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MoE allocates K88 Billion towards construction of high schools

General News MoE allocates K88 Billion towards construction of high schools

The Ministry of Education says it has allocated K88 billion in this year’s budget for the construction of high schools in the country.

Ministry of Education Head of Infrastructure Joseph Nthele says the allocation

would be used to construct 32 high schools across the nine provinces in Zambia.

Mr Nthele disclosed this in an interview with ZANIS in mkushi today.

He explained that each high school would cost the Ministry K25 billion to complete adding that the ministry is hoping to receive more founds in the next budgets so that the building of schools would be complete on time.

He further said if the ministry of education receives constant allocation in the next budgets, the 32 high schools would be complete in four years.

Mr Nthele observed that his ministry decided to build more high school due to the increasing demand for higher education in the country.


  1. Something is happening in this nation, I think the economy is improving for real. I hope the Ministry of Health will also announce the equipping of our hospitals and clinics so that the politicians do not have to trek to South Africa.

  2. Build more schools, and do nothing to build more tertiary education institutions. Great thinking ya! Just educate people to acquire enough knowledge to be reliant on other nations for imported products. What a shame!

  3. Hi Analyst,
    You will probably call me crazy but I think something good has alaways been there since 1964… I think Zambia has Gold, Oil and other precious minerals and ojnly the few benefit from these…

    By the way, these projections are merely intentions athat are dependant on revenue reciepts… where is the money coming from?


  4. Well, Mingeli, I understand your concern, but I think this time around they are getting better at fiscal discipline and they just may pull this one off. I am a advocate for infrastructure development, and after over 15 years in power, these guys need to start doing just that or else come 2011, we need a fresh government with new ideas

  5. Nothing will take off. Only 3 high schools will be constructed and the rest of the money will be chewed up by Mwanawasa’s relatives

  6. I agree with #6 Mingeli Palata. Allocation is one thing, implementation is another. Country men we need to move forward, from mere lip service to action. We will look back and reflect in December.

  7. Building more high schools is a good idea. Your grz should start to equick UTH, Ndola Central, Yengwe, Kitwe central etc so that your political are not rushed to Morningside clinic all the time. The clinic is getting congested and south africans are finding it hard to get admitted there.

  8. I think that it is a positive move that more schools are being built. Let us give credit where it is due.
    If the existing hospitals can be improved alongside new ones, we can stop the hopitalisation of key government and private individuals at hospitals in South Africa and abroad. The reason that patients are sent there is because there are better facilities out there. If our hospitals are improved, I am sure that our excellent Zambian doctors and nurses abroad will consider returning home.

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