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Flood situation not national disaster, Govt

Headlines Flood situation not national disaster, Govt

Government has dismissed media reports that President Levy Mwanawasa declared the flood situation in the country as a national disaster.

And Government has released an additional K14 billion for the procurement and supply of relief items to communities affected by floods in the country.

Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Vice President Austin Sichinga said at a press briefing in Lusaka today that President Levy Mwanawasa did not declare the flood situation in the country as a national disaster but only described it as a disaster that required all Zambians and cooperating partners to respond to.

Dr Sichinga said Government has also provided 15,000 metric tonnes of white maize to be used in the 2007-2008 relief activities.

Dr. Sichinga said the K14 billion will be used to procure among other items, tents, blankets, mosquito nets and chlorine.

He said Government and cooperating partners such as the Red Cross Society and United Nations have responded to the floods by providing food and shelter to the affected households and facilitated the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure.

Dr. Sichinga reiterated President Mwanawasa’s appeal to cooperating partners for help in alleviating the effects of the floods among the citizens.

Meanwhile,Some rice and maize fields in Luena constituency have been submerged in water due to flash floods caused by the rains.

A check by ZANIS, yesterday, in the outlying areas of Limulunga Royal Village established that some rice farms were completely submerged whilst some maize has dried up due to high water levels in the farms.

And in an interview, Annet Lubasi, a farmer in Limulunga Royal Village said that the unexpected floods have adversely disturbed the 2007/2008 farming season saying that hunger was inevitable in the area this year.

Ms. Lubasi also said that part of the crop that has survived the floods was being eaten up by pests that have infested most of the farms.

She has since called on the government through the disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to put in place measures that will curtail hunger in the area.

And the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI) has donated an assortment of goods worth over K40 million to flood victims in Chief Hanjalika’s Chiefdom in Magoye, Southern Province.

Donated items include blankets, mealie meal, salt, cooking oil, second hand clothes, and candles.

MMCI Executive Director Miriam Nkunika made the donation on behalf of the organisation.

Mrs. Nkunika said the MMCI was prompted to respond to the flood victims due to the devastating effects of floods caused by torrential rains on people in the area.

Mrs. Nkunika said the MMCI is committed to supplementing Government efforts in helping those faced by calamities such as floods.

She said the MMCI will endeavour to reach out to the vulnerable people in the remote parts of the country.

And when receiving the donation, Chief Hanjalika thanked the MMCI and the First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa for the gesture.

The Chief said the quick response by the First Lady to the plight of the floods victims to his area showed that she had a heart for the vulnerable people.

He observed that MMCI has continued to play a critical role in reaching out to the vulnerable in society particularly those in far flung areas.

Chief Hanjalika noted that the gesture by the MMCI will greatly assist flood victims.

The donation by the MMCI has been made to three camps in Magoye area which includes Chitongo, Dindi and Magoye.

And about 50 families have benefited from the donation.


  1. can someone please tell me who is saying the truth?
    its everywhere that the Zambian president has declared the floods a national disaster. is it pride or what? it is indeed a national disaster. to make matters worse several farmers have not yet been paid their money by fra. how do u expect these people to survive? we need help, help wont come alone. there is nothing to be proud of. just declare it a national disaster. draw attention to donors. its predicted more floods are yet to come. god help

  2. When is it ever a disaster? Is it only when people die in numbers? Declaring a disaster as NATIONAL is not a matter of pride but a way of harnessing or mobilising resources to help the victims. It is a national disaster when a section of our people live under circumstances caused by events beyond their control. Most international agencies will only help if a disaster is declared national.

  3. It has just come to my attention, the MMCI Executive Director Miriam Nkunika is Maureen Mwanawasa’s sister. Is this why they cannot declare the disaster national so that the FAMILY can be seen to be pro active. Do not misunderstand me here, I do appreciate the work of MMCI but I just did not know how much it is tied to the FAMILY. I see a common pattern – HOPE FOUNDATION (dead), MMCI (to die after 2011), HOW SAD!

  4. The fact that the govt can neither see nor comprehend conditions that constitute a disaster, much less a National disaster,illustrates what kind of leadership reigns in Lusaka!

