocate and agent.

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    Zulu #1 thanx for youe efforts but I must admit that you knowledge is only knee deep. Your 1st blog on christianity contradicts itself when you assert that it was the christians actually who risked the lives by protecting the lives of the genocide victims. All in this christianity was a front used to annihilate across ethinic lines. According to Kris Hollington in his book ‘How to Kill’, Random House, the genocide was well thought out scheme whose root lay with Habyarimana’s wife Agathe Kazinga

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    who on Nov 8 1994 was found to have been at the heart of the genocide and responsible for the death of her husband. In 2007 France where she sought asylum rejected her appeal for political asylum, thanx to Jean Louis Bruguiere a terrorism expert, tho she has appealed against that but might be expelled if her appeal is rejected.

    The genocide has its genesis dating pre-colonial times where the aparthied system of majority Hutu 80% being ruled by the minority Tusti 14% under a system known as

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    the Buhake.

    Zulu, thanx for you expose but it falls short od salient facts about the originality and efficacy of the genocide. Laxk of knowledge should not be substituted for chritianity but being religious and being open minded is what will loose the shackles from off our feet. Pls find this book and read it and you will appreciate my blog more.

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    #48 Anonymous,
    Dont be a coward and keep changing your alias, defend your position like a real man. Any way tell me if your church consulted you and in what manner when taking a position on the NCC. THERE IS NO NEED TO THROW TANTRUMS

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    #52 Yes indeed the church did consult the pipo about NCC through small christian community (scc) meetings. Unless you are not a member of scc or does not attend these meetings, then you wont what is happening in the church? I believe most well established churches have small christian communities where they discuss this issues.

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    #37 PATRIOT(member of FTJs advance parties) I would to like get something from you. what lessons did you learn from that trip apart from uncontrollable sobs from the kafupis? Have you tried to talk to LPM about nepotism and dangers of the country being ran by the family tree? and about calling some tribes stinking. Mind you the country sent you to Rwanda at great cost and we will appreciate every humble advice from you. carry on

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    #54 At least the Kafupis are moved of any sad issues. Not our dear Chuchu Muwelewele who never drops a tears during any of his many relatives’ death, including his own mama. He cant even be worried about nepotism and any dangers of country becoz he is stonehearted person who is got the guts to call other tribes, except his own, stinking.

  52. vote

    I’m not trying to say that followers of christ are evil and please forgive me if I’ve offended.

  53. vote

    Anonymous (56),
    I could sufficiently address your remarks therein. Regrettably i don’t invested my time addressing Anonymous bloggers due to their tendency that reflect a stigma of cowardice,deficiency in self confidence, inconsistency and their habit for random selection in thought trend.I respect with time bloggers that maintain their blogging ID be they wrong or right in opinion.We blog not to conceal our challenges but to learn through open discourses.Let me see your consistency first.

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    #57Please PATRIOT stop giving lame excuses, am not anonymous, attend to my question. As i said we sent you to Rwanda using public resources to which i contributed as a taxpayer. As such i, on behalf of other peace loving bloggers would want to learn something from the Rwanda lesson especially in relation to our current situation where the family tree ,almost exclusively, is running the country.

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    mala – msana wandalama,

    Your confusion that a family is leading Zambia is not only imaginary but a dangerous sense of inferiority and alienation that has clipped you.My fear is that you risk aging with that stigma because seemingly your stigma has no solution rather than realizing that Democracy has a model of self alignment.If you have chosen to align with politicians that are oblivious to the dispensation change, don’t expect to be in the ruling class but stone throwers in vein.

  56. vote

    The Zambian system under the democratic dispensation is not & has never been a national unity system synonymous with nations emerging from war.We are a functional democracy established on an electoral system of winner takes it all from the ballot to Govern.Thus, the ruling party structures itself on its establishment to best realize its agenda, policies, vision and interests. You cannot expect a seating Government acting off its domain of structures in formation except for fundamental interest.

