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Phiri in Striker Boost With Sunzu Arrival

Sports Phiri in Striker Boost With Sunzu Arrival

Felix Sunzu is due to join the Zambia national team at their Kumasi base today ahead of their opening Africa Cup Group C match against Sudan to be played on January 22.

The Konkola Blades striker is a late call-up and replacement for Collins Mbesuma of Bursaspor in Turkey who was dropped from the team last week due to poor form.

Sunzu arrives in Ghana from Tunisia where he was attending trials at local top-club Avenir de La Marsa when he received his late recall to the team.

“Felix (Sunzu) was due to join the team early this morning (Tuesday),” Faz general secretary Fedelis Banda said today who confirmed that the .

Sunzu was part of the provisional team that when into pre-Christmas training camp in Lusaka.

But the Blades striker was excused from training camp to attend to another trial commitment with Arab Contractors of Egypt that saw him being dropped from the team.

Sunzu is also a member of the Zambia unsder-23 team where he has scored eight goals in the teams Olympic and All-Africa games outings.

He was last season’s 5th highest goal scorer with 13 competitive goals in all competition.


  1. No worries with the striking force now, seeing that what we have there is the best we can get.
    Problems are with the defence! Mulonga, however, has forgotten that a team loses by conceding goals. and this happens with a weak defence line like Zambia has at the Ghana 2008 CAN finals..

  2. According to Zambian standards,the team assembled, is the best so far minus the old guns-(Tana,Sichone and Sinkala)let us be content in what we have and stopped insulting each other. That is how much we have invested in the business-football, we should expect results according to our investment.Let us not be struck with BPs, that is where we are now, Let there be consistence and investment in the game then we would be done, let us not dream, Go Zambia Go

  3. Its a real boost indeed for the young promising striker Sunzu to be in the National team for Ghana 2008 CAN finals. I just wanna wish the Zambia national soccer team all the best at the finals and the do us proud this time around by going a step ahead

  4. we cant cry over spilt milk…The defence looks weak.But, i gues its a matter of team work. I hope faz wont mess with the teams morale like they always do.

    Austin V.j. Makota

  5. Somebody else could have made a difference not Sunzu. Let him go there and warm the Bench. Meanwhile Wishing the team all the best

  6. I had a chance to watch sunzu play, during the U-20 world cup in Canada.He is a very brilliant player and i was really impressed by his perfomance.I just hope he will keep up the same form in Ghana.he is definately what Zambia needs.

  7. There is still room for improvement in all depts. Let the team defend and attack as a unit and they just might surprise everyone including themselves! Go Chipolopolo Goo!!

  8. As no.7 said, Sunzu was one of the outstanding players for me at the U-20 world cup. As for the defence, even without key players, as long as the technical bench correct the problems and the defence play as a team, then it should be ok. I’ve seen poor defences sorted out by good coaches within no time at all (e.g. Australia under Guus Hiddink in World Cup 2006 qualifying)

  9. This now tells all those players who felt they had a lifetime spot in the squard, regardless how much weight they gain and how much they sack, that time has come man. This was a right move indeed in taking action on players , coz you get tired of the same stories all the times. In football these days, everyone have equal chance doing well. It is just a matter of the opportunity. I am glad that the young players are in Ghana right now. These are the future of the Zambian football. Way to go PP

  10. Kalusha is part of the problem, Kaluasha did not want any player to surpass his level of prominance hence he insured that he intimidated coachs to select players of his choice even at a time he was an ordinary player. He was hero worshiped and that he took advertage. Government and FAZ officials were scared of him. It only took Mwanawansa to have Kalusha removed from Pamodzi hotel were he stayed for a long time on government funds.

  11. Even when every knew it was not fair Kalusha the first Zambian to be paid US$10,000, The ministry of sports had to divert funds for Youth and Sports development to pay Kalusha Salary and on top of that his hotel bills which were over K50,000,0000 monthly. As a compromise Kalusha was shifted to Mulungushi Village which costed Government about ZMK 15000,000.

    The PS indicated to Kalusha that it did not sign a contract with him for the position as Coach but FAZ. FAZ had no money to pay Kalusha.

  12. I just want to wish the players and the fans a good Ghana2008. In the midst of what should have happened like #4 says let us not cry over spilt milk. We just have to go forward and i hope like#8 they surprise us and even themselves. Sunzu do us proud man. Cheers to you all!

  13. Even when every one knew it was not fair Kalusha Kalusha earned US$10,000, The ministry of sports had to divert funds for Youth and Sports development to pay Kalusha Salary and on top of that his hotel bills which were over K50,000,0000 monthly. As a compromise Kalusha was shifted to Mulungushi Village which costed Government about ZMK 15000,000. His Salary and Hotel Bills were not budgeted for but Kalusha would always individually put pressure on the Ministry of Sports to be paid.

  14. Upto now the Government still owes retired Civil Servants money from as far back as 1999. Kalushas monies were paid every month without delay. A PS in the Ministry of Sport was demoted for having questioned Kalushas easy access to Government funds meant for paying contractors and Classified Daily Employees who would stay for months without being paid. Their funds in the budget were being diverted to pay Kalushas unbudgeted Salary and Hotel Bills. Mwanansa had to put a stop himself.

