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Kabwe DC worried with increased illegal brew of illicit beer

Headlines Kabwe DC worried with increased illegal brew of illicit beer

Kabwe District Commissioner Jennipher Chileshe has expressed grave concern at the rampant brewing of illicit beer in the area and called for stringent measures to end the trend.

Ms Chileshe observed today that the brewing of Kachasu and other illicit beer in compounds in the area was on the increase and singled out Makwati compound as one of the worst hit areas.

Ms Chileshe was speaking during a tour of shanty compounds to assess the number of houses that had collapsed as a result of continuous heavy rains in the district.

She said it was unfortunate that a great number of unemployed youths and adults were involved in heavy drinking.

Ms Chileshe called on Kabwe Municipal Council to work out immediate measures including patrols by council police officers to curb the illicit trade and end excessive beer drinking especially among youths.

Meanwhile, over 30 houses have collapsed in Kabwe over the past few days and the number was likely to swell as the heavy rains continued.

Ms Chileshe, who led members of the district disaster management committee on an on the spot check of destroyed homes in Katondo, Makwati, Nakoli and Makululu compounds, said her office would release comprehensive figures after the committee compiled all data including figures from the various ward councillors.

She attributed the increasing number of fallen houses to poor structures and lack of drainages.

Ms Chileshe said there was urgent need to improve storm water drainages in the district to avoid further loss of property.

The District Commissioner was accompanied by Kabwe deputy Mayor Teddy Sinkala and affected ward councillors.

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  1. Bwana DC people have to survive by all means possible? if brewing kachasu is what it takes to earn a living…by all might do it? MMD with it’s greddy politicians destroyed the kabwe!

  2. For those professional brewers, surely we cannot come up with commercial kachasu? the technology is there, all we need to do is make it safer and reduce the alcohol content to acceptable levels. If improved, it would not be any different from Mexican tequilla or vodka, even! Innovations were done with maheu, it is time to do it with this potential forex earner. With the high poverty levels in the rural areas, every province can have a kachasu brewery, thus creating employment and economic empowerment.

  3. #2 you are very right! They can just bring together those making kachasu in the homes…make them share holders in a legally acceptable commercial kachasu. This is what education is all about. The University is out there, what is it for? is it not to bring out the local knowledge into national or internationally acceptable standards. The methods those guys use is not far different from what the modern science does. Simple fermentation and distillation.

  4. lt’s disheartening and sickening to watch the once vibrant city reduced to one of the ten worst polluted cities in the World.What has happened to the home the once Mighty Kabwe warriors football team ,the birthplace of zambia’s independence and politics,the HQ Zambia Railways and not to mention the renowned Broken hill mine and the Big Tree Nation monument.As # 1 stated, the probem the people of Kabwe are facing is much more than beer brewing.its the replica of the Zambian economy

  5. Because of Mwanawasa, Castle, Mosi na Eagle fyonse fyalidula. Zambian beer prices literally chase fuel prices.
    Those things are suppose to be at half their prices as is the case in all the coutries that surround beer.

    Kachasu can’t stop. Period!

  6. i think the kabwe DC is jus tryna be in the headlines, shes oways tokin bout stuff that dont make no sense or has nothin to do with development

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