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UNIP urged to find other leaders

Headlines UNIP urged to find other leaders

A Ndola based senior citizen has advised the UNIP leadership to find a different people to steer the party for it to attract a formidable membership.

Mr. Isaac Chinyanta told Zanis in Ndola today that Unip needed a change of the Party leadership for it to restore confidence and vibrancy for any future challenges.

He said if the status quo was maintained in its current form, the party would never have a political revival because the political dynamics have changed.

He added that the old political ideologies that were the strength of UNIP at that time have been changed in greater detail and the game of politics was currently for those who would embrace change.

Mr. Kanyanta said he had been in politics long enough and for many years and was one of the freedom fighters in the pre-independence days.

He said the current wave of politics needed leaders with original ideas and visionary thinking whose perception of issues had a global picture.

He said the party’s past performance in both general and by-elections was a critical indicator for the party to reflect seriously on its future because it might not convincing parrot its former political glories to the upcoming youths.

He called for the party leader to become magnanimous enough to allow other able and politically spirited young Zambians to take over the party top position and steer it to meaningful political participation.


  1. Its time some leaders realized that you can not take people for a ride for good.Unip needs a new leader and a fresh start. Tj has been a big disappointment and besides he spends most of his time out of the country. What does he want and what does he have for zambia. let our big brother step down and give chance to well meaning people

  2. UNIP is the only people centred party in Zambia, the rest are off-shoots with the prime motivation of racing to Manda Hill. Look at how they crumble after elections. We will be reviving a branch in Joburg soon. One Zambia! One Nation!

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