Drug trafficking can destroy the country’s economy, says Shakafuswa


Finance deputy minister Jonas Shakafuswa says drug trafficking has potential to destroy the country’s economy if left uchecked.

Mr Shakafuswa has since challenged the Zambia Revenue Authority, ZRA, the Drug Enforcement Commission, DEC, and other stakeholders to work together in combating drug trafficking.

Mr Shakafusha said this in Lusaka last night during a cocktail party to commemorate World Customs Day under the theme ‘Combating Illicit Trafficking in Drugs and Psychotropic substances.’

At the same function, ZRA, Commissioner General Chriticles Mwansa said ZRA has put in place measures to combat drug trafficking in border areas and other entry points.

Mr. Mwansa said customs officers will be working hand in hand with DEC and other security enforcement agencies in combating illicit drug dealing.

He added that ZRA will be sending customs officers for training in drug trafficking.

Mr Mwansa said scanning equipment will be installed at airports and other border areas to track down drug trafficking.

And DEC commissioner Peter Chingaipe said drug trafficking has remained a major risk factor in spreading HIV/AIDS.

Mr Chingaipe said this in a speech read on his behalf by DEC spokesperson Rosten Chulu.


  1. Banks can play a major role in combating drug trafficking too.I do not think that legislation is enforced in the financial system. Right now I am inclined to argue that drug trafficking and consumption is a serious problem in Zambia. I would strongly recommend better education in our schools and colleges to prevent kids from taking drugs and the setting up of more charities to help young and old people who want to kick the habbit.

  2. # Mukokoliko – Where is the data to back up your assertion that drugs are a major problem in Zambia among young and old people?. There are more important things to spend money on than pandering to the western ‘wars’ on drugs. Tackle poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, clean water, better schools then you can start discussing drugs. Now about measures put in place by ZRA – You can have all the latest gizmos but without getting rid of corrupt practices it is all pointless. Might as well just charge duty on the contraband.Talk about misplaced priorites.

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