  15. Lets learn not to Hero worship, we make some of these people become big headed like Kalusha had been not withstanding his good contributions, but we should learn from the past and avoid creating future monsters.

  16. #16 Fun 1 if you don’t have positive contributions about zambian soccer and wots gonna happen in Ghana you better just shut ur’ trap than start throwing mud at the gr8 KALU,just because he’s Zambian and in your shallow mind ur’e so convinced that he didn’t deserve the package Faz and govt were offering him ($10000)/month my friend I don’t know how much u’ve followed Zambian soccer Kalu to me is the greatest player ever Zambia has produced worldly reknown and was ever there for games period.

  17. Like crabs in a bucket we have to bring each other down. Kalusha is the only Zambian soccer player to be respected outside Zambia. And you guys have to bring him down. You think $10000/month is a lot of money for a player/manager of his calibre? Not in this world in 2007. If you don’t be careful he will end up in another country that unlike Zambia will value him, and he will lead them too to greatness. Have you already forgotten 1994?

  18. If we are to put a blame on someone let it be GRZ. If you remember very well GRZ under President Chiluba each time when Kalu would be coming to play for Zambia they would send police motorcades while other players like Charlie cool, Jonstone Bwalya and others would not get that, now tell me with that in your minds why do you think Charlie cool pulled out of the team at the last minute in Zambia vs RSA? So the GRZ is greatly to blame for the downfall of Zambian football.

  19. Ba Fun 1, pliz get a life, stop this bad trend of PHD (Pull him Down syndrome, Kalu has achieved more than what probably yo entire family will ever achieve. He deserved to be paid what he got.Look how he helped SA with their 2010 bid, FIFA recognises him, CAF recognises him and who are you to…

    Trouble is that Zedians easily forget, Kalu used to fly in hours before a crucial match on his expenseand win matches for Zambia, where were the likes of Charlie when things used to be bad.Cont

  20. Kalu used to be discplined, his commitment to Zambia was unquestionable, how dare u think of him as a greedy guy today. Like i said, pliz get a life. Kalu’s legacy lives on especially as he bceomes the next FAZ President.

  21. Point of correction for numbers 7 and 9.Felix Sunzu is not the player who featured at FIFA u-20 woorld cup,that player is Stophira Sunzu the young brother to Felix.Stophira is a midfielder while Felix is a striker.He is a well built striker who possesses fighting spirit qualities like Tevez.He will definately add value to our team especially in games like Cameroon.Tana is still with the team in Ghana and that he is on standby, can somebody explain to me if his form also has come down like Collin

  22. @FUN #15, You amaze me with your shallow level of thinking. Honestly, what has great Kalu got to do with GRZ’s non-payment of retirees?? Do you know that tax payers will pay a foreign coach (once recruited this year) more than $10,000 monthly salary including other benefits? Some of you chaps will die with peanut salaries as I don’t see you asking for a salary you deserve. Nway, U don’t sound U deserve a good salary otherwise which employer would be willing to pay such dull chaps?

  23. Why discuss/argue about Kalu!Just make significant contributions on the AFCON 2008.

    Felix Nsunzu Jr is a very brilliant striker. He has the physic, excellent skill and good height. His passes are very accurate and holds on to the ball. Cameroon will have to watchout for this towering striker.

    Why is Tana & Nkausu still training with the team in Ghana when the have been droped? Why are they still holding on to them?

  24. I think this PHD (PULL HIM DOWN) Syndrome is very rife in Zambia. The way guys like Fan 1 personalise issues is very discouraging

  25. I would like to wish the MIGHTY CHIPOLOPOLO BOYZ the VERY BEST OF LUCKY THERE IS IN THIS WORLD!!! Kanofye ngatauli mwina Zambia elyo wingaponta nga FUN 1 ishilu.

  26. Let’s talk about Afcon 2008 enough about personalities.Though if people think $10,000 is a lot of money to pay a coach then forget having an Expatriate coach.Do you know how much Nigeria or South Africa are paying for their coaches? 10,000 pin eyo mule chita complain over ha!

  27. usamfya ifimbusu u want ukufola nga doctor the man is a brand on his own .his contribution to sport pa zed is almost unpararelled if it was a foreign coach nga mwale mupela shinga pantu nizedian so he should hasle for his money or he should come cheap he worked his socks off to be where he is now have so much respect across the globe newebo nani pakuti umusule iwe u r just a failier.

  28. #22 Thankyou for pointing that out. I did think for a moment the name was slightly different. Its good to know we have a young Stophira in the wings. I’ll be keen to see Felix in action then.

    Guys, Kalusha is legend in my eyes. There will always be critics. But its a shame that a great ambassador for Zambia can be criticized like this. Shame!

  29. Wish Zambia all the best in CAN 2008. I think attacks on Kalu are unfair, he had his own short-comings but let us look at the overall picture. The guy flew in from his base even against the wish of his clubs at times to play for Zambia. Am not worshipping him but the guy deserves credit, and he is recognised internationally. One of my workmates is from Argentina and knows the good work of Kalu and appreciate, you mean some Zambians can easily forget his efforts, shame in deed.Jealousy is evil.

