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Increased Levels of Pornographic Flows Worrying, Govt

General News Increased Levels of Pornographic Flows Worrying, Govt

Government has expressed concern at the increasing levels of pornographic materials being smuggled into the country.

Information and Broadcasting Services minister Mike Mulongoti observed that such illicit materials do not only contribute to the erosion of the moral fiber of society but also to the rise in the number of sexual offences such as child defilement and rape.

The minister said it was for this reason that his Ministry which is responsible which is responsible for theatre and cinematography, is working hard to put in place legislation that will limit the accessibility and exposure of young people to pornographic materials.

Mr Mulongoti said this in Nakonde yesterday during the destruction of pirated and counterfeit video and audio materials worth over K6bn.

The minister who is also chief government spokesperson, said the destruction of the pirated materials which were confiscated by the Nakonde Anti-Piracy crack squad, was a demonstration of government’s commitment to eradicating piracy in the country.

“It is my since hope that this event will send a signal to those involved in peddling of pirated materials that no matter the magnitude of the vice, government was determined to fight it,” the Minister emphasized.

Mr Mulongoti who was flanked by his Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Nyirenda, added that the occasion was important to his Ministry as a custodian of the Copyright and Performance Rights Act.

The Minister said it was evident from the high monetary value of the confiscated items that a lot of traders were engaged in selling pirated products.

He called for seriousness in the fight against the vice saying government was continuously losing huge sums of revenue from the illegal trade while the copy right owners were also being robbed of the fruits of their sweat.

Mr Mulongo also disclosed that government has started strengthening the Copyright Unit in his Ministry by doubling its budgetary allocation this year in order to step up its anti piracy activities.

The Minister who paid growing tribute to the Nakonde Anti Piracy Crack Squad, however warned the squad members not to fall prey to bribes from the traders.

Information Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Nyirenda and several other senior government officials’ witnessed the destruction of the pirated materials in Nakonde yesterday.

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  1. well done,but ponographic materials are all over the internet.No need to smuggle it in. Check all internet cafe,where it is very easy to burn these materials.Move with technological time.

  2. I personally do not think that Child defilement and Rape are related to pornography. Ponorgraphy is healthy for adults as long as its controlled. Children should be protected from it but i dont understand why adults should not have access. Why do people want to pretend that they dont have sex!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with both # 1 and 2.
    I dont think we have any proven statistica that defilers do it after watching porn.
    There are lots of cases of defilement in remote areas where pipo dont even have access to porn, so how can we claim the link.
    and indeed theres nothing wrong with adults watching porn as long as they keep it away from kids. Pipo have sex all the time so whats wrong if they watch others on telly or in mags?

  4. with the introduction of internet on mobile phones it is even much cheaper and convenient for kids especially to access the devilish sites at almost no cost at all, and from the convenience of their bedrooms. How i wish com. Authority can find ways of blocking access to these sites. Celtel/ mtn, this is a CSR challenge to you too!

  5. I do agree we do have sex but it does not give the right to watch porno any how. pornographic is a very bad thing to watch it just corrupt your mind and its evil.

    Zambia is a christian nation we don’t want pornographic materials. Keep it up Anti-piracy squad.


  6. There is nothing corrupting and evil about porno. #5 the USA is a christian powerhouse and yet people there do all sorts of pornographing. In fact it is a major money spinner for the US economy. Viva PORNO.

  7. Aaaa what is porn!! I have heard that many many moons or years or centuries ago,,, man and women lived in the garden and they were naked and enjoyed sex and guess who was watching over them,,,? ,,,, the whole heaven and its host watched,,, was that evil?

  8. There are a couple of Private Swinger Clubs in Lusaka, these are houses where dozens of men and women meet every now & then to have sex with everyone, threesomes, foursomes, GFE, exchanging spouses, all of that! People should wake up and stop this christian nation thing, you’re already in Sodom and Gomorrha! We all know that one of the reasons why so many people are infected with hiv in this country is because of luck of sex education, zambians are very frigid when it becomes to talk about sex openly, but behind closed doors teach your daughters how to dance in bed! Thousands of Zambians are already selling themselves on the internet on foreign sexsites in the hope to get a rich muzungu!!!

  9. Well everybody is free to do what they want, but what happens after say you watch porn? If u are healthy bulema u like it or not but why ukuchusha ubwamba nga taukwete uwa ku chita? Sodom and gomorah are historical evidences where humanity just gets engrossed in sex with any thing including beastility. Let us refrain from un health issues. sex is for the married not to be watched by any one. Now this guy says heavens were watching,indeed heavens are open but do you think God watches un married people doing ubuchende? Not at all. Sex outside marriage is SIN and just corrupts the mind. Should married ones watch porn? Why watch and yet they can do it live?

