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Mayuka Matches on with Warriors and Beyond

Sports Mayuka Matches on with Warriors and Beyond

The 2007 Faz Young Footballer of The Year says he has no hard feelings about only playing bit-part in Zambia’s proceedings in Ghana over the last fortnight of Group C action.

“It (My first Africa Cup outing) was OK and I can’t complain much,” Mayuka said.

Mayuka played just 20 minutes at the Africa Cup in the dying minutes of Zambia’s opening Group C match against Sudan that Patrick Phiri’s team won 3-0.

And he almost created Zambia’s fourth goal in that game with a sublime flick in the 88th minute for Jacob Mulenga to power a header that brought out a one-hand parry from Sudan goalkeeper Mahjoub El Moez.

“I am a little bit disappointed I didn’t play as much and I wish I could have played as much as I would have wanted,” Mayuka said.

Mayuka however added that he found the level of the game at the Africa Cup at a higher plane but also an interesting experience.

Mayuka also said the pre-tournament training camp on the road that took the team to Spain and North Africa was another challenging experience where Zambia played friendly matches against Andalusia-select in Spain, Tunisia and Morocco.

“I enjoyed it but the game against Morocco (that we lost 2-0) was very tough,” sad the 18-year-old and Warriors’ 2007 season top scorer who scored 15 goals in all competition during his first full season with the Railwaymen.

And getting back to the business of a prospective move abroad, Mayuka said for now his focus was on Warriors but was ready for any move to Europe.

Local newspaper on Tuesday reported that Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon and their northern rivals Porto are said to have expressed interest in the promising Zambia junior international forward.

“I am concentrating on Warriors but if an offer comes I will move to Europe,” Mayuka said but refusing to be drawn into the latest news coming from Portugal.


  1. this kid seems to have the right attitude…lets hope he can get a pro contract early with a view to moving to more competitive leagues.what a pity at the minute he would not qualify for a work permit and play in England.a few years in the championship would do him well and an assault on the premiership would not be an impossibility!!

  2. Good for this boy, Portugal could be good for him, however I wish some of defenders like Himoonde and Kapamba Chintu could get contracts in Europe or even countries like Tunisia. This would be a good thing for Zambia

  3. Well it seems as though the whole Zambian front line and midfield will consist of players playing in Europe. Felix Katongo, Jacob Mulenga (France) and possibly Chris Katongo (France) Clifoord Mulenga (Isreal) Mayuaka going for trials in Portugal (I sure he will clinch this deal, hopefully with Porto), Chamanga James has been invited for trials in Spain and Russia (he could clinch this one as well)plus fat boy when he back in form and then we have Sinkala and Sichone. Hope for the best and I hope Mweene can clinch a dealas well. It is time


  5. zambians should try other sports maybe football wasn’t just meant for them.. how about fishing or hunting?

  6. Why should Zambia try other sports when soccer is their national sport. That is really insane you can hate on Zambia all you want. But please do not take away Zambia’s soccer pride, by saying oh they need to forgo for another sport. Zambia is on the rebuilding phase and the good sign is they are trying by all means. Thus judge them if their not trying at all.

  7. I think Mayuka has the right attitude. He’s not getting ahead of himself. I think Sporting Lisbon would be a better move than Porto, because they have a reputation for developing young talent like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Luis Figo…and Sporting play an attractive attacking game.

  8. So tell me Abdulaziz, in your country what sports do they play? Who are the star teams and players? And what is their biggest accomplishment on the international stage? Will they be in SA in 2010?

  9. Well done Emma! Let’s hope you can make it. But Abdulaziz is partly right, we get excited about trials, and we have had many dissapointments in the past. Rodgers Kola went for trials at Madrid, that story has died out. So I think it’s safe to assume that he was unsuccessful. However by the law of averages, if we keep having players going abroad for trials at this rate, we are bound to have some being picked up by the European footballing giants in a few years. It’s encouraging

  10. brothers i live in zambian but the way some of these soccer fans take things is really amazing! they are not stable at all! and they use nasty language and change sides very easily


  12. Abdulaziz should mind the way he comment about Zambia or else we will help him using our resources at our disposal.What do you mean by trying other sports,do you Esther Phiri,Amon Simutowe just to mention a few?Egypt’s fate is on the way….!

  13. Abdul is Zambian, playing devil’s advocate. In a way he is right that players shouldn’t think they have made it once they get trial offers. There are so many other players being offered trials too. Hard work has paid of for Chris, and I’m sure Emmanuel will show the same determination. You can only shut people like Abdul by actions, not words.

