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State enters nolle in a defamatory case

Headlines State enters nolle in a defamatory case

The state has entered a nolle prosequi in a case in which a farm manager ,Mark Anthony Ralph Winwood, of Kampemba in Mpongwe district is alleged to have defamed the president .

State prosecutor, Mutakela Mulongwe, told Luanshya resident magistrate, John Mbuzi, that the state had decided to enter a nolle prosequi after studying the matter.

Winwood , 50, of Mpongwe was alleged to have defamed the president, contrary to Section 69 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

The particulars of the offence are that on 2nd December 2007 in Mpongwe district, with intent to bring the Republican President of Zambia into hatred, redicule and contempt of word of mouth, Winwood did say defamatory words “ Zambia is a cheap government, you stay as long as you have got money, corrupt president.” .

The accused was being represented by Matibini and company , while the Copperbelt Divisional prosecutions officer ,Mukateka Mulongwe, was representing the state.

Magistrate Mbuzi discharged Winwood following the state’s submission.


  1. Wh says the Zambian judiciary is not free?Yet another example of how the new deal governemt adheres to the rule of laws.Bravo Zambia!

  2. While the action of the court is to be applauded, once again cases like this one leaves our country looking like a mickey mouse country. People are too quick to ingratiate themselves with those in power by bringing pointless cases against others. This particular law is one of the last remaining blights on the Zambian constitution. Why can’t we insult LPM? This law is only befitting of despotic countries like Zimbabwe! It needs to be repealed. Chluba used it to jail those who called him a thief. Why does LPM keep it?

  3. This stupid law should be repealed. I always feel embarrased as a Zambian living abroad when people appear before a judge for simply expressing an opinion about another person. It is quite surprising that even though LPM is a lawyer he does not seem uncomfortable with this statute! Honestly if I think that George Bush or Gordon Brown is stupid or daft that’s a matter of personal opinion. Do force me to sing praises of you…when Iam not and admirer of your leadership! Zambia should grow up! Get rid of all stupid laws!

  4. why did the state rash to court before studying the facts? you are wasting tax payers money and judge’s time! state prosecutor

  5. This law must stay because in Africa we respect elders as well as leaders, that our culture! We cannot opt to westernise our way of life simply because the west does so. China and Japan have keep everything about them selves and interract with the rest of the world on equal terms! You greet by bowing your head down, a laughable thing in the west. You dare insult leaders in China and you see what it means to be disrespectiful to authority. Keep arresting them or else they shoud go to the west where leaders can be degraded in the media and everywhere. There is no civilisation in insults my man!

  6. I agree with #9, why even waste time going to court. Abasungu bamuZambia nabatumpa. There’s a lot more been said about the country that dont even get to court. Workers are insulted all the time, and they just keep quiet because its Muzungu anidiese. The next time we will be addressed slaves and the court will protect it. Even if its law, remember first you are Zambian, then you are a lawyer. His lawyers dont know that they’ve also been idirectly insuted. What a shame!

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