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ECZ warns defiant firms

Health ECZ warns defiant firms

The Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) has warned that it would not hesitate to revoke licenses of companies that are not complying with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act (EPPCA).

ECZ Public Relations Officer Justine Mukosa says companies that are not putting in place adequate measures aimed at protecting the environment and the people will have their licenses revoked.

Mr. Mukosa’s remarks come in the wake of the recent contamination of water by Mopani Mines in Mufulira district on the Copperbelt Province.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that following a spate of cases of companies that are not complying with the EPPCA, ECZ has since dispatched a team of inspectors to carry-out compliance inspections countrywide.

Mr. Mukosa noted that ECZ will order the immediate suspension of operations at companies that would be seen not to be complying with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act Cap 204 of the Laws of Zambia.

He cautioned companies impacting on the environment to obtain environmental license saying failure to abide by the directives given by ECZ shall necessitate appropriate legal action against companies that would be found wanting.

And Mr. Mukosa has disclosed that the Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) has made progress in coming up with a draft policy on the amendment of the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act Cap 204 of the Laws of Zambia in order to make it relevant to the safeguarding and protection of the Zambian environment.

Mr. Mukosa further said that the institution is this year working on measures aimed at devising a mechanism that would compel ECZ to come up with a draft policy on the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act.

He said the process will also look at harmonising other pieces of legislation in order to strengthen the Act to enable it come up with strict measures aimed at punishing companies that are not complying with the institution’s procedures.

Meanwhile,The Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) have charged Guras Truck inn a total sum of K22 million as penalty fees for generating hazardous waste without a licence .

ECZ has also charged the company for contravening the Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Act (EPPCA) through the discharge of oil contaminated effluent into the environment.

ECZ Public Relations Officer Justin Mukosa said the charge follows inspections at the premise that revealed the company has not taken any satisfactory measures to manage hazardous waste generation from its operations in line with environmental protection requirements.

Mr. Mukosa told ZANIS in a Press statement today that Guras Inn has been discharging oil contaminated effluent into the open environment without a licence for hazardous waste generation and storage.

He said the hazardous has found its way into a storm drain and open environment, which has caused environmental pollution.

Mr. Mukosa said the activity is illegal and unacceptable adding that ECZ was appalled at the casual manner in which the company has been handling environmental management issues.

‘The company is supposed to take its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities seriously by duly storing the generated hazardous waste according to the Hazardous Waste Management Regulations as well as managing its Effluent according to the Water Pollution Control Regulations,’ he said

The ECZ Pr said the Council has since directed Guras Truck Inn to take appropriate remedial measures of the polluted areas failure to which legal action would be taken against it.


  1. Thanks ECZ. I earnestly urge you not just to growl at them but to bite. Unless you are seen to act, they will never take you seriously. Environmental contamination is a very serious case that everyone should be made aware of and only heavy fines, supervised decontamination and license revoking will send a strong message to all culprits. These fines should be used to pay yourselves good salaries, make visits to companies sharing your policies and help plant trees in deforested regions.

  2. I urge ECZ to put in place regulations concerning radioactive substances too. This is important especially now that we are seeing exploration and mining of uranium in Zambia and radiotherapy that UTH is courting. Please ensure that workers, patients, visitors and the population at large are protected. Radioactive waste disposal should be included too instead of waiting until it will be too late. I wish you all the best.

  3. Well done ECZ. In Western countries, companies who disregard enviromental laws are fined heavely and lose their linceses if they continue to offend. So be tough and save the health of our people.

  4. We got to stop these publicity stunts by ECZ. They must act by imposing heavy penalties/fines on non complying firms. They must push goverment to tighten weak regulations/laws. After all good governance on part of companies (environment, safety, health and community) takes place under “the shadow of strong regulations/laws.”

    Not Rhetoric!!

  5. salute u mr mukosa for the mature response to the disastrous and hazardous stimuli.only be vigilant,otherwise corrupt people [componies] are busy fidgeting ways of offering u a shut mouth.say no to every corrupt offer prio to environment or it will drain your intergrit.

  6. what zambia needs today are people who can practice
    what they say and not change in the process because of selfishness.remember,a good name is better than riches.we are out here watching your word come to reality.

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