ZAMTEL Fibre Optic Equipment arrives in the country


Equipment for the installation of the Zambia Telecommunication Company Limited (ZAMTEL) nationwide Optic Fibre which will cost $48 million has arrived in the country.

Communication and Transport Deputy Minister Mubika Mubika disclosed that the project to provide broad band connectivity in the country would commence soon.

Mr. Mubika, who this morning toured some installation sites in Lusaka, said government is impressed with the progress which has been made so far.

The project poised to make business communication easier and less costly , provide advanced value added services such as e- government , e – commerce , high speed internet access is scheduled to be officially launched by this month end.

The Deputy Minister urged government ministries to apply for the services to be provided under the project which he stated many corporate organizations have already applied.

He said the government is determined to take communication a countrywide facility hence the aggressive programme it has out up through the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Policy.

Earlier, ZAMTEL Managing Director Simon Tembo said the businesses are likely to cut on cost by between 40 – 45 percent through the use of the broad band services.

Mr. Mwale said the company has intentions to roll out the project to among other places such as Ndola , Livingstone and Kitwe.

He said ZAMTEL has on the Lusaka Metro Fibre Optioc Fibre invested about $ US5 million.

So far the Lusaka Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is covering Lusaka city with nodes in Long Acres, Chilanga , Ridgeway, Emmasdale , Manda Hill and Woodlands.

Others areas include the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) , Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZMBC) and Arcades.

With increased usage in ICT enabled by proper marketing strategies and backed by enabling government polices as stipulated in the ICT policy , the fibre is poised to accelerate development in the nation.


  1. 1.Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) defines a way to execute hitless adjustment of the bandwidth of the virtual concatenated payload in the transport network, in this way, the service can be adjusted to specifically suit service requirements.
    By Using LCAS an operator like Zamtel can ensure that the effective payload can automatically map into usable VCs, speeding up bandwidth provisioning, while not having any deleterious effect on services. It has many other numerous advantages.

  2. 2. Automatic Switched optical Network (ASON): As traffic concentrates more on dynamic IP services, a flexible optical network infrastructure becomes inevitable. The trend in the developed world is to introduce automatic wavelength provisioning functions. ASON helps to achieve this. This would bring Zamtel numerous advantages like quick service provisioning and deployment, lower maintenance costs, etc.

  3. 3.Resilient Packet Ring (RPR)Technology:this helps to extend the capabilities of SDH transport network for packet data access. It is defined by IEEE802.17.
    RPR provides the ability to segment customers’ Ethernet traffic on the optical network while still providing all of the benefits inherent with SDH technology.

    All these technologies have helped evole SDH from a tradional transmission system to a Multiservices Transport Platform based on the Next Generation Networks.

  4. Mubanga…This is not some electrnics class so stop trying to show off with jargons. If you would like to help tp understand your point of view. State it simply it will help get your point across.

  5. Well, I asked the question I just wanted to be educated on these things. I must say the explanations are too technical, but am sure you are saying that the equipment they get should be able to support next generation broadband and provide an easy and low cost maintanance. Thanks Mubanga. Am sure ZAMTEL are getting the best and have the best guys doing all this for them, since this is the new installation.

  6. But munthu, someone is telling us about the equipment thaT has been bougt and you are dissing him. it is a sighn that he knows them better. Mubanga are you an engineer or what. if so where are you based. I hope you are helpng Zambia reach high. we need such chaps.

  7. Mubanga seems to be a communications expart and seems to know what he’s talking about though some of us in other professons cant make sense of his jargon… Good and

  8. Ala mubanga ulechita simplify ifintu. not all people are in the same telecoms field as u are. teka bola panshi. Just say iyi equipment yaliba compatible na situation yesu olo iyakufyalo fimbi rather than giving all those techicalities am sure even your mother will just be sighing. while i appreciate your good grip on the subject matter, u are one of the candidates to educate fellow zed pipo on such issues as u know govt yalitemwa ukushita infintu thru back door and then they become white

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