  10. Thanx Ba Mulongoti.Continue doing that.In addition you need to promote the Zambian entertainment Industry.The industry needs much from the gov.The distributors are not scrutinized and they operate as though the gov has no eye to monitor them at all.Talents are their which would bring enough revenue to the country.The movie industry is fast asleep.Not that we don’t have talent but the talents are left to go on the jobless world.I think there is much to be done on that.
    Sex Education in our country is absolutely BAD while data exposure of HIV/AIDS infection is probably the BEST in the world.
    My Question is?Is it real that the Awareness the people receive about HIV/AIDS,the more the infection?

  11. Hope all the copies were destroyed, we might be surprised that Mulongoti and Nyirenda got a box each for themselves as they are “adults” and can look at such things.

  12. Its amazing how pipo go on and on about this country being a cristain nation. behind closed doors no one would believe what happens….( as in literally )
    Everyone has a right to do what pleases them most…. if i want to watch porn… i will gladly do so… who ever said PORN is wrong ??? pipo hide behind masks and yet they themselves buy this material. i mean for heavens sake this is not 1791 … this is flipping 2008!!!

  13. Film actors act with their bodies. Is there any law that prevents them from using any part of their bodies in the production of their films? AYA MA FACTS AYA….AYA MA FACTS!!! Just like people take apetiser-soups before main meals, porn can equally be used by adults to help them enjoy the sexual gift to the full! Mulongoti, just fight piracy not pornography!!!!

  14. The truth of the matter is that piracy whether of pornographic or non porno material has reached uncontrollable levels worldwide due to high technological advancement.Bwana minister and his permanent sec should widen their nets to reducing smuggling and corruption in general and not limitng their rhetoric to sex films.

  15. So what do you do after watching? what satisfactory do you get? If you want porn why dont you just ask your friends to watch you or them when they having sex since you so sick with porn watching?

  16. #20 u are rite, why dont the supporters come out in the open and make the very porn shots to the public? why watch white sluts and not yourselves.
    Whoever is advocating for porn is sick in the head. Ungry woman, just go pa cairo road and undress so pipo will see your dirty well

  17. It dirty, degrades our ladies. Aduses little children all just to enrich few selfish individuals. Its adictives so you guys keep off from it. Some of you are in support of it maybe because you are so into it. Don’t be a slave to porn. The goodnews is that there is hope for all those who have been enslaved. Jesus is the answer. He can break those chains and remove that york. Just call on him.

  18. #11 Give me a break!!!!!!
    You mean you dont know what to do nga bwaima? **** your wife of girlfriend. Wanking is also an option. I would like to see a Zambian porn film where you can watch the home thing like dancing in bed. I am willing to audition for a part.
    We need sexual liberation!
    #20 Its not only white sluts who do porn movies, there’s a lot to choose from, white or black, asian or mixture. But we need the Zambian thing.

  19. in sweden it is illegal to buy sex but not to sell it !!this means the buyer is punished and not the vendor…a clever way of control don’t you think ??

  20. #20, #21 & #22,
    you fake guys are hypocrits periods. you condemn porn but you are keeping a lot of it on your PCs. How do you know how bad it is if you have not seen one?
    Delete all the porn files i’m seeing on your PC then come back to comment!

  21. Uncle P #22, give me a fckin break! If you’ve got an issue with porn then simply don’t buy or watch it. This crap of censorship & trying to shove your perception of morality down our throats is plain bollocks! I believe in a free society where adults should be able to make their own moral judgements. We just need to make sure kids are protected from undue exposure, and there are many technology tools to ensure this. So Uncle P(orno), get off your high horse and come down to reality. Our ancestors were screwing like bunnies in polygamous settings long before the advent of porn so don’t give us that nonsense.

  22. porn is a business or product just like any other and must be regulated to protect minors and to prevent abuse.Smart economies and govt’s have made and continue to make money from it.it is interesting to note that we get most of our aid from these countries!!If we are so “puritanical” we should refuse French/Swedish aid……..didn’t think so !!!

  23. #22 Uncle P(orno), by the way, “york” should read yoke!, google it nxt time you want to appear smarter than you really are. As for Hon. Mulongoti, I won’t waste time commenting on him, he’s a DOOFUS! What about Emmanuel Nyirenda, who?…oh the #1 a$$ kisser, formerly MD of Times Printpak. I bet you Mulongoti & Nyirenda have a stash of porn in their closet and do some freaky things behind closed doors??? fckin’ hypocrites, just look at Dan Pule, the super freak!