  14. brother mario how are you? brother this boy could even forgat both boots for a march? that is according to our TV STATIONS? TOO MUCH BEER

  15. I think gentlemen avoid such insults like those subjected to abdulaziz. they border on racial discrimination. Bare in mind there are Zambians of Asian origin and they are entitled to comment on these matters because its also there country.

  16. I’d rather not go sentimental over ‘Abdulaziz walid’ and his remarks. You know why, he is just a goddam nigga like us. Rather not issue no racial remarks guyz. This nigga is just f***ing insane. Believe he’s even zambian. Just one of those frustrated fellas, you know.

  17. Guess its time for mayuka,chamanga,felix,chris and others to break into bigger leagues in europe.
    News is that Chamanga might be on his way to Spain or Russia. Some clubs(unamed)are interested in him. Big up the guys!! Just google chamanga you’ll get some articles on him.

  18. some of our boys show promise on the pitch and trial invitations are a reflection of this.Derby Mankinka travelled the world doing trials but always failed the medical !!I hope the boys we have now have learnt from this and are looking after themselves properly!!!most of the Gabon disaster boys were world class but were hindered by their failure at the stringent medical tests carried out on players of African origin…so sad !!!

  19. Field # 20 i think you haven’t seen some of this Abdulaziz’s postings other wise you would say what you have said in your posting.If you were a regular blogger you would have seen this guy’s insults which would make you feel like going through some P.C/Laptop and tracing this guy to cage him. Though i don’t condone insults but i have not been impressed by this guys past postings hence i don’t read anything by him now days.

  20. Abdulaziz is a Somalian based in Choma. He is one guy who is ashamed of his country hence his amazement about our support for our Country. It pains him to see us celebrate any improvement or achievement. In the area of Sport his country has recorded nothing worth talking about. Economically, their is no good news from his country either. He therefore wants to direct his frustration towards us happy Zambians. Sibs (#25) is right. Adbulaziz’s posts are full of loathsome language. He is one envious and frustrated person. He keeps referring to Zambians as malnaurished yet he is eating well here in Zambia. If things were so bad here in Zed them what is he doing here?
    To be continued.

  21. the abdul aziz saga, continues….by the way ba Original Pundit #23, thats an excellent observation; could you educate me further on the nature of the failures of our players to pass the fitness tests , was it illness related or physical fitness. Its interesting how little we general know about what happens in the background of these trials.Thats why i love this blog. There’s a wealth of knowledge here, and i appreciate most of the guys that are so objective, and make us better appreciate the things that we as zambians are so passionate about. sibs, Billy, Pundit big ups!!

  22. I just ignore Abu-what ever his name is. Why can’t he join Sudan, muslim or Somali blogs. One Zambia, One Nation. We say what is right and wrong about our country that whats makes us unique. This guy will not be allowed to say what he says in moslem countries that is why is blogging with us. We love Zambia.

  23. hey i wish that mayuka boy makes it to europe i wil be so happy for him. guys i thought we agreed that we don’t responded to ABDULAZIZ, he is a fool. son of a ####

  24. Good for the boy,lets hope he looks after himself properly in the coming years.Most of our young men tend to grow big headed just by a mayer call-up for trials…..look at Emma Zulu!!!

  25. ba makai(27),medical tests all athletes undergo are to ensure the subject will perform to expectations.they are very important in contact sports like football.if you fail basic endurance tests its unlikely you would be able to play 90 minutes at the pace of European teams.because of adverse weather conditions your immunity levels are of particular importance for obvious reasons.skills of Ronaldo but the health of the late Mobutu is of no use to any team!!

  26. Abdul just like the rest of us has a right to express himself.if we collectively ignored posts similar to his as well, it would send out the right message…that we don’t appreciate vulgarity/racism etc etc. sooner rather than later, the poor soul would give up and crawl back under the rock he came from!!

  27. The Original Pundit, I am happy to hear from you.

    State Clinton Obama
    AL 42% 56%
    AK 25% 74%
    AZ 51% 42%
    AR 69% 27%
    CA 52% 42%
    CO 32% 67%
    CT 47% 51%
    DE 42% 53%
    GA 31% 66%
    ID 17% 80%
    IL 33% 64%
    KS 26% 74%
    MA 56% 41%
    MN 32% 67%
    MO 48% 49%
    NJ 54% 44%
    NM 48% 49%
    NY 57% 40%
    ND 37% 61%
    OK 55% 31%
    TN 54% 41%
    UT 39% 57%

  28. Comrades,
    Bear with me.OBAMAnia has cought up with me.
    “We are the ones we have been waiting for”

    YES WE CAN, and therefore WE WILL.

  29. Born Rich mon ami,i’m spooked that Obama did so well.I for one gave him no chance,as did 50 Cent !!i have to research these results first before making a definitive comment!! Good to have you back as always!!

  30. as if OBAMA is zambian? aren’t YOU having enough of your own mess at home which you have failed to handle? THE COUNTING IS NOT YET OVER MAN

  31. Some hot semi-final games comming up. I think Ivory Coast are going all the way to the finals.

    I wish our boy Mayuka the best.

    As for Obama, he is likely to beat hillary. But it will be tough for whoever will win to beat the Republican candidate.

  32. I’m new on this site i didn’t know that Abdulaziz is one of those people out there with ill thought.Nevertheless,just his name , supporting Egypt(muslim nation)and ill talks about Zambia one can tell that he him self is a racist

  33. abdulaziz how I pity you. I strongly believe that you are a disgruntled, poor, sad, malicious and racist individual who surely needs help. Do not even call us Zambians your brothers. We are not your brothers. I bet you need to see the psychologist to examine your brain. I think you just pretend to be normal. By the way why are you in the country. Are you a refuge? Most refugees I know are nice people who came to our country and happy to be in Zambia. If you are not happy then leave us alone.

  34. Good luck to Mayuka as he prepares to go for trials in Europe. But I think we should just hope that he clinches a deal. Many are the times when Zambian players have gone abroad for trials only to fail and come back home. I hope this does not happen to Mayuka. And so is the same with Chamanga. But I think Chamanga with his experience, a move overseas is emminent.

    Obama can win the democratic presidential race, but US presidency eish, thats a big one. You know these white people cant let a black man enter white house as the name suggest, WHITE HOUSE. Maybe this is the time. We are yet to see.

  35. Makai#27.I have equally been impressed by some of the postings by you & some of the guys on the blog very informative.I just hope some of the football authorities find time to check out this blog.The suggestions,ideas & some constructive criticism have been good.I bet some of the ideas here can help one as the campaigns for the Faz Elections are heat up!

  36. Its looks like no one is wishing Felix katongo good luck at his new club in france at Rennes. Its has been long coming. Felix has arguably been the best player alongside Christopher for Zambia. It would do Chris good if he were to move from Brondby and ply alongside his brother at rennes just like they did at Green Buffaloes, Jomo cosmos and at Under 23 and senior national soccer teams. Good luck to Felix, I personnaly wish you the best and i know you can make it in frnace and latter after 2010 move on to Chelsea or Real Madrid.
    Update me on chamanga and Mayuka.

  37. Let me congratulate Clifford mulenga for winning the young african footballer of the year award. Despite playing in the second tier league in RSA, Mulenga has beaten off some two other players from congo and Nigeria. he is also the second player from southern Africa to win sucha n award after his former coach at senior national soccer team, the legendary King kalu won the award as the African footballer of the year in 1988. At only 20, mulenga has achieved a lot more at his age, he has represented zambia national soccer team 15 times and a move abroad is eminent. Good luck youn man. Am proud of you as a Zambia.

  38. I would like to congratulate all the players for Zambia who took part in this year’s African Cup of Nations for their great performance despite exiting in the first round.I am very confident that we will go to the finals in 2010 in Angola and also qualify for the world cup here in RSA.Keep it up boys especially the kingpin Christopher Katongo.It was a great pleasure having a talk with Chris at one of the top hotels here in RSA.You were the talk of the day that particular day.

  39. the positives from Zambia’s participation has been exposing potential for future tourneys and the current naivety of the present team and coaching staff.there’s alot to do before we can ever consider ourselves worthy of posing a serious challenge outside of the sub-region!!

  40. My advice to FAZ is to start calling all the professional players for qualifying matches.dont use locals who you dont even consider upon qualifying.Spend money its worth it, and pays when you archieve.

  41. Who are “professionals”?
    What does it mean to play professional football.
    Is R. Kalaba for example(who gets paid by playing for Zesco FC) not a professional footballer?
    Someone educate me.

  42. It is time we started glooming players with reasonable hieghts such as Hichani in defence and Chamanga upfront.Let us forget about players like R. Kalaba coz they will not take us anywhere.Big bodies and hieght will put as at a vantage point.

  43. If Egypt wins today(they are already leading against Ivory Coast)that means , Zambia already played the final with Cameroon and Egypt.

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