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    mala – msana,

    Here where you and your leaders have retreated into your tribal cocoons ignoring the fact that it took progressive Zambians in 1972 to heal the wounds of tribal bigotry. Do you expect the ruling party to solicit for your role off your tribal cocoon? Certainly not.I beat you, Governments will come and Go but tribal bigots will keep sliding into irrelevancy with time.Understand the scrooge of tribalism and the resentment it receives.

  58. vote

    mala – msana,

    Ever wondered why your months or year long orchestra of family tree rhetoric here against the Mwanawasa administration has yielded zero return even on the Ground. From our advise, be aware that that orchestra will never create you any critical mass you so dream of. This is a deduction from our expert knowledge of your blog devotion perfectly correlated without variance in motive.With that, you are rumbling in an empty room except the support from Chapi and a few kids.

  59. vote

    PATRIOT, you’re purpoting to be a democrat, am afraid you’re not. I asked for a simple favor for myself and for other ordinaly souls who’ve never had an opportunity like yourself to be in advance parties for a sitting President. My question was ‘ what lessons can we learn from the Rwanda genocide?’ I did not expect a gentleman like yourself to go that epileptic even without any serious personal provocation. Please dont answer, you’re just an imposter, a kaponya.

  60. vote

    mala – msana wandalama,

    I’m sorry that i have disappointed you in your expectation to legitimize your tribal stigma.Calling me impostor does not and will not erode any experience.I repeat,Your confusion that a family is leading Zambia is not only imaginary but a dangerous sense of self inferiority and alienation that has clipped you.Evidently you have wittingly chosen to align yourself with politicians that are oblivious to the changed political dispensation.

  61. vote

    I repeat incase you missed it:

    mala – msana,

    Here where you and your leaders have retreated into your tribal cocoons ignoring the fact that it took progressive Zambians in 1972 to heal the wounds of tribal bigotry. Do you expect the ruling party to solicit for your role off your tribal cocoon? Certainly not.I beat you, Governments will come and Go but tribal bigots will keep sliding into irrelevancy with time.Understand the scrooge of tribalism and the resentment it receives.

  62. vote

    mala – msana wandalama (64),
    In summary, you have proved your misunderstanding of Democracy. It’s not functional only on the terms of a seating Government spooking from every bin on play.The GOP administration cabinet is 95% republican so is the DNC. You don’t bring every jerk in the inner circle.When late Reagan was shot at, in the theater room he asked all medics working on him & all in the room if they were republicans.It was for a reason.Zambia has nothing for those of you in tribal cocoons.

  63. vote

    Please Understand the scrooge of tribalism and the resentment it receives in the changed dispensation.One blogger i have followed here with interest is “Sampa Kapasamakasa”.He came strong & frantically shredding with passion his kith and kins on your similar family tree orchestra that you have bought from your political leaders.Together you have retreated into your tribal cocoons.You asked me a question, i have responded with prudence.Your stigma has no destiny.Sampa nailed it all right here

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    #53 Anonymous,
    I am a catholic who congregates at st Ignatius church,and belong to st charles christian community where I am treasurer the NCC issue was never tabled in any christian community let alone at the parish council meeting. Almost all the congregants heard about the ZEC position in newspapers. I have asked you a question where and when did your church consult you regarding the NCC. Answer with facts.

  65. vote

    #69 I answered you bwana citizen by informing you that the issue of ncc was tabled and discussed in scc, If your parish did not discuss the issue of NCC in scc too bad. Most parishes in zed did, period!!

  66. vote

    Its really difficult to understand what you are trying to put across because of your incoherence. Try to be brief with fewer mafasho as much as possible.

  67. vote


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    ZULU, the satanist!!!
    Man #56, you don’t need the forgiveness of man but that of the almighty GOD for your comments in #1.
    Do you understand christianity? The fact that so many evil men have infiltrated this religion does not mean christianity is dangerous. The evil men are just using the name of God to execute the plans of the enemy, to which you appear to belong. Christianity preaches peace all its teachings are based on the holy Bible. I dont see where you base your conclusions. REPENT!!

  69. vote

    #70 Anonymous
    Give me one Christain community in Lusaka where this was descussed and how the resolutions were arrived at. People like you are very shallow the best you can do is interject with no tangible contribution to make, for your age you need to invest your time in education rather than waffling through topics you barely have an understanding of don’t waste your youth on trivail it will affect the future of your children born and yet to be born.