  24. #26 May God deliver you my brother! Nothing more to say becoz we are dealing with, what the eyes cannot see here, full stop!

  25. CONSCIENCE #11 & #21 this is not the medieval ages, we’re in the 21st century so pls get a sanity check! I bet you’re a horny little bugger behind closed doors huh? “sex is for the married” my a$$! your uncle Kafupi the midget, pronounced Zambia a Christian nation while busy screwing Regi babes on the d-low, what can u tell me…! I respect the fact that you have every right to your opinion (however warped!) but just don’t try and shove it down our throats.

  26. Yep, its already happening! Zedian porn is filmed in bushes between trees and branches by crazy muzungus who uses zambian girls, you can check out the Zambian forum on internationalsexguide, see ninis and what have you

  27. If only you could read the stories behind these girls you watch, how inhuman they are treated. Now imagine its one of you sisters or daughter or anybody you care about. Bro sometime you need to think beyond yourself. I have seen porn and im not proud of it. But I refused to be a slave to it. Someone rescued me. And thats Jesus Christ. He can do the same for you Bro. Tarantino….

  28. Tarantino how are you going to protect your children when you yourself are in the middle of it? How thats hypocrisy. You have to lead by example. Your children always look up to you for guidance, and if you are a man enough, you have to provide it.

  29. Uncle P,porn is like the spirits displayed behind every good bar in a hotel….just becoz it is there doesn’t mean we must always order it!!!

  30. nyele ma zambian ya chilamo. porn polutes your mind, period. dont try to complicate things, thats jus too dull!

  31. Who declared Zambia a christian nation? Kafupi of course.He was declaring this while commiting adultery.Hypocricy at its best. We have some Zamporn circulating in Sweden and Belgique. How do you know these are Zambian women? Amalepe are long.

  32. i’d like to add my views on this issue. I think living a lie is not healthy in people. for heavens sake how can one say illicit materials do not only contribute to the erosion of the moral fiber of society but also to the rise in the number of sexual offences such as child defilement and rape.

    well i guess this only shows that we not going anywhere coz these materialz are everywhere hey Zambians wake up………….

  33. what is wrong with porn, If you are over 18? Chaps like mulongonti are busy chasing young girls at evelyn hone. Where did findley got his copies? May be at hardcore.com

  34. Porn is bad and addictive. Probably the reason why some people are supporting it is becoz they are already addicted and they think everybody is watching it. Well I have news for you, not everybody is watching those sick pictures. So don’t think people who are against porn are just hypocrites.

    Guard your mind lest you into the devil’s trap.

  35. Those of you saying porn is not harmful, go to google and search using the phrase “Effects of Pornography”.

    One of the links you should openb there is “The Documented Effects of Pornography”. Then read for yourselves. You just may begin to notice certain symptoms.

  36. The Effects of Pornography

    Defenders of pornography argue that it is not harmful, and thus should not be regulated or banned. Citing the 1970 Presidential Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, they conclude that there is no relationship between exposure to erotic material and subsequent behavior. But two subsequent decades of research based on the increased production of more explicit and violent forms of pornography has shown the profound effects pornography can have on human behavior.

  37. Psychologist Edward Donnerstein (University of Wisconsin) found that brief exposure to violent forms of pornography can lead to anti-social attitudes and behavior. Male viewers tend to be more aggressive towards women, less responsive to pain and suffering of rape victims, and more willing to accept various myths about rape.1

  38. Dr. Dolf Zimmerman and Dr. Jennings Bryant showed that continued exposure to pornography had serious adverse effects on beliefs about sexuality in general and on attitudes toward women in particular. They also found that pornography desensitizes people to rape as a criminal offense.2

    These researchers also found that massive exposure to pornography encourages a desire for increasingly deviant materials which involve violence, like sadomasochism and rape.3

  39. Feminist author Diana Russell notes in her book Rape and Marriage the correlation between deviant behavior (including abuse) and pornography. She also found that pornography leads men and women to experience conflict, suffering, and sexual dissatisfaction.4

    Researcher Victor Cline (University of Utah) has documented in his research how men become addicted to pornographic materials, begin to desire more explicit or deviant material, and end up acting out what they have seen.5

  40. According to Charles Keating of Citizens for Decency Through Law, research reveals that 77 percent of child molesters of boys and 87 percent of child molesters of girls admitted imitating the sexual behavior they had seen modeled in pornography.

