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Tunisia-Zambia Friendly Scorecard with team sheets


Two quick goals from winger Felix Katongo set Zambia on their way to a surprise 2-1 away win over Tunisia in an African Nations Cup warm-up at Rades on Sunday.

Katongo netted twice inside the opening 10 minutes, the first coming with a deflection off defender Wissem Abdi and the second two minutes later from a shot on the edge of the penalty area.

Swiss-based striker Yassine Chikhaoui hit the goalframe for Tunisia midway through the first half and then reduced the deficit two minutes after the break.

Friendly International, 06/01/2007

Rades, Tunisia

Tunisia 1(Yacine Chikhaoui 47″)- Zambia 2(Felix Katongo 7″ 9″)

Tunisia : Kasraoui, Souissi, Mikari, Hagui, Abdi (Sub: Ghezal 72′), Zouaghi, Nafkha (Sub: Traoui 67′), Mnari, Zaïem, Chikhaoui (Sub: Chermiti 72′), Jemaâ (Sub: Ben Dhifallah 23′).

Zambia : Kennedy Mweene, Clive Hachilensa, Billy Mwanza, Kennedy Nkethani, Joseph Musonda, Ian Bakala (Isaac Chansa 75′), Rainford Kalaba (Sub: William Chinyama 84′), Felix Katongo, Jacob Mulenga (Sub: Emmanuel Mayuka 65′), Dube Phiri (Sub: Christopher Katongo 76′), James Chamanga (Sub: William Njobvu 90′).

Referee: Mohamed Bichari (Algeria).

Red Card: Joseph Musonda (78′).

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  1. Hey, thats good news to the ear. I wish this was the CAN proper but I cant have it both ways anyways. This Tongis is marvelous to watch. Log onto Youtube and type in Felix Katongo at the prompt and BANG!! all yours to see. CIAO


  3. OK!
    Now we can have sigh of relief.
    Hope the guys build on the confidence and dont lose it in the face of Cameroon or indeed Egypt.

  4. So we played the last 12 minutes plus added time with 10 men! I can see Phiri is already planing for the life without C.Katongo and I.Chansa for the first game.My only worry is the Midfield i hope to see more Francis Kasonde involved in the next friendly games.He needs more exposure a guy of his built is needed in the middle of the pack.I see that Bakala and Kalaba played in the middle and W.Njovu later came in to enforce the midfield.All these guys are not of big size though skillful.

  5. #7 Patriotic Zambiano,
    Only we can’t understand the real problem surrounding TANA but yes we still need his services. This is one mature player who you do not expect to shiver at the sight of big-name players on the opponent team line-up.
    I hope one day we shall know the truth behind Tana’s saga…..If its indiscipline let him be sidelined, but i think there is more to it.

  6. Sibs.Rsa#6 you seem to share my views on many a football issue. You have are spot on about that midfield. we need to have guys with a physical presence there, as we go into the REAL THING, and now’s a perfect opportunity to try some of our bigger midfielders. As for the people that have been critical of the preparations zambia is doing, have faith in the team. they will be a revelation this Africa Cup.FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL! Zambia will be ready!

  7. Guys,

    Our kits for ACN are all red and all orange (supposed to be copper).

    Maybe someone listed to Samakai and his suggestion 🙂

  8. Tana has earned our respect over the years and we give him the benefit of the doubt. Mbesuma has is the one who still has allot to prove. let’s not get distracted, concentrate on the end result, we still have many problems to fix and improving to do. overcoming these and putting on a good fight should be our goal.

  9. Ok, thats a good result to boost the confidence of our players. However, lets not be cheated by this one, remember Zambia Vs Tunisia at the last Afcon in Egypt, the boys started well, scored first and the in the second half, they lost their composure and they got tired. End result: 1-4. I only hope they have worked on the endurance because, Cameroon will be a difficult team to beat, Eto’s Pace and creativity needs can only be manned by a hard and experienced defender like Tana. My point is…

  10. … If phiri thinks by beating Tunisia, Zambia can do without Tana, he will be embarased. Mind you, we don’t have Andrew Sinkala in the Middle who can also play as a defensive midfilder so we really need Tana. In front, I would have loved to See Harry Milanzi, I mean, we need to win our first game against Sudan, Chris will not play, Mbesuma is a passenger, the options upfront are not strikers, they are attacking midfilders, we need a real striker with power play like Milanzi.

  11. I have really lost hope in the Zambian team for many reasons, one of which is that our players seem not to know their targets in their careers. They get satisfied for less: Mbesuma’s success in SA got to his head and he has failed to shake off the Compound mentality(eating too much, drinking too much etc) I hear the boy Fwayo Tembo is the same character. If only our current players could have the dedication that KK 11 once had, we would be on equal footing with the likes of Cameroon, Nigeria etc

  12. Good result, but lets wait 4 the game on tuesday against Tunisia again. So far so good, but no need 2 get excited..... Lets wait & see.

    Chief Chibmus

  13. @No. 15 Dickpowerz:

    Same here mate. Was thinking of writing the exact thing you did. When it comes to Zambia,I dont even raise my hopes at all. Thats not to say I dont enjoy our victories but we somehow always manage to fcuk up when it matters most.

