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CELTEL apologises

General News CELTEL apologises

CELTEL Zambia has apologized to its subscribers for the network interruption that resulted into clients failing to make calls on New Years Eve.

CETEL Acting Public Relations Manager Patricia Litiya said the network jam was caused by a micro link failure in Mbabala in Choma and equipment failure on one of its switches in Lusaka on Monday, 31st December, 2007.

She told ZANIS in a statement today that the equipment failure started around 19:00 hours and was rectified at 11:00hrs on January 1, 2008.

She explained that company engineers could not access the affected site due to heavy rains hence the delay in rectifying the problem.

Ms. Litiya said the micro link failure affected the entire Southern province and Western Province.

In Lusaka, She said Celtel experienced equipment failure on one of its switches and this resulted in bad network performance in Lusaka, Central and Eastern provinces.

This occurred on Monday, 31st December 2007 and was rectified at 16:00 hrs the following day.

She said Celtel Zambia did everything possible to ensure the network was restored on time.

“In this regard, capacity was adequate to cater for the expected traffic during the festive season and generally calls and SMS were sustained until yesterday when we experienced equipment failure ,” she said.


  1. ‘Uwakalema takaleka’. why is that its only Celtel and not the others every festive season?
    Put your house in order CELTEL!

  2. To hell with CELTEL.
    They knew in advance that subscribers like #1 will only accept the apology and move on.
    Ifwe pa CELL-Z no problem no matter how much it rains.

  3. Nalema…..
    Where my MTN @?

    Here is a tip for Cell Z and MTN…. Just reduce the rates to K10 per second and you will be reach forever…. Its just too damn expensive to call…. reduce those tarrifs….

  4. Ba CELTEL bamona kwati twapuba ndabena! Every new year’s eve ninshi ma stories? Anyway, we know that with their connections they are untouchable. But they should be wary pantu ama connections yalaputuka ka! Tukabamona mukuyenshiku

  5. Celtel we behind you!
    come rain come sunshine!just work the shortcomings.
    Viva to U for being a shinig e.g 2 0ther companies pa zed(thru corporate social responsibilty).

    However tek note of leon’s comment.

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