    Sociologists Murray Straus and Larry Baron (University of New Hampshire) found that rape rates are highest in states which have high sales of sex magazines and lax enforcement of pornography laws.6

  41. Michigan state police detective Darrell Pope found that of the 38,000 sexual assault cases in Michigan (1956-1979), in 41 percent of the cases pornographic material was viewed just prior to or during the crime. This agrees with research done by psychotherapist David Scott who found that “half the rapists studied used pornography to arouse themselves immediately prior to seeking out a victim.”

    The Final Report of the 1986 Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography lists a full chapter of testimony (197-223) from victims whose assailants had previously viewed pornographic materials. The adverse effects range from physical harm (rape, torture, murder, sexually transmitted disease) to psych

  42. The Facts on Pornography

    A day-care director, now serving three years for three counts of first-degree sexual assault, confessed the he had “started picking up pornographic materials occasionally, going to bookstores … no one knew, not even my wife … now I do recognize fully the shocking facts about pornography and how it will draw you into its clutches away from God into sinful fantasies …”

    Multiplied incidents like the above graphically illustrate how the $8 billion-per-year porn industry has carved inroads into American life:

  43. * Nearly 900 theaters show X-rated films and more than 15,000 “adult” bookstores and video stores offer pornographic material, outnumbering McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. by a margin of at least three to one.

    * Each year, nearly 100 full-length pornographic films provide estimated annual box office sales of $50 million.

  44. * Approximately 70% of the pornographic magazines sold eventually end up in the hands of minors.

    * About 1.2 million children are annually exploited through child pornography and prostitution.7

  45. God’s Purpose in Sex

    The tragedy of sex apart from God’s ideal standard was no more forcefully presented than by this young lady who testified in Chicago before the 1986 Commission on Pornography:

  46. “I am a former Playboy Bunny … I never questioned the morality of becoming a Playboy Bunny because the magazine was accepted at home. [During my time with Playboy] I experienced everything from date-rape to physical abuse to group sex and finally to fantasizing homosexuality as I read Playboy magazine.

    “I was extremely suicidal and sought psychiatric help for the eight years I lived in a sexually promiscuous fashion. There was no help for me until I changed my lifestyle to be a follower of Jesus Christ and obeyed the biblical truths including no premarital sex.”

  47. The agony of this young lady – and others like her – could have been avoided through an understanding of and obedience to God’s purposes in sex.
    Pornography attacks the dignity of men and women created in the image of God.8 It also distorts God’s gift of sex which should be shared only within the bounds of marriage.9 And it frequently promotes sexual perversion (rape, incest, sodomy, bondage, torture, pedophilia) which is condemned by God.
    From a biblical perspective, sexual intercourse is exclusively reserved for marriage for the following purposes:

  48. * First, it establishes the “one-flesh” union.10

    * Second, it provides for sexual intimacy within the marriage bond. The use of the word “know” indicates a profound meaning of sexual intercourse.11

    * Third, sexual intercourse is for the mutual pleasure of husband and wife.12

    * Fourth, sexual intercourse is for procreation.13

  49. The Bible also warns against the misuse of sex. Premarital and extramarital sex is condemned.14 Even thoughts of sexual immorality (often fed by pornographic material) are condemned.15 Various forms of sexual perversion are also condemned in the Bible.16

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Christian lifestyle of purity and abstaining from premarital and extramarital sex is not repressive or legalistic. People who have adopted this standard of purity can testify to the liberating power that it has had in their lives. Sexual purity not only is a defense against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, but it also can help to bring about stable and happy marriage and family relationships.

  50. In hoping to live our lives according to biblical standards and obtain the happy benefits of this lifestyle, we must do two things. First, we must keep pure by fleeing immorality and thinking on those things which are pure.17 Second, we must work to remove this sexual perversion of pornography from society.

  51. People need to come to the real world. Porn show you what you want to see. Your friends are in business. they are selling, they have to make it attractive to the buyer. Don’t you see how perfect everything is? In real life its not so and thats when problems start for those who watch porn. Your expectation is just too high, your wife CAN NEVER meet. Then you start moving from one girl to another.

  52. And porn is silent on unwanted pregnacies, STDs/ADIS. Im sorry I just can’t keep quiet on this topic because it almost distroyed my life and its distroying the lives of people I care for and love.

  53. Uncle PORNO. Did you go to jail for rape after watching porn? How did it nearly destroy your life? You ‘ve quoted alot of irrelevant materials. I’m sure you’ve eaten pussy before, may it made you drunk and you started behaving like a maniac. Is it why it nearly destroyed your life? Porn relaxes.

