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Clergy cautioned against using pulpit for political ambitions

Headlines Clergy cautioned against using pulpit for political ambitions

Government has warned the clergy against using the church to gain entry into politics.

Community Development and Social Services Deputy Minister Elijah Muchima says the church should provide direction to the nation and not to oppose it.

Commenting on the composition of the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) delegates, Mr. Muchima noted that those who have refused to participate in the constitution making process are disobedient and should blame themselves.

Mr. Muchima said this in Rufunsa in Chongwe when he officiated at the 10th anniversary of Nyampande Orphanage and Community School that concided with the launch of Chikondi Foundation.

The Deputy Minister maintained that government will go ahead with the NCC but that it is rather dismayed that the church is not doing enough to help government in the constitutional making process.

Mr. Muchima advised the church to rally behind President Levy Mwanawasa as he continues to govern the nation with his good leadership, which has started bearing fruit economically.

Over 500 members NCC registered as participants while some quarters of society among them the Oasis Forum have vowed not to participate in the NCC.


  1. Myopic minister Elijah Muchima. Can you draw a line between leading people and being a church without voicing on essues that affect the people. You should be embarrassed that your president kept on shifting goal posts in the mode of adopting the new constitution. The Church is not a blind follower to follow all the nonsense the government does. The church is not being disobedient by not attendingt the constitution review assembly but expressing the freedom of assembly.Outdated Minister think Big

  2. It’s really interetsing that even ministers who have little knowledge about theology can tell the Church to stop using the pulpit comenting on political issues. What made Jesus to be crucified was because of His stance against the status quo of the Pharisees who were manipulating the interpretation of the law in order to maitain their stutus quo.Elijah and Mwanawasa should come to me for in Luanshya for Theological leasons.

  3. I think you are so poor the Zambian guy. You should respect opnions of people be it a Theologian or a President. Theology has never been associated with poverty.You are so perveted and an enemy of right.

  4. I agree with the views of think big and the Theologian on the stance of the Church on Politics. You can not support a wrong but condemn it.

  5. Taking a different stand on an issue is also a way of providing direction. I would beg the minister to be specific as talking about “The Church” is vague. I also argue that those who have decided to keep away from NCC are not disobedient, they are taking a stand on issues that they believe in and they are exercising their constitutional rights under the law. I think that the minister should remember that he is a leader and good and effective leaders have excellent listening skills.

  6. Point is Muchima and his master are missing the respect and leadership of the catholics, ECZ, PF , NGOCC. The NCC lacks credebility as it is.They are sore that this group of men and women are not ready to be used as a rubber stamp like Hachipuka’s UPND and “archbishop” Mbewe’s national apostolic church.

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