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Albidon to start full scale mining soon

Economy Albidon to start full scale mining soon

Zambia’s only Nickle mine in Mazabuka says it is ahead of schedule to commission full scale mining activities following the arrival of mechanised equipment.

Abidon Mine general manager, Sixtus Mulenga said full scale mining operations will begin mid this year because of the advanced stage at which construction works are going on.

Dr Mulenga said construction of a Concentrator, Mill plant and Crusher have reached an advanced stage.

The general manager was speaking during a public consultative meeting held in the Mazabuka council chamber yesterday.

Meanwhile, 38 houses at Zambia’s only Nickle mine in Mazabuka have been flooded in water following heavy rains being experienced in the district.

The houses are part of the 117 units built by the mine meant to relocate 125 families earmarked for displacement following the opening of the mine.

Mr. Mulenga disclosed this during a public consultation of the environmental and social management plan held in the Mazabuka council chamber today.

Dr Mulenga said the houses have also developed cracks on the floor and walls.

And Dr Mulenga has disclosed that the mine management has taken steps to address the housing scam by ordering the contractors to rehabilitate or rebuild the affected houses.

He was responding to a submission made by Mazabuka central member of parliament, Garry Nkombo who urged the mine management not to spare the contractors for doing substandard work.

Mr Nkombo submitted that, some villagers had started vacating houses for fear of being killed in the event that the houses collapsed.

He also advised management to consider relocating the villagers to another area which is habitable because the current resettlement area is not fit for human habitation.


  1. Great Nickel Mine! The challenge is on the displaced people who have to start life all over again, but only to be relocated during floods. This is a test-case for the contractor, who definitely did not foresee such! NCC where are you? ECZ where are you?

  2. See how short sighted MMD is. How can u allow a company to just mine the ore and the important process plant is in another country. Whom are u fooling ?
    Days are numbers and if u pipo blindly supporting mmd are in doubt. ask the relatives of alexander kamalondo. he thot UNIP ni wa muyayaya. Please put good deals in order not just saying new deal govt. we wanted the money from the processed nickel as this mineral is far more expensive than copper and if it is processed in zed then its gud

  3. We r still dancing to the same old tune.cud we not have put conditions that the processing plant was put up in Zambia to benefit our people? When will we ever learn.These investors are here for only what they can get.We need to maximise our returns please imwe bantu!!!

  4. Our leaders, i thought when you visit first world countrries you do so to learn the most effective way to developing our mother zambia? The Australian ambassador to zimbabwe’s visit to zambia in january was nothing but for these new mining opportunities. Now that zimbabwe is not doing well they want our minerals. Don’t be fooled by their skin color and those feck simeles,wake up! or else all the Nikel and other minerals will be gone in the name of samples and it will be too late. We know it will not be long they will even reopen an embassy in zambia because there is something to be there for, if not; why today? Lets watch.

  5. This information being pubished is very important. We may end up suffering the consequencies as of those from exporting electricity cheaply to other countries and forcing our citizen’s to subsidize for the losses, eventually suffering load-shading. Not all resources are meant to be sold, please lets reserve what we have for future use. We can use other means to sustain certain things and not scramling for cash. Please find ways of publishing this information.

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