  54. Tarantino, The Original Pundit, Zambian and all supporters of porn, bane u dont need to see a thing to judge weather its good or bad, some of us have seen more than what u call porn and researched on the issues Uncle P has alluded to. THINK OF THIS SCENARIO, YOUR OWN MOTHER HAVING SEX with your friend, or your own sister having sex with a man suited to be your father. Have u ever thought of going to the bed room of your sexually active sister open their take off her pants spread her legs wide open to reveal her womanhood? This is exactly what porn is about. You are seeing someones nakedness and some one will see yours and mukasebana.

  55. Tarantino, indeed these are not medeaval times and only in medeaval times did people think like you. Seeing is believing. Unless you see how the penis or vulva looks like, u have no idea. Well some of us started seeing these organs way back in our school days in human and social biology. Now we have information data bases where u can get a plethora of information just at the click of a button. U dont need to be told this is bad if u can read instructions. You are the type that just waste time in the class yet u cant apply what u are taught.Use a dictionery and search for PORNOGRAPHY and it will explain. May be u suffer from infidelity and u want to find happiness ukutambila abanobe. Yah.

  56. Thanks uncle P for your stand. People should come to the saving knowldge of Jesus, sex is God’s idea and it should be enjoyed only in marriage circles. God will surely deal with all abusers of His idea.He is watching us from above and His desire is that we embrace His forgiveness thru Jesus and get on the road to heaven.
    Heaven and hell are real; and time is now to choose. while u can argue this but what will it profit u 2 watch more and more porn; instead u gain more by refraining (spending ur quality time on issues to enrich u) and believing in God’s little instruction book the bible.

  57. That is why there so many cases of defilement in zed becoz of pipo like Tarantino who after watching porn they straight away catch their own daughters to practise what they just watch, my God its sickening. TURN TO JESUS FOR HELP MY BRO!!!

  58. ba CONSCIENCE #63/64,dude(or chick?),you’ve got some serious issues and need help!I suggest u go see a shrink @ Chainama coz I can’t make sense of your warped logic.We live in a free society so if a relative of mine decided to venture into porn, they have every right to exercise their free will(no matter how unpleasant or uncomfortable this might make me feel!).FYI,I’m a happily married bloke who enjoys a healthy sex life.I also occasionally watch porn with a free fckin’ conscience!I actually enjoy classy seductive porn(not the cheap tacky type)…try it, you might just pick up a thing or two to spice up your miserable sex life!!!

  59. Anonymous #67, with all due respect, blow me, then go f%ck yourself! Dude,if you’ve got repressed psycho sexual fantasies of bonking your own seed, then pls spare us the graphic details…suggest you accompany your friend “Conscience #63/64” to see a shrink @ Chainama. And you call yourself a christian, fckin’ maniac. As for Uncle P(orno) do us a favour,stop being a DOOFUS & pasting stuff 4rm the net onto the forum!If u really want us to see your googled sources,just give us the fckin’ link.

  60. Tarantino you really need help before you loose your marriage. See what you are saying, “FYI,I’m a happily married bloke who enjoys a healthy sex life.I also occasionally watch porn with a free fckin’ conscience!” Why does this statement sound familiar to me???? Oh thats how drug addiction starts, or people withing a drinking problem and smoking, etc etc… Its fairly predictable, soon the “occasionally” will become frequently and the you will loose control of yourself and it will control you instead. Get help brother before its too late.

  61. #69, leave it be comrade, its obvious what you have tried to say is not being understood in the context in which you have painstakenly tried to present it.Uncle P, your point of view is understood as well…but always remember “judge ye not your neighbour lest you be judged in the same way” !!

  62. #71 The Original Pundit,
    You demonstrate excellent judgement skills. You are a true diplomat! I hope yours settles the dust so people can exert more of their energies on other topics.

  63. Ba Zambian(72),i thank you most sincerely for your kind words.I merely follow the standards set by many of my fellow contributors as we all endeavour to maintain the LT as a place of learning.

  64. #68&69 your hard language my brother shows that you really need chainama for your repressed psycho sexual fantasies than any of us on this blog. I know you being used by Satan and I forgive you for your luck of knowledge of what you are saying! At the rate you going I fear for your daughters.

  65. #74 as the Pundit has advised, I rest my case!..”luck of knowledge”? your primary school teacher would be annoyed at your grammar skills…Jesus pls take the wheel!

  66. Tarantino #74, wantekunya…! ati “luck of knowledge” hahaha bwana Anonymous, I think you should chill out, what is “Jake of all trades”?

  67. nothing beats a bit of humourous jest at the end of a topic.
    LT…take the hint and give us sumthin’ else to chew on !!

  68. guys guys guys guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should agree to disagree. period. You clearly cant change each other’s opinions!

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