  5. It is sad that in this day and age people are still living in mad, grass tharched houses, who can listern or help people who live like this, these people only become important when LPM wants their vote.
    I feel so let down by the system that our people are so poor that even the little that they had been taken away and all the politicans like LPM are just making news out of it, its a shame, even this idea of first ladies doing charity work should be stopped coz ngos like red cross are their.

  6. Zed needs proper land use planning. What happens when the rains hit Lsk big time in Feb and Mar? Light industrial area, mansions at Mass media, Chalala etc under water. Kanyama…. We’ll learn the hard way why some places should be left empty. They are drainage areas. The free for all land use determined by politicians, cadres & their family trees ignoring planners, should be the first to be decalared a national disaster.

  7. Another disaster bloggers: Shikapwasha for Presidency. My foot!!Zed can do better than have this adulterous man for President. Sorry to deviate but I thot u should know.

  8. And Kasama Central PF member of parliament Saviour Chishimba has said President Levy Mwanawasa is a progressive politician who cannot be compared to certain political party leaders that are hooligans.

  9. And Chishimba riled some of his fellow PF parliamentarians when he condemned certain leaders of political parties that he accused of trying to bring down what President Mwanawasa had achieved. “Politics of throwing stones is gone with the brutality of the Northern Rhodesian police,” he said. “We have to apply our skills, mind and intelligence.”

    He said the behaviour of these ‘dictatorial’ political party leaders qualified them for Chainama Mental Hospital.

  10. SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Raphael Muyanda said the decision by the government to raise the mineral windfall tax to 47 per cent had saved Zambians from the Frederick Chiluba-led administration’s ‘obnoxious’ mining agreements. “When we opened Parliament last year, I said that President Mwanawasa is a good man and some newcomers called me a sell out,” he said. “I am happy that I have now been vindicated.”

  11. Its unfortunate in Zambia that the president is the only one who has the sight to tell what is a national disaster or not. What about the people who have done sociall analysis? Moreove, is it true that all the meadia lied that the pesident declared the flood situation as a national disaster? Why such a big contrudiction? Who do we trust, the meadia, Mwanawasa, or the situation at the scin?.Why did the president ask for help from foreign embassy if he knows that its not a national disaster?

  12. Yes #12. Why did he ask for help from the Austrarian embassy based in Zimbabwe. He said govt alone cannot manage to mitigate the effects of the flood. He was asking the Austrarian govt to assist.

  13. Bootlickers will be known by their fruits, they commend even where there is nothing to commend. One MP said Maureen has presidential qualities oooops NOT FOR NOW.
    Zedians there issues that qualifies a national disaster. Can an expert tell us through Levy. Not Levy

  14. Even on BBC the heading is Zambia declares Floods as national disaster. Now it has been reversed. Who reversed it, Mulongoti or the President?

  15. #17
    If he`s that old,then he should hand over the mantle and the torch to the more energetic,vibrant and idealistic generation to ursher in a NEW POLITICAL DISPENSATION that would move the country forward.
    Fox,let`s be realistic and admit that SATA is a spent force and certainly not ideal for the 21 st centuary.His autocratic divide and rule can never take the country anywhere.
    We need FRESH LEADERSHIP and not recycled politicians.

  16. What you are forgeting #18 is that to be in the opposition in african politics you must know the system, hence the need for sata, i can bet u, if it has not been for sata, we would have no opposition in zad today, look at the new comers like HH, nevers mumba etc.
    In africa the party in power spends more money and time trying to come up with ways of killing anyone or any party that has a little following, so sata is the only one who can stand up to this, so i think #18 you are wrong .

  17. How old were Reagan and Mandela when they stood for presidency? How old is wise Wade-senegalise president- , how old is USA Presidential candidate Mccaine and the Chinese Premier?
    NOTE: Please only answer questions if you know what you talking about, i need no monkeying, seriously.

  18. #21 MALA
    SATA is a freedom fighter(kaposa mabwe) but what Zambia currently needs is an ECONOMIC EMANCIPATOR.
    Rember how he ambushed and lynched defenseless and innocent citizens during the frivolous third term fiasco.Can you entrust the instruments of power in such a persons hands.
    When he thought he had won the 2006 elections,he stormed the Secretary to the Cabinet`s office demanding that Mugabe the thug should be Q.O.H at his swearing in ceremony.Don`t you define such acts as HOOLIGANISM?

  19. #22 CHAPI
    Buddy I thought my question was as clear and as precise as it should.I just want to know, please no politics.

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