    Anyway,my fingers are crossed.

  14. PP should give reserves a chance on Tuesday, players like Kasonde, Chintu, Kankonje should be given a chance to play

  15. No 8 – Lex

    Yes we may need Tana in the long run. Tactically he can command things from the back. I just hope he works on his temper.

  16. At the 2008 ACN we will reap what we have sown, there are no two ways about it. If you gun an exam and pass and think you’ll do the same in the real world then you’re digging your own grave. We have accountants, engineers, lawyers, etc who have failed to tick in the real world for the same reason. The ACN is the real world.

  17. Well pipo I am new to this blog and I have observed with interest the comments made here. One thing amazes me our some comments. It appears that we have no faith in the Chipolopolo boys to deliver. We are so negative. Zambia has a team that is capable of beating any team. We must be psoitive and encourage the boys. I personally believe that this team is about to deliver a great performance we can be proud of. Have faith for once Zambians. Mbesuma will have a good tournament. God bless Zed.

  18. @22: For how long will you have faith? sometimes it is helpefull to be realistic and face the truth. The Zambian soccer system from FAZ to the players has no direction. How can you honestly expect Mbesuma to perform when he has not had any decent game since he moved from SA? Forget it mate or else you will find yourself jumping off the bridge! We sometimes have to learn from English football where if you mess up, no matter who you are, they will tell you in your face that you suck! period.

  19. Heeee you people who still believe in “Amapaka”, which league do you watch? Those giants you are dreaming are waste of time, look at Real Madrid how they corrupsed 2 years ago. Those who knows how to watch soccer can agree with me that current Arsenal and Man.U are as big as Kalaba, Njovu, Felix, Mayuka etc. And the losers Chelsea are as intimidating as Cameroonian. Wake up people..

  20. Makai #10 I totally agree with you we need some physical presence to cover the defence.Patrick Phiri has admitted according to the Weekly Post(01/08/07)that the Tunisians gave us problems (hit the post 3 times).He says the guys were taller than our players.Bakala,Kalaba are all short guys i am not saying the should’t play cos of their height.Atleast if you play Bakala you need another taller player to complement him.Pilikiti #25 guys like Anderson,M.Carrick,O.Hardgreaves are bigger Cont

  21. than Bakala,Kalaba.Guys like I.Chansa,Francis Kasonde,C.Kapamba are bigger and more physical.You need atleast one of them in the midfield to cover the defence.The guys that played in midfield on Sunday i stand to be corrected none of them are defensive Midfielders.The all attacking midfielders.

  22. #22, we are not being negative but realistic. If a student has been playing and bullshitting throughout the term and only starts studying in the run up to the exams and you tell him that he will fail are you being negative? No, you’re telling them the truth!
    Mbesuma cant perform wonders at AFCON when he’s failed to perform in Turkey, and before that England.

  23. Boyi, #27, again you’ve called it like it is. I pity the fools who just criticize without providing a solution. There are alot of armchair critics on this blog that seem to think we should just bury our heads in the sand and forget about national team football. The facts are that, yes, we are tactically challenged in the midfeild and football has very much eveolved into a game of physique as much as finesse. We dont have short guys with the tenacity of Gatusso, so we have to rely on the

  24. slightly taller guys to marshall our midfield. Tana cant be done away with.We need a proper centre-back.If we go in there and have all our players fit, it will be a matter of how well PP uses them. We have Utility players as well as core players. The key is in recognizing which is which. Even ba Mbesuma, on his day, can pull a miracle; as much as i feel he cant play a full game.What choice have we but to wait and see, Guys?! As for the kit, the orange one they wore didnt look too bad.

  25. I agree on the notion that big players are an advantage.But maybe this applies only to African players/football. I stand to be corrected though. For instance look at some Arsenal players like Rosicky, Fabregas etc in the midfield, they play well. Lionel Messi of Barca is another example and the list is endless. I think overall what counts most is strength, aggressiveness, skill and ability to control the ball. The foo foo eating W africans playing in Euro clubs are challenged by so called small

  26. CTD.. european players in european club football. All we have to do as Zambia is to do with what we have. Expose them to tough teams like is happening now. I am sure they will be able to contend with ‘big’ players. I stand to be corrected on this one bane.

  27. On the issue of losing faith in Chipolopolo, I am not gona lose faith in my team. No matter how many times I have been disappointed with the results, I have failed to forsake my country Zambia. It is better to die with faith than to die without one. In fact in the past I had vowed not to support Zambia again, but come the day of the match, I find myself cheering my team again. Guys lets support our team, victory is coming some day.

  28. As a Chipolopolo fan, the performances of the Zambia national team always makes me veer between utter despondency and ecstatic optimism. No middle ground. The result against Tunisia is exciting. It’d be nice if it can be repeated against Egypt and Cameroon at AFCON. Fingers crossed.
    The nice thing is our preparations. 1994 is the last time we had adequate preparations for AFCON and we did reached the final. Our group is tough this time around. Hopefully, we will rise to the occasion!

