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“We want our children to be employed too” – Senior Chief Kanongesha

Rural News "We want our children to be employed too" - Senior Chief Kanongesha

Government has been urged to de-centralise the recruitment of teachers.

Senior Chief Kanongesha of the Lunda people in Mwinilunga district says such a move would put a stop to newly recruited teachers rejecting and abandoning their postings.

The traditional leader told ZANIS in an interview that there many qualified teachers awaiting recruitment in many of the areas being shunned by newly recruited teachers.

Senior Chief Kanongesha said Mwinilunga district is one such area were a lot of teachers who were trained at a cost to both parents and government are looming the streets.

He said it is unfortunate that such qualified teachers are being left unutilised when most schools in the area are in dire need of teachers.

The traditional leader said teachers resident in the districts and other remote parts of the country deserve to be employed as they have the same qualifications as those resident in bigger towns.

Senior Chief Kanongesha said it is not right to recruit teachers from as far as Lusaka and post them to districts such as Mwinilunga where they will fail to adopt and eventually abandon their posting.

The traditional leader said resident qualified teachers are best suited to the local environment.

“We want our children also to be employed cause they hold the same qualification with those teachers who are being sent to our district” he noted.

Senior chief Kanongesha said parents and elders in the district are not happy with the move taken by the ministry of education to sideline locally available qualified teachers.

He pointed out that local teachers are ready to serve in any part of the district once recruited by the ministry of education.

Meanwhile, Mwinilunga District Commissioner Webster Samakesa said government would urgently look into the concerns raised by traditional leader.

The district commissioner explained to the senior chief that government was employing teachers in phases adding that qualified teachers in the district would eventually be recruited.

Mr Samakesa disclosed to the senior chief that the ministry of education has since requested all the 45 teachers who were not taken on during the recent recruitment exercise to re-apply.

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  1. Surely, why wait for the Chief to raise concerns before things can start to progress. This is very depressing. Last year Ministry of Finance withdtew funding N?western due to lack of projects yet people on streets looking for jobs. On one MoE are saying the need more teachers in school but have limited funds. I have never seen such governance incompetence in my life,,,i gues such things can only happen in Zambia,,,Shame!!

  2. Now we are seeing sensible chiefs pumping sense in policy markers, it’s a big disgrace. I don’t know what the *****s discuss in parliament.

  3. Chief Kanongesha let this get into your head that, what you are calling for now is the reason Zambian people are looking for quality leadership in this 21 century to improve the living standards of the people, not Maureen you have campaigning for. If you will continue your bootliking to Mwanawasa political manipulaters you will not improve the life standards of your people. How is Maureen going to employ more teachers when Mwanawasa is failing now. Infact we do not only need more teachers but the emprovement of the education standards as well.

  4. These are the same illiterate Chiefs that receive ama 50 pin from Maureen then today they start ifya ku landa landa.
    Let them concentrate on bush black magic. Imbeciles!

  5. Thanx chief for that kind of thinking.Add more fire.Mention much about developmental issues.I can assure you,You could be the next Solomon.God bless and give you wisdom.Let other traditional leaders share some knowledge with you.
    Dzikomo kwambili
    Twatotela saana
    Lu itumezi ahulu
    Twalumba kapati

  6. Chief Kanongesha’s area is rampant with witch craft activities and as such newly recruited teachers shun such areas. Maybe it would be wise to eradicate witch craft first

  7. What are the thugs in MOE doing? What does Levy read from MOE as their monthly report? Why is it now clear that the whole grz machinery is run by thieves and crooks?

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