  70. vote

    #74 You are very dull!! u want me to mention all christian community in Lusaka that took part in the discussion. By the way lusaka alone is not zed!!
    Becoz you chuchu’s bootlicker you will do any to degrade others pipo with different opinions including the church. You are the one who is shallow minded becoz all your mind is obsessed with Chuchu’s ilenda, your paymaster. No wonder u blog day in and day out without having time for your wife, poor woman, she starved.

  71. vote

    I’m sorry i don’t offer kindergarten classes to help you understand my disdain against your fragrance for tribalism.I wish you could understand that your so called family tree orchestra has no audience among Zambians. You risk singing it with your lungs out but in vain except exciting the likes of Chapi you share the stigma with.

  72. vote

    I repeat, Please Understand the scrooge of tribalism and the resentment it brings you in the prevalent dispensation of co-existence.One blogger i have followed here with interest is “Sampa Kapasamakasa”.He came strong & frantically shredding with passion his kith and kins following your family tree orchestra bought from your political leaders.Sadly you have retreated into your tribal cocoons.You asked me a question, which i responded with prudence.Your stigma has no destiny.

  73. vote

    PATRIOT (member of FTJ’s advance parties)
    #76 Zoona ulifontini, you cant even construct sentences properly and you think its the in- thing to be misplacing words all over. I would be very happy to know what do. Yesterday, you were braging to have been in FTJs advance party to Rwanda, i asked you a simple question, instead of responding intelligently, you unleashed a string of meaningless, misplaced, childish and incoherent words. Is this all that you learnt from Chiluba…cont

  74. vote

    PATRIOT (member of FTJ’s advance parties)
    #78 cont… is this all that you learnt from chiluba, plundering and reading the dictionary? Little wonder the country almost ground to a halt during FTJs reign, brainless people like yourself surrounding him where just interested in his dictionaries and imitating his fake accent.

  75. vote

    mala – msana wandalama,

    Whatever you hallucinate, i have refused to legitimize your tribal stigma.Its been out of ignorance, a defeated mentality and misplaced strategy in public affairs that you have retreated without shame into your tribal cocoon now haunting you. You have ignored the fact that it does not & will never work for you in the Zambian politics. MMD & any other party that will reign henceforth will keep finding you irrelevant to integrate.

  76. vote

    mala – msana wandalama,

    I repeat, i have no heart for those of you retreated in your tribal cocoons ignoring the realignment mechanism of democracy and our national unity.Privileged exposure to hot spots of Africa have shown me enough of the fruits of tribalism to disdain your tribal orchestra you are fanatically propagating here. Thank God its been an empty room but of a community of the same patriotic Zambians in the Diaspora.

  77. vote

    mala – msana wandalama,

    It seems my reference to the 1995 Kigari“Advance Party experience” choked you badly. Mention it a trillion times henceforth I don’t care. It is neither a breach nor a detriment to cite it. To many of us patriots such undertakings since the UNIP era were life time learning opportunities. That is patriotism and service to the nation at best. You asked me about LPM, what has he done rather than being a truly uniting Zambian leader after the best of KK?

  78. vote

    mala – msana wandalama,

    I don’t deal with dead-end family tree innuendos typical of you bigots. I respect your expectation to hear disdainful tribal hatred on those ruling off your cocoon. Zambia is greater than my birth place to buy your disillusioned orchestra. I’m a Zambian with Children from an intermarriage.Certainly i will be incoherent to you because i stand to tear down any proponent of tribalism. I wish i could lock you in some kindergarten for elementally lingo that fits you.

  79. vote

    In summary, your tribal hatred will lock you in a life time irrelevancy continuum.There are many of your so called leaders who have failed themselves but leaving you that tribal fantasy.Tme and nationalism has rejected and eaten them out of the Zambian dream without realizing any cause.UNIP and KK reigned because they were nationalists in spirit. Mwanawasa reigned in 2006 more clear despite the sting of the market forces because he was pitched with those who campaigned from some tribal cocoons.

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