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Levy to go to London for Medical Check up

General News Levy to go to London for Medical Check up

President Levy Mwanawasa will leave Ethiopia on Sunday, February 3, and proceed to London where he is to undergo a scheduled medical check up after the closure of the African Union Summit.

Chief Analyst for Press and Public Relations David Kombe disclosed this to ZANIS here in Addis Ababa today.

Mr Kombe said while in London, the President will have no other engagements, as he will specifically be there for the medical check up and will return home on February 9, 2008.
President Mwanawasa will be accompanied by the First Lady, who is also here attending the Organisation of First Ladies on HIV/AIDS (OFLA) meeting on gender violence against women and children.


  1. Short memories and an illiterate populace is what keeps most zambian politicians in office. As earlier indicated,” A politician will do anything to keep his job – even disgrace his own family.” …george Mpombo…sipuba sana!

  2. LPM, why can’t you have your medical check up at UTH or at least in SA. After all it is just a medical checkup and any final Ridgeway campus UNZA student can do it. I guess you think the rest of us who go to UTH are Dogs and you are busy pushing the agenda for your wife to be the next president so that you can continue to go to London for medical check ups..te? Tule minaya mu 2011, tekanyeni sana. Bikeni bola panshi.

  3. Chocha #2
    Thumbs up to you! You are spot on! Why should these politicians go abroad for a check up. It would be very nice if these guys instilled confidence in their own country’s healthcare services by actually using the service themselves. I can understand if he is going for a medical procedure that can not be done in Zambia or Africa. A medical check up! come on……….

    Dont you guys think this guy’s medical problems have to do with his obesity? He should be advised to lose weght.

    It would be very interesting if he is clerked by a Zambian doctor or nurse in London. I wonder what he would say.

  4. His Excellency the President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda and his special assistants used to go to UTH. I always wonder why some leaders do not.

  5. Dr LPM off to England for a winter holiday, that’s African Leadership 101. Mr. President, please bring us some MMR bugs from those English hospitals when you come back to zed so that we can add them to the chicken stock feed at teka farms!

  6. you guys really hate this man, unbelievable, i smell a rat with all your bemba tirades against him, come out in the open ba PF you are losing again come 2011

  7. I do not understand what tests he comes to have in London. It is not a secret the man is hypertensive,diabetic and is over weight. He must lose weight but one wonders if he can manage to start exercising. At UTH there is a presidential clinic which used to be guarded for 24 hrs by para military in Kaunda era. It is cheaper to equip the clinic than flying to London all the time. Anyway it is good he has no other engagement in London because no Zambians would attend his meetings since he insulted us Zambians who are working outside the country. Chiluba did not use the UTH clinic and Mwanawasa does not want to go to South Africa because that is where Chiluba goes for his medical check up.

  8. They will inject you with mafuta yabazungu there in London and you will start speaking faster that Dennis Liwewe at speed 44 if you know what I mean. You don’t trust all the Zambian Doctors. How come I heard you are also a Dr. You are the kind of Dr that did not work for it that is why you do not trust the rest of the Zambian Doctors. Maybe you need to have Dr Kaunda or Dr Chiluba treat you.

  9. Umwaice Clifford Mulenga has been voted 2007 footballer of the year. Really happy for the young man, God bless umwaice.

  10. Ah! Another stroke, at least now he is able to sence it early, I just wonder how he is going to manage when he stop squating at plot ONE.

  11. 14,,, Thats why he want to impose his wife, so that he remains at Statehouse to enjoy those trips to UK for Mdeical Checkusp. Sorry Mwanawakwi..you and your family including you wife are out of plot one come 2011. We make sure you dont stay any longer than expectd. You have done a resonable job, we wait for you to vacate,

  12. These hand picked successors to the Presidency! Why go to London. That means you are saying UTH offers mediocre services. Services that you let ordinary Zambians go to! Kaunda never went to London for any medical ailment. Can you improve UTH so that we can see you walk from Independence Avenue (5km away) instead of flying 5000 km to London on tax payer’s money?

  13. He is not leading by example to the zambian citizens that it is ok to go for a medical checkup at UTH.He too is running away from UTH.How do expect Health care system to improve when Politicians opt for all expense paid physical exam overseas?

  14. Come on. Levy is losing it slowly but sure like Kafupi. As his term is coming to an end, he is facing Change management syndrome crisis. Ba Levy, time to clean up and go is now. Any stupid imposition directly or indirectly will just bring you and your family to disaster.

  15. …and this is the same man, levy, who insults Zambians abroad to come back and develop the country and yet is not even using his country’s services. typical hypocrisy!!

  16. You know why he wants you to came home ? he is jealous think you are enjoyin vintu bya bazungu.So to compasate he make fake trips so that he enjoy too. Awe mwandi ni pa Zed

  17. it is very easy to go abroad on peoples expenses. did he ever made a trip to london for checkup only before presidency?

  18. Medical Tourism, here we go again! Gross irresponsibilty from our plump president, why can’t he simply upgrade the presidential wing at UTH? Super Ken used to use it and sent his own kid’s to local Govt schools, but it seems these new deal clowns are too good to use our “dilapidated” facilities. How can local infrastructure improve when the powers that be have no confidence in them. If Levy spent 1 night at UTH, trust me, the fat fool would get a dose of reality and immediately instruct Magande to triple the budgetary allocation for health!

  19. check-up my foot! these are the monkey tricks I talk about. Prevention is better than cure, my advice to fat Levy; hire a dietician and a physical trainer to help you manage your fat self; no pun intended, it’s for your own good and may actually prolong your life (not to mention, save us hard pressed tax payers a few thousand pounds sterling!)

  20. #25 you have a good argument. It’s a suprise that Muwelewele never went for treatment in london before being a president. Now that he is the president of HIPC country, he wants to maximise his benefits of being a president. I have never heard of Mbeki travelling to London for treatment. The only solution to Muwelewele’s health is to offload his waight. Who knows may be he is going for ARV treament while avoiding UTH for fear of stigma. Any way, let us all collect ARVs from our local hospitals and Levy should lead by example. this can also motivate our local doctors. The money Levy uses for one London trip can solve the problem of the flood victims in Zambia nachenji kusalapo.






  22. Chuchu kodi ma ARVs yasila and you have gone for flesh supplies? Are the London ARVs better than those supplies in Zed? The problem is they make you obese, which is bad for your health. Pls exercises a lot not every time london ARVs.

  23. this check up business abroad is a genuine concern Mr President.you cannot fault zambians for getting rather annoyed to hear that you travel for specialist treatment as far the UK.whilst we appreciate certain expertise is not locally available…what are we doing about it?a statement over the same would placate us and give us FACTS to debate !!

  24. Well though i do agree with the fact that the head of a nation should get the best possible health care seeing that the role he or she holds is of great importance. However we are a poor country with many hungry and impoverished people who would definately benefit from these funds being expended on these so called medicals. Ok fine our health facilities are not up to par i understand, but why not send him to South Africa. That would be a whole lot cheaper and he would get the same standard of care. He may argue that the United Kingdom is better off but isnt South Africa where he was treated when he was involved in that near fatal accident?

  25. I am no longer positive the place you are getting your info, but good topic. I must spend a while finding out more or figuring out more. Thank you for excellent info I used to be looking for this info for my mission.

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