  29. Well spoken Billy i have also been to the point of almost throwing the towel with the Chipolopolo.But win or lose for some of us ni Ba Zambia chambe.

  30. All good things that humanity has achieved were preceeded by dreams. It is always good to dream because dreams do cme true.

    So # 36 We shall not stop dreaming because our dreams are realistic and attainable.Chipolopolo is capable of beating all the teams at AFCON 2008.

  31. Yeah,its nice to dream Chips. But even nicer to achieve in a real world. Unfortunately,Zambians seem to have been blessed with a stronger ability to create fascinating dreams than anyone else.

  32. Hi fellas. Nice to see positive comments at last. Without faith nothing is possible. The boys need to be psyched positively in orderm for us to achieve. There is no point turning up at AFCON 2008 if we don’t believe we can achieve great things. Question for those who have been critising the team is: WHAT HAS THE SO CALLED GREAT ENGLAND TEAM ACHIEVED IN THE LAST 40 YEARS INSPITE OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS IN INVESTMENT. Bottom line is English players have no self belief inspite of being talented

  33. Brazilian and Argentinian players always believe that they will win the world cup when they go for each tournament. I believe what we have lacked inspite of our undoubted talent is belief. I stand to be corrected on Mbesuma. He has a point to prove at this African cup of NATIONS. Remember like every player is has also suffered injuries. Harry Rednapp never gave him a chance. So people until he has had a run free of injury I cannot pass judgement. Chipolopolo will deliver. VIVA ZAMBIA. VIVA ALL

  34. seems like the Tunisia game has made the pundits forget the bollocking they gave the team for playing “The Hangover Eleven” in Spain !!the 11-1 scoreline evoked such emotion…..where are the commentators now ??

  35. Never test a champion

  36. Dream on bane, reality is only 12 days away…..
    To #29 makai, listen we have offered a solution, and that is investing in the sport. Nothing comes out of nothing, that you must know makai. Unless u tell me ati ku thailand something can come out of nothing.

  37. Tunisia turned the tables on Zambia on Tuesday with a 1-0 win in a 2008 African Nations Cup warm-up match.
    Zambia shocked their North Africa hosts with a 2-1 win on Sunday courtesy of two early goals from Felix Katongo while Yacine Chikhaoui reduced arrears in the second half amid boos and jeers from furious local supporters.

  38. Thanks Myself for the apt update. It is a good result though. Zambia would have grown so big-headed going into the tourney had they won twice. This Yacine Chikhaoui has beaten us twice now. The Zambians need to be wary of such, I see Eto’o and old Hossam tearing down our denfenses too. 72nd minute? It must have been a tight game, but fellas must have started to get tired and lost concentration…I have this highly irrational optimism that 2008 is our year, watch this space!

  39. Hi,

    I saw the goal on a Tunisian TV channel. Kakonje was beaten at his near post and should have really done better. Guys, I watched the highlights from Sunday’s match and I have to say that some of our defending left much to be desired. When PP says that they troubled us in the air he isn’t joking!! Our boys were really being tormented at the back, but once we crossed the halfway we looked really good. Bring on Morocco

  40. Zambia will never be near to the team that perished in Garbon(MTSRIP) as far as endurance is concerned. That is the single reason we will never win any tournament that involves West and North African teams. Technically we are ok, by as far as endurance and detemination, we cannot match Cameroun and Egypt. West Africans will do anything to suceed even in other sheres of life, that is something we luck… you know…that hunger and belief that only the sky is the limit if you can die a little!

  41. This is the all essence of friendly matches to identify loop holes and try to rectify matters prior to the tournament. I commend Zambia for putting up good friendly matches. Teams like Bafana just got together last Friday. They will be playing Moz. and Bots before departure for Ghana. You can tell from the mood in their camp that they see themselves not going far in the competition. Zambia has done well so far. It is better to go to a tournament prepared than not.

  42. I agree with you Billy #58 Imagine Zambia being exposed at the tournament the way they were exposed by Tunisia. It is good to play friendlies so as to identify the loop holes and fine tune the team.

    Although we lost the match was good for our preparations. Keep Cool gentlemen. Lets wait and see

  43. ZambiA ALALA ALALA!!! ALAALA!! ALLAH IS GREAT!!! ALALA!!! CHIPOLOLO!! Allah bless u brother Yassine chikhaoui

  44. I am rationally optimistic this time round. As a Chipolopolo fan I have always longed to see Zambia rise to greatness. I am convince we have it in us to rise to the ocassion no matter the opposition. This fighting spirit the Zambian economy has incultated in us is what I believe makes us to search deep within to bring out the extraordinary. Just look at our recent past, we managed to assemble a team from the ashes which finished 2nd despite our opponents being solid strong. Tyeni Chipolopolo!!!

  45. Hey Whisper, did you say our Kit is red?!! Since when did we begin to use such colours? I understand the orange but red? why not use green? ANYWAYS the important thing is to hammer those teams. LETS GO ZED!!!!!

    Abantu Baya,
    Lusaka Zambia.

  46. Those prdictions by Addul Aziz are copletely off! It will be the other way round. watch this space.

    Abantu Baya,

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