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First Lady to address OAFLA meeting in Addis

General News First Lady to address OAFLA meeting in Addis

First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa is today expected to address the Organisation of African First Ladies on HIV and AIDS (OAFLA) after the official opening ceremony of the 10th African Union heads of state and government summit in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

The Zambian First Lady who is OAFLA Chairperson is expected to be among 41 First Ladies who will attend the OAFLA meeting on Violence against Women and Children.

This is according to the latest programme released by the AU Communications Centre and obtained by ZANIS at the AU Conference media centre in Addis Ababa.

The programme shows that Mrs Mwanawasa First Lady will address the meeting at 13:00 hours Zambian time.

During the meeting, survivors and victims are expected to share experiences on Female Genital Mutilation which is commonly practised in West Africa, early marriage and rape.

Others to make presentations will include the African Union senior representatives who will address the meeting on the continental body’s perspective on HIV/AIDS, gender equality and human rights.

At the same gathering which will be opened by Ethiopian First Lady Azeb Mesfin, local religious and community leaders will also share their experiences on violence against women and children and efforts being devised to prevent, respond and support these vulnerable groups from all forms of violence.

The gathering will be punctuated by a musical performance by designated performers known as Mela Belu.

South Africa’s medical practitioner Dr Biki Samuel Minyuku will also make a presentation on prevention, response and support regarding that country’s experience.

The meeting is aimed at promoting 365 days of ‘No Violence Against Women and Children.’

The African First Ladies will also pledge to act as champions and advocates to prevent violence against women and children.

Meanwhile, President Mwanawasa was yesterday afternoon among heads of state and government who attended the closed door session of the African Peer Review Mechanism, APRM, under the framework of the African Union 10th Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa.

The meeting started about 13:00 hours Zambian time and went on late into the afternoon.

Ethiopian Prime minister Meles Zenawi opened the meeting. Summit.


  1. Madam Maureen, as mother of the nation, your silence over the presidential rumours is extremely worrying. Pls clear the air coz underhand methods will not work. If you are interested in the presidency, state your case so we can scrutinize your credentials. If you’re interested in politics after State Hse, why not stand as MP, so that you can show us your leadership capabilities. Trying to pull a “3rd term” manoeuvre is not the way to go about it and will seriously overshadow the achievments of your hubby. Is power really that sweeeeet?

  2. African politicians nifi fine. Why can’t you take a leaf 4rm the great Madiba? He enjoys respect and adoration wherever he goes without anyone troubling him. If Kafupi was wiser, he’d be enjoying his pension (paid for by we the tax-payers) in peace, would have been a roaming ambassador/statesman for Zambia, but alas, due to vanity and greed, the little man is facing the cold walls of Chimbokaila! Ba Maureen, Zambia is not an oligarchy and is not short of capable leaders. viva Democracy, abash monkey tricks!

  3. HI Zambia!

    I side with Tarantino!

    Auntie Mareen, I beseech you to stand after Uncle Patrick’s term ends in 2010 rather than immediatly after Him. THis move will only make you lose even before you are adopted as the MMD candidate…

    Just like Hilary Cinton, standing on her own and hse has a political track record. If you earn yoursel one, people will have a basis on which to judge your abilities!

    Its for your own good mom!

  4. We should not even go far, our own second first lady Vera Tembo stood as MP long after she left plot 1. Mama Maureen get some morals from Vera, its for your good! If you have ears hear to the pipo’s voices now!!

  5. number 8! so you also watched “the usual suspects”..that is a movie of all times. I enjoyed sawshack redemption too!

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