  30. FAN 1, if you have a personal problem with Kalusha, this is a wrong fora for you. Talk about that when it will Kalusha’s fora. Please stick to the subject, most the people seem to be talking about Mbesuma being dropped, the inclusions of Felix Sunzu, and some of the brave decisions PP has made. Please leave out of this. You must appreciate Kalusha has brought alot of honor to this country.

  31. FAN1, thanks for the valuable information about great kalu’s balance sheet! But what has that got to do with the prices of tomatoes at soweto market??!! we are talking about sunzu jr. But if you want to bring up kalu, im curious to know how much YOU would pay a foreign coach of a certain calibre and if you would delay in meeting your obligations. Being zambian doesnt mean you have no value or sell yourself cheap. The government had a contractual obligation. You want good results, you pay for the

  32. you want results, you pay for the best. If a man stands by his principles and refuses to cave in to politicians and bureaucrats, then he’s unpatriotic? would you continue working in your present job if you werent paid a fair wage? Get real! And so what if he is a show off and thinks a lot of himself; , some of us think the world of him and he’s EARNED our respect. GET A JOB!!!!!!!

  33. It is so pathetic to see comments by fan# 1. Kalusha has done so much for this country and there you are complaining about $10,000.00.Let us be positve pipo. We need positive minds to create a positive vibe which can be carried on to our boys. I would suggest Lusaka Times dedicate a page for Chipolopolo fans to contribute positively so the boys can be showered with positve energy

  34. What is all this talk about Kalu and money? Tusheni guys. He has worked hard to be where he is.
    Lets talk about Chipolopolo’s chances to excel in this ACN 2008.
    I had a dream last night, Sudan 0, Zambia 4. I rarely dream and when I do, my dreams come true. I am yet to dream about the other games and I know they will be in Zambia’s favour.
    Chiao and cheers everyone.

  35. Indeed Lusaka times needs to dedicate a page for positive and well wishing Zambians to wish our boys goodluck.What we need is a synergy and not the negative contributions like the one from FAN 1. Kalu was paid peanuts compared to other coaches of his standards are paid. Mind you Kalu still holds the record of Africa footballer of the year for central and southern Africa since 1988 ( 20 years and we are counting)

  36. Stop talking about Our Own Great Kalu,it is just few years that the man stopped playing soccer and if you had to go out in Holland were he did his tread,people still remember him.That is not hero worshiping or gossiping…………call it whatever you may want.
    The main reason is that can Faz,give us Phiri´s cell number so he could get some contributions on the game plan during the Ghana 2008……..plzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy

  37. Fifa rankings for Africa at 16 January. World rankings shown in brackets, Africa Cup of Nations finalists in bold.

    1. Nigeria (19)
    2. Cameroon (25)
    3. Guinea (33)
    4. Egypt (35)
    5. Ivory Coast (38)
    6. Morocco (39)
    7. Senegal (40)
    8. Ghana (43)
    9. Tunisia (46)
    10. Mali (47)
    11. Zambia (67)
    12. DR Congo (70)
    13. Angola (72)
    14. Togo (74)
    15. Mozambique (75)
    16. Algeria (76)
    17. South Africa (78)
    18. Zimbabwe (83)
    19. Equatorial Guinea (84)
    20. Congo (89)

  38. IT should be

    1. Nigeria (19)
    2. Cameroon (25)
    3. Guinea (33)
    4. Egypt (35)
    5. Ivory Coast (38)
    6. Morocco (39)
    7. Senegal (40)
    8. Ghana (43)
    9. Tunisia (46)
    10. Mali (47)
    11. Zambia (67)
    12. Angola
    13. South Africa (78)
    14. Namiba
    15. Sudan
    16. Benin

    These are the best 16 teams in Africa as they have all qualified for AFCON

  39. Can Felix Sunzu dribble and attack and finally score a goal against Sudan? Can Sunzu apply pressure and sneak a goal aginst Cameroun? Will Sunzu make a name by scoring against Egypt?
    Lets wait and see, it goes away……we would have won! Zambia!

  40. Zambia has always performed well when least expected. That is why I am keeping my fingers closed. Records are there to that effect. Let us wait and see.

  41. It will need a miracle for Zambia to make it even to the quarter finals. The truth must be faced squarely; with the exception of one or two players the rest of the Zambian players in Ghana are of mediocre calibre playing in mediocre leagues. The Zambian team is in Ghana just to make numbers. The excitement about Sunzu is totally misplaced. Our team will definitely be one of the whipping boys of the tournament. Wait and see.

  42. let us not mix politics and football.Let politics for FAZ and football for nation team selected by phiri.goal zambia!

  43. flag Guys i m a south african bt kalu is 1 of the ppl i realy respect n ppl lyk him dnt cm cheap n plz give sunza a chance(freddy thetswe frm rustenburg>

    Ofentse mascapilla freddy thetswe

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