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SADC summit in Lusaka gobbled K16 billion, parley told

Economy SADC summit in Lusaka gobbled K16 billion, parley told

Parliament heard today that K16. 1 billion was spent on the preparations and hosting of the 27th Southern African Community (SADC) ordinary Summit of Heads of States and government in Lusaka in August, 2007.

Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Fashion Phiri told parliament that the K16.1 billion expenditure was in accordance with the minimal standards of the SADC hosting and preparations requirements.

Mr. Phiri was responding to a question raised by Chipili PF Member of Parliament Davies Mwila who wanted to know how much money government spent on the hosting of the 27th SADC ordinary summit of Heads of State and government in August last year.

He also wanted to know what economic value the SADC summit had to the nation.

Mr. Phiri who is also MP for Kapoche Constituency said the hosting of the summit in Zambia brought in a lot of economic benefits to the country by strengthening the existing political and economic ties among the SADC member states.

He cited the abolition of trade barriers between SADC boarders, deepening of the regional and economic integration, infrastructure development and increase in food production, as some of the measures, which were looked at during the SADC summit with a view to boosting economic development in the southern African region.

And Foreign affairs Minister Kabinga Pande disclosed that all the 14 Heads of States in the regional body attended the 27th SADC ordinary summit of Heads of State and government in Zambia.

He further announced that 12, 096 delegates attended the SADC summit.

Mr. Pande was responding to a supplementary question by Chipili PF MP Davies Mwila who wanted to know how many delegates attended the summit.


  1. and what the hell did they use the money for… i didnt see anything happening… just bloody trafic jams!!!! waste of money

  2. Awe sure, with power blackouts!! and yet we are told K16bn was spent?? On what and how?? Kwena I don’t know wat to think about us Zambians and how we reason if at all we reason!! No pride at all in anything. What has happend to nationalism?? It’s now individualism, we can’t continue operating like this. Gentlemen we need to make a move and it has to be quick.

  3. #7….why do you even bring up such stuff. You think war is a joke. Think of that helpless child, woman, man, families being broken up and displaced. There other ways to solve problems. Please dont waste time contributing if you have nothing to say.

  4. This is a total waste of money.thats how these greedy politicians stil money.I cant believe it.Nowaday why levy has grown so fat

  5. It is the crazy Zambians, like some of your contributors, who do not appreciate the good Zambia gets from institutions like SADC that need teir heads examined. They should apply for permanet occupancy in Chainama Hills Mental Hospital.Some of us out of Zambia can see that Zambia is really doing well. Wake up Zambians!

  6. Zambians starve and and live in poverty from day to day.
    It’s just a matter of priorities, it appears our government is more concerned with entertaining the international community by hosting such a summit.
    It’s a pity the summit itself gave nothing much to the common man, a simple Zambian.

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