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Possible postponement of the Kanyama parley polls welcomed

Headlines Possible postponement of the Kanyama parley polls welcomed

The Centre for Elections and Governance (CEG) Zambia has welcomed the pronouncement by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) that it might postpone the February 21 by-election in Kanyama constituency if floods worsened.

CEG Zambia Trustee Gershom Musonda told ZANIS in an interview that continued monitoring of the floods situation in Kanyama constituency by the ECZ is good for all stakeholders.

Mr. Musonda observed that the floods in the area would have discouraged voters from turning up to cast their votes.

He further observed that organizations such as the ECZ, election monitoring groups, political parties and other stakeholders would be hindered in their work if floods worsened in the constituency.

Mr. Musonda said political parties should be particularly cheered by the possible postponement of the polls in Kanyama as this would afford them time to prepare adequately.

He observed that some candidates chosen by some political parties are not resident in Kanyama and therefore need time to criss-cross the constituency in a bid to sell themselves to the electorate in the area.

Mr. Musonda further said the draining of flood water in Kanyama ahead of the February 21 by-election should not be politicized because the exercise is in good faith as residents in the area have been worst hit by floods.

He said the forthcoming by-election should not hamper efforts aimed easing the plight of the residents.

And Mr. Musonda said the adoption of its party president, Kenny Ngondo, by the All People’s Congress party is a welcome development because it would make the Kanyama parliamentary by-election competitive.

Mr. Musonda said Mr. Ngondo is a combative competitor and his entry into the Kanyama parliamentary race is a plus to Zambia’s growing democracy.

The ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), Patriotic Front (PF), United Party for National Development (UPND), United National Independence Party (UNIP), United Liberal Party (ULP), and All People’s Congress Party (APC) have so far confirmed their participation in the Kanyama parliamentary by-election set for February 21.

The candidates are tomorrow expected to file their nomination papers for the seat left vacant last December after the death of Mr. Henry Mtonga.


  1. This is what I’ve been saying all along, K4.3 bn to be spent on a stupid by-election when the same amount can be used to sort out the drainage system in Kanyama. We seriously need to look at an alternative for these unnecessary elections. With the current rate at which these MPs either die (no pun intended) or shift camp (political prostitutes), I shudder to think of the financial impact. Majority of black Africa remains poor and backward because of such mediocre leadership. What’s worse, we the people sit back and accept the status quo.

  2. No need for bye election. The money set aside for bye election should be used to clear drainages and maintain the roads in that constituency. Why should we spend money to enrich an individual who will be voted for and represent himself in paliament? Use the money to benefit the public. There was no money to do the drains and roads in Kanyama before the rain season, suddenly there is billions of Kwacha to hold bye elections. This time let the people benefit from the taxpayers money.

  3. Super Ken, a man with a very humble education, had more courage & vision than both Kafupi and Levy combined. In those days, municipalities did proper town planning and we had no shanties springing up all over the place. When that Congolese short prick took over, all hell broke loose and MMD kaponya’s took over the allocation of plots! Levy has been in power for 6 yrs counting, surely he can’t still be laying the blame on Kafupi, the fat chap needs to spend less time eating and get on with the bloody job! Levy, what legacy will you leave apart from hunting Kafupi?

  4. Sylvia Masebo, Local Govt & Housing…yilange ubukali and sort out the mess in Kanyama and other shanties. You’ve tried to portray your savvy side by cleaning up Soweto, but we now need to see whether you’re really made of steel or are just some loud mouthed broad!

  5. The murderous orgy of senseless killings in Kenya over last month’s disputed elections have made me deeply appreciate the statesmanship of the Late Anderson Mazoka & PF leader Micheal Sata. 2001 and 2006 elections were fraught with imperfections and allegations of rigging. I call upon those entrusted with organising elections in Zambia; ECZ & Chief Justice to be extra careful, vigilante and above board in 2011.National unity in most of Africa Zambia included is skin deep & cannot withstand the vagaries tribal politics and electoral fraud.”Unity” in kenya has snapped

  6. Tarantino, you have content but I seriously do not like bad language. My grandfather was a Congolese and short too so you offend me when you use language like that.I am female and would not like you to refer to Slyvia as a broad-its kind of cheap.
    Having said that I like the way you put issues accross!

  7. Concerned #7, My sister, pls accept my humble apologies, I am in no way a bigot nor a male chauvinist. It’s just that memories of Chiluba’s rule sometimes invoke some very strong emotions in me! Levy and his team have done some good things here and there but their apparent hypocrisy sometimes makes me use the harsh language above. That said, I appreciate your constructive criticism.

  8. I did not like Mazoka but looking back at the position he took after clearly being cheated of vistory in 2001, I salute him albeit posthumously. Had that gallant son of the soil not decided to seek judicial recourse, a process that was again manipulated and left him humiliated, Zambians then would like Kenyans today be hacking each other to death. I wholly agree with one of the postings above, 2011 will be crucial, any rigging would spell the end to this country, MARK MY WORD!

  9. #5 Tarantino it is the Job of Lusaka City council to attend to the mess in Kanyama.I am sure it can be sorted out within 90 days

  10. #1 if Super Ken did a goon town planning we would not be in this mess now.Shanty townships mushroomed everywhere to apease the UNIP pipo flocking to urban areas.Despite his “Go Back to the Land” philosophy, Lsk grow within itself.Instead of relocating these pipo elsewhere.Companies given to do roads , make a shubby job, no drainages, etc.If there was Town planning on the onset we will b talking something else.Its about Good Planning which is neva heard of in Africa.

  11. bwana Miyoba, you surely can’t compare the earlier townships, some planned by the British and later managed by UNIP (Chilenje, Matero, Kamwala; Twibukishe, Chimwemwe etc) to the “site & service” shanties that MMD ward chairmen devised with impunity. Super Ken had faults, many infact, but looking back, the old man had a great vision for Zambia. I can’t say the same for FJT’s 10 yr reign? Atleast Levy is trying albeit insufficiently. Pls be objective in your analyses.

  12. #13 I wonder whether Misisi, bauleni, kalingalinga, chipulukusu, sinia, makululu, kawama etc compounds were started in the post 1991 period.

  13. No. 14 Compounds were always thr even under British rule but FTJ & his clowns started giving out plots like candy even in water logged areas like Kabwata